Murder and pastel

My sister came over today and was quite excited to tell me that she had spotted a “murder and pastel” at the thrift shop.

To which I replied “What the fuck does that mean?”

And she says “You know, you have one. That thing you use to crunch up dried herbs.”

Mortar and pestle.
She had seen a mortar and pestle.

the mcelroy demographic is sooooo funny and unexpected it’s like…..overwhelmingly queer millennials who wear “silence = death” pins & sell their indie music on cassettes. We just all love these nice men

Jon the Spot. That’s what this file was called. My brain thinks it’s sooooo funny… @roysyesterdayjam

Other Rooster Teeth vector portraits!

Geoff’s Portrait

Ryan’s Portraitlifelike Ryan in pencil or ALT Creepy Ryan and Creepy Ryan shirt!

Gav’s Portrait

Ray’s Portrait

Michael’s Portrait

Jack’s Portrait

Jeremy’s Portrait

Bonus! Miles Luna

You try to protect your kids from the evil and horrors of this world but, despite your best efforts, some things are simply unavoidable.

5yo: “Daddy, I saw Lego Star Wars and Jar Jar Binks was SOOOOO FUNNY!!”


I’m going to go through all those tag games I’ve been stockpiling now. Have my face as an apology.

(they/them, she/her)