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You watched BFB live before?? How is it like? More funny, more tedious, etc? :)

Yeah it was awesome!!!! Also how Weilian kicked Xiaoyu off my LPF bias LOL. It’s sooo much more funnier than what is broadcasted. Weilian was an adorable super dork that kept us all entertained during filming breaks! Plus it’s so cool to see how they film it and put the show together. Highly recommend any fangirl/boy to attend a BFB recording if you have time in Taiwan

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soooo its going to be up his ass and shove itself in the fans faces in nyc!!! wtf is wrong with him letting her do this??? guess he cares more about a piece of ass then the loyal fans!! how ironis=c it goes to nyc to see the friend now!!

OMG! Fucking jealous much? You don’t know shit of what she’s going to do. They are gf/bf, get over it and deal with it. I hope you don’t consider yourself a “loyal fan” because THIS^^ doesn’t say loyal.