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STRIP CLUB AU I haven't seen Daichi even ONCE. How's he gonna be introduced to the story? Like what's his role? Also will he have a thing for Suga? Ps: your art is so beautiful I'm absolutely in love can I be Oikawa's princess as well??? Oh and we need more of Suga!!!! And Yams is like sooo pretty ffs??? Don't even get me STARTED on AKAASHI PPS: I love you god bless

Well ~ Daichi will show up in the next instalment with more Suga sceen times, so that’ll hopefully answer the question (later)! (・∀・ )

P.S.: Of course you can! Oikawa would love to have you in his fanclub. ;O


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series -
Gun cleaning should not look so pretty N°1 - SN:12x18