How Animals Attract Their Mates

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I miss ziall.. But I'm so for Louis taking on the "big brother" role that Zayn had with Niall.. Everyone always talks about Niall being Zayns little brother but never Louis's

Okay, granted, no one can replace Zayn and no pairing can replace Ziall. But, Nouis DEFINITELY has that big brother/little brother dynamic.

First and foremost, Niall absolutely looks up to Louis. Like, it nearly borders on hero worship. Everything Louis says or does is SOOOOO funny to Niall. 

And Niall will do literally ANYTHING that Louis asks. And like most big brothers, Louis picks on Niall relentlessly. It’s a bit of a dangerous combo, that. Results in Niall often publicly humiliating himself.

‘LOUIS ART’ A R T IT’S LITERALLY AN ARROW DRAWN WITH A PEN NIALL (but let’s not talk about how Louis did that so Niall didn’t feel bad about the scar like any big brother would, yeah? Or I may tear up.)

If ANYONE but Louis tries to pick on Niall, Louis gets VERY protective. HE can mess with Niall, but no one else can.

And most importantly, they love each other very much a lot.

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my friend put her statues as “ok. i love one direction.”

and then her aunt commented and said, “west?”

and then my friend deleted the comment before anyone could see it.


but anyway…i am going to bed…nightt lovess!!!!!


wannabe fetus o’brien

As soon as I finish clearing out the few fics I had in my likes because I was procrastinating on my resbang, the youtube app on my phone tells me a gamer has uploaded a new video for Until Dawn.

Looks like the universe wants me to procrastinate just a little longer.

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-slides in name for positivity- :3

[♈] I LOVE SEEING THS THRESH ON MY DASH THEYRE SOOOOO FUNNY + INTERESTING and i havent talked to them in a while so i really miss them <3333 i love their characterization and ideas of threshs form its just rly cool and unique <3