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Hello! I was curios as to if you have any favorite writers from ao3 for the roosterteeth fandom? I'm sort of new and I would love some recommendations, if it is not too much trouble!

:D Okay I only really know about Mavin writers so I’m sorry if it’s not the ship you’re looking for! Also some Ahot6 ;)

Okay so some of my faves are:

  • mogarsjones (AO3): if you haven’t read any of her stories, whoo she’s gonna break your heart into a million pieces and maybe mend it back together. PHENOMENAL STORIES ALL AROUND. 
  • ragamuffiin (AO3): Stories are sooo good. Like amazingly good. tbh everyone on this list has amazing stories. Also RvB fics if you like that too :)
  • glackedandmullered (AO3): Micheoff and Ahot6 gold. 10/10 fics. Her writing also breaks my heart sometimes but yknow how it is with angst. 
  • jacktapillo (AO3): TAYLOR <3 Okay first of all everything she has written so far I have read and fallen in love with. Her writing is so poetic, I love. 
  • whalehuntingboyfriends (AO3): Their fahc and ot6 fics are so fantastic and wowowow <3 I still need to read a lot of those. 
  • youre-my-bois (AO3): I spent a good weekend reading their fics because they were so so good. Like everything they wrote I loved. Just the way they characterize everyone wow remarkable. And maybe it was the Gavin angst. Maybe. 

I’m forgetting like a million people rn but here’s a good list to get you started! 11/10 all of these lovelies. Check out my bookmarks in ao3 and both my fic recs((1,(I’m gonna update this soon), 2))if you like! So many more I didn’t mention are in there because fics aren’t the same authors ;D If anyone wants to add in go ahead ;)