sooooooo not right

Eva: lol there’s rumours that Magnus loves you more than you love him, Vilde

Vilde: what?
Jealous people will always try to ruin you

Eva: but hello, why was I the only one who attended the party to Anniken in in 2sta? Night before the 1.

Vilde: was on date with Magnus ❤

Eva: cute

Noora: u telling me I was not out?

Eva: u out last night?

Noora: no. Just chilled at home with Eskild and Linn

Eva: Eskild, I miss him ❤ can we go out with him soon?

Chris: this Berlin trip never fucking ends

Sana: how cool. What happened

Eva: it was really awesome. You guys missed out.

Vilde: but it was really awesome to be out with the bus on Friday
Think we can be the coolest bus in 2018

Sana: of course we will

Eva: with Sana as boss

Noora: we are called Flawless since 99, sooooooo we are pretty cool right now to put it that way

but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame

so one day when they’ve only been Officially Dating for a little over a week they’re out getting groceries and dennis taps mac’s shoulder and is like “hey, could you go grab a jug of milk, honey?” and mac’s like, “i’m not honey, you’re honey” and it takes dennis a second but then he gets it and he blushes and he smiles sooooooo big and he’s like, “right. sorry. could you go grab a jug of milk, vinegar?” and mac goes, “sure, honey”

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But Mimi.... Sam.... you never talk about Sam anymore. And there's SOOOOOOO much Dean right now but no Sam..... makes me Sam....

You’re right, I haven’t talked about Sam for a while… Let’s fix that, shall we?

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once i made a blog for Hellboy and lemme tell u i love that movie and character so much but i never did anything with his blog and just gah i was talking about him today and he’s just so good u get me maybe during the summer omgggg im listening to the soundtrack rn like “why didn’t i do anything with him he’s so goooooood”

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LEGIT agree about Tenma having to be properly dressed because it was ingrained in him at such a young age. I mean, look at Tobio/Astro in the 2003 ver; Tenma always dresses him nicely. Ochan? HA! "No, Astro. You don't have to wear pants or a shirt all the time, only at school," (because, you know, children HAVE to wearing clothing to school??? otherwise to Ochan): "(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ~be free Astro~"

You are sooooooo right!!!!

Tenma wasn’t playing any games he was making sure Tobio and Astro knew how to dress. He was making sure these kids looked like they were going to some high-end place all the time. ( I had to add in the 80′s one because he literally has a hat with the Letter “T” on it )

And Ochan is just over here like…Astro do what you want.. be happy.

The kid wears the same outfit every day.

@eyes-on-sema I CAN’T PUT ANYTHING PAST YOU PEOPLE. <scoffs>

Haha, but in all seriousness, I try to pick victory poses for each of the characters that I haven’t used yet, and with only 4 each, I’ll eventually have to do doubles. Since I was doing Hanzo and McCree though, I went with the hat-over-the-armor one because it seemed more shy/reserved than his others - which struck me as a bashful Hanzo thing. 

and also I super didn’t want to draw McCree’s chestplate

Jasiper Hogwarts AU

“Gryffindor and Slytherin students loathed each other on principle.”  

Art: @cindersart

Colouring: @perxyjackson

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What is your favourite Disney and/or Pixar movie?

“I think everyone knows by big number one favourite is the Little Mermaid but I am sooooooo obsessed with Moana right now. ‘I can lead with pride, I can make us strong, I’ll satisfied if I play along but the voice inside sings a different song, what is wrong with me?’ Literally, how can you not adore someone with a heart like Moana’s? Other than that definitely Descendants. There is a new one soon! I’m dying for more Mal.”