soooo many hair

Without spoilers, a brief recollection of things/feelings that happened last night:

  • There were actual kids there! Like 12 and 13 year olds guys! (One of whom I met while standing in line. It was like listening to my brother which was nice considering I was super nervous)
  • Also, There were soooo many people with colored hair. And I don’t mean like natural colors. I’m talking bright Red and pastel colors. It was cool.
  • Also a lot of people were wearing their charity merch (I saw a lot of the baseball tees from when were dealing with “Arubian Cumpf”)
  • Meanwhile I was the only one in a silly homemade T-shirt but do I give a fuck? No, because I worked my ass off and was proud of it
  • That merch line tho…. Also, since i saw other ppl on here asking: Make sure you have $60. That might seem a little steep but trust me on this; you want to have that much for one of the items.
  • Another thing: If you’re short, go for merch AFTER the show if you have general admission. You’re gonna be standing and the tall people WILL take the better spots
  • But seriously, to see those dorks be dorks in front of my eyes… was incredible. You could tell how much blood, sweat, and tears Mark has poured into this tour, into EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.
  • And the sense of community I felt, was something I haven’t felt since my BTR days. To feel that sense of welcoming, that we were all there for the same purpose, and to know that Mark and Ethan and Tyler and Bob and Wade and even Amy and Kathryn were there just as much for all of us…
  • Mark (and just about everyone else) got so emotional at the end, and Mark was even Tearing up (As were audience members)
  • Also, friendly PSA/reminder: There is a point where Amy and Kathryn come into the audience so PLEASE be respectful. I had people screaming for Kathryn to come over around me, and I can only imagine Amy got into similar situations. PLEASE be respectful.
  • Also, Amy’s voice is deeper in person than on camera, which is cool. Also Kathryn is even prettier in person, which was also cool.
  • Thank you thank you thank you @markiplier For giving me such a wonderful night and for pouring your heart and soul into this, and I hope the rest of the tour goes just as well as last night!



I use fur for the hair on my sculptures, and ages ago I tried this amazing cashmere goat fur, but I only got enough to use on one sculpture. I had been looking for more ever since (3 years!) and it just so happened that the lady I always buy fur from had a whole damn pelt of it for sale. Look at the size of this thing! It is such great quality, way better than Tibetan lamb fur. 

The first photo is a size comparison, and the second photo I have tibetan lamb fur (curly) beside the cashmere fur. The tibetan fur often is very frayed at the ends and needs to be cut, on top of the shorter length. 

The last photo is Aphelion, the only sculpture I made with cashmere fur, and still my most popular sculpture to date. 

Imma make SOOOO many unicorns with white hair, brb


Josh Dun almost complete!

This drawing will be my death. 

And I am holding trashstille responsible for it. _| ̄|○

Naah, okay, I actually think it is great that I sorta kinda promised someone a picture, it keeps me going not to disappoint and to keep working.

I always forget to keep track of my drawings and record the making. But here are some pictures of the process.
For a couple of days I have been stuck on his hair, which I just can’t seem to get anywhere close to. 

So if anyone has a few tips for me, it would be highly appreciated! 
(I’m working with Sai, btw)

I hope you guys like it!
I hope you guys are having a lovely day! ☆ |-/