soooo.. this is just all irrelevant

my (sometimes unpopular) pjo/hoo opinions!!

remember, these are all opinions my friends
• i don’t like annabeth. she aggravates me. she’s rude & comes across very condescending & idk i just didn’t enjoy her as a character, if i knew her in real life i wouldn’t like her
• the calypso/leo ship is trash lmao wtf
• frank is a doll & deserves the world but we see so little character development that i’m not crazy about him
• i love will, but also… he is insensitive at times, like with the whole nico wanting to leave so he just kinda yells at him like chill, nico got issues
• perhaps the above bullet point will be resolved in other books but until then idek guys
• stop… trying… to make… reyna… a lesbian. i understand hc her as lesbian, but it’s not canon don’t advertise it as such. if she’s not straight she’s bi or pan or something don’t erase the fact that she liked jason, yall just can’t stand a bi girl huh
• nico & tryna deserved to be apart of the 7 more than piper did lmao & kinda frank sometimes sorry boo
• i like piper but also she kinda irks me w the whole “i’m not like other girls” which we see her work on so i don’t entirely dislike her for that
• nico is sometimes a little bit too much of a baby sorry i said it lmao he’s melodramatic
• jason bores me, he’s such a tight ass
• hazel & leo all the way bitches
• why do people like rachel lmfao she also annoys me idk she’s irrelevant & people try soooo hard to make her relevant like i get she’s the oracle now or whatever but stop shipping her w reyna & whoever else just let her be a side character over in her little corner
• the character development in all of hoo sucked bootyhole lmao
• leo is my son who deserves the world i can literally find no faults w him except him getting with calypso he should’ve stayed single but other than that nothing
• reyna/jason/piper makes me uncomfy bc like no that would not happen, just no lmfao
• jercy is so cute i love it
• but also no one tell but i love jasico omg i hate myself
• but also jason & annabeths rigid asses shoulda dated bc they’re both so annoying lmfao
• leave percy alone
• he has a hero complex but he literally tries his best he’s exhausted
• grover deserved to be in hoo more than frank lmfao
• idk i love this books & they helped me through a rough time but also i feel like i lowkey hate everyone lmfaooooooo

let me know what you agree with, disagree with, if you try to do so disrespectfully just know i’m gonna reply lmao i’m not gonna block that’s childish, speak how you wish to be spoken to

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SOOOO all the fucking nasties out there who were saying how harry wasn't going for an acting role in dunkirk that were super agressive when people asked them about it and condescending saying if that harry did that role it was going to be super small and irrelevant and all those harry haters who where saying harry was going to disappoint everyone because he wasn't talented and just was the hype that surrounded him lmaoooo WHATS GOOD FUCKERS HOW HARRY'S EXPENSIVE SUCCESSFUL ASS TASTE!!!!!!??

they played themselves big time they’ll be sitting there in the cinema like that taxidermy fox watching him prove them all wrong

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Can you add Kagami, Kiyoshi, Izuki and Takao to the mix please admin-sama?! can you do GoM realizing they're falling completely and hopelessly in love with their s/o, and accidentally blurting it out after seeing their s/o do something moronic/cute (such as their s/o's tendency to always pout when they're forced to eat carrots or something)?

This was soooo overdue. I’m sorry guys. Just dropping by to announce I’m not dead and thank you all so much for sticking around with us! P.S. Takao’s ended up being… different… than the rest.

- Lena

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Kagami sighed, but it was difficult to remove the smile from his face. Not that he wasn’t going to at least try, because this was supposed to be a serious place, an important place and there were plenty of people giving them dirty looks over irrelevant reasons anyway.

None of it seemed to deter the girl giggling like a little kid beside him, holding onto his hand like a lifeline.

“Hey, will you stop that already?” he asked, but the fact of the matter was, he didn’t really want her to. Well, he did, but not enough to actually force the issue. Her giggling in general was contagious, the only reason he was only vaguely annoyed was because this time, it was directed at him.

She took a deep breath, glancing up at him. Then she burst into a set of giggles all over again. “I’m sorry, I just–thank you. But you look ridiculous in that monkey suit.”

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Bayroot Academy Part 4

I hope y’all enjoy this, and thank you to those who have waited patiently!

A few days after thanksgiving Cameron and I saw a very bloated Andrew Cox weighing down the back two seats of George’s golf cart while we were lounging around by the lake. Both of the two huge men took up all 4 seats in the cart, and it looked like a tight squeeze. Cameron said it looked like George was taking him to the teacher’s apartments, and I hoped that Mr. Cox wouldn’t run into dad anytime soon. Not that Mr. Cox looked like he’ll be doing any running anytime soon; the man must have been well over 450 lbs.

Speaking of dad, nobody’s heard of him since that text he sent me after Thanksgiving; he didn’t even call on Christmas. That was a bummer, I really wanted to feast again with him. Not to mention that nobody even exchanged gifts this year, we had all spent our money on food back when Bayroot Academy still charged for it. But the school did give us new toilets and beds, both reinforced so we wouldn’t break any more. I actually don’t know of anyone who hasn’t broken anything due to their new girth. Also every room was upgraded with new food machines in the closets not too long after Christmas. Those machines we’re long overdue, in my opinion.  Living with only a pizza button and a soda fountain is basically living like cavemen.

I think February first was a few days ago, but I’m not too sure. I don’t care about what day it is, there’s no need to anymore. Larry, Cameron, Ross, and I haven’t left our dorm room in at least a week, except to go to the bathroom. I’m not sure if the bathroom even counts anymore, though. We have our servants roll us in large rolling office chairs down the hall to the communal bathrooms. That’s becoming a hassle, though. The chairs pinch my fat rolls and my server always runs out of breath pushing me. All the servers are muscular, they shouldn’t have that big of a problem with someone my size. I’m not even that huge yet.

The four of us in our room went and got weighed today. Nobody was less than 350lbs, but that wasn’t a surprise. We haven’t done anything except eat and play video games since New Year’s. And when I say we eat, I mean it. I can’t go more than 5 minutes without getting hungry, no matter how many fried chickens, pizzas, or gallons of ice cream I eat. Anyone can guess why my gut’s huge and covered in stretch marks, or why my fat rolls hide all sorts of shit in them, or why my moobs remind me of grapefruits. Our servants still bring us new clothes but I can’t tell you what size any of us are. We stopped taking the time to put on clothes weeks ago. We’re all basically blobs of lard in various sizes, and have seen each other naked countless times so the nudity doesn’t bother us. Putting on the clothes makes us sweatier than we already are, and it takes up time that we frankly don’t have. We’re growing boys.

Sex is different now, too. Nobody tops or bottoms anymore, that was soooo 50lbs ago. If we’re horny we just jack each other off. It doesn’t matter who, we’ve done in front of each other so many times that it’s irrelevant. I’m not sure if Ross and I are still together, to be honest. I still love him, but there’s no reason to stay committed to just him and we both understand that. Ross is still hot as hell, if not even more. He’s so fat and hairy, I love laying on all 396lbs of him. Everything about him is just so bloated and big. The way he can stuff himself all day and still want to be jerked off before bed is amazing to me. Cam and Larry have gotten so fine, too. If you saw Cameron’s belly you’d think he swallowed a bouncy castle, the way he holds fat is ridiculous. His limbs and face are chubby, but are no match for his gargantuan gut. Larry’s more evenly distributed but definitely has the biggest thighs and ass out of all of us. Sometimes when we’re gaming he’ll want to play Fifa, but his professional soccer career has been swallowed by pounds and pounds of blubber.

At least, that’s what his two muscular older brothers told him when they came to visit. They teased Larry so hard, constantly jiggling his titties and laughing at how fat he’d gotten. The thought that Larry had ever played soccer was hilarious. Well, it was hilarious to them- until they got ahold of some of Bayroot’s food. After the brothers’ first box of donuts here the two of them didn’t say a single word about Larry’s weight. Not until right before they left that night to go stay in the teacher’s apartments and said they’ll be Larry’s size in no time if they don’t stop eating soon.  Something similar happened when Ross’ college football player cousin came to visit and Cameron’s dad pretty much had the same reaction as mine during his visit (but with a lot more “You’ve always been a disappointment” added into the mix). Even Bernie’s red-headed best friend from back home ended up staying the night in the teach-

Oh shit I forgot about Bernie! He went and looked for his friend the day after his visit and never came back. His servant disappeared as well, it was all sort of funny at the time. Every time one of us got a text from our relative(s) saying they’re leaving to help George, we just laughed it off. We laughed even harder when we got the text from Bernie.

Bernie was actually the first one of the students here to end up in the teacher’s apartments. Lately it hasn’t been unusual for guys to waddle in and not come out. It’s been bugging Ross a lot, too. I just don’t know what to do because I love it here in the dorm, but he constantly wants to go check the situation out. We had a huge fight about it this morning, ending with him saying he’s going to go inspect the teacher’s apartments first thing tomorrow. The whole argument was really awkward because I couldn’t stand up to storm out on him, and I really wanted to. But it’s been awhile since my I’ve walked on my own and I wasn’t in the mood to give Ross the satisfaction of watching me try. Anyways now he’s sleeping on the floor. Not that it matters, he’s so fat and soft that the hard floor is hardly a punishment.

It’s getting late and I can hear all 700+ lbs of Cam and Larry shaking their reinforced bed on the other side of the room. They’re probably making out or something, it’s too dark to tell and all of their sloppy sounds sound the same. I really hate Ross being mad at me, all the pizza in the world can’t help fix how selfish I feel, but that doesn’t stop me from stuffing myself with Meat Lover’s. I understand that he wants to figure out what’s going on, but I don’t want to lose him. I want to feel our huge bellies bumping and grinding, and I miss the feel of my double chin on his overstuffed chest. There’s nothing I can do to stop him, but I’m too anxious to go with him. I don’t want to lose everything we have here, but I also don’t want to lose him. I binge until I fall asleep, trying to fill the void.


Ross left this morning and brought his servant with him. I’m glad he didn’t try to walk across campus himself, I’m not sure if he could make it.

It’s about 5:00 pm when I get the text.

“I’ll be helping George with something for a while in the teacher’s apartments. Don’t worry about me while I’m gone.” Don’t worry? He thinks I won’t worry? And why did this text come today and not tomorrow morning like all the others? Something’s not right.

“Cam, Larry,” I start, “Something’s not right. I just got Ross’ text.”

“Already?” Cam says, his huge, stuffed gut jiggles when he speaks. Both he and Larry give me looks that I think show concern. It’s hard to tell with their faces being so bloated.

“Yeah, I’m worried. What if he’s not okay? We both knew what he was getting into when he decided to leave, but I didn’t expect to be so scared for him.” I say, hearing my voice wiggle with nerves.

“Maybe you should go too, Connor,” Larry suggests. “I’m sure it’s nothing, and what if he’s having fun? You could be together right now but you’re lying here, worrying.” Larry’s got a point. It could be nothing and we fought for nothing. What if all this negativity is for nothing? And he did say not to worry, so he could actually be fine. But I have to know for sure.

“You know what? Fuck it, I’m going. I’m guessing you two don’t want to come?” I ask, hoping they’ll correct me and say they do.

They look at each other and shake their heads. “I don’t think so… We’re still trying to see if we can break these beds.” Cam says. I’m disappointed but I know I can do this myself. At least I’ll be with Ross if anything bad happens.

I call my servant in and tell him to retrieve my rolling chair. He does, and he helps me get in. He puts his muscular arms under my fat chest and lifts me into the chair. He feels like muscle, and I cringe. I’m so used to feeling nothing but fat all the time that muscle feels strange. I have a feeling that I used to be skinnier like that, but I can’t remember.  With one last goodbye to Cam and Larry, my servant and I are off.

Servants are kind of weird. They won’t answer your questions or even acknowledge that you spoke, but as soon as you want them to push your gargantuan ass around campus on a rolling chair, they’re on it. Even if it means a 10 minute walk being turned into a 30 minute one completed with laborious breathing and a fatty (me) who keeps making you stop for food at abandoned food kiosks. I like to think the servants enjoy it, though. Nine times out of ten you can catch them sporting banana sized hard-ons.

After a long stroll and a few stop, we arrive at the main doors of the teaching apartments. Something seems off. The campus seems deserted, it’s like no one’s been on campus in months. But I know that’s not true, sometimes I run into other students when using the bathroom. There’s a light coating of snow on everything outside, but I’m not cold. I feel like a whale coated in blubber, staying warm. It’s eerily silent, and the only disturbance to the snow is my servant’s. As if everything else wasn’t creepy enough, the wind is picking up and is whistling through the trees. A glop of ice cream falls off my spoon and lands between two stretch marks on my belly. I haven’t moved in a minute or so, the ice cream brings me back to my senses. I wipe it off with my finger and my belly jiggles.

“Open the doors and push me in.” I tell my servant. He obeys. As I’m pushed in, I remember that I’m still at school and that I’m supposed to be wearing clothes. Fuck it. It’s a good thing the room is empty. I can feel my heart beat harder than usual. I don’t think I’m supposed to be in this entrance hall, I feel unwelcomed. “Ummmmm,” I say to my servant, it’s so silent. “Just, um, pus-“ I’m interrupted by a noise that sounds mechanic. It’s coming from the hallway running parallel to the welcoming desk that leads to the actual apartments. The noise grows louder as a cylindrical machine on wheels rolls around the corner. It looks like some kind of modified vacuum cleaner that someone attached a screen to. My heart beats faster, I may be having a heart attack, or it may be nerves. I’m not sure. The screen on wheels is coming closer, and I can see a hugely obese man on the screen. He looks like he’s at least 800 lbs, maybe more. I can only see his chest and up.

“Hey Connor, I see you’ve come to visit the teacher’s apartments!” The voice is low and slow and the sound quality of the machine is poor. But I recognize that voice from somewhere. The man sounds like he’s thinking of the words he’s saying as he’s saying them. I’ll never forget the first time I thought that, the first time I saw him walk on stage.

“George, is that you? You’re gigantic! You look great!” I say enthusiastically as memories flood my brain. Not leaving the dorms for a while will give you some sort of amnesia, I guess. It is nice to see George still out and about, despite all the fat he’s gained. And I’m sure he understands the whole struggle behind clothes, so I should be safe with the whole naked thing.

“Thank you Connor, I guess I have put on a few.” Gigantic George tells me. He takes a bite out of a hamburger being fed to him by a skinny pair of hands. Meat falls out of the buns and gets stuck between his chins. He’s so fat. “Why don’t you come with me? I have something you’ll want to see.” I’m not sure if I do want to see it, but the machine turns around and my servant follows suit. It’s like he knows what to do, like he’s been previously instructed. That’s not really unusual for servants, though.

As I’m wheeled down the carpeted halls, I can’t help but think about where he’s taking me. I just want to see Ross, to know that he’s okay. I’m too worried to say anything. My belly grumbles, wanting food. I want food.

The three of us stop at the door labeled “Stairs”. I really don’t want to climb them, but if it means seeing Ross, I’ll heft my fat ass up there.

“Behind this door,” George starts, “Is the rest of your life. From this point on, you’ll be helping with causes you never thought you’d be able to help with. Your father and Ross are already here, helping out. Because of some legal junk, we need you to verbally say that you want to participate in the future of not only America, but the future of the world.”

“I do, if it means I get to see Ross… and my dad. Let’s get this over with.” I insist. The thought of getting to see dad again gives me the extra bit of willpower I need. I want to be with them again, I don’t care how many staircases I have to climb. I don’t even understand how hauling my blubber upstairs will help the future of the world, but I’m not really in a position to ask questions. He has my loved ones.

George’s gigantic face looks surprised. “I don’t think you understand how long of a process this is, but if you’re sure, follow me.” Oh dear lord, there’s more than one staircase. I’m not sure if I can do this, I’m already sweating just thinking about it. My servant opens the door and the screen machine wheels in. I’m pushed in right after.

There are no stairs in this room, and I’m instantly relieved. Relieved, but confused. The room is spacious, and definitely not a stairwell. It’s the size of a very large ballroom, and tiled wall to wall with dark grey tile. The florescent lights are dim, but I can still see the rows and rows of large hospital beds in the low amount of light. Hospital bed may be an understatement, actually. These things are wide, supported mattresses with tubes, wires, and lights flashing, completed with a sleek, modern design. There must be at least 500 beds, if not more. Some of them are unoccupied, but most have super obese men hooked up and lying in the beds. As we stroll through the rows and rows of beds, I see that halfway through the room there’s what looks to be a lengthy feeding trough that dissects the large room into a front and back half. Many fat men are on their hands and knees, feeding from long feeding trough filled with a mixture of greasy, fatty foods and desserts. They look like pigs, their obese faces hidden among the food, but most of the men at the trough are not nearly as big as the 600+ pounders in the beds. I can hear the men moaning in pleasure, feeding themselves into bliss. I see a wide ass sticking out at me that I’m almost certain is Ross’, but I can’t be sure in the dim light. I want to check, but I’m not in control. Muscular men dressed as servants run, literally run, around, assumedly taking care of their individual fatties. A few are fucking the fat asses of the men eating at the trough. I’m rolled to a bed in the far left of the room, the bed that very obese George now resides in. The screen machine seats itself next to the bed and shuts off.

“Well well well, Connor, looks like you made the right decision.” Georges informs me, his talking is shallow, like he’s not getting enough air. His servant is feeding him hamburgers and my stomach growls, loudly. My servant runs off. “This facility is one of the first one of many. It’s part of a government initiative to grant world peace, starting off first with America. Here we are testing if this method of sedation works, and so far it seems to be. Bayroot Academy is just one of many private schools helping save the future of our world, and we applaud your effort.” My servant arrives with a sheet cake, but no fork. I’m so hungry that I begin eating with my hands. Cake falls out of my mouth and all over my lard filled body. George continues “You see, after we tested the food with our special ingredient in it on your school, and it was successful, we decided it was time to build this Phase Two Room back here where we knew none of you fat pigs would dare come. During phase two, we get you all fattened to the perfect size, and then transport you to back home, to your fatty upgraded houses during Phase Three. And any visitors who almost got in the way were just added into the program. Here at the United States Military believe that a fat country is a happy country. I know this must be a shock for you, but probably not because you’re so pumped up with F.A.T’s special ingredient to realize the extent of everything going on. So if you don’t have any questions, you’re free to go eat to your fat heart’s content.”

“Before I go I just want to know, George, why are you gaining so much if you’re running the operation here?” I ask. It would make more sense for him to be skinny if he were to efficiently run this place.

“Well, I never wanted to take part in this segment of the operation,” he gestures to his huge body, “ I was supposed to just be in charge of this school’s new ‘nutrition plan’. But a few months before the school year started, I accidentally ate some of the test subjects’ food. Everything can’t go exactly as planned, and the military decided it might be good to have someone who can relate to your growing bodies, so I got to stay in charge. If you’re curious, here’s a picture of me before all of this.” George’s servant stops feeding him and shows me a picture of a very handsome, very fit man standing in front of a cake. The man in the picture is smiling. I look back at George; I can’t believe that they’re the same person. Everything finally makes sense, but I don’t really care. I’m hungry.

“Thank you for this,” I say. “Let’s go to the trough, servant. Over by Ross. And when I’m full we’ll find Dad.” George says he’ll see me around, and my servant wheels me off. We pass a lot of the beds on the way to the trough.

I look down a random row. There’s a man with salt and pepper hair who must be at least 650 lbs. His mouth is agape, with a tube transporting thick liquid down his throat, and his eyes are closed. His belly covers most of his lap, and his arms are the size of basket balls. I think that this man must’ve once been someone’s son, someone’s father, but has ballooned now past those capabilities. He’s a pig now.

Next to him are two Hispanic guys who could be twins. It’s hard to tell with how fat they are, but they’re at least brothers.  They too, have tubes down their throats, but their eyes are open and their servants are playing with their dense man boobs. They’re smaller than the older man next to them, but not by much. The two fat piles of blubber should catch up in no time.

To their right, a large black guy is waking up and taking the tube out of his throat. He must be waking up from a dream because he’s asking the slightly less morbidly obese red-head in the next bed over when his next workout is supposed to be.  It’s clear this guy hasn’t worked out it at least 400 lbs, I doubt he can even stand up. The red-head laughs at his friend, his fat rippling throughout his enormous figure.

And lastly, on the right of the red-head lies a man who could be Ross. For a second I believe it is, but this guy weighs at least 200 more lbs than Ross did yesterday. There’s no way it could be him, but they both have the same ex-football player look to them. I guess that look never really goes away, despite how many fat rolls your body forms. And this man has a lot of fat rolls.

We keep going and my servant rolls me next to Ross.  I can see the servant texting on my phone out of the corner of my eye, but I ignore it; I’ve got more important things to do. I drop my empty sheet cake plate, fall to the floor, stick my head in the trough, and kiss Ross’ blubbery, food covered cheek. He looks over at me and smiles. We look into each other’s eyes before shoving our faces into the lard-filled food that smells so good.

I can’t help but think that we were always destined to be like this.



It’s July, and Connor’s brother, Jeremy is worried. He calls Bayroot Academy’s police station and reports his brother and dad missing. The police say they were intending to inspect the school the next day, and tell Jeremy that he’s invited to come investigate with them if he wants.

The next day Jeremy meets Head Police Officer Darren Wilkins at the front door of the teacher’s apartments at Bayroot Academy around high noon.

“Hey, you must be Jeremy,” Wilkins greets, “I’m officer Wilkens. My men have already inspected the rest of the place, and we found some pretty weird stuff. Here, I’ll tell you about it as we look through this place.”

As the two men enter the building, Darren Wilkins takes a large bite out of a churro he got from the police’s nutritionist, Tom. Tom is the F.A.P.’s representative for the police in that area. So far, Feeding America’s Police had been doing an amazing job with keeping their police well fed. Jeremy and Wilkins follow a well-worn trail that had imprinted itself in the carpet from overuse. It leads them to the back stairwell, but the door is locked. Wilkins takes the last bite of his churro and takes notice of his tightening uniform. By no account is Wilkins unattractive, many would consider his light brown hair and hazel eyes a compliment to his handsome features, but he has been a little more overindulgent than he should be as of late. Officer Wilkins isn’t the only one with a shrunken uniform, though. It hasn’t been a rare occurrence for the police officers to exchange their uniforms for a bigger one. ‘There must be something wrong with that new washing machine Tom brought in,’ Officer Wilkins thought to himself.

Wilkins tries to open the door. Locked. “Stand back,” he tells Jeremy. “I’m going to bust down the door.” With a strong strike, Wilkins is able to kick in the door, but loses a few buttons in the process. His gut bounces out of the bottom of his shirt, and his zipper is slowly forced down. If Wilkins were wearing his police belt, that would have busted open too, but it hadn’t fit that morning when he tried buckling it. Wilkins normally isn’t a man to not follow protocol, but Tom insisted that it was okay to go one little day without it on.

Embarrassedly, Wilkins adjusts his clothes and Jeremy politely pretends not to notice. The men walk in. “What in the damn hell is this!” Wilkins exclaims. All around them are grossly obese, naked men. Many of the pigs are being wheeled out in large beds, like some sort of evacuation. In the back, two guys holding hands, one with an abnormally huge gut for someone his size and a Hispanic one with amazing thighs, who both must weigh at least 800lbs, are being wheeled out side to side. Behind them are two more giants being rolled out. One is a strikingly average fatass and the other’s a larger one with an ex-football player’s build. Their servants take tubes out of their mouths and roll their beds closer, so they can get one blubberous kiss in before they leave together.

A cylindrical machine with a screen rolls up to the two men at the doorway. The screen has an impossibly fat man displayed on it. “Hello”, the enormous man on the screen says. “Welcome to Bayroot Academy. Would you like something to eat?”

Darren Wilkins is overwhelmed with the smell of amazing food coming from the room. “Boy would I ever!” Wilkins responds, suddenly disregarding everything abnormal about the situation. Jeremy is reluctant, and feels like he’s in some sort of horror film, but the food smells so good.

“I guess I could use a bite to eat.” Jeremy says through gritted teeth. His stomach growls as George tells the men to follow him.


Feel free to ask me any unanswered questions about the story now that it’s over :’)

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One friend on STD used to share your posts and I got to tell you I wouldn't be a Caryler today if it wasn't for your stuff! I needed more so I came to find you and thank you Someone like you must get inspiration from all kinds of different places to write like you do Who do you recommend here? Thank you by the way!

Hi Anonymous Friend,

Thank you very much for your message and the kind sentiments. I am so happy that my hopeful musings helped you carry on with the beautiful CARYL spirit and stick out the little bump in the road that we endured in Season 4.

I firmly believe that there was a greater purpose and a specific reason why TPTB chose to handle the Carol and Daryl arcs this way AND while the angst and uncertainty certainly wasn’t pleasant I can’t help but feel that it was needed to achieve something powerful.

Shipping CARYL has never been easy or simple BUT then again Carol and Daryl too, have never had anything come to then without much effort and pain - their life journey has always been about heartache, struggle and doubt.

Finding love only followed suit!

That being said those are the very reasons why people ship them so passionately in the first place - their love story and their heartbreak are why we want them to find peace in each other, to find unconditional love, to finally have someone who puts their happiness first…
I digress…sorry!

While I appreciate your praise and acknowledgment I can’t help but think that you are giving me a little too much credit here!
USS CARYL is filled with wonderful people who are very passionate, informative and inspiring when it comes to our ship AND everyone is so eager to share their impressions and thoughts about Carol and Daryl.

In the grand scheme of things I am literally a nobody and there are so many magnificently brilliant Carylers whose wisdom and spirit leave anything I have done in the dust and who have inspired and bolstered my feels more times than I can count.

These are the ones to keep your eye on;

If you need some optimism and a smile;
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If you are feeling analytical and need some wisdom;
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If you need some CARYL fan art to make you swoon,
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If you need some CARYL video inspiration;
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For some tantalizing CARYL fanfiction;
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For the best CARYL cheer-leading;
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There is so much greatness and so much awesomely positive energy to soak up and discover…and I know I am forgetting soooo many brilliant geniuses too!
Just peek at the CARYL tag (ignore the random irrelevance by “others”) and explore by yourself - our ship is so diverse and full of creativity that could never fit in this ask! 

If you liked my posts you will adore them - after all they they inspire me daily!

I have all the confidence that Carylers will welcome you with open arms and tell you each in their own little way just how special CARYL is and what it means to them :)
I am proud of every single one of them!

I am happy you are here