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this week has been crazy and honestly the best week of the semester so far! i went to a lot of lectures about important stuff concerning my career and i already got a gig lined up next semester AAAAAAA
BUT ANYWAYS the finale is gonna be awesome and i’ll try not to die while watching it

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Me avoiding spoilers after acowar comes out

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Early little thing for V-Day while wearing some pretty bewb supportive shirts ahaha!
My Promptis feels burn strong! I even made a little head-canon for myself where Prompto gets a tattoo of the Virgo constellation on his neck where he has the most freckles. Noctis drew along to connect the dots for his zodiac sign one day as a joke and Prompto got permanent ink over it for him <3 I have fluffy feels and I wanted to share them with you all @^▽^@

I loved @markiplier play through of this game but I’m soooooo excited for @therealjacksepticeye and his complete play through I can’t wait to see more and good luck!


As a countdown to the @beyonce concert in Philly on Sept. 29th (I’ma be there, soooooo excited eeee), I decided to illustrate the 11 Chapters of Lemonade. I love that this story goes through not only the end of a relationship but also the healing process. I haven’t done an illustration series in such a long time so this was a definite breath of fresh air :) 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN EIGHT DAYS!!

Open Your Eyes


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Although, listen. What is up with the dress???

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THIS IS DISNEY. THERE ARE COSPLAY DRESSES 1000000 TIMES BETTER THAN THAT. THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ELEGANT SUMMER DRESS, NOT THE DRESS. (I haven’t been this disappointed in something Emma Watson was in since she and Rupert ruined the Romione kiss #forever bitter.)

BUT YES. Sterek. All Disney movies give me Sterek feels but Beauty and the Beast is a special case, always. I mean


And then, just for the feels



just sayin’….



Hannah Beachler.

Best Known For: This genius has lent her creative expertise to Beyoncé’s camp as she helped create what has come to be known to the world as Lemonade. She has also worked on the visuals for the Rocky spinoff film Creed (2015), and not to mention, her swoon worthy visuals can be seen in the newly renowned film Moonlight.

Notable Works: Fruitvale Station, Creed, Lemonade, and Moonlight.

Forthcoming: Black Panther. (So so soooooo excited.)

-source/credit: Riya Jama

Afraid of Losing You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m soooooo excited for tonight (criminal minds) but I don’t want this season to end 😢 I’ll just have to watch reruns to fill my void of criminal minds deprivation
Warnings: abuse (by unsub), umm I think that’s it 😬
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: you guys argue for whatever reason and spencer refuses to talk to you. You decide to go to a building with the team there but at a distance where they can’t really help you and you face off with the unsub by yourself then you get seriously hurt. Spencer is super super worried and once you wake up
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader is in love with Spencer but he doesn’t know it…
“Just let it go Spencer.” You said exhausted and annoyed.
“Let it go? You want me to let this go? I asked you of one simple thing.” He said walking after you.
“It was my choice! You had nothing to influence it!” You snapped as you faced him.
Earlier, he told you to stay in the car as he checked out the house of the suspect.
But being the ambitious character you are, you had to check it out for yourself, resulting in you barely getting a scratch as you took down the UnSub.
“Is it a crime I want you to be safe? That’s all I ask for!”
“No one is guaranteed safety when we do what we do! And you aren’t my guardian angel I don’t need you to protect me!” You yelled slamming your apartment door in his face.
You sunk to the floor, embracing the silence you have craved for the last hour.
Spencer was your best friend, but boy can he be annoying.
The next few days Spencer hasn’t really talked to you.
Was it out of anger?
But you didn’t know that.
He was afraid.
Afraid of losing someone he holds so dearly to his heart.
But that all changed.
The team, including you, went to the abandoned warehouse where Penelope traced down the UnSub.
You all split up, you pairing with Rossi but you saw movement in the opposite direction he was heading, so you changed routes.
You were relatively confident in your defense and attack skills, so you were okay on your own.
You entered a small room, unlikely he would be in there though.
You turned around and were struck in the head with something hard.
You gasped as you doubled over, only to be kneed in the face, sending you to the floor.
You finally opened your eyes to see a man, easily 6 foot, standing over you.
You tried to crawl a little further away but he picked you up by your FBI vest and slammed you onto the ground, knocking the wind out of you.
You tried to speak, to convince him to stop but knowing this mans MO, you knew you didn’t have a chance.
He watched your slowly sit up, gasping for air until he kneeled next to you and painfully slowly put his hand around your throat.
He wasn’t choking you, just squeezing the sides, restricting blood flow.
You struggled to grab his hand, to get it off of your throat, but he quickly used his heal and stomped down on your wrist.
The pain was so intense, a scream escaped your throat as you felt something snap.
Thankfully to your rescue, Derek stormed in, yelling at the UnSub.
He didn’t release any pressure on your neck, in fact, he started to cut off oxygen by pressing down.
You gasped and Derek yelled again until Hotch came in and shot the man in the leg, causing him to collapse with you as you coughed and gasped for air.
Your vision has gone blurry from the loss of oxygen.
Then you felt arms wrap around you and prop you up.
“Y/N Y/N hey look at me.” You heard a voice say.
You thought it was Derek, until you saw him walking the UnSub out.
You looked up but were stopped midway when a pain shot through your head.
You felt comforting fingers comb through your hair as you were rocked back and forth.
You even felt a tear fall onto your burning wrist.
Was it yours?
The arms you were in felt so desperate.
They wanted to hold you tighter but then again also held you like you were porcelain.
You faintly saw more people come in the room with a stretcher.
The medics.
You slowly started to interpret reality a little more as they put an oxygen mask over your face.
You felt a hand hold yours and you gently squeezed back.
You finally found the energy to turn your head and to your surprise, you saw Spencer.
He noticed you were looking at him and he quickly wiped his face of tears and smiled sadly.
“You’re going to be okay Y/N.” he said still squeezing your hand.
You slightly squeezed back and then let go as the medics hoisted your stretcher into the ambulance.
You heard him ask if you could come with, which surprised you.
He wasn’t even talking to you like an hour ago.
The bright ambulance light made you screw your eyes shut as a shooting pain sent up your back.
You keep your sensitive eyes closed and you saw faint blobs of dark cross your vision.
The sounds became more distant.
Your hands starting tingling and you didn’t feel as much pain.
Was it medication or are you dying?
Pretty soon all of your senses faded away, leaving you in darkness.
You woke up to more blinding lights.
You turned your head slightly as if it would shield you from the blinding light.
Then they disappeared, leaving you in the slightly dim room.
“Y/N!” You turned your head and saw Spencer kneeling next to your bed.
“I said are you okay?” He asked with a concerned look.
You looked down at his hand, which laid on top of yours.
“Yeah… I’m okay.” You said, your voice raspy.
Spencer smiled and gave you a cup with a straw he grabbed from the side table.
“It’s just water.” He said as you weakly took the straw in your mouth.
The cool liquid felt extra cold as it went down your dry throat.
You went to grab it so he didn’t have to feed the water to you, but you lifted your left arm and there was an object on it.
A cast.
“Oh keep it elevated. It’s been 8 minutes you should keep it up for at least 17 more.” He said reaching across and laying your hand down on the little pillow that was to your side.
“Why?” You asked weakly.
You had a full question in mind, but why was the only part that came out.
“Why? Well if you don’t elevate it there can be a fault in the healing process…”
“No… why did you come… why did you come with me?” You asked, the question staggering to come out of your weak throat.
“I had to. Your my best friend.” He said combing through your hair with his fingers.
“But I thought you were mad at me.” You said immediately feeling better at his touch.
“Mad? No I was never mad at you. I was… scared. Your just so… dangerous and I thought distancing myself would decrease the impact of losing you if something were to happen but that was probably the stupidest assumption I could have made so I’m sorry for being so distant.” He said with a small laugh.
“You don’t have to be sorry. I understand.” You said squeezing his hand because it’s really the only movement you can make besides talking.
He smiled shallowly and kissed you on the forehead before leaving.

Harry Potter Preferences #2:{Moder-ish}Movie you watch together



Love Actually;Draco was a little hesitant at first, but after forcing him to sit and watch it with you, he actually enjoyed it. He kept making several references after watching the film and you were ecstatic to see him happy. The references did get old after a while, but if it made Draco smile, then you didn’t really mind.


Captain America;The Winter Soldier; You both loved superhero movies, but this one held a special place in Harry’s heart. He felt “a personal connection” to Steve Rogers because “they were both underestimated and kindhearted heroes.“It got a bit annoying really. He sobbed when Steve was about to die and Bucky saved him. He’s a big shipper of Stucky.


Beauty and The Beast; Hermione was soooooo excited to see it, it had only recently been opened in Theaters and she didn’t want to give up the opportunity. You gladly took her, ready to see the movie just as much as she was. Once the film started, a young and beautiful girl strolled into view. You were both rather startled. She looked just like Hermione! You turned to her with a smirk and asked if she had some sort of a doppelgänger. She strongly glared at you.,clearly annoyed at what just happened. You just laughed in her face, causing the entire theater to yell at you.


50 First Dates; You don’t particularly care for that movie, but Ron loves it. Majorly because of the comedy that always comes with an Adam Sandler movie. He also knows that while you may not like that movie, it always makes you smile and feel better if you’re feeling down. His favorite scene is when the Lucy beats up the weird Chinese guy. It’s your favorite too.


The Fault in Our Stars;You didn’t want Neville to watch the movie because he’s a cryer. He would sob at practically every scene. Which he did when you finally agreed to let him watch it. You held him I’m your arms as he cried over Gus’s death. You had tears of your own that dribbled down your face. You tried to assure each other that it wasn’t real, that it didn’t really happen, but fictional deaths are as real as Actual deaths.


The outsiders; You and Luna deeply loved the film because you both knew what it was like it be an outsider. The two of you empathized with the gang of greasers and how they were treated. Your appreciation of the movie ran far deeper than Luna’s. This movie helped you though your ptsd that the war caused. It helped to erase the pain. Luna was already happy, but she couldn’t pretend that the war hadn’t affected her as well.


Mean Girls; You really didn’t have any idea how you and Fred wound up watching Mean Girls. The two of you were just lounging around when suddenly the door of your DVD player popped open, and the film was put in. The time wasn’t wasted seeing as You and Fred had a lot of commentary. The most memorable being Fred’s remark,“She’s a bitch” to almost every character.


The Maze Runner; You loved the books, but you were a bit skeptical to see how the movie would turn out. The book is usually better after all. You hadn’t seen it in theaters, you wanted this to be a private moment. George wanted to view the film as well, his curiosity peaked. You and George had entangled yourselves together on the couch, waiting for the previews to end so you could watch the actual movie. Finally, the menu popped up, and you shakily pressed play, anxiously awaiting to judge whether or not you were right. Let’s just say, the movie was good, but the book was still better.



If I stay;It’s the movie that you and James always watch on Valentine’s Day. It always makes James sad because he wonders what would happen if you were Mia and he was Adam. It always brings you two closer together yet more afraid of losing the other. It also shows you that you never really know when everything could be taken from you. So you need to make the most of every moment.


The breakfast club; Sirius claims that he only watches it because of Judd Nelson, while you claim that you only watch it because you’re bored. You both loved how the film was unapologetically honest about his things were for teens, and it was absolutely true. Sirius sympathized with the rebel because he knew what it was like to grow up in an abusive family and be changed by it. You sympathized with the brainiac, knowing how discriminated against intellectuals such as yourself were.


Inside out; Remus simply adored the metaphor behind the Disney film, the fact that emotions are a bigger part of us than we realize.He was entranced with psychology and emotions, the movie only deepened his obsession. He’d barely pay attention to you when you two are watching it. You’d usually end up throwing a pillow or your scarf at him, managing to snatch a bit of his attention.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; You loved animals, especially magical ones,so you loved that there was a movie about them. Both you and Lily found the film a bit odd though, Newt Scamander seemed very familiar. You let it go, he probably wasn’t even real anyway. The suspicion stayed with the two of you as you watched the film. Who was Newt Scamander?


Finding Dory;Regulus was only in it for Baby Dory and Baby Dory only. He never expressed his enthusiasm for the movie but nevertheless he was in love with it. You were suprised to see him like that, he was usually very dark and brooding. Now all of a sudden he was putting the film into your DVD player and shushing you so that he could properly hear.


Footloose; You loved old types of Movies and you loved Dancing. So when you found a movie that was both of your favorite things, you just had to watch it. You made Severus watch it with you, much to his protests, which you fully ignored. After finishing it, Sev did admit that he “sort of liked it.”


Suicide Squad; You thought that maybe Peter was a bit too excited for the dc movie. However,you didn’t really pay attention to it. Peter had been acting strangely lately and if this helped him, then you certainly weren’t going to object. No matter how much it worried you.

Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Title: Private Lives Chapter Eleven

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: 1889

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Little bit of blood, nothing too descriptive, bullying

Catch Up HERE

A/N: OMG FINALLY. I am so sorry to everyone for how long this took and also I’m sorry it’s a tad short. I ran into some writer’s block that has finally seemed to have cleared up. I hope you like this chapter. The wait was soooooo long. I’m so excited with it’s following and where it’s going. I just hope you all don’t kill me for it. Enjoy!! 

Character: Jensen Ackles

Tags:  @deans-princess-crybaby  @space-cats-in-purgatory  @bloodysideofhell  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing    @mrswhozeewhatsis  @mamaimpala  @timewoundsallheals1210  @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @aprofoundbondwithdean  @queenofhellisafangirl  @anastasiarosez  @ackleholic96  @mama-impala  @mamapeterson  @redlittlefox  @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @beautiful-disaster143  @sleepywinchester  @adaisinwonderland  @theweirdymcweirderson  @mysaintsasinner  @oh-jesus-sammy  @jencharlan  @blacktithe7  @winchesterforever12  @iamflanneltrash  @blushingsamgirl  @deandoesthingstome  @mrsjohnsmith  @samtomydeanwinchester  @sis-tafics  @ackleslaugh  @fangirling-instead-of-working  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @for-the-love-of-dean  @lipstickandwhiskey  @skybinx-blog  @loveitsallineed @purgatoan  @shipping-people-writing-things  @spectaculacular-sammy  @superbluhoo2  @winchesterswoonathon  @iwantthedean  @crzcorgi  @ilostmyshoe-79  @torn-and-frayed  @supernatural-jackles  @impalapossible  @jotink78  @hillface89  @kittenofdoomage  @nichelle-my-belle  @percywinchester27  @whit85-blog  @rizlow1  @bringmesomepie56  @atc74  @cici0507  @gemini75eeyore  @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish  @kristaparadowski  @mayasmedberg   @prncss-nefelibata  @smoothdogsgirl  @beachy2014  @freaksforthewin  @jensen-gal  @theoriginalvicki  @missieb76  @vougebandit  @raeganr99  @your-not-invisible-to-me  @vaisabu  @bakabozza  @britt-spn  @fernandasvaldi  @silver-and-green  @yaya-snowflakes  @imnotalosechester  @motleymoose  @ruprecht0420  @iamnotsaneatall  @gecko9596  @anokhi07  @tiffanycaruso  @spnolivia  @the-jette  @boredoutofmymindstuff  @lovin-ackles  @dancingalone21  @laurenw1025  @tas898 @extreme-supernatural-lover  @jayankles  @supernatural-fan-123   @moonstonemystyk  @perpetualabsurdity  @frenchybell  @allthatsupernaturallife  @irishdoll80  @walkercauff  @nerdwholikesword  @supernatural508  @ledzeppelinrules  @rattyretro-blog-blog  @fandomsneverdie14  @anxuanpham  @mysteriouslyme81  @felly-pepper  @sleep-silent-angel  @caityrice  @ezauraemmaline  @steampunkd16  @fullmetalkassie  @sandlee44  @cemmia  @wwecrazed2010  @winchesterhunters67  @symphony25  @oceanblue-and-forestgreen  @dorky-and-i-know-it  @trustnobodyshootfirst  @ria132love  @grace-for-sale


“Well, what do you think about the house that Marta showed Y/N?” Jared asked, sipping his beer.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s not a huge house, but the yard is big and the neighborhood is great. I think I’ll make an offer tomorrow,” I said back, taking a drink from my beer.

“Oh, good, Y/N still on the fence about it?”

“A little,” I replied, pondering. Y/N was worried she wouldn’t be around enough for Gen if she lived with me, but I had assured her multiple times that everything would work itself out.

My phone began to ring from the coffee table. As I reached forward to silence it, I saw that it was Y/N. She was at work at the moment, which meant it must have been important for her to be calling during her shift. I answered the phone instead.

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Some Norwegian Summer Vocabulary

So basically I am soooooo excited for summer, its the only thing I think about!!! Thus, here is a list of words that I felt encapsulated summer. I hope it finds you well!

vannmelon - watermelon

stranda - the beach

havet - the ocean

sjøen - the sea

lemonade - limonade

solen -  the sun

å bade -  to bathe

å svømme -  to swim 

sommerferie  - summer break

å sole seg - to sunbathe

frukt - fruit

å grille - to grill

solbrent - sunburnt

solkrem - sunscreen

God sommer! - Have a nice summer! (✿◠‿◠)

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