soooo q

astraica  asked:

Could you do a smol Yori and Tron dancing? :D

hell yeah i can and with great pleasure! thank you so much for making my day with this prompt!!



anonymous asked:

if u draw a honey lemon at some point id be so happy. your art is beautiful!

Thank you❤️

I’m sorry to be soooo late.

3 weeks more to go...

I’ve got 3 weeks of job left. *Sigh*, I miss drawing soooo much Q︵Q

Welp, at least I’ve got Splatoon 2 to ease this pain. Splatoon 2 and many other things I’ve been buying these weeks.
(If you’re watching me on DA you’ve already seen these.)

With the pre-order I got a squid+slosher keychain. I wanted the pink one, but welp, at least I’ve got it :3

My sis gave me and my bros 50€ each, so I went and bought Splatoon 2′s amiibos as fast as I could. Now my Splatoon amiibo collection is complete. (You know what’s missing? An Octoling amiibo)

With my first paycheck I bought myself Splatoon’s artbook. This artbook is a godsend (and it’s FULL with graphics and references I’ll totally use in my fanart (✪∇✪) )

And last but not least, the pro controller, Splatoon 2 edition. Now playing will feel smooth ( ̄◡ ̄)

And that’s basically it. I also bought some new notebooks for sketching, but those aren’t that Splatoon related XD

Anyway, I hope you have fun this summer! I’ll be back on the 26th of this month, so wait for me until then!

Thanks for reading.