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Underrise’ One Year Anniversary!

October 9th marks the day when I started creating Underrise as an AU! Unfortunately, I am unable to do a contest, raffle, etc. due to school. But, I’d really appreciate it if people would honor Underrise’ one year anniversary! Despite the story not being released entirely, in the beginning, I didn’t think that Underrise wouldn’t get too far since my art skills were also lacking during that time, lol. But! People did started to get interested and so, I continued the AU, eventually creating more which has brought me here! I cannot be grateful enough to everyone who’s helped support me! It makes me cry seeing how far I’ve come in less than a full year, since the beginning of this account was for Warriors.

I started at less than ten watchers when I was doing the actual Ask Bluestar thing, and I didn’t think that I would last, but when I got into Undertale and I created my very first Sans, Sanzter, everything went uphill. I’m not saying that all I care about are number of watchers, but to me, that means a lot! I’ve never had this many people follow me or watch me on any of my other accounts and usually, people dismiss my work as another one’s art who just draws. Honestly, when I hit 100 watchers, I cried because I realized, I was finally getting noticed!! I was so happy! Despite my parents and other family saying that being an artist is not a ‘real’ job, I was going to believe them and give up on drawing, but you all, old watchers, new watchers, just passerby’s, you’ve all helped me become more confident in my art! And recently, I had hit 300+ watchers, and man, did I drive my family crazy with excitement and happiness. I know I’m slow with art since sometimes I get lazy and don’t wanna do it right there, I was surprised that so many people still loved my work and wanted to see more of it!

I’ve learned so much from the Undertale fandom, even if I haven’t seen a full gameplay of the routes in Undertale and haven’t played the game myself, I feel like this game was calling to me. More so of GZtale Anamnesis since this comic was the first Undertale AU comic I saw. Golzy and Ganz, like I’ve said many times before, had and still have been inspiring me! To be honest, GZtale is one AU that I would love to see all the time, excluding my own AU’s obviously. Now, thinking back to when I was first creating Underrise, I was so gullible and so dumb to take some events from other Undertale AU’s and AT’s. I don’t do that anymore and have eliminated those stuff other than the original stuff I created for Sanzter such as design, few personality traits, and having a Nightmare Catcher, blah blah, all that stuff. But, don’t blame me! I was a huge anime fan, mostly Naruto, and I wanted to have my AU like Naruto; make the protagonist suffer many great ordeals in his younger years, then as he grows up, he will find the power to rise up and protect those he loves and cherishes while also trying to defeat the enemies that threaten all his family. And like Naruto with his family being all his friends and the entire village, Sanzter is the same way, everyone in the Underground are his family, taking out the antagonists from both series. Also, by giving Sanzter hidden strength when released when emotionally unstable or his life is at stake, and a demon-like being that resides in him. I loved Naruto and his story so much, that his presence in Sanzter’s creation is almost 50% of what he was made from! So, I don’t wanna make this too long, so, I’m just gonna get to the point.

Underrise has corrupted my life along with my other AU’s and AT’s and the other hundreds, thousands possibly, AU’s and AT’s of Undertale. But in a good way! Undertale and these alternate versions have taught me many lessons and have made me into a better person than I previously was.

Many of you may not know or may know already, but I love all Undertale AU’s and AT’s! Don’t think that if people don’t comment on your work, that no one likes it. I love every one of them, whether I know them a lot or not! Just like ships, it’s not my place to judge and pick out the ones I like and ones I just dislike. I’m not saying that there aren’t a few that I don’t like as much, but I still love them because without them, Undertale’s fandom wouldn’t have been this big and amazing as hell! So, I’m gonna end it here.

Everyone, stay DETERMINED! Don’t let others break you down! No one has any right to do so, and if people do, then that means that they just don’t care and you should move on from them! If their just giving advice though, then that’s fine, but if they’re saying stuff like “This is hideous. Stop drawing. You can’t draw shit.” then, you can ignore them, I’ve gone through these same words once and man, it did break me down to the point of giving up, but the fandom helped me back up. So, don’t let anyone take you down! But if this does happen, then just know……We will SAVE you!


These are just a few people I can list from the top of my head who have helped me develop along with my Underrise and other AU’s and AT’s series! (Know these are not in order!)


Artists/people who have inspired me over the years that haven’t been mentioned!


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