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anonymous asked:

where do you find the pictures you use for your aesthetic edits?

mostly my pinterest (@lilypotters)! i’ve been publishing more boards since the vast majority are on private, but i get almost all my pics from there. i’ve also got a list of other sources here, and i sometimes even take photos myself if there is something i really want to include and can’t find anywhere online xx 

((OOC: I totally stole this idea from Kassy (aka @askthegirlwhowaited ), not even gonna try and lie about it, but since it’s Super Bowl shtuff today and I don’t football (I Quidditch and Baseball), I’m gonna be answering questions from you lot about myself. So… Yeah. Ask me shit. I may Rp a little today if I get questions or tagged in a starter, but mostly it’ll just be a Q&A kinda day. Hehe that rhymes))



→ felt like crying bec they did it again 

tashasgonecrazy asked:

13. 21. 37. 43

13: Q-ever gotten black out drunk?
A- no but pretty damn close
21-Q- do you like to talk on the phone?
A- not usually, depends on who it’s with
37-Q-do you feel uncomfortable when someone you don’t know is physically close to you?
A-yes!! It always happens at the bar and I get soooo annoyed
43-Q-are you ticklish?