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The great tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is he never got a chance to be free.

Think about it. He’s born into slavery. He lives 9 years as a true slave. Even if Watto was the “best” owner ever that is still a horrific circumstance to spend your FORMATIVE YEARS. Even if Watto was a saint, there is so much trauma in having no freedom or control over your own body, in knowing the PRICE of your life. Not to mention secondary trauma, which is NO LESS TRAUMATIC, btw.

Then, he’s “freed” by a Jedi. But the Jedi frees him with the implied condition that Anakin be taken in and trained by the Jedi order. As soon as he leaves Tattooine, all choice is stripped from him. The counsel evaluates him and finds him wanting. His entire future is thrown into jeopardy because the man who bought him is dead and the new owners may want to return him. When they finally do induct him into the Jedi Order, it is with suspicion and a lot of conditions (cough, being the Chosen One, cough)

Once again he’s in a situation where he must call the people in charge MASTER.

(But it’s Different, someone might say. Yeah, well, when you’re 9 a cucumber looks like a zucchini, and patterns of thoughts, how the world works, worldview, that doesn’t change just because someone tells you some pretty words)

In the Jedi Order, Anakin loses the autonomy of his choices. He loses the option of getting married and having children (which, btw, is one of the rights traditionally stolen in slave cultures). He loses the right to chose where he goes and what he does EVEN AFTER HE REACHES ADULTHOOD. And, he loses the right to his own emotions.

Even as a slave, emotions are the one thing they can’t truly take from you. They can try to break you, they can punish you, but as long as you can think you can feel, you can hide what you’re feeling. You can be angry, sad, happy, in love even if they don’t want you to. But in the Jedi order, not only are these emotions bad, but it is an entire organization of psychics who vocally criticize and police you out when you’re struggling to “let go” of anger and hate, even or especially hate that is justified!

Then, this Order begins using SENTIENT HUMAN SOLDIERS who have been BRED AND RAISED AND SOLD TO BE AN ARMY. Soldiers who’se MINDS have been stripped to make them more obedient. And the Jedi don’t even hesitate to put them to use. The Jedi Order legitimized slavery. How do you suppose THAT felt for the former slave boy?

So, in the movie, you see a progression as Anakin struggles for power. Because, if he’s the master then HE WON’T BE THE SLAVE.

Lastly, after THREE YEARS OF TRAUMA AND WAR AND SLOWLY SLIPPING TO THE DARK SIDE (don’t tell me it was just Padme’s death that caused him to fall), Anakin fall’s and turns to the only Authority Figure who has treated him with full respect and told him that he is powerful, he is in control – Darth Sidious. Who then ENSLAVES HIM UNTIL THE DAY HE DIES.

Anakin only got 30 minutes of true freedom and he was dying.

And that just kind of kills me.

Eva: lol there’s rumours that Magnus loves you more than you love him, Vilde

Vilde: what?
Jealous people will always try to ruin you

Eva: but hello, why was I the only one who attended the party to Anniken in in 2sta? Night before the 1.

Vilde: was on date with Magnus ❤

Eva: cute

Noora: u telling me I was not out?

Eva: u out last night?

Noora: no. Just chilled at home with Eskild and Linn

Eva: Eskild, I miss him ❤ can we go out with him soon?

Chris: this Berlin trip never fucking ends

Sana: how cool. What happened

Eva: it was really awesome. You guys missed out.

Vilde: but it was really awesome to be out with the bus on Friday
Think we can be the coolest bus in 2018

Sana: of course we will

Eva: with Sana as boss

Noora: we are called Flawless since 99, sooooooo we are pretty cool right now to put it that way


Jikook Social Media AU

14 /?

Jeon Jungkook is a famous idol. Park Jimin has had a long-time crush on him. Of course, Jimin has made a name for his own due to his skills in dancing. But that won’t be enough to make Jungkook notice him, right?

-My drawing for Inktober day 1-

Decided to be basic, and for the first day did an all ink drawing of Gene in a more realistic style! Let me tell you, this was a bit scary to work on as I’ve never worked on a realistic doodle with ink pens only XD PHEW


knk + mbti types

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Hey! Do you have any gendrya fic recs?? Would be so appreciated thank you!

Ahhhhhh sorry I finally finished compiling my list, with the help of my ao3 bookmarks and a lot of scrolling (lmao). Also, i’m probably leaving out another million good other stories, so everyone will have to forgive me for that. It’s been a pain compiling just these but I’ll probably randomly post other stories I recommend here and there as they come up so that I don’t feel bad haha. Also I’m sorry if you’ve already read any of these, just ignore them or read them all over again because they’re so wonderful, and obviously anyone else looking for some good gendrya fics, feel free to filch these all from me!

Anyway here are some of my absolute favorite gendrya stories:

The Tilt by acornsandravens (I mean come on, it’s a tourney!)

Something Stupid by paperheart (one of the absolute cutest modern AU fics I’ve ever read)

Lay Me Down by LadyMarieBree (SUCH a beautiful story - so pure)

The Maiden of the Riverlands by abbymaie

Vow by saturinesunshine

Beauty and the Peach by Furious_Winter

Do you remember that day at Harrenhal? by obsessivewriter

Also, of course, anything on tumblr by @valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl​ and also by @jewishstarks​ and by @gendryatrash​ and @padmesgreene​ and @furious-winter​ (for quality gendrya content, you should definitely be following all of the above not to mention by boo thang who has abandoned me @house-arya​ ).

Invariably I’ve left so many of you out and most definitely a million more stories, so to fix that, I’m going to update this or just create a Part 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 post to this one to recommend more stories and gendrya blogs. So this is sooooooo incomplete as of right now, so if I forgot you, don’t hate me, you will for sure be in a future shout out post!

Thanks so much for the ask @jonsasnow and I’m so sorry again for the delay!

but like a tinder reveal tho
  • like have you ever just sat with your friends while you all swipe through tinder?
  • and like gush over the people you match with and laugh over dumb profiles and screenshot the people you know?
  • idk i feel like ladybug and chat noir would do that when they’re bored
  • like chat noir would automatically cheer really loudly whenever he matches (which happens a lot and ladybug’s like “what the hell he’s an actual dork these girls have no idea”)
  • and whenever ladybug matches chat noir leans over, squints at the profile, and jokes around with her and says stuff like “eh, whatever, my abs are way better.”
  • chat noir has like double the amount of matches that ladybug has (”jeez, are you famous or something?”) but ladybug gets so many superlikes and chat noir is high-key not surprised because if he could he’d superlike her too
  • but then one day they’re both swiping and ladybug freaking screams because Adrien’s tinder profile shows up in her stack and it shows that he’s less than a mile away
  • (LB: “oh my god, why is he out here so late?
  • CN: “HAHA. ha. um. hey. who knows? he’s a model, right? probably….model…type…..things.”)
  • and chat noir isn’t trying to be pushy but he asks her “sooooooo, are you gonna swipe right?”
  • all the while practically begging in his head for her to say yes, oh my god say yes, please swipe right, please do it, it would make this evening magical. 
  • and ladybug’s just like “ugh we probably won’t match :/” and chat noir’s like “the dude would literally be an idiot if he didn’t match with you.” 
  • so ladybug decides to screw it and swipes right and she howls because YES! IT’S A MATCH! WE MATCHED OH MY GOD I MATCHED WITH ADRIEN AGRESTE HOLY SHIT
  • and then chat’s phone buzzes immediately after
  • with a notification from tinder
  • because he has a new match
  • and it’s marinette
  • and he damn near drops his phone from the top of the gd notre dame

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real question, because (presumably) phil dyes his hair on a normal basis, do you think Dan has ever tried to talk him out of it and have his hair grow out natural? Or cut it short? Do you think they give each other hair style opinions? How can Phil still be happy with his hair like that it looks like a drowned desperate mop that has been in the janitor's closet for months.... I just want Phil to change his hair okay

lol firstly im laughing bc ive seen this ask on at least two blogs today so im just envisioning u being so irate about phil’s hair that u felt compelled to go into multiple inboxes w your feelings which is just kinda hilarious (no shade, but im enjoying how worked up u maybe got over it hahaha.) but uhh to echo what i think a few ppl said: i’m pretty sure that dan is supportive of whatever phil wants to do. i litro cannot imagine him pushing phil to change his look w any degree of seriousness, esp bc phil has never been the person to give even a fraction of a fuck if what he’s wearing or the way he’s styling himself overall is trendy or appealing to the masses lmao. like have u seen this dude’s clothes? but i think that’s actually one of the things dan is/was drawn to most in phil, that he doesnt rly care about superficial shit like that, that he doesnt take himself or his image™ (at least in terms of appearance) too seriously, that he’s stubborn and v happy doing his own thing, that he’s kind of alternative and outside the norm,,,, so it’s hard for me to envision him wanting to change any of that about phil and the emo fringe seems rly central to all of it. also for what it’s worth, imo phil looks best w black hair, i fucking love it. and although i think he sometimes uses too much product and sometimes it’s cut a little bit too bluntly, i also rly dig the fringe. sooooooo, im probs not the right person to go to in regards to hating phil’s hair choices hahaha

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Lucy just liked two comments on Instagram talking about how Lauren didn't stand up for her at all when they were dating but is standing up for ty and shit. What's your opinion. For me right now I'm just enjoying this good ass tea👀☕️. Sooooooo much drama right now

Well I think something definitely went down between Lucy and Lauren, but to me it still doesn’t necessarily prove that they were in a romantic relationship - even if Laucy was p.r , Lucy did receive those hateful comments - it must have been really hard for Lucy to not have her best friend defend her, even if it was for show. Plus I’m pretty sure the second Camila left the group they decided that Laucy wasn’t useful anymore and that Lauren was better off being seen with a guy - if that’s the case then Lucy must have felt pretty shitty to have been used and tossed like that. 

This all just theory though

many highlights from The Suffering Game from a first-time TAZ listener
  • also featuring bits from the Lunar Interlude IV: The Calm Before the Storm
  • that’s a fucking ominous combination of names, THANKS MCELROYS!!!!
  • griffin: “kravitz, who’s the bounty hunter for the raven queen, who’s the goddess of the natural passage of life and death” that’s an awesome title, wayyy cooler than just “goddess of death”
  • kravitz and taako is a good ship, im glad its a thing people ship
  • the BOB opened a wine and pottery place and i gotta give them credit for being so considerate of their employees and also being on top of the best hipster ass trends…justin named it the Chug and Squeeze. its the rowdy one
  • kravitz: “how much more dying do you think is gonna happen?” taako: “us dying? or like other regular dying?” kravitz: “any dying at all” taako: “there’s gonna be some”
  • kravitz getting all agitated by the umbra staff and the probable lich inside it is making ME nervous
  • sweet angus macdonald, boy detective, is easily my favorite non-dead or death related npc
  • i cannot believe merle has kids
  • also merle called them the tres horny boys and im like my nickname of grubby grifters is way better and much less likely to horrify young children
  • sweet ango: “you can swear in front of me, its okay" merle: “oh shit thank god”
  • aw shit magnus has been having sleepless nights over the shit he doesn’t understand, poor sweet magnus
  • aw shit he’s gonna confront the voidfish!
  • a voidfish memory!!!! THERE ARE MULTIPLE VOIDFISH! aw shit there’s some big bad evil out there! AW SHIT THERE’S A BABY VOIDFISH!!
  • leon the artificer: “oh god, just put it in the machine, please god! im in hell and YOU’RE SATAN!”
  • garfield the deals wizard: “ah, angling to make a DEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” merle: “that was 42 L’s”
  • garfield: “i know what I want! YOUR SIDEBURNS!!!” everyone: “ohhhhhh”
  • garfield: “how about a tiny little scraping?” yall WHAT THE HELL DOES GARFIELD WANT WITH HIS HAIR???
  • griffin: “holy shit that was funny. as soon as I realized what you were doing, i was sent into a panic spiral!”
  • griffin: “i wish it hadn’t taken me 40-some episodes to discover the power of the epilogue”
  • the director: “taako, are you okay?“ taako: "yeah, i’m fine! you’re not my mom”
  • oh no the director lost 20 years of her life to a wager in wonderland and im like aw fuck this arc is gonna fuck ME UP
  • justin: “taako went on a date with death and now that i say this out loud, that sounds soooo cool!”
  • justin: “its not that taako is embarrassed about his sexuality, its just that he doesn’t think its anybody’s goddamn business, especially these fucking clowns!”
  • magnus: “and you are?” sweet ango: “im angus macdonald, boy detective and your very good friend!” magnus: “um, sounds familiar…nah i tousle his hair and say ‘of course i remember you!’”
  • merle: “we’re just jumping right in?” the director: “would you like to take 20 minutes to buy shorts again?” merle: “they were good shorts”
  • griffin “well now you have….CAPTIVES? you have now pokemon-ed these two boys!”
  • im like pretty sure griffin called magnus “madness”
  • merle: “please be hawkeye!” griffin: “yep, its the guy himself, hawk-guy, uh, no”
  • damn yall this twisted horror movie wonderland shit popped off magnus’s pinkie and stole merle’s dark vision
  • griffin: “you guys are basically fucking demigods right now. you’re basically benicio del toro’s character in the marvel movies” i had to google what the fuck griffin meant by that and i have seen almost al the marvel movies so i would easily label that as the Deepest Cut
  • taako: “do you think that wet ropes are conductive?” magnus: “more so than dry ropes!“ [sounds of justin dying of laughter away from the mic”
  • oh god taako’s finally gone back to the ethereal plane and these glowy-eyed creeps are back!!!!! im so creeped out!!!!!
  • griffin: “damn, you’re the danger squad!!” taako: “well, somebody dropped a washing machine on me and i got squished into a ghost!! so its not foolproof” well now ive got this mental image of taako as like a smushed goomba
  • griffin: “there’s NO healing in wonderland!” man griffin is getting just a tad TOO into this whole Playing God shit
  • griffin: “the severed head is just laying there…cuz its a head”
  • cam the body-less head: “im sorry i can’t greet you with a formal hand shake, but i seem to have misplaced my…my everything”
  •  cam: “what brings you to wonderland?” magnus: “looking for a bell” cam: “must be a pretty good fucking bell”
  • cam: “what do you know about liches?” magnus: “they get stitches, i think!” justin: “LICHES GET STITCHES! okay” aw shit yall liches are becoming a plot point and the one single spoiler i know about (lup) is getting mE HYPED!!!
  • justin: “i know what you should give up! your B-I-B-LE!” and then justin fucking SANG AN IMPROVISED SONG ABOUT MERLE’S DUMMBO BIBLE
  • lydia the evil elf lich bitch: “are you three heroes ready for your ONLY chance at love??” magnus: “uh, pass” i feel like somewhere julia’s just laughing and cheering her grubby hero husband on
  • justin: “is it, griffin? is it real low? is it almost like some liches of your imagination sucked my hit points away from me?! would that account for the low-ness???” griffin: “that’s like real low” justin: “IT’S LIKE SO CRAZY LOW, HUH?”
  • travis: “yeah, merle’s a deeply religious person, when he needs something!”
  • griffin: “taako’s arms shrink into his chest, and his head gets real long, and he grows a tail, and he turns into a tyrannosaurus rex!” travis: “meanwhile magnus is setting mannequins on fire” yall this fight got real real real wild super quick!!!
  • oh god magnus’s SOUL GOT KNOCKED OUT OF HIS BODY
  • “I’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck” YOOOOO THAT SHIT WAS SO DOPPPPEEEEEEE
  • griffin: “i’ve reached a point where when i hear justin say ‘im going to cast’ i assume the next words are a thing that’s going to break the sequence of the shit that you’ve written down”
  • justin: “im going to cast Animate Objects on the mannequins, and I can animate up to ten of them” griffin: “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHAT? HOLY JESUS FANTASIA!”
  • HOLY SHIT WHAT?? magnus’s kid memory has a different sky than the one he’s in now, and im like WHATTT???? THATS SOME MORE PUZZLE PIECE SHIT!!!!! MULTI-PLANAR PUZZLE PIECE SHIT!
  • clint: “i want to change Divine Word into Divine Wood” griffin: “and you pop the most righteous boner”
  • the fact that the umbrella ATE edward the magical evil elf shit even though taako is unconscious as hell is AWESOME
  • merle: "i have a spell called Raise Dead” magnus: “he’s not dead” justin: “he’s only mostly dead!” griffin: “OH MY GOD” justin: “we got monty python, we got princess bridge, this podcast has it all!
  • griffin: “just have somebody heal you! don’t act like you got revived from the power of your cool catchphrase!” justin: “i can’t say a cool catchphrase twenty minutes after we won!” griffin: “okay what are you astrally projecting into the atmosphere???” taako: “LICHES…..GET…..STITCHES!”
  • jesus, magnus’s great life goal and plan is to be reunited with julia, that’s some tragic heartbreaking shit
  • rowan: “my day was pretty shit” magnus: “oh, are you a mannequin?” rowan: “oh my god is that MAGNUS??” magnus: “yeah, so, maybe like keep your shit to yourself, unless you’re a fucking mannequin”
  • justin: “hey, i have a question, among like retrieving our belongings, did magnus, he did get himself a new arm, right, he got his arm back?” travis: “yeah, plugged it back in like G.I. Joe”
  • “you made something, and you’re terrified of it…[..] removed your uniform, and its a bright crimson uniform with an insignia patch…[…]…you decide they’re the ones who are going to be able to keep this cup safe” PUZZLE PIECES!!!! PUZZLE PIECES!!!!! HOLY SHIT YALL!!!
  • they’ve come back around to the start, where wave echo cave is and the gerblins arc took place, and im so EXCITED!
  • this arc felt like a million goddamn years, cuz of all the, ya know, SUFFERING, it actually felt more tedious and exhausting than fucking petals to the metal, but it was pretty good, i liked it. i also feel like the grubby grifters have earned a new nickname: the grubby heroes

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But Mimi.... Sam.... you never talk about Sam anymore. And there's SOOOOOOO much Dean right now but no Sam..... makes me Sam....

You’re right, I haven’t talked about Sam for a while… Let’s fix that, shall we?

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Selfie Tag

Was tagged to do the selfie/selfie bias tag by @nonochuday @xbaepsae @amazzjin @yoongihime SORRY IT TOOK SO DAMN LONG FOR ME TO DO

I take this chance to post a photo of Kevin Kim <3333 What a beautiful man ya’ll HES EVEN MORE GORGEOUS IN PERSON OMFFFGGGGG MY HEART

I shall tag whoever would like to do this! <333

Friendly Reminder

Starting today is my week break from writing to refill ye olde brain tank!

Have no fear though! ODM will not be dead, instead I’ll just be sharing a bunch of awesome fics for you to read :D

Current plan is to return with updates 10/20-10/23 timeframe 👍

Jasiper Hogwarts AU

“Gryffindor and Slytherin students loathed each other on principle.”  

Art: @cindersart

Colouring: @perxyjackson

@eyes-on-sema I CAN’T PUT ANYTHING PAST YOU PEOPLE. <scoffs>

Haha, but in all seriousness, I try to pick victory poses for each of the characters that I haven’t used yet, and with only 4 each, I’ll eventually have to do doubles. Since I was doing Hanzo and McCree though, I went with the hat-over-the-armor one because it seemed more shy/reserved than his others - which struck me as a bashful Hanzo thing. 

and also I super didn’t want to draw McCree’s chestplate