I am going to laugh if Zeref turns into the antihero who saves the day despite his odd behaviour. The best actor and genius FT has witnessed. I don’t care how overused the trope is, I like it. Seems the kind of troll move Mashima would do. 🤔

And we might see END - SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! 👌👌👌

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HI MAMA! IT'S THE FIRST TIME I ASK YOU SOMETHING AND I'M A LOT EXCITED. Sooooooooo would Levi marry Hanji? And if they die (EHM, DON'T YOU DARE) wuold the spirit of Levi marry the spirit of Hanji? (Sorry for the bad english)

Hmmm probably not, but that’d be mostly for work reasons and because marriage sucks. If Hanji insists his spirit might marry Hanji’s though haha


I’m going to your concert on Sunday, July 19th at Solider Field!! It’s my first time seeing you and I’m SOOoOoooOO excited!! I’m going with my mom and she is super excited as well!!
We are sitting in:
section: 121
row: 9
seats: 16 & 17


exciting news!

and also, terrifying.

yesterday, I signed an offer letter for a new job. a BIG role with a company that’s expanding from overseas to NYC. and they want me to help them do it!!

I’m so so so so so so so sooooooooo excited, but also terrified. it’s a huge change from what I’ve been used to, but I get the opportunity to combine all of the skills I’ve learned the past 6 years in my industry and have a real impact on this company (and possibly the advertising ecosystem if all goes well!).

they’re doing some great things for digital advertising that I totally nerded out over when I started talking to them….so I absolutely cannot wait to start. I’m really sad to be leaving the friends I’ve made at this job, though. I’ve got an amazing team and a fantastic boss – and you can never guarantee that in the next role! 

but I just wanted to share this exciting news with all of you! so if I’m a little quiet beginning in September, it’s because I’m working international hours and can’t figure out how to use a keyboard any more!

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Omg I forgot all about the awards Elycia are soon to receive! Can't wait!

I KNOW I’M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Too bad Alycia won’t receive the ‘best fight’ one. That will most likely be given to Jason, Eliza, etc. that are being interviewed by E!Online. She will receive ‘best guest star’ and ‘breakout star’ though!!! 

Awards given at The 100 interview:

  1. Best Kiss (Clarke and Lexa 3x07)
  2. Best Fight (Lexa vs Roan)
  3. Steamiest Moment (Clexa’s sex scene)
  4. Dramatic Actress (Eliza)
  5. Best Fandom (Clexa)
  6. Most Heartbreaking Goodbye/Exit (Clexa goodbye)
  7. Moment that Made You Want to Throw Out Your TV ( Lexa’s Death)

Award given to Alycia at the FTWD Interview: 

  1. Best Guest Star (Alycia)
  2. Female Breakout Star (Alycia)

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hi!! i'm going to Russia for a year with my university (to St Petersburg) and i'm sooooooooo excited because i've loved Russia and Russian culture my whole life but I'm also kind of nervous because everyone always says that it's dangerous and sexist and that the people aren't nice? I was just wondering what you think - is it easy for foreign people to fit in? I'd be speaking Russian and trying my best! PS i think you're super cool

Hello! Wow, that sounds really great! I hope you’ll have a great time!

Well, i’ll do my best to answer your question as comprehensive as possible, but if you want to talk to a student of the Russian language who has been to St. Petersburg for the first time last month, please contact complete-theory, I think she’ll be more helpful about the “foreigner fitting in” question. I’m not sure whether she’ll be able to answer right away, as we’re approaching finals at the moment. 

St. Petersburg is a great city, a ‘Hero City’, by the way. People there are really kind, sympathetic, open, sociable, helpful, etc. Even at the post office people were exceptionally kind!! You can’t help but feel at home while you’re there, it has such a comfortable atmosphere. 
I’m really curious about who told you that rubbish about Russian people not being nice and that it’s dangerous? I can assure you that that’s not true. Or at least, that it’s not any different from anywhere else. 
I had such a great time there, people were all really nice to us, and St. Petersburg is really such a comfortable city. Everything was open 24/7, there were lots of student discounts, BEST COFFEE EVER, amazing food, so many book stores, very comfortable public transport etc. It’s a very nice place, very easy to get around, most people speak decent English, etc. 
Here in Antwerp, I really don’t like walking around after 12 p.m. I don’t feel safe. In St. Petersburg I was wandering around the river banks after dark and didn’t feel unsafe even for a second! Of course, you have to be cautious like you would be anywhere else, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a dangerous place. It’s much safer than Paris or London, for example, and much less hectic. 

Also, don’t worry about sexism. Especially in St. Petersburg, that’s practically non-existent. Russia is still a patriarchal society, BUT I would safely say that there’s less sexism than in England, Spain, America, and so on. Chechnya is something else, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Moscow, St. Petersburg etc are really chill when it comes to women. It’s not like women earn less money than men, or have lower positions at a workplace; I would say they’re pretty privileged. 

Don’t be nervous! Everything will be fine. Just be smart and think about your safety, but don’t be paranoid, it’s not necessary. It’s such a strange thing. I’ve heard soooo many things about Thailand being dangerous and I don’t know what, but I went there backpacking for 2 weeks on my own, and I felt safer than anywhere else. Just take standard precautions and you’ll be alright.

Talk to people there! Go to musea, go to the bookshops, to the movie theatre, go outside as much as you can! Soak that city up! That’s really important! Don’t barricade yourself in your room, enjoy that amazing city. I hope you’ll have a great time and I hope you’ll learn lots. I’m extremely jealous of you. I wish I could spend a year in St. Petersburg. People are so nice and helpful there, so don’t be scared to ask questions or to talk to people. They’ll be delighted to see a foreigner learn their language, that’s almost a personal compliment for everyone! And they’ll be happy to talk to you. :)