soooo happy!!!!

if for some reason you ever get the urge to go for a run don’t (don’t) tell the runners in your life bc the next thing you know you’ll be 7 miles into the woods pretty sure ur gonna either bust a lung or be kidnapped and all the while you have to restrain yourself from murdering the overly peppy runner who’s just soooo happy you finally went running with them

Thank you!

I’m soooo happy to see that everyday there are more and more posts about Daryl and Jesus and my heart is going to explode because there are so many artists, the fanfics, the fanart, all you do is beautiful and I just sit here with my feels and I love this ship so much.
I want to say thanks to everyone because this ship is getting bigger and stronger because of you and your talent!


“What’s that thing Samuel Beckett said?”

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

“Let’s go on. Together.


happy birthday kate mckinnon! 06/jan

During an interview with McKinnon at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, she gently rubbed a section of velvet upholstery when forming thoughts. Halfway through the conversation, she casually pulled two sections of false hair from her coif, placed them beside her, leaned toward the microphone and said, “Let the record show that she begins to remove her hair extensions.”

tag yourself i’m the third sixth and seventh

The rush of joy you feel when a stranger correctly names your instrument from just seeing the case

Marie loves both of his little brothers equally. Marie spoils Allen extra because he knows Miranda loves to see Allen happy. 

In one of the Vol. Talk Corners Allen says that Marie is his big brother because he has the best shoulders for riding. If you don’t think that that is the cutest thing then I don’t know. I also love that all the other characters were expecting Allen to pick Lavi as his big bro.