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It’s canon in the Inheritance Cycle that Eragon rocks back and forth when he’s upset, has a special interest in Elven poems and epics, he’s really bothered by scraping noises like a whetstone sharpening a blade or Saphira’s claws scraping against stone, he thinks too literally to be good at riddles and he’s got a comfort object (Aren, Brom’s ring).

What I’m saying is, Eragon is autistic



I love how when Victor first skates the Eros routine, we can clearly see Yuuri standing with Yurio and Yuuko on the other side of the rink barrier.

Yuuri is not standing on the ice in this scene.

Oh, but then.

After Yuuri feels the Immaculate Conception coming over him…

The music pauses abruptly and…

Okay, wait. Hold up.

How is Yuuri suddenly standing right in front of Victor? Where did Yurio and Yuuko go? Where’s the rink barrier?

Did … Yuuri walk out onto the ice in the middle of Victor’s performance?

Yep, he sure did.

Meaning, not only did he feel like Victor’s Eros was trying to get him pregnant, but Yuuri’s body decided on its own to move him physically closer in case Victor’s body wanted to finish the job. That’s some caveman behavior right there.

Victor probably stopped mid-performance because suddenly there was a person standing there in his way. Like, “Oh, hey. Where’d you come from? Did you want to try this yourself or…?”

In summary: Victor’s Eros has the power to pull Yuuri in like a friggin tractor beam.

But I mean, to be fair…

Yuuri’s tractor-beam-Eros pulled Victor all the way from Russia to Japan. Not just a few measly feet onto the ice, sooooo…

Yeah, they’re both hopeless.

Tonight’s mood: I love Saeran Choi with all my heart and soul


She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.


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soonyoung’s shirts in the form of lockscreens (insp.)