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Which podcasts? And what are you watching on tv these days? I'm looking to add some new stuff.

I have become a podcast junkie the past couple months.  I used to just be a Serial girl but the past 6 months I am all about podcasts.

Currently on my podcast list is:

  • My Dad Wrote a Porno - hysterical a must listen
  • We Hate Movies  - sooooo funny another must listen
  • Who Weekly - for your ‘who the fuck are they’ celebs
  • True Crime Garage - pretty good true crime podcast - I came to this one for the Slenderman case, I find true crime podcasts are so hit or miss so I’m pretty satisfied with this one once you get past the beer of the week talk
  • Rob Has a Podcast -  because I am CBS reality show trash and they hate Paulie too
  • Crime Writers On - they used to just discuss Serial but they’ve branched out to other true crime things so if the episode description sounds good I give it a listen
  • Go Bayside - basically WTF-ing Saved By the Bell lol
  • Mystery Show - GREAT storytelling and such a cute podcast, I need it to come back
  • Serial - Pretty sure this or This American Life are what brought people to listen to podcasts
  • My Favorite Murder - haven’t listened yet but DLed because I am a true crime junkie
  • Revisionist History - If you like Malcolm Gladwell stuff you’ll probably like this…so far I’m so-so on it.
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text (just downloaded this no idea if it’s any good lol)
  • The Worst Bestsellers - Making fun of shitty books like Twilight and FSOG.
  • You Must Remember This  -  old Hollywood stories -  I have the Charles Manson episodes DL-ed but haven’t listened to it yet but have heard good things
  • Mortified - Haven’t listened yet but it was recommended - it’s people reading their old diaries - sounds like it could be entertaining lol

As for TV - my Summer TV schedule is pretty much trash.  I watch Big Brother, Bachelor in Paradise, Real Housewives of NYC, American Gothic, PLL (ugh I know whyyyyy), Catfish, Masterchef, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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Was Kail's snaps supposed to be funny? They're cringe worthy, like she's trying to prove she's dumb/cute and sooooo funny. How do you go to school for what like 10 years and not know how coconut oil works?

They were so tedious to watch.

Soooo frustrated

Guys ! So Kendall and I filmed the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag” and it was sooooo funny cause he had no idea what use doing… So we had like different clips, and to edit them I had to put them on my computer. So I imported them to my computer and deleted them from my camera for space… Turns out that not all of them imported 😭 And there’s no way for me to get them back. So basically we have to re-do the whole thing… So you may be waiting for the video a little while longer. Sorry babes 😭 (yes, I cried hard af)