There’s a whole bunch of large winged creatures alongside the floofs, aaand of them the hippogryphs are probably least likely to kill you?

They typically come in three bases, equine, cervid and caprine-like, but range across the full of those critter families (so a lot of variation!). Are fairly similar to gryphons, but their typical distinctions are large feathery crests, fluff down the full leg, foot shape, and sooometimes being antlered/horned (equines don’t get em tho). Tails are a good tell-point too.

Honestly you should be hard pressed to mistake hippogryphs for gryphons? I dunno, we’ll see when I get to those guys.

When it comes to coats, the equinae-ish folk are rarely bright and colourful but it’s known to happen. Think bird of prey patterns. Cervidae and Caprinae-ish guys are more often the smallbird bright ones, but not strictly limited to either. 

Rajigaze Jan 6

Ruki: Ring-name, “I want to breathe in Reita-san’s white breath –” There are so many names like this recently did I miss something!!

Aoi: Yeah last time Reita said some shit like he wants to breathe girls’ white breath isn’t he disgusting?

Ruki: Yeah that guy’s gross. “Ruki-San, Aoi-san, good evening. Recently Aoi mentioned on twitter that he got allergies, what did he do about it? Will we never be able to see him with flashy hair again? I like him with black hair the best tho!”

Aoi: Thank you.

Ruki: You have an allergy?

Aoi: Yeahh, I developed an allergy.

Ruki: To what? Dye?

Aoi: Dye?

Ruki: (gigglin) U kno, like, bleach, hair colour…

Aoi: I think it’s to hair colour.

Ruki: What kind of allergy? 

Aoi: My head just gets really itchy. And swollen…my face swelled!

Ruki: Yeah that’s definitely an allergy. 

Aoi: I was like, oh shit, and I went to the hospital…and they didn’t do an allergy test or anything but they gave me medicine…

Ruki: And that’s it? What????

Aoi: Yeah my head is still a little itchy.

Ruki: Omg really..?

Aoi: Yeah it was crazy itchy…

Ruki: Was it black dye?

Aoi: Ye black

Ruki: …Hm but I think a lot of people have those allergies – I’ve never had one but 

Aoi: But apparently once you get it it doesn’t go away

Ruki: So you’ll be allergic forever? 

Aoi: Yeah, so apparently I can only use semi-permanent colour from now on.

Ruki: Oh semi-permanent is fine?

Aoi: Yeah I think so!

Ruki: Oh yeah that stuff with ammonia or whatever…that smells…..

Aoi: Ye…..

Ruki: What should you do? I mean lots of people are allergic but…

Aoi: Yeah a lot of people are…

Ruki: Hmm……I didn’t know you could develop an allergy at this age…I guess your body changes?? Like sooometimes when you pet dogs your eyes get a lil itchy

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: Sometimes, or suddenly you get an allergy to metal…

(*idk if he is talking about himself or ppl in general bc he didn’t use a subject so maybe it is Ruck who pets dogs n gets itchy eyes :3)

Aoi: Well yeah, I guess the condition of ur body is a factor too…

Ruki: Yeah…is there anything you’re thinking of doing with your hair now? 

Aoi: Well you know…I gotta start thinking about my resources.

Ruki: Your resources…? huhuuHuuhuHUHUu

(*He could mean that he has limited options to work with bc of his allergy or that he’s gonna start balding lmao)

Aoi: Well I mean I can’t use a strong bleach anymore right? I’m scared. So I guess I’ll just have to like…only colour the tips!!

Ruki: You know, I thought about this, but…you know I was kinda blond a while ago? I thought like…when people get older, they start only dying their hair dark colours. No one really makes it light, you know? And I felt like it didn’t really suit me anymore. Like I was [making it light] against my will….like I’m trying to make myself look younger!!

Aoi: Ahhhhh~ I see!

Ruki: You know, before I really didn’t like dark hair, but…like, now when I’m blond, if I go out I just feel like I’m standing out so much! I don’t like it…

Aoi: Yeah I feel that…

Ruki: I know it’s better because it gives you that image of like…I’m doing this for work, I’m in a band so I gotta do it, but…idk I don’t like it…so u think u gonna dye ur hair pink again?

Aoi: If I wasn’t allergic I totally would…idk maybe I’ll just do it


(*Also Reita chooses the mail even when he’s not there confirmed, Ruki mentioned something about it again in the following song request FFS bless u Reita)

Voyager AU:

Beverly Crusher as medical officer

Tasha Yar as security (Since no female character randomly gets killed off in this AU).

Ensign Ro Laren as flygirl aka conn officer

Jadzia Dax as science officer. Doing science stuff with Seven in astrometrics and also on the bridge.

Deanna Troi as counselor and nurse (after they were stranded)

K’Ehleyr as the outspoken but extremely loyal first officer (Again, since the no-random-killing-rule)

Tal Celes as a part of the main cast, as the green-behind-the-ears-ensign.

B’Elanna Torres as chief engineer (ofc)

Kathryn Janeway as captain (ofc)

Addition: Tora Ziyal as the lovable civilian trying to make Voyager a home for everybody. (Again, no-kill).


You know how hard that was.
Gibbs was wrong. I did not want you to find me. And yet you did.

I have to say this: 



I was spoiled rotten for this scene because I’d been seeing the gifs on Tumblr for like six months before I got to this episode (god there are a lot of episodes of this show), but if I had been watching this in real time? I would have been fist-pumping the hell out of this.


It’s just so… cool. I mean yes, everything is about to be awful and I hate it etc., but I do love the way this episode is shot, at least visually-speaking. Like in this scene, from the tight shot on Tony at the computer with MTAC, then his speaking to his companion off-camera and the ultimate pan to Ziva standing at the other end of the porch.

Again, it’s terrible, but at the same time, the tension between them is kind of fun (in an awful way), because there is so much going on. Tony’s divided loyalties between honoring Ziva’s wishes and keeping Gibbs apprised of his progress. And Ziva’s apparent irritation with him over him crashing at her place, when it’s also obvious there’s much more going on– fear, sadness, and even a little happiness that he’s there, even though she knows she shouldn’t be. (Because not even she could tell him that she didn’t want him there with any kind of conviction, let’s be real.)

I’m gonna say this a lot in the next dozen posts, but Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo act the hell out of this episode, and I love them in this scene. Tony and Ziva both know that they shouldn’t be doing this (for different reasons), but as always, they can’t help themselves. Their pull towards each other is just too strong, despite their best laid plans otherwise. 

(This also makes me wish we could have seen them do more undercover-type missions together, or us-against-the-world type stuff, but we can’t have nice things.)


This is the level on nonsense you can expect for the next couple of days. Equal parts “THEY’RE SO PRETTY!” and “EEEEEEVERYBODY HUUUUURTS SOOOMETIMES.”

Sexy Super Secret Spying!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering how much of a skeleton you use to pose the characters in your drawings? 'cause I know some people who can just straight out draw a natural-looking person and others who need to build up from a stick figure or more detailed sketches.

Sooometimes, if I’m just doodling for fun, I’ll start draw something without using a skeleton.  But if I’m actually trying to draw something and make it turn out right, I pretty much always use a skeleton that looks roughly like this:

I’ve been intending to draw up some more detailed explanations about how I draw various parts of the figure for a while, after I got some requests about that, but I’m afraid I am terribly slow.  I promise I still haven’t forgotten, though!  (And the color theory one, too.  Ack >.< )

anonymous asked:

Do you ship PewdieCry? Can you draw them please? ;-;

D-DID u mean…PEWDIEKEN? (⁰▿⁰三⁰▿⁰ ‧̣̥̇)

-ok anon, this thing below is not against u.don’t worry -


i’m soo glad in 2016 ppl finally understand that pewdiecry is not the only ship…

sorry kyote anon,u sent meh ur ask at the worst moment and i’m kinda salty.


I know most of you doesn’t know and just ask innocently and i don’t want to force people to ship something they don’t want to but i receive a lot of pewdiecry stuff  everyday and sooometimes, like today,i need to reply .

ლ(ʘ▽ʘ)ლ Youtubers shippers….please respect other ships.i don’t want to be threatened for shipping something underrated. If i want to ship pewdiejack,pewdiemark,pewdiebrad or even JacKen instead of septi’,then i will do it.

Nothing will stop me because i enjoy it and i will neveh be rude towards u for shipping waht u want. We all know it’s not real relationship…So let our imagination be free as birdie bird.

This said, yes i ship pewdiecry,but the young version of them,the 2010′.When their personality were still fitting each otherヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゙

justanabsentee  asked:

Do you use any music when you are making lengthy edits? If so, what music do you use?

You mean listen to music I assume?? I don’t! I’ve gotta be able to hear all the audio of the voice overs, game volume, in video music, etc. I’m also not very good at multitasking. 

I do sooometimes listen to music when I’m writing scripts. Drink some coffee (or Red Bull if I’m feeling naughty ;O) with some headphones and put on some crazy dub step. I don’t actually like dubstep, but something about the energy of it makes me excited to write. I got the idea from the HBO show Silicon Valley, haha.