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#alec spent hours looking for magnus #jace and clary fighting valentine happened while alec was looking #he had to search the whole institute #every single room #imagine how he must have felt #remembering the last words he had said to magnus #how he had screamed at him #imagine his desesperation #how much he needed to find him #to see him alive and safe #and to tell him how he felt #to tell him he loved him


One thing that Wander over Yonder did better the Steven universe was we actually saw the galactic tyrants…being galactic tyrants. Despite being a goofier show aimed for a younger audience we see Lord Hater conquering planets from day one, so we know he’s a threat to the galaxy despite being pretty much bratty teenager skeletor with the emotional maturity of a toddler.

The diamonds, meanwhile, we never see them conquer anything. We only see Blue Diamond acting a tyrantical, and then in her next appearance she’s just sooooo sad. Yellow despite being theorized as the most militant does even less galaxy threatening that we get to see. Also, with everything in relation to the earth in Steven u., we never see what the tyranny of The Gem Empire looks like for other races. All we get is clues and bread crumbs. There would be much more emotional impact about the diamonds and gem war If we could actually see it!

So, in short, which one is the better galactic tyrant?

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i know her colour is orange in-game but she just looks sooooo good in yellow

Winston made her a smaller chronal accelerator so it doesn’t cover the entirety of her dress and isn’t so bulky, it’s not as good as her regular one and loses charge faster if she blinks, but she can dance and have fun at the party 

thanks to @dice-hoarding-nepeta for submitting this dress!!

Ooooooh is that a new uniform I see? I think I like it. 

And what is that on his head though LOL


Hell yeah the boys look sooooo good, and that yellow hair on Sky that Faker talked about! It suits him!!


for @supercavanatic i promised i would gif this for her (Alisha the wink is in the 7th gif)


Round 268 showcases Blue and Silver’s escape.

People say that Blue hasn’t changed and she stays relatively the same even in GSC, but that’s the misconception, everyone is growing up in Pokespe, even Blue who still showed that congirl persona, but even Silver knows that she’s changing.

Blue never nicknamed her Jigglypuff because it was scar in her heart that stayed with her, a reminder of the past she never truly let go of. It was only until she met the Pokedex Holders that she named Jigglypuff, finally.

Out of the original Pokedex Holders, there’s Red and Green. Yellow doesn’t count at this time because she isn’t a Dexholder until the end of this arc where she inherits the last one. So out of those two, who is the one who actually nicknames their Pokemon? It’s actually Red who is known for nicknaming his Pokemon.

By the end of GSC, her Jiggly is actually Level 57, the picture depicted is 53, so this is before GSC because she rarely was in it until the final battle.

I just find it neat that the most likely candidate who influenced her is Red because he’s the one who nicknames all of his Pokemon.

FRLG may be my most hated arc, but geez there’s some small neat details that will make any Luckyshipping fan happy.



is this acceptable? I’m not good with fashion ~.~ aaaanndd.. i think there’s no ‘AddxEve’ here… it’s ‘Add&Eve’ Q.Q sorry

as an apology for half-assed the coloring, lemme ADD short comic about this ;D which is no “AddxEve’ too… why me why

AU story: LP is dragged by CN to be a (part-timer?) model like her, with Ciel as… supervisor? lol idk