sooooooo not right

Just saying, people need to realise that we cannot and should not ignore the bad things that happen within our communities for the sake of reputation.

@eyes-on-sema I CAN’T PUT ANYTHING PAST YOU PEOPLE. <scoffs>

Haha, but in all seriousness, I try to pick victory poses for each of the characters that I haven’t used yet, and with only 4 each, I’ll eventually have to do doubles. Since I was doing Hanzo and McCree though, I went with the hat-over-the-armor one because it seemed more shy/reserved than his others - which struck me as a bashful Hanzo thing. 

and also I super didn’t want to draw McCree’s chestplate

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OMG Siri, why did you just say that?! What did I say, I told you you was a bad drunk, bloody hell. His name is R E M U S ! Jheeze, you could of at least got his name right *still shaking head* Serious question now Siri, who do you have feelings for more, Reg or Remus? I hope what you are about to say is the name of the person who is actually with you right now.. I'm sorry Rem, you're right, he's a asshole, a very drunk one, that has the worst mixed feelings ever! I hope you are alright *hugs*

Sirius: I love them both sooooooo much.

Sirius: But Regulus.  Right now.  But I’m trying to change that, Remus.  I’m sorry.

Remus: *Hugs anon* 


bestfriend michael being drunk would include;

• giggles at EVERYTHING
• super clingy
• would be so loud
• tries to kiss you
• would try to cuddle you wherever you went
• would be all touchy with you and keep poking your face
• would be crazy hyper one minute and then crazy sleepy the next
• would fall onto you as you tried to help him upstairs to bed
• “hey, could I just sleep here? you’re comfortable.”
• “michael you’re squishing me and I’m pretty sure you would not enjoy waking up on the stairs.”
• complains about EVERYTHING
• eats everything in your fridge
• trips over his own feet and you having to catch him
• “y/n I’m know I’m sooooOoo drunk right now but you’re so hot and I love yoou”
A Cree Woman From Alberta Just Won Mrs. Universe 2015
Ashley Burnham is from Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta. NOTE: The Mrs. Universe pageant, for married women, is not to be confused with the Miss Universe Pageant. That pageant is held in January.
By Craig Silverman

Ashley Burnham, a member of Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta, was just crowned Mrs. Universe 2015 at an event held in Minsk, Belarus. She is the first First Nations woman and the first Canadian to win.

Burnham, whose maiden name is Callingbull, is a model and actress.

She posted about the win on her Instagram account: “I’m so proud to say I am now the new @mrsuniverse2015 !!! I am the first First Nations woman to win this title! I am also the first Canadian Delegate to win as well!! Sooooooo happy right now!”

The Mrs. Universe pageant, for married women, is not to be confused with the Miss Universe Pageant. That pageant is held in January.

Her win has resulted in an outpouring of congratulations from First Nations people and organizations.

Some noted that Burnham often wears traditional First Nations clothing in photo shoots and at pageants.

Burnham made her culture a big part of her performance. For the talent portion of the competition, she wore a dress by a First Nations designer and performed a traditional dance.

She also wore traditional First Nations clothing for the national outfit parade. Burnham posted a pic of her wearing a “custom Canadian Jingle dress & beadwork that showcased my culture Made by my friend Dabney Warren.”

She often posts selfies of her participating in pow wows.

And of her dancing.

The day before the final competition, Burnham posted a photo of her in a crown. “Whatever the outcome may be I know I’ve done my best and I will continue to do the charitable work I love to do,” she said.

She won the real crown the next day.

MRS Universe 2015 - Mrs Canada
1st Runner up - Mrs South Africa
2nd Runner up - Mrs Ukraine
3rd Runner up - Mrs Costa rica
4th Runner up - Mrs Gibraltar