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This is probably random, but I miss sheriarty a lot, so... Top five headcanons?

lol but I suck at this? I don’t even think I have a “top 5” so much as just canon compliant thoughts I really like such as “Jim is buried at Sherlock’s grave”, for example, but I’ll try….

1. Jim has an irrational hatred of Switzerland. The cheese, and the lederhosen and embroidery, and The Sound of Music, and the happy little chocolates and pastries, and the snow-capped mountains with their fresh air and waterfalls and shit, it all just freaks him out. So of course Sherlock takes the opportunity to secretly install a Swiss chalet cuckoo clock in every one of Jim’s London flats to scare the hell out of him.

2. Sherlock actually has written a song for Jim, but it’s an impossible composition to play. Any attempt to do so will result in the music sounding like gibberish because it was never meant to have a comprehensible melody meant for everyone’s ears. Jim couldn’t be more touched.

3. Although both of them know how to drive, neither one of them can be in the car with the other because they nitpick everything:

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you picked up a spare job as a London tour bus driver and decided the speed limit was 50 in a single carriageway.”
“Oh, kind of like how you decided sticking your middle finger out the window when you had to pull over was an acceptable hazard light?”
“But at least I use an indicator, Sherlock. I shouldn’t be surprised coming from someone who took their test in an automatic.”
“And let me guess you were just naturally gifted at driving a stick shift?”
“Oh honey, you better believe it.”

4. Jim is incredibly careful not to take Sherlock out to places where there’s any smoking to insure he’s not triggered or starts to have cravings. Sherlock puts up a big fight about it, of course, because he hasn’t had urges in months, but is secretly grateful for the gesture because now they don’t have to talk about rising anxiety he gets at the prospect of it happening again which he’s sure Jim’s noticed - hence all the trouble he goes through.

5. Sherlock is really surprised to know he has more beauty products than Jim, who he was sure would take up the entire bathroom sink but has some special moisturizer, hair gel, and a bar of soap to his name. Jim jokes that’s because his Irish genes aren’t saturated with thousands of years of guilt to need much more upkeep. Sherlock mumbles something about his genetic height and leprechauns. Jim chases him around the flat with a shaving knife.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 11 ❤️

A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry for this wait yall, but here it is! the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! I hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

“Buckyyyyyyy!” you whined.

Bucky rolled his eyes as he ate his slice of pizza. He loved you, he really did, but he was exhausted! Ever since you hit the five month mark of your pregnancy, the two of you have been going at it like wild rabbits. It got so bad, that Bucky was highly considering putting a chastity belt on himself. He knew you couldn’t help it, but Jesus, you weren’t taking no for an answer.

“We just finished ten minutes ago,” Bucky groaned, setting his slice back on the plate.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling your face into his throat. You inhaled his scent, filling your senses with the amazing smell of cinnamon and the ocean. Those were your two favorite smells in the world, and it was fairly ironic that your alpha wore those scents as well. Maybe you two were really meant to be together.

You straddled his lap, blocking his view of the football game he was focused on. Bucky’s blue eyes bore into yours. You leaned forward, pressing your lips against his gently. And to your satisfaction, he responded, running his tongue along your bottom lip. You slowly grinded your hips onto his, trying to create some sort of friction.

You heard a small sigh escape his lips as you rocked faster. You could feel the hardness of his erection forming through his boxers. You let a small moan escape your lips as you felt it rub against your clothed core. Bucky placed his hands on your hips, gripping them tightly.

But to your annoyance, he forced them to stop.

You pulled away, your brows furrowed. He never turned you down, especially when you were all hot and ready like this. Immediately, you figured you’ve done something wrong. Did your tummy bother him? You were fully swollen now, maybe it turned him off?

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered, his eyes travelling down your body until they rested on your lower body. You could immediately feel your chest tightening. You could feel the slow burn of tears forming in your eyes. Of course he wouldn’t want you right now, you were as big as a pumpkin.

“Y/N, I….I think your water broke!”

Your eyes snapped open, immediately going straight to your lady area.

Your eyes widened with fear as you saw the clear liquid running down your thighs. It was enough to completely drench Bucky’s favorite black boxers. It even drenched the sheets below. But that isn’t exactly what caused you fear.

Your due date wasn’t set until two weeks. Why was this happening now?

“Friday, get Tony over here asap!” Bucky exclaimed, gently moving you to the side and running towards the closet. He fumbled through the clothes, ripping out your coat and some shoes.

You let out a shriek as the car sped down the highway.

You were absolutely sure that Tony had broken at least twenty different traffic laws, along with causing an accident a few streets away. You clung onto Bucky’s middle protectively.

“Okay, the hospital’s to the right!” Pepper exclaimed, sticking her head out of the window.

“You just ran a red light!” Steve pressed, looking behind him through the rear window. You could hear the sounds of cars honking and the screech of tires as they swerved around the car. If you weren’t pregnant, you would’ve smacked Tony by now.

After a few minutes of breaking numerous laws, the car came to a screeching halt in front of the hospital. You let out a breath of relief. You honestly thought the cops would stop the car at some point.

Bucky flew the car door off it’s hinges as soon as the car stopped, earning a string of insults from Tony. He’d get over it surely, but not after complaining for an entire week.

Bucky immediately wrapped his arm around your waist, making sure that you were completely upright, before ushering you into the hospital lobby. You listened to Steve as he made sure you breathed in time with him.

“It’s gonna be okay, Y/N,” he assured, opening the doors for the two of you. “I’ve watched videos just in case and they always say that breathing is the most important part of staying calm.”

You gave him a small smile, but the panic was still evident on your face. You were internally screaming as Bucky led you to the front desk, filled with nurses.

“Hi, what can I do for yo- woah!” the smallest nurse gasped as she took in your swollen tummy and your pain stricken face. She turned to the nurse beside her.

“Lily, get the wheelchair asap!”

You let out a sigh of relief. As much as you loved being in Bucky’s arms, your feet were killing you. You needed to sit down as soon as possible, you didn’t care where anymore.

The nurse scurried around the counter towards the two of you and gently grabbed ahold of your other arm. She and Bucky both led you to the other side of the room where the wheelchair was waiting.

“My name is Chloe, I’m the head nurse here.” she smiled. She bent down and unlocked the wheels on the wheelchair, giving it a small test roll. When she finished, she stood back up and helped guide you into the chair.

You let out a small groan as you sat into the seat. Your body ached already.

“Are you the father?” she asked, smiling up at Bucky.

But before he could respond, he was interrupted by a scream.

One that came from you.

You clutched your tummy, your eyes screwed shut as you let out a wail.

You watched as the doctors and nurses prepped themselves and set up the IV for you. 

“Mrs. Barnes,” the nurse spoke, rubbing your arm comfortably. “I’m afraid that you’re already dilated four centimeters already, we’re going to have to prep you for delivery now.”

Your eyes widened. You honestly hadn’t thought of that at all. You were aware that your mother gave birth to you via c-section, but that’s because you were a delta. From what you understood so far, the baby must not be, as you’ve had zero complications so far. You glanced upwards at Pepper, who seemed completely conflicted.

“It’s going to be perfectly fine, honey.” she assured you, giving your hand a gentle squeeze. You nodded. You could totally do this, right? It didn’t look so hard. Your mother managed to get through two births, along with the billions of women who did this throughout history. Birth was just a small bump, one that you could get through with the help of Pepper and Bucky.

Tony had immediately opted to stand outside, as he was a hundred percent sure that he would either:

a. throw up

b. pass out

c. both

And as much as you loved the dude, you really didn’t want that to happen while you brought your child into the world. 

Immediately, you felt the first contraction hit you.And god, it felt like you were being stabbed repeatedly by knives throughout your lower abdomen. 

You clutched your stomach, crying out in pain. Bucky immediately was by your side, grasping your other hand with his metal hand and stroking your hair with his flesh one.

“OW!” you cried as another contraction hit you. You could feel the sweat forming along your forehead as you screwed your eyes shut. You could feel the pain shoot throughout your body, as if it were hitting every single cell.

“C’mon doll,” Bucky whispered. “We can do this.” He pressed a small kiss to your temple. You nodded, trying to focus on his voice. He was right, you could do this. Just a few more minutes and this wave of contractions would be over. That’s couldn’t be hard, right?

You let out a sigh as he stroked your hair.

“Alright, Y/N,” Chloe spoke, placing the mask on her face. Her eyes were soft as she peered down at you. “We’re going to need to put your feet onto these stilts now. You think you can do that for me?”

You nodded, releasing Pepper’s hand and placing it on the small handle of the hospital bed. 

“Dad, if you could help me lift her legs that would be great.” 

Bucky shot up from where he was sitting, his eyes wide with attention. He stood beside your legs and gently lifted your right one until it was resting on the stilt. You gave him a small thumbs up for his bravery. 

Once your feet were positioned, that’s when you felt it. 

The pain was mind numbing, completely filling your entire body. 

You let out a bloodcurdling scream, one that caused everyone in the room to jump. 

“Get Dr. Strange in here NOW!” Chloe shouted, her eyes wide with fear. 

You clutched Bucky’s hand tightly, digging your nails into the metal. This was unlike anything you’d ever felt. You felt as if your body was being ripped apart. The only thing that you could think of was your mother. Is this what she felt like when you came into this world?

If so, you were so sorry for the pain you caused. 

“I can see the head!” Chloe exclaimed, leaning forward. Her eyes were narrowed with concentration, but the immense panic was there. 

Something was wrong. 

Your heart raced wildly in your chest as you felt another wave of pain coursed through your body. You could feel your pelvis widening, making room for your baby. 

“Hey dad,” Chloe spoke. She tried to sound calm and rational, but you could hear the fear laced in her voice. Especially how it trembled after each word. 

Bucky’s head snapped upwards in her direction. He was completely afraid. He knew birth would be a rocky ship, but this wasn’t anything like he’d seen in the videos. He knew you would be in pain, it was obvious, but from the look in Chloe’s eyes, he knew something was wrong. And he was so damn afraid. 

“Y-Yeah?” he replied. 

“I’m gonna need you to talk her down. We need to keep her calm.” 

He gave her a small nod before turning his attention to you. 

He ran a hand through your hair, turning your face towards him. 

“Y/N,” he spoke, his blue eyes starring into yours. “Remember the first day we met?”

You let out a whimper, nodding in reply. You couldn’t speak anymore, the pain was just far too much for you. Tears began falling from your eyes. 

“I knew as soon as I stepped off that elevator that I loved you. I don’t know how, but I did. And look at us now. You’re gonna be a mom. An amazing mother.”

“Y/N, honey,” Chloe interrupted. “I’m gonna need you to push for me. The head is almost out.” 

You sat upwards, wincing at the pain. With a deep breath, you pushed. 

And pushed. 

Until you heard the soft cries of a newborn baby. 

You let out a sob as Chloe lifted up the small bundle of joy in her hands, wiping it with the small towel in her hand. 

Its…it’s a boy!” she cried, looking up at you with a smile. Your eyes widened as you stared down at your son. He wiggled in her hands as she wrapped the blanket around his body. 

Your eyes shot to Bucky’s face and you didn’t know if it was possible, but you fell in love with him all over again. 

His eyes watered as he starred down at your son. Never in his mind did he imagine he’d have a little version of him in this world, but there he was. 

Chloe looked over at Bucky, grinning at him as she held your son out to him. 

“Do you wanna hold your son, sir?” 

Bucky nodded, completely in awe. He could get used to being called a father, especially by his baby boy. 

Bucky Barnes starred down at his son as she placed him into her arms. He looked exactly like the two of you. The baby stopped crying as soon as he was placed in his father’s arms. 

But as quick as the pain subsided, it was right back. 

You shrieked as you felt the pain shoot through you once again. 

What was happening? You looked over at Bucky, who had placed your son into Pepper’s arms. He raced towards you and gathered your hand into his. You could see the tears racing down his face as you screamed once again. 

Chloe gasped, her eyes starring down at your body in shock. 

“T-There’s…..there’s…Y/N I’m gonna need you to push again, sweetie!” she exclaimed. 

“W-What?!” Bucky exclaimed, his eyes wide with pure fear. What was happening? Was there something wrong?

You pushed with all your might, despite the seering pain in your lower half. 

You pushed. 

And pushed. 

Until you heard the familiar screams of another baby. 

It’s a girl!” Chloe cried, holding out your baby girl.  

Pepper let out a small cry from beside you. Remy was right after all, you were having a girl. 

Bucky stared down at his daughter, completely distraught. How in the world was this happening? He reached out his hands, stepping forward as Chloe brought your baby girl over to him. 

And to everyone’s surprise, her screams ceased as soon as she was placed into Bucky’s arms. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, turning towards you. “It’s a girl.” 

As soon as his eyes landed on you, he felt his heart shatter into a million pieces.

As if on cue, the heart monitor stopped, just like your heart did. 

-FIN!  ❤️


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It’s our time to rise, walk through that hell.

even + isak + valentines day

if you haven’t read even’s birthday fic yet read that first! This is the next part. 

8 days before

  • even has been hanging out with the boy squad a lot since the start of the year and today is no different. 
  • isak is very very subtly leaning against him while he tries to kick jonas’ ass at fifa bc even though they’re open with the squad about their relationship they still tease isak relentlessly whenever they see them being close
  • “what do you want for your birthday? what are you even doing? its this weekend right?” magnus asks him and even nudges isak and shrugs “I don’t care as long as its with this one"
  • his words seem to embarrass isak so much he almost drops the controller out of his hands and with some ninja moves isak manages to save it from the ground
  • “what i’m really looking forward to is valentines day” he says only for isaks face to turn even redder than it already was followed by even more teasing from the guys.
  • “oh really? what are you going to do?” magnus asks. even raises his eyebrows “that’s a secret” and then they continue gaming like isak wasn’t just about to turn into a puddle of embarrassment and love.

2 days before // B-DAY

  • they’re laying in bed and isak is vast asleep beside him and even can’t believe how lucky he is with the boy next to him. the whole day he planned out, the envelopes - the thought of isak serenading him with Gabrielle still gets a shit eating grin on his face -, the signed baz luhrmann dvd… all of it is so much and so kind and so amazing
  • he loves isak so much and its so intense but at the same time it feels so light and as isak digs himself a little deeper into his side in his sleep he wonders how he once thought he loved Sonja the most he could ever love anyone
  • this is literally nothing compared to that
  • he can’t wait to show isak what he has in store for valentines day, but for now he knows he has to sleep so he cuddles up to his boyfriend (that word still sends a current through his body) and closes his eyes.


  • usually even wakes up before isak but when he wakes up that morning isak is already up studying (or more like looking at his notes like they hold some secret)

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comfort shiiiip-

I guess I can put more ara info here too

Okayyy soo here’s the deal with Ara and his affection towards Friday boi

A year or so after they met and became friends Ara’s soul subconsciously ‘latched’ onto Friday. Likeee Ara feel in love with him without knowing it. His soul freakinggg makes him feel like he needs to be around the guy, constantlyyy. You know how I said the reason Ara isn’t dead yet is because his soul has slowed down the process of cracking and shattering completely? Welll it’s because he’s around Friday and has him, aaand because food helps with the hp situation a bit. But Ara’s soul is pretty much getting slowly healed from his entire past oooof gaining cracks when he’s around Friday okAY.

So what I am saying iss, Ara loves Friday but he has no idea himself aand his soul is subconsciously ‘attached’ to Friday and his soul

Forevermore- Daryl x Reader

(Request: Daryl x reader based on the song Forevermore from Beauty and The Beast)

Note: Guys omg i apologise for how bad this came out, im not even joking i am sooooooo sorry. I kinda had a shitty day and i found it really hard to think of something but i hope you can still enjoy it a little. Sorry!

Warning: fluff, the tiniest spec of angst

Originally posted by we-love-flandus

You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just can’t compare you with anything in this world
You’re all I need to be with forevermore

Daryl twisted and turned in the bed. He’d had a rough day and the events of it were replying in his mind. He tried to clear them out, but the more he turned the hotter he got, which led to him getting frustrated. He let out an irritated growl which woke you from your sleep.

“Daryl?” you spoke with ease, not wanting to startle him.

“Sorry” he grumbled, throwing his legs off the bed.

“Where’re you going?”

“Getting’ a drink. It’s too damn hot in here”

He left the room in a hurry as to not worry you. You had always cared for him, and that’s what made Daryl feel close to you, it’s what made him love you. When you two first came across each other in Atlanta, you didn’t get along. Well, you got along with everyone but Daryl being Daryl, he pushed himself away. He hated how nice you were in this fucked up world, you were probably the only nice person left; that made you weak. Daryl wanted to protect you at all costs, hence why he started to open up a little more. It was hard for him at first, he thought you wouldn’t like him because he was always so rude and distant, but you were so sweet to him and you made him feel comfortable.

Daryl sighed as he thirstily gulped down the water. He then ran a hand over his face as he thought of you. You were always patient with him even when he was mad. He never thought he would end up with someone as nice as you, but he was thankful he did as you helped him with his anger outbursts. Daryl walked back up the stairs to find that you had opened the window just a crack to let some air in.

“I thought a lil’ breeze would help you” you smiled at him in bed.

“Thanks (y/n). I’m sorry for before, I just get agitated when I’m too hot” He replied, walking to his side of the bed and climbing in.

You smiled and slid a hand across his chest and up to his face. You smiled at him before slowly pressing your lips to his. The breeze felt cool on your skin as the wind picked up. Daryl’s hands roamed your back as things started to pick up between you. You loved Daryl so much, you couldn’t think of anyone else you would be happier with, and he felt the same.

All those years, I long to hold you in my arms
I’ve been dreaming of you
Every night, I’ve been watching all the stars that fall down
Wishing you will be mine
I just can’t believe that you are mine now

Daryl held your hand as he led you up something steep. He had your eyes covered with his hand so you couldn’t see a thing, he said it was a surprise. You held onto his arm and you kept one hand out in front of you for safety. After a few minutes of walking, Daryl stood you still and he removed his hand from your eyes. You gasped in admiration as you looked up at the sky. Stars were sprinkled across the black vastness of space, it looked like someone had painted a picture in the sky.

“Wow” you managed to whisper as you sat down and laid back on the ground. Daryl copied your actions and joined you, one arm behind his head as he looked up with you.

“This is where I come when everything gets too much. If we’ve had a tough run or if I’m just feeling shitty, this is my hiding spot.” Daryl said.

He thought back to all the times when he’d come up here just to get away from everything. He’d think of you most of time, wondering what it would be like to feel your body close to his, or how your lips would taste against his. He never expected you to be laying here next to him though, you must have been extremely special because he hadn’t told anyone about this spot. You looked over to Daryl before intertwining your fingers with his. You looked away just as he looked at you and you smiled. This was a sacred place for Daryl and you were happy he could share it with you.

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We are not all that Different Pt 3

Young Sirius Black x Slytherin reader

A/N:  This took toooooo long to write and I’m sooooooo SORRY!!!!!

Summary: You’ll just have to find out!!!


After Sirius and James had apologized the marauders felt slightly protective over y/n, especially Sirius.  They had even taken it to the extreme of making her stay in the Gryffindor common room over the holiday break.  To be fair the Slytherin common room was quite cold, considering the lake was frozen over, and she was the only one in Slytherin who stayed so it was a bit lonely at times, but y/n didn’t mind it.  She had the warm fire, blankets, cocoa, and the company of the mermaids.  Y/n was content, however the marauders were not.  The minute she got a sniffle they came rushing in, from who knows where, packed up her things, flicked off the mermaids, and practically carried her upstairs.  From then on they had grown even closer throughout the holidays and spent their free time, which just couldn’t be wasted; according to Sirius; getting to know each other.

  Currently, y/n is laying on the couch in the Gryffindor common room.  The boys would prefer she stay with them in their dormitory, but she felt that was taking it a bit far.  It was getting colder and y/n tried moving closer to the fire, she could only imagine how cold the Slytherin common room was right now.  A gust a wind blew against the window, startling her.  It may be cold, but we don’t have weather like this in the Slytherin common room, she thought.  The wind was so powerful it seemed like the window was going to burst right open, and it did just that.  Alarmed, she rushed towards the window with her wand, quickly closing it and muttering a locking spell.  She sighed and collapsed on the couch finally relaxing, until she heard her “rescuer” stomping down the stairs.

    “What the hell was that!” he shouted.

    “Window blew open,” she muttered into her pillow, swaddling herself in blankets.  “Don’t worry, I got it.”

    “Love, you’re freezing,” he sighed, “why don’t you just come up and sleep with us.  I’ll keep you warm.”

    “No,” she shivered, “I don’t want to intru-”

    “Nonsense,” he stated picking her in her cocoon of blankets up off of the couch.  She was too exhausted to care and let him carry her up the stairs and into their dormitory.  He laid her on his bed and she melted into the mattress.  She could smell his cologne mixed in with the sheets and instantly relaxed.  She heard the sound of shuffling around the room and peeled her eyes open to see Sirius making a makeshift bed on the floor.

    “What are you doing?” she asked.

    “Well I didn’t want to-”

    “Nonsense.”   She sat up and grabbed his bicep, pulling him up and off of the floor.  Y/n scooted over as he sat on the edge of the bed.  He lifted the quilt and nestled into the mattress, unconsciously draping an arm around her stomach.  She leaned back onto the bed and snuggled into his chest as their legs tangled together.  A sudden warmth came over her.  She had been so angry for the last five years at her family.  Neglecting her, trying to change her, mistreating her, comparing her, fearing her.  She should be angry because for the last five years she’s felt uncared for and abandoned because she was different, but for this one Christmas she had to thank them.  They’d given her the best present she’d ever received, someone who was here for her like they weren’t.  Someone who showed that they cared for her like they didn’t.  Someone who apologized like they won’t.

    “Y/n?” she hummed in response.  “Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?”

    “We’re not allowed, Sirius,” she whispered.  “And don’t try to make me sneak through the woods or something idiotic like that.”

    “We won’t be sneaking through the woods, love,” he chuckled.  “I have a way.  So what do you say?”

    “Fine, but only because that rhythmed,” she blushed.



    The next morning they had awoken to catcalls and James lying on top of them stating that Sirius isn’t the only one that gets Y/n’s attention!  Besides that, the morning was normal.  Y/n was now sitting with the guys at breakfast and they chatted about the day’s plans.  Sirius turned to James whispering that he was going to need the map this evening, not explaining why.  James handed it to him underneath the table and quickly changed the topic of conversation to cover up the suspicious looks they were getting from y/n.

    “So y/n why were you in Pads bed this morning,” James smirked.

    “James-” Sirius warned.

    “It’s just a question.”

“Y/n was cold, there was a storm, and she felt safer in the boys dorms.”

“Yeah, but she could have come upstairs to any of our beds, but she chose yours,” Remus stated with a smirk.  “Why is that?”

They all turned to y/n who was smirking at Sirius.  “Well Sirius heard a little noise coming from the common room, ran downstairs, picked me up, carried me to the dorms, and put me in his bed.”

“It was not a little noise!” he justified, “and if you a had problem being in my bed you could have moved!”

“I was tired and cold,” she defended.  “By the time we were upstairs I was pretty much asleep again.”

“Alright, alright,” Sirius mumbled.

“We’re still on for Hogsmeade, right?” she asked hopefully.  Before Sirius could even answer the boys were jumping with questions.  Sirius just grabbed her and dragged her out of the dining hall while the boys continued catcalls.  He dragged her all the way to the statue of the old woman and opened her hunch nodding her to go inside.  She stepped into the dark tunnel and soon after he climbed down.

“I thought I told you not to make me do something stupid.”

“No you said ‘don’t try to make me sneak through the woods or something idiotic like that’,” he countered. “We are not sneaking through the woods nore is this idiotic.”  They strolled down the tunnel, Sirius lighting the way with his wand, and eventually came to a number of roots covering and opening.  Sirius knocked on them twice and they unwinded showing sunlight.  When Sirius lifted her out of the hole they were right outside the Shrieking Shack.  As y/n stared at it Sirius became nervous.  “Have you ever been in there?”

“You mean the Shrieking Shack?” Y/n asked, Sirius nodded. “Of course not I heard that it’s haunted.  Not even Lucious will go near that thing.”

    Sirius sighed, relieved that she wasn’t interested in the shack like most girls he’s seen.  Most girls were thrill takers and wanted the adventure of him and the shack, but y/n was different.  She wasn’t interested in the shack and didn’t need him.  She was fine on her own, but he wanted her. “Well Malfoy can stick it up his arse because there are no ghosts,” Sirius proclaimed, bitterly.

    “No ghosts!” Y/n gaped. “Tell that to Nearly Headless Nick.”

    “I mean in the shack!”

    “I don’t believe you.”  Sirius opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything y/n interrupted him.  “And before you make any type of theory about this I’m leaving so you don’t have a chance to test it out.”  She walked towards Hogsmeade and Sirius followed close behind.  When they’d arrived Sirius laced his hand with hers.  He didn’t want any odd, older men to make passes at her or ruin the little adventure she was having.  Some of the guys around here were creeps and he didn’t want anyone to make her uncomfortable so he held a stern look on his face to warn any drunk lowlife off.

    When they had made it to The Three Broomsticks Sirius had picked a table in the far corner of the bar to keep watch for any teachers walking into the bar.  After they had sat down and ordered Sirius had taken her hand and traced her knuckles with his thumb.  He sighed, finally being alone and at peace.  Y/n and Sirius sat in a relaxing, comfortable silence only enjoying each others company.  As Sirius held Y/n’s hand thought’s swarmed through her head.  Is this just a holiday thing?  Will he be done with her by spring?  Is she expendable?  Her anxiety took over as she stared at their intertwined hands.  Sirius took notice in the change of mood and shifted to look at her.

    “Is everything alright?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed.

    “Well… yeah.  Everything’s fine,” she lied.

    “Don’t do that with me, love,” he told her.  “You can tell me anything.”

    “Sirius, you could have any girl you want,” she stated.  “And I’m a slytherin.  I have family issues, and surely I’m not the prettiest one at Hogwarts.

    “I’m just me,” She continued “So are you interested in me or is this just a holiday   fling.”  He took her face in his hands and crashed their lips together, the taste of butterbeer surging through their lips.  He kissed her passionately while cradling her head in his large hands.  Then, he pulled away; much to her dismay; and leaned his forehead onto hers.

    “You are not a fling,” he told her.  “You’re special, and unique, and beautiful.  You are the only one I want.  Other girls can’t compare.”

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Please don't take this as an attempt against your headcanons - you should have them as you please, it's fun and healthy! But I remember something Elihal said... "He wasn't so drunk as to not figure it out," and "If Dandelion and I hadn't laid our cards at the start, I might have suspected he had a history with the alchemist. He spoke like a lovesick beau." Wouldn't that mean that he's not into guys? Again, I might be wrong!

1) First off, If you’re into me having my headcanons as I please, I don’t get why you would feel the need to contradict the ones I have put out just for fun.

2) To preface this, I am more book-based than video game based, as it says on my blog. This goes ahead and renders your evidence against my Dandelion irrelevant. However, I will humor you. In the books and novellas, Dandelion does show a female preference, but shows no male dis-preference. He also goes on to speak highly, in what one might call an equally lovesick manner, about Regis and Geralt. Not saying he’s into them, just saying he has no problem showing strong passion towards males and isn’t afraid of looking “effeminate”. 

3) With Eilhal, it’s important to remember a few things. Dandelion is known for being a guy who romances a lot of people. But, as TW3 is trying to show us, he’s settling down and gaining discipline. He’s monogamous with Priscilla and is insulted with Geralt suggests he had sex with the merchant’s daughter to get the money, and later when Zoltan suggests he’s cheating on Priscilla. He’s trying to dismantle his representation of being an easy fuck. The “cards” he laid out could’ve just been “Hey, I have a girlfriend.” or “Hey, I’ve been with this girl for a while now.” Elihal could’ve inferred from that he was straight, or knew that he probably wouldn’t’ve been with the alchemist. It’s also a possibility that Dandelion could’ve told him all the guys he’s been with outright. We have no idea what he said so, literally, anything is possible.

4) While I appreciate you enjoying my blog and reading my headcanons, I already feel insecure about posting the ones I have and this just really intensified my anxiety. Also, I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from contradicting headcanons concerning making characters diverse. So what if there was no evidence or he flat out said “I’m not gay,” what if I, an actual gay man, wanted to make him queer? Would that be somehow offensive to you?

5) I’d like to conclude with this, context is key. In Brokeback Mountain, Ennis, a guy who is most definitely bi, flat out says “I’m not queer.” Would you then isolate that one quote and say “ah, well, guess he’s not gay, let’s pack up and go home!” No, you’d see his actions and get into his headspace and conclude he wasn’t being honest. Same applies to Dandelion. It’s hard to see a man so devoted to passion and so open-minded as someone who wouldn’t at least experiment with pleasure.

Trick or Treat

Part 2

Modern Au where Mor drags Feyre to a Halloween party and she just so happens to run into Rhys who is the other half of her couples costume. (It follows my other fic which you can read here.)

Word Count: 3,058

((I will most likely be continuing this. And as always I would love your feedback.))


Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9.


“Come on, Feyre, you have to go, it’s Halloween,” Mor pleads with me from where she is perched on my bed.

I swivels in my chair. I was sitting at my desk, my latest project –which was giving me hell— was sitting atop it.

The assignment was to create a life like version of an iconic character, villain, or Halloween monster.

“Mor, you know I would love to go with you, but I need to finish my project. Plus, I don’t have a costume,” I admit, to her, I tap the end of my graphite pencil on the sketchpad next to my blank canvas. I hadn’t even begun to paint, and dozens of pieces of paper littered the floor around my desk. The assignment was due on Tuesday. Three days, that’s all I had now, and there was nothing on my canvas.

I look over to where Mor was sitting on my bed. Her makeup was already done. This year she was going as Tinkerbell and Peter pan with Azriel. Her golden hair was thrown up into an expertly slicked back bun. Sparkles adorned her cheeks and her eyes were done up in golds and soft shades of green.

We had both gotten grumbles from Azriel about wearing tights.  Tights, and the fact that he actually had to wear a color other than black for once in his life. The only reason he had shut up about it was because of the fact that Mor had told him that she would take it all off for him after the party.

“Come on Feyre, Rhys will be there, and you can wear my costume from last year, you’ll look so good in it. Please?” She dragged out the word as she clasped her hands together just below her chin.

Her lips were pulled into a pout, and I swear she was giving me puppy dog eyes.

My teeth clench together. I had tried not to think about Rhys or our fateful meeting of me beating him with a shoe. He was still in town, and ended up taking up the spare room in Cassian and Azriel’s house as a more permanent residence for the time being.

I had narrowly avoided him while he was staying here, but since he moved out I hadn’t see him. I would never admit this out loud, but some nights I would wake up with those damned eyes and his tattoos lingering behind me eyelids.

Damn his sexy tattoos.

And then of course there was the time I had walked in on him in the bathroom. In my defense, I thought he was Mor. We shared a bathroom so we were always walking in on each other.

But one day, I was dying with a headache and needed to get into medicine cabinet for Advil before it turned into a migraine. I walked right in on Rhys.

The water had just been shut off when I was trying to find it—I had heard curtain being pulled back as I grabbed the bottle and poured a few into my hand.

“Sorry Mor, I was just–” my sentence was cut short then, because Rhys was the one in the shower, not Mor.

He had had a towel slung low on his hips, water still glistening on his sculpted chest and abdominals.

His chest.

Good god, it was in that moment that I had decided I found tattoos incredibly attractive. Swirls of dark color covered his chest and shoulders, then faded out in tendrils of ink down his arms.

He had smiled at me with a wicked grin.

“You could have told me you were going to join me in the shower, Feyre darling,” he had purred at me.

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suga, jhope, and jimin reacting to when you tell them you got suspended from school before

I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY. If you have been keeping up with this page, you may have seen our post on answering late. I decided to answer a few questions before I go to sleep, but I hope you enjoy


Originally posted by beui

He will make out that he is dissapointed as he didn’t really expect it from someone like you, but lowkey he finds it amazing. (I guess im writing it from the perspective of you being his g/f?) He finds it to be a big turn on as he now knows that his ‘innocent’ girlfriend is not so innocent now and is actually quite the naughty one. You don’t tell him why you were suspended, but he is SOOO EAGER TO KNOW. 

Overall, he is really happy that he is a bad girl as a girlfriend and he can’t wait to find out what other secret traits you’ve kept from him


Originally posted by sosjimin

Mochi Jimin can’t handle the news at first. He is taken back quite abit cos he didn’t really expect it from you. But then again, not everyone has a clean past. I mean come on, he returned 50 cents to the police station when he was younger. But as time goes by, he starts to realise that being good all the time doesn’t cut it. He accepts that you got suspended from school and is happy that you at least didn’t get excluded…but little does he know :)


Originally posted by hobipd

Doesn’t believe you at first and starts to laugh. When he realises that you’re not joking he suddenly admits that he was also suspended from school. He keeps asking you ‘Really?’ because he still doesn’t believe that his innocent girl got suspended. You both talk about all the antics you got up to while you lot were in High School and he admits he got into a fight with a boy at schol. You sit for the next 3 hours just going through memories of the good old days in High School

Hope you enjoyed and sorrryyy for the late reply

~~ Much Love. Admin M x