soooo funy

cosmicwarden  asked:


ok listen im going to make hinatema a thing if it kills me bc its the only hinata ship that i dont find boring but i think theyre soooo cute and fun

i think temari is a really good partner for hinata bc i think hinatas partners often get into a situation where they treat her as fragile or too nice or not fully as a person bc shes quiet and pretty. temaris a lot more brash and mean than hinata and wouldnt tone it down for her. 

AND I THINK temaris really funny bc shed keep thinking hinata is playing mind games bc shes paranoid but hinatas just having a good time. 

hinata would be good for getting temari to stop thinking everything is a debate or fight all the time and temari is good for encouraging hinata to pursue things she likes to do!!! 

I ALSO think that both of them are serial heartbreakers that keep dumping their partners so the two of them are funny bc commitment whom???