sooobbbb whyyyy

anonymous asked:

Nozmo, I trust your tastes in music (considering the fact you got me hopelessly hooked on Soil & "PIMP" Sessions). What bands would you recommend we listen to?

A-ANON… R-REALLY… YOU TRUST MY TASTES…? sjhdisadhsa I’m not really that good with music

well I guess here are some musicians I’ve liked:

Tokyo Jihen/Shiina Ringo (TJ: sounan, yukiguni, jusui negai SR: mayonaka wa junketsu, tsumi to batsu, ariamaru tomi)
capsule (world fabrication, jumper)
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (atarashii sekai, rocket no.4)
RURUTIA (last day, itoshigo yo) no oneee make fun of meeee
Chihiro Onitsuka (infection, kaerimichi wo nakushite)
JUDY AND MARY (motto, jesus! jesus!)

WHY IS IT ALL JAPANESE I think I just embarrassed myself
a-anyways… I’ll just… go now oh god I feel like I didn’t help at all SORRY ANON ;3;