soooo happy!!!!


Hibanacon photos came back soooo happy! Was the debut of tail coat, big puffy Vani coat and a second attempt at Noe’s waistcoat so I am super happy with how well these came out.

Also props to the photographer for making me look taller despite being shorter than my Vani haha

Noe is me

Vanitas is @trichro

Photos by @naxsnaps

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holy shit I just want to thank you so much right now. I read that post w/ Logan being autochorisexual and I swear my heart was at an unhealthy speed. I have a label that fits now! ahhh thank you so so much!

join us! :D 

i’m soooo happy you found a label that works!!! i know how relieved i was to find it too

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Its ridiculous how delusional HK shippers are. Even though they are trying to be as nice as possible and come up with reasonable arguments, its just goddam ridiculous 🙈 for example I just saw an anon who wishes HK to be endgame bc Hi/de went through soooo much and deserves happiness (with Kaneki) and I was like "???!" I mean, as if Hi/de is the only one on the whole TG universe who suffered through shit 🙈🙈 (at least that anon wasn't so agressive like some others)

Mod A:

I just saw that and …yikes. That’s nice wishful thinking they got there lmao.

Mod K:

You might want to add a “some” – but it is pretty annoying that many of them are just so quick to feel like Touka should be abandoned since H/ide “deserves” Ken somehow. It’s gross.


“I’ll become a greater hero than all of you!”

Shinsou Hitoshi || dedicated to Aseel

Ok so red velvet is that™ gg and no one can tell me otherwise… they have one of the better discographies of kpop ggs… they constantly deliver great vocals while giving us high energy choreo… also they are able to pull of an array of different concepts and sounds… they are so talented and sweet and deserve all the praise…anyway stream red flavor and all the songs on red summer

In All Its Imperfections (15k)

by BriaMaria

From: Louis Tomlinson
To: Undisclosed Recipients


I’ve asked the front desk and you lovely folks are the ones who are on the same level as me in the car park. I found a to-do list today that looked somewhat important because it lines of poetry scribbled at the bottom that seemed like they might be for a card project. The stationary has a moose in a canoe at the top of it (and he is quite adorable). Let me know if it’s yours!


“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Harry whispered, his eyes darting over the sentences again willing them not to make sense. They did, they did make sense. “Oh. My. Bloody. Fucking. God.”

The next thing he knew he was on the floor, staring at the ceiling, with a very concerned Liam hovering over his head.

“What happened, mate?” Liam asked.

Harry just pointed to his computer.

Liam bent over Harry’s desk to read the email. “What? This isn’t bad. Is that your to-do list? Did you finally come up with the inside text for those cards?”

“Leeyum" he groaned. “It’s what’s on the list.”

“Oh,” Liam paused for a beat. “Is it dirty stuff?”

Harry nodded.

There was more silence. And then, “Dirty stuff with Louis?”

Or the one where Harry creates a dirty To-Do list starring his co-worker Louis, and Louis finds it.

Robert Downey Jr.’s been on a pedestal with me since I was a very young man. I’ve just always admired him and been a fan. And I’ve said for years and years and years that I hope the crossover happened because I thought that Drax would have such great interactions with Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. And it just all kind of came to fruition and actually it’s gonna happen and it’s good. It’s really good! It’s better than I ever thought it would ever be. I’m really excited.

Immediately (there’s chemistry between us). And here’s the thing– I went to the premiere in London for Avengers 2, and Robert went out of his way to come and meet me and say how much he loved me in the first (Guardians) film and that meant the world to me. So that put me at kind of an automatic comfort level with him.

So as soon as we hit the stage, man, there was no pressure there, there were no walls, I just felt like this guy was very supportive of me and I felt very comfortable with him. I think that’s just him. He’s a very giving actor all across the board. But just for me personally, I felt totally at ease with him and it makes for great chemistry when you’re comfortable with someone.”

—  DAVE BAUTISTA, when asked “in the Infinity War set, is there anyone in particular that you were most excited to meet?” (July 15, 2017).