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Our First Pet

Iwaizumi and Oikawa - German Shepard - Believe it or not, Iwaizumi is the good cop and Oikawa is the stern mom. They adopted a German Shepard(Per Iwaizumi’s persuasive arguments and lack of underwear.) that Iwaizumi loves to roll around with and consistently play tug-of-war with. Yet it’s a female dog with a dainty way of crossing her paws who sits next to Oikawa when it’s just the two of them. Iwaizumi is guilty of sneaking her snacks and bits of his dinner; Oikawa is concerned about her weight usually. They both like to play catch with her and Oikawa is the one who takes her to the groomers for something gaudy and pretty.

Hinata and Kageyama - Collie - She’s sleek and her snout is almost mocking by default; yet her coat is crazy and usually out of control. Kageyama is actually a total baby around her and will playfully coo to her every morning. Hinata loves to take her out running and will forego the leash to race her(Which she always wins.) Almost as if berating him, she always goes back to him with her leash in her mouth, as if asking Hinata “How could you let your baby run without a leash in your hand?”. Kageyama learned to socialize a little bit more when he took her doggy training. Despite his awkwardness, she is charismatic in a way that reminds him of a certain orange-headed dork.

Daichi and Suga - Golden Retriever - He’s a spoiled baby by both parents. He cries when he’s hungry or wants some loving; he cries when he’s lonely; he even cries when he’s alone. Daichi sometimes calls him “Asahi” as a joke. Suga loves when he jumps on the bed in the morning and snuggles next to his face. Daichi loves to walk him and hike up steep hills. They both love to give him treats and toys whenever possible; yet if he ever feels his family is in danger, he is the first to stand in front of them and bark. Once when Suga was being harassed, he snapped at the stranger and led Suga home to Daichi, who had a similar expression once he heard.

Kenma and Kuroo - Twin Domestic Short Hair(Black) - Kenma read once on the internet that black cats are often overlooked for the silliest reasons; he dragged Kuroo to the shelter the next day and found twin black cats that had been there for a year. One had a gold spot on top of his head and the other had stray long hairs(Their mom was a long haired cat.) His heart bled and he didn’t even have to plead as Kuroo adopted them. The one with the gold spot on his head likes to sit in Kenma’s lap when he plays games and occasionally bats at the screen. The other one like to purposefully flick her tail in Kuroo’s nose, especially when he seems stressed out. They both nap with Kenma when he’s on the couch and both fight to sit on Kuroo’s lap during movie night; Kenma tends to win overall though. Kuroo is actually more an enabler and feeds them way too much; he also enjoys the laser pointers and actually bought two separate ones for each cat to play with at the same time instead of fighting.

guess what?!?!?




I know most of you guys proooobably don’t care, but I have received a few messages about him in the past, and yeah. I am over it this time. 

I have liked him for almost two years, and it has finally, GRADUALLY come to a close. I feel so relieved, and even a little melancholy.

Thanks for being so sweet with your comments guys. Sorry I have not been as active lately. I will be back to posting regularly soon. <3 xx

Love, Gillian


They ARE soooooo cute! Omg!! 🙄😱😍💖 #aubrih #drake #rihanna

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