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S3 & S4 Parallels so far

Okay so I just wanted to keep a track record on how many damn parallels Julie is giving us this season with Isaks…because this isn’t her being lazy and doing what makes people happy….noooo this is her setting us up for something we will not be ready for. So for us to work out what that is going to be, it might be easier if we look at what exactly has been paralleled so far with Isak’s season. 

1. The Intro

Season 3 and season 4 are the only two seasons to start out by using the same powerful concept of introducing our mains current world with flashes of images of things that are happening everywhere that are connected and actually have an impact on the mains story very much. It shows how important everything that happened around us can be to our own personal small individual worlds. That just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, that is doesn’t effect you or have a connection to who you are and what you’re going through. And Both Isak and Sana’s seasons show us this in the first minutes of their story. 

2. Group Dynamics

In both seasons we have gotten a similar scene with Sana/Isak, eating lunch while their friends discuss sex which makes both mains feel alienated and uncomfortable within the group. We see how different they both feel within their group dynamics and this feeling of never being able to “fit in”. This parallel almost sets up that Isak and Sana are both in a similar mind set. The feeling of not being able to connect with the people close to them. 

3. The heartbreak party scene

This parallel was way too similar. The mains both see their love interest with someone else which both hurts and prompts them to question everything they have felt and seen so far. 

4. The Crush Stalking in Biology

I don’t think I need to say much on this one because oh my god this whole clip was a repeat of Isak’s biology clip. Even from the title we go from ‘Even’ to ‘Yousef’, the setting, Mikael, even Isak interrupts Sana just like Sana interrupted Isak. This was a very blatant parallel and I feel like this is Julie’s way of making sure that we know these parallels and repeats are in no way a ‘coincidence’ there’s a purpose and I am so keen to see what it is. 

5. “I’ll fix it” 

So when we go back to Isak’s season the drama all starts with Isak losing Mahdi’s weed. we get this conflict when Mahdi tells him it’s 1000 kroner and Isak tries to calm him by affirming to him that he well “fix it” and thus this is how he ends up getting blackmailed by Sana to go to the kosegruppa where he meets and Even and boom all the drama plays out. This then parallels Sana who says the exact same thing to the girls when they tell her they cannot afford the bus. So just like Isak’s season it seems like this is where all the drama is going to start. With Sana determined to do anything to ‘fix’ this. 

6. The cute kitchen bonding

I loooooved this new clip so much it was so fluffy and cute and it gave me the feels but guys… also made me feel incredibly suspicious…why? This is another blatant parallel of the iconic evak bonding domestic kitchen scene from episode 2 of season 3. Even the positioning of Isak/Sana and Even/Yousef is eerily similar. We also have the love interests preparing food for the main as they give them the hearteyes (same) and then they laugh and giggle over cute things and it’s all so perfect. 

Too perfect

Too similar

this is the 6th parallel and I feel like there are more but these ones are the most obvious to me. Clear easter eggs Julie is giving us to freak out over (which I am) she wants us to see this parallel. To notice the Evak reference just like we did with the R+J reference in s3. 

she wants us to see it, so when she pulls back the curtain and reveals the true reference we will once again be thrown off our feet. 

ahhh I am so nervous. 

Feel free to add on any other parallels you guys have seen <3 


Back when Tom first realized he needed glasses, he avoided going to the eye doctor because he didn’t want you to find out. It somehow got to him and made him feel old, mostly because he was just having a bad day and that was the icing on the cake. Once he finally told you, you laughed and made him realize how silly he was being.

Phichit Chulanont ☆ Model AU 

An aesthetic board for @daysinrussiavictuuri‘s Model AU, Spice and Love! This fanfic is amazing, guys! Plus Phichit’s eyeliner is always on point <3

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Athens lands next to the fluffy 'mon. "Heya! Want a cupcake?" They ask, holding out the pink frosted baked good excitedly. @dailytogekisslove


The cupcake is gone in a single bite, wrapper and all! Fluffy just can’t control himself around food. It was very tasty, though! Thank you! 


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Gift for Naz: Iwaoi + Cheese & the Trap Quote ☆

↳ “Don’t worry about others and take care of yourself first. No one’s going to acknowledge you for your troubles. If you’re going through something hard, don’t keep it to yourself.”— Cheese In The Trap 


Elena Dhams- Say Something
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I want to write for Levi Ackerman, but I also don’t, because I just love his character so much. I feel like I’ll get his character completely wrong and it’ll be totally misinterpreted. But at the same time I want to because I feel like a lot of people see Levi as someone different from who he is. 

Levi Ackerman is a clean freak, but I feel like it is not because he hates dirt or because he picks at whatever he can, but I feel like he’s a clean freak because it is the only thing that Levi has control over. Levi doesn’t have control over much. He tries to have control over how he feels, the way he sees things, the way he reacts to things, but even that doesn’t work out the way he wants it to. But I’ll get to that later. Levi scrubs those floors until they’re sparking, sweeps his heart out, and dusts those cabinets because if he’s able to control his own environment than that allows him comfort. He watched as his mother would do her best to keep her son clean, having them scrounging up whatever soapy water they could fine to keep the bacteria away, also whilst trying to ensure his happiness. That was not able to be fulfilled. But if he could keep clean, then things would be alright. If he could get rid of the mud on his clothes and his environment tidy, then it didn’t matter if he had no choice whether his comrades would survive or not, as long as he had control over that one element. He disassociated himself so much that was all he knew to do in those tough situations Levi’s consistently putting himself through.

Levi is not some unemotional, nagging, tough guy with stoic actions that the fandom interprets him to be. He’s without a doubt, more or less “tough”, but not the way everyone thinks. We know that one scene where Levi grips Hange’s hair and makes a fool of her (yes, in good light, I know that) in a very blunt manner, but why are we so quick to forget that Levi put both him and the squad at risk when he gave that (in some ways philosophical) speech to Eren. He went on to offer some good advice, in a calm and easy going manner while the rest of them freaked. Levi can be so brash and harsh at times, because it is the only way he knows how to be. If he can allow himself distance from other people, then he thinks of it as a good thing. Not because he’s anti social. Because he’s lost so much. He doesn’t want to go through all the pain and agony of losing someone else, and if he can control that factor, then he’s happy. But as we see as the series progresses he can’t even have control over that. 

He is so good at advice. Why do we always gloss over this aspect of who he is? He’s not someone who’s unwilling to help. Sure, he’ll be blunt and tell you to your face if your problem is completely stupid and all your fault, but if he knows what you’re going through/dealing with is serious, he’s actually willing to help. He is an adult. He knows how to handle these things. And Levi knows the extent that his comrades go through, so why would he be selfish enough to keep his intent on helping back? He wouldn’t. We’ve seen this in both the manga and the anime, but everyone forgets that. Why. 

Levi’s comments are funny, and for some people, very relatable. But just because Levi doesn’t cry like Armin or get into angry tangents like Eren, or devote all his time into protecting someone like Mikasa, doesn’t mean that he is antisocial, or without emotions, or a selfish man. Levi cares so much but it is always glossed over by simple humorous banter or comments he makes, that people seems to forget that it is not who he is as a person. 

I’m probably reading Levi wrong, but the more I think about it the more I want to write about it. Sorry about this drabble. Let me know if you think I should write for him?