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okay but what if all of the hp characters were queer??

• every night, pre-t trans boys fred and george sit criss-cross applesauce across from each other on the floor and take turns trying to talk in deeper voices, praising each other when they sound the way they want to
‌• all of the time closeted gay neville spent practicing his dance moves pays off when equally-as-closeted gay colin asks him to the ball and they spend the entire night spinning around the beautifully decorated dancefloor, falling in love with the way they each seem to find a home in the arms of another gryffindor outcast
‌• queer ginny brings agender pansexual luna home for christmas eve dinner to meet her family for the first time, planning to introduce them as her friend instead of her datemate, but she’s happily convinced to be honest when molly’s first reaction is to bombard luna with hugs and exclaim “oh, ginny, you did well!! they’re so cute!!”
‌• ace aro squishies ron and hermione usually get an entire floor of the burrow to themselves over the summer, but after hearing that draco got kicked out for telling his family that he’s dating harry, they decide to give up some of their free space to let him bunk there too
‌• polyamorous crabbe, goyle, and blaise all try to squeeze into one of the beds in the slytherin dormitory to sleep, but when they realize it only fits two comfortably, they lay some comforters on the floor and cozy up there instead so they can all be together
‌• bisexual cedric wants to be the triwizard champion so bad but, my god, who can focus on anything when fleur practically oozes this dreamy lavender scent that puts a lump in his throat and victor krum’s biceps have an actual magnetic connection with his eyes??
‌• sex-repulsed ace wood was born for quidditch, not intercourse, so keep your “haha you play with BALLS” jokes away from him, please
‌• lesbian “best friends” cho and lavender have practically hung off of each other since they met in the second year of school, so in year five when they announce that they’ve just started dating, their announcement is met with an array of “wait… JUST STARTED?"s
‌• padme’s love for fashion has prompted her to read many muggle style magazines over the years, and, luckily, the knowledge she’s obtained from them comes in handy when she gets to take her trans twin sister, parvati, dress shopping for the first time



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half way through finding nemo i realized dory’s monologue really suited jason and thalia…soooo….here we are.


Request: Could you do a Tom imagine based off ‘perfect’ by Ed Sheeran? Thank you!!

I want to do something a little more in Toms pov soooo here it is.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was,

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Being best friends with Tom since you were both children came with a lot of silly pinkie promises. You promised to be best friends forever, to buy a puppy together, share your first house, and even grow old together. Of course neither of you understood what these promises really meant, but the thought of not spending your lives together was preposterous, and unimaginable. 

Along the years Tom never spent as much time with any girls as he did with you. They all showed interest in him, but he didn’t reciprocate his interests. The only girl he wanted to spend time with, was you. No other girl could compare to you. He wasn’t sure what that feeling meant, and it kind of scared him. But he  couldn’t deny liking it.

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I don’t usually do manga colorings but I find it quite relaxing when I’m stressed or need a break, soooo… Here it is lol. I just wish we could get NaLu more confirmed, I don’t say the moment between them was bad but he could at least hug her back! T-T I’m pretty happy with how Fairy Tail ended, Mashima left us the open ending which means he can continue it at any moment or we can just imagine what happens next. And… GAJEVY KIDS ARE ON THEIR WAY SO I COULDN’T BE MORE HAPPY.

Falsettos Youtube AU

So I came up with this after seeing Christian Borle’s BOOK NOOK series (again) within Heidi Blickenstaff’s Something Rotten! vlogs. (watch here x) I wanted it to be in line with Marvin’s character but decided it was soooo Mendel instead.  Thus here we are.

Mendel decides that he wants to start a youtube channel, giving psych advice and lessons and such.  He tries it on his own at first, but gets like 4 views total.  He just doesn’t get this youtube stuff.  One day he talks about the book he’s been reading (a current NYT bestseller) and it absolutely TAKES OFF.  It’s like people were waiting for someone to do an in-depth analysis or something??

Anyway, he decides that he sucks at the techy stuff, and now that he is more popular, he enlists Jason.  Cue Jason setting up filming schedules and editing vlogs on his bus rides back and forth between his parents’ places.

Obviously, the rest of the gang catches wind of this and of course all want to be involved.

Trina, thinking this is cute and a good bonding situation, mostly stays out of it.  But, being creative and musically inclined, she ends up helping with design and intro/outro stuff.  Makes cutesy occasional appearances. (Viewers love her bc she’s Trina).

Charlotte starts getting involved because she is just as well-read as Mendel and appears in weekly segments with Mendel where they have a mini book club.

Cordelia offers to ‘sponsor’ the videos with her budding catering business. (Mendel never charges her, just does ad-reads for her bc love).

Once they hit a few thousand subscribers, the extremely social-media savvy Whizzer (1.8 M insta followers) insists on doing a total makeover for Mendel, becoming the stylist and social media manager.  (Which was nonexistent before, but now he is bringing the channel to new heights).

All of these efforts make the channel hit 100K in a few months (so fast like wow).

This, of course makes the jealous and petty Marvin really mad.  It isn’t until one day he 'crashes’ a filming session (after driving Jason there and hanging around on the pretense of 'watching’) and interrupts everything Mendel says with a different analysis to try and prove that he’s smart (not just rich).  He and Mendel fight (I want it ALL/I’ve got it ALL -esque argument) ending in hilarity with everyone on screen minus Jason having their piece.

Jason totally posts it the next day as clickbait and it goes absolutely viral.

They get huge amounts of subs out of nowhere.  Like one of the fastest growing channels in history amounts of subs.

Imagine the memes.  THE MEMES.

Until one little commenter suggests that they actually make Mendel v. Marvin a segment, among many other things.

Well, they listen to their loyal subs and do just that.  The channel becomes super successful and they end up forming a company of sorts (think like Roosterteeth kinda thing) all based around lit analysis and reading outreach programs etc.

And poor little Jason is just trying to get some sort of footage out of all these shenanigans and things on a regular upload schedule. (He’s also the fandom’s unproblematic fave and he’s totally the channel’s cryptid member).

Also, the channel was just originally called M.Weisenbachfeld, but after everyone is involved, they change it to Teeny Tiny Band (which is hella misleading but whatever)

They’re all so happy running their youtube channel and everything is good and nobody is dead.


So i had an idea to draw out Lammy’s parents 💖

Teh design for Lemons is belong to @hedgiemuffins

I might make more drawings of them later ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

Dancing W/ Peter Parker HC’s

Request: Dancing with Peter Parker headcanon, please (*-*)

SOooo here we go!!

  • . You and Peter loved to dance, even though you were both terrible at it.. Sometimes it was ballroom dancing and sometimes it was really weird hip hop.
  • You dance together randomly in the avengers facility.
  • They would look at you and then realize it was just you guys dancing again..
  • So imagine the excitement when you found out about the school dance!.
  • You both got all dressed up with matching colors and stuff.
  • . The dance wasn’t at all what you thought it would be, but there was still a dance floor.
  • . So you danced..
  • “That’s my toe”.
  • You were probably getting weird looks from everybody because of how bad you were. But you didn’t care.
  • . Peter would pick you up and swing you around.
  • . And it made to dizzy.
  • . So when you tried to keep dancing you just like fell on him.
  • .“That’s my toe again”
  • . imagine when the Cha Cha slide came on. Like seriously Peter Parker doing the Cha Cha Slide.

  • . Nat let you guys sleep at the tower.. So when you got back, you played some slow music, and danced some more.

.“You’re a really bad dancer.

. "I’m better than you”

. "True”

. Sometimes dancing with Peter got more personal.. The fist time He told you he loved you was while you Were slow dancing.

. When ever one of you had a bad day you just dance.

. You guys just loved to dance


Something weird happened when I was editing this so the Headcanon thing stopped working. Sorry!

Haechan as a boyfriend pt. 2
  • soooo here we are once more 
  • with a part 2 for my beautiful sunshine ult bias
  • well one of the three 
  • Haechannnnn 💛
  • lets get right into it!
  • okay so continuing from the first part
  • Once you two got further in the relationship
  • that’s when he’d get really serious about you
  • It’s not that he wasn’t at first 
  • It’s just that he was scared to get played
  • He’s pretty damn sensitive under the roasting, mischievous act 
  • And so he’d just be kinda scared
  • Once he fell though 
  • He fell hard
  • He’d get even sappier & sweeter 
  • It’d be so obvious that he was head over heels for you 
  • You’d realize that he was real serious when your anniversary rolled around 
  • And this boy had got you two a puppy
  • To love & protect together 
  • Pretty much he wouldn’t rush at first 
  • But the wait would be worth it 
  • He’d probably have a few magnets on your refrigerator that were pictures of you two also 
  • Cause like I said before in the first part 
  • If he wasn’t gifting you roses & other cute things
  • He’d give you keychains & magnets
  • Those cute little pictures would be right next to the cute love notes & ugly hybrid animal drawings he stuck on your fridge 
  • Sometimes baby could get insecure though
  • That’s when he’d need your love & support the most 
  • He’d look to be held & coddled, as well as reassured - even if just for a while 
  • He’d be your sweet loving boy 
  • I can also see little dude here getting serious enough for promise rings 
  • That’d be a while into the relationship though
  • Like a year & a half 
  • But it’d be worth it 
  • He’d be all blushy & giggly while giving it to you
  • And once you accepted it 
  • He’d kiss you all over your face 
  • & he might even lowkey cry a bit 
  • Cause you’re his angel & you’re serious about him too
  • Oh and he highkey calls you ‘jagi’ 24/7
  • My heart can’t take anymore 
  • Gonna stop here 
  • Support my baby Haechan!!!!!!!!
  • Bye 
Easy Shell Candles

This is such an easy tutorial and is great if you want to bring nature into your routine and if you’re a Sea Witch, Water Witch, or Nautical Witch. Plus it’s super cute soooo…


You’ll need:

- One Concave shell (preferably one you’ve found yourself.)
- Candle wax (I used an old candle and just burned the wax off of it.)
- Candle Wick (I just used the wick from that old candle.)
- Essential Oil (Optional)
- Herbs (Optional)

How to make it:

  1. Make sure your shell is clean and debris free before pouring in wax
  2. Melt wax of your choice. White is pretty much good for anything you’re doing
  3. Drip a few drops of Essential oil into wax. Depending on the size of your shell will warrant how much oil you use. 1-2 drops is usually perfect.
  4. Put a pinch of the herbs of your choice in the wax before it solidifies. I put rose bud petals and Rosemary in my wax.
  5. Prop your wick either using a stick or tying the wick to a stick and letting it dangle in the wax until it hardens. It’s also super easy to cheat and take the wick out of a tea light, glue it to the bottom of the shell using hot glue or candle wax, and then pouring the wax in.
  6. Let dry and then you’re all done!

I’m so happy with the way this turned out. This applies to most things that are heat safe, so go crazy,

Many Blessings and have a wonderful night.

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It's funny to me that some people think you have any control over your characters (like with all the talk about Nessa/Oliver endgame). YOU DON'T. YOU BRING YOUR CHARACTERS INTO THE WORLD AND THE UNGRATEFUL LITTLE SHITS DO WHATEVER THEY WANT AND YOU'RE JUST LIKE WELL I GUESS WE'RE GOING HERE NOW. 😛