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If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

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this is still a rough WIP btw 


Little Lies to Get Me By - [x]

“If you walk behind me, I’ll slow down to let you catch up. 

If you walk in front of me, I will always follow.” 

Hidden Truths

Summary: Jaebum won’t leave until you hear the truth; painful or not.

Word Count: 1,497

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You watched the dew drop fall from the leaves on the tree outside of your office window. There was a slight fog that covered the streets as the sun started to rise and cars began to fill the streets. You always loved getting to work early and watching the crowds of people form. After hours of people gazing you breathed in the scent of perfume from no doubt, your secretary who always wore Japanese Cherry Blossom everyday of her life. But somehow the smell was a comforting reminder of the office. 

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Okay okay, but the time jump is six years and seven days after Praimfaya. We all know the earth would be survivable for the sky people after 5 years only: Meaning that, for something like, a year and seven days, Clarke has been waiting for Bellamy. And he didn’t show up. Yet, STILL she talked to him everyday; not out of despair or because she was lonely (since she has someone with her) but because she has HOPE.