Why I Remain Suspicious of: Stanford


Even after DD&MD, I can’t bring myself to “let my guard down” and trust Stanford just a little. He may be acting “good” and all, but I still don’t trust him. Not one bit. And I’ll give my entire reasoning for this (with a dash of theorizing as well as LOTS of questions) below the cut….

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT attempting to look at this from a biased perspective. I’m looking into the canon information, the potential hints, the objective facts/evidence presented in the show, and the suspicious bits that don’t quite “add up” for me. I have an indifferent, but distrusting view on Stanford if you guys want that out of me. I can see both the positives AND negatives of his character; and I find his memes glorious. Now, with all of THAT out of the way to avoid any potential backlash of misunderstanding, onto the actual subject matter at hand: Why I remain suspicious of this guy!

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All my emotions

So…the last couple of days I been thinking about how The Closer will end.

Will Brenda just decide to leave?

Will she finally get Stroh and decide that her work is finally complete and retire?

Will she decide to leave Fritz? (I mention this because why would Fritz continue to work with the LAPD, if Brenda isn’t working there? You would think he would transfer or asked to be reassigned.)

So many possibilities.

With that being said I’m really wondering, depending how they have her leave, if she will request that Sharon be her replacement as the head of Major Crimes.

And I’m just assuming that Sharon will be in charge of Major Crimes because why would she still work in FID? I can’t remember if its been mentioned that she will be in charge or just apart of the squad…but anyway I’m straying.

If they have Brenda request that Sharon be her replacement…I’m hoping for an epic scene where the two are sitting in Brenda’s office, Brenda reaches into her candy drawer and then passes Sharon a ding dong or a hershey bar. And the whole time the two are sitting there in silence enjoying their chocolate and they are just smiling at one another.

I mean how EPIC would that be?

A girl can hope…