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New Rules

Title: New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Can you do something with tom or Peter based on the song new rules by dua lipa? It would be great if you could 😘💖

Word count: 2,582

A/N: I literally listened to this song nonstop while making this and i didnt edit any of it so its all raw writing but i really liked how it turned out. enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, very hostile actions, alcohol 

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You and Peter have been friends since diapers, you were there for him when his parents died and he moved across the hall from you, he was there for you when your mom died from cancer.

You both made a pack that you would always have each other no matter what, but right now in this moment it felt like peter had abandoned you.

You were at Liz’s party, the music loud and Peter trying his best to get Liz’s attention while you were being harassed by drunk teenage boys.

“Come on it won’t hurt I just wanna touch em.” That’s it you thought that’s he line, “Peter please let’s go.” You yelled your plea over the loud music Flash was DJing.

“Y/N come on I’ve only gotten to talk to Liz once.” Peter spoke without making even a glance your way. You finally got the strength and pushed your way out of the small amount of guys trying to not just harass you but sexually harass you and if Peter isn’t going to help then I just have to help myself, as soon as you were out of the small circle you felt a hand slap your butt and with instinct you turned around as slapped the guy who touched you.

The sound of the slap echoing around with the music which finally grabbed the attention of your so called best friend, Peter. His eyes widened at the scene before him. A hand print on some guys face and tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.

You connected your eyes with his for a split second before turning on your heels to go and find Ned to walk home with.

You had hoped that maybe Peter would run after you, stop you and talk to you about what happened but when you turned around to see if he would follow you saw him get stopped by Liz and not make any other effort to try and get to you.

You huffed and turn back around to continue your search for Ned, you were leaving with or without Peter.

You finally found Ned in the kitchen awkwardly staring at the bowl of chips set out next to the wine coolers, “Hey Ned you okay?” Ned jumps slightly making you let out a small laugh.

“Hey yeah sorry, what’s up? Where’s Peter?” Ned asked his scanning for Peter around you “he’s off with uhh well you should know..” you shrugged “but I really wanna leave and Peter won’t listen to me so do you you could walk me home?” Your pleading eyes catching Ned’s.

“Alright, let’s go.” Ned sighed taking the lead toward the front door of Liz’s house.

You brush past Liz and Peter trying to make yourself unnoticeable, which shouldn’t be hard to do since Peter only ever has eyes for Liz, But a hand catches your arm before your out of the living room.

“Hey Y/N, where are you going?” You rake your eyes up the hand and arm that caught you only to be greeted by the brown orbs you were trying to avoid.

“I’m leaving and Ned is taking me home.” You huff pulling your arm from Peters hand and catch a glimpse of hurt in his eyes before turning and continuing your trek out of the large house.

“There you are.” Ned released a breath as you stepped onto the front porch.

“Yeah sorry, Peter stopped me…” You let out a shaky breath before continuing “Shall we go?” You smile over at Ned. “Sure.” He smiles back stepping off the porch with you right behind him. You slip you hands into the small pockets on your jeans. “Hey Ned, could we just go to yours?” Ned laughs lightly, nodding his head fro your answer.

“Thanks.” you sigh, seeing your breath come out into the air in a small puff cloud.

Ned and you have been walking for about 10 minuets which meant that you were almost to Ned’s place. You only asked to go to his because you knew you would have to call your dad to come pick you up from a party which you weren’t even suppose to be at in the beginning but peter had talked you into it. Now that you were thinking about it Peter did that a lot, convinced you to go out and ‘hangout’ as he put it but you saw through the lie, whenever you two would hang out it would be somewhere with Liz.

You felt your chest start to throb and hurt thinking about how much Peter liked Liz and not you, she hardly ever gives him a sideways glance when I’m always going out of my way just for him, why can’t he see that. You puff seeing your breath come out again. It’s getting colder and you didn’t have a coat.

“Hey Ned do you have a jacket at your house i could wear?” you speak up, “Uh yeah, we’ll be there in like ten minuets.” Ned replied looking over his shoulder slightly at you.

You saw figure appear out of an ally next to the pathway to Ned’s place. A nervous feeling surged through your body telling you not to move further but you didn’t listen, instead you followed Ned across the street, he must’ve gotten the same feeling.

As soon as the two of you passed by the figure and the ally the feeling subsided and the feeling relief replaced it. But that didn’t last long when you felt a hand grab your midsection and another hand slap over your mouth. You tried to scream but it was only muffed by the large hand covering your face. Ned snapped his body back to see what had happened and his eyes widened at the scene.

“Give me all your money kid and she doesn’t get hurt.” The figure spat at Ned which sparked him to search through all his pockets, scavenging what looked to be just a dollar, “Come on kid, you gotta have more than that, what about your wallet.” The man spat again at Ned, his grip tightening around your waist. You felt tears roll down your face and your life flashing before your eyes. What-what if Ned doesn’t have what he wants and he kidnaps me, or .. kills me. Your mind flips to the worst situation that could happened causing more tears to fall and screams to come out of your muffled mouth. “Shut it.” the man hissed in your ear making you crawl in your skin.

“Come on kid hurry u-” the grip around your waist vanishes along with the hand around your face, “Didn’t anyone tell you, stealing lunch money is sooo last season.” You whip your head around to see who saved you and your friend.

You freeze seeing the familiar red and blue suit of the local hero, spider-man. He shoots a web at the guy trapping both his hands on the pavement and one more at the guys mouth silencing his words. “Thank you Mr. Spider-man!” Ned practically shouted with a smile bigger than the sun on his face. How could Ned smile after a situation like that? “It-” the hero coughed, “it’s nothing, are you two alright?” his voice lowered slightly as his head switched looking from Ned to you.

You couldn’t do anything, you’re still frozen, no words able to come out so all you did was nod as the last of your tears fell from you face. “Hey, hey your okay now.” Spider-man began walking toward you with his arms open ready to hug you, and you accepted the hug needing some kind of comfort at the moment and the guy you really wanted here to be with you wasn’t so a superhero was a pretty good substitute.

You were the first to pull away from he hug and wipe your tears off your face with the back of your hand, “would you like me to walk you guys home?” the hero spoke taking a small step back from you.

“I’m good spider-man but Y/N here lives a bit away, do you think you could walk her?” Ned asked from the side of you. Your head snapped over to Ned direction than back to looking at the masked hero in front of you, “You really don’t have to, I can just call my-” you were interrupted by spider-man “Oh not its no big deal, plus you need to stay safe and no where is safer than with a hero.” he said proudly putting his hands on his hips. you felt a small smile creep onto your face and agreed to let him walk you home.

“Good night Ned, please be safe.” You waved to your friend who contained walking to his house. “So where do you live?” your eyes glanced up at the heres mask, specifically where his eyes should be, “uhh right off of park avenue.” You practically whispered tearing your eyes away from his mask and began walking home with spider-man.

As soon as you reached your apartment building you thanked your masked hero and took the stairs to the floor your apartment was on.

You fished your keys out of your pocket and opened the door. “There you are!” your dada practically ran you over as you came in the door, “Where were you young lady.” you smiled, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes because you loved your dad so much and what happened just a little while ago made you realize just how much you needed to show him how much you loved him, “I was with Peter and Ned, we went to grab some food and then a movie.” you spoke walking to your room, yes you loved your dad and you had a life changing experience but you can’t let him know what happened, he would be furious and worry about you non-stop. You didnt want to add to his already full plate.

As soon as you were in your room you changed into your pajamas and slid into your bed, under the covers and tried your best to get to sleep.

“Hey!” the familiar face of Peter’s comes into your view “Hey.” You sigh shutting your locker and make your way to your first class of the day.

“Whoa whoa wait Y/N!” Peter shouted grabbing your arm so you would stop, “What’s wrong?” you could hear the confused sadness in his voice, you didn’t dare turn around because you would fall back into his trap of doing what he wants and him forgetting you even exist because Liz is in the same room. “Nothing, Peter I’ll talk to you later.” You pull your arm away from his grip and continue to your class.

Lunch finally rolls around and you can’t be more happy to just go to the library to relax from the world and eat your food in private while shoving your nose in a book. But as soon as you reach the clear see through doors of the library you see Peter sitting at the table you normally find yourself at.

You catch his eyes and instantly regret ever coming to the library in the first place because he gets up out of his chair and starts toward your direction. You can feel the panic rise in your stomach and instead of being the mature person and talking to Peter, you turn on your heel ad head in the direction back to the lunch room.

“Y/N!” you hear Peter yell as the library doors slam close. your feet begin to pick up speed as you see the lunch room entrance and frantically look for Michelle, you spot her at the corner of the lunch room with a book in one hand and an apple in the other. You head to her table, set your stuff down and practically slam your head on the table.

“Tell me when he’s gone, ok?” you speak just loud enough for Michelle to hear.

“He’s headed over here.” Michelle spoke in her monotone voice while she put her book down on the table, “Whats going on?” you lifted your head from the table to be greeted by Peters worried looking face. “You said you’d talk to me later and its later so what is going on?” you slowly turned your head to look at Michelle for some help but only saw her pack up her things and grab her lunch tray before leaving, “Thanks MJ!” you sarcastically shouted as she walked away with a small wave.

a sigh escaped Peters mouth causing you to put your focus back on the distressed boy, you couldn’t help the guilt that rose in your throat because of how bad you were treating Peter.

“Listen Peter-” you didnt get to finish as peter interrupted you “Is this about last night? I’m sorry i wanted to talk to Liz, it was my chance and i decided to take it.” Peter grabbed your hand, squeezing git slightly “You understand right?” you were disgusted by the smile that graced his face. “No Peter it’s not only about last night but overtime we fucking 'hangout’ we always seem to go where ever Liz and then you forgot that I’m even there god dammit.” you couldn’t help your voice raising a little bit, you were mad, mad that the guy liked was sitting across from you treating you like he didnt even see it. “wha- no i wasn’t-” this time you cut him off, pulling your hand away from his.

“No Peter, I’m not done..” you sucked in a deep breath before continuing “did you know last night was getting harassed by a group of guys? I called you and asked for help but all you could think about was Liz and-and when i finally got the courage to stand up for them and leave asking you to leave with me you didnt, you-you-you got distracted by Liz, fucking Liz so i went to find Ned..” you let out a shaky breath, trying to control your emotions and actions.

“And when Ned and I were walking back to his house we got jumped Peter, we got jumped Peter Parker!” you practically were shouting by now with tears threatening to spill from your eyes “And all i could think in that moment was that I was going to be kidnaped or killed and you weren’t with me…you-you weren’t with me, you were with Liz.”

you tear your eyes away from Peters, everything getting too intense for you. “Ned and I got saved from Spider-man, Peter.” By this point tears were falling from your eyes as you furiously wipe them away. “So Last night i decided..” you pause taking in another breath before continuing “I decided that I can’t do this anymore. I’m in too deep and i don’t , no I can’t bare being hurt by you anymore Peter, so goodbye.”

you stand from the lunch table leaving your tray of food and the broken heart of Peter Parker behind. You look back one last time as you leave the lunch room, seeing Peter already staring at you with tears spilling down his face.

“This is better for both of us, I promise.” You whisper more to yourself than anyone else. You were done with being hurt.

You’re playing by your rules now and rule 1 is Peter Parker is out of your life because if you let him back in you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of pain.

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ALEXANDER LIGHWOOD IS THE SWEETEST BADASS SHADOWHUNTER EVER. And a terrible liar. It's so obvious he missed on purpose, those little voices and the can't win them all... I bet he tought he was smooth xD And I'm unable to process how MAGNUS BANE THE GORGEOUS little shit played him. The way Magnus pouting after Alec's show off, then he casually playing like a pro, while being flirty and damn sexy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ps. Alec is sooo whipped, Magnus got him with that look. I CAN'T. I'M DEAD. SORRY

LISTEN. I can’t possibly say this any better, but yes he totally thought he was being a gentleman because he couldn’t stand to make Magnus sad. I. Love. Him. So. Much. He’s is the biggest softie and is the most caring, loving person ever. And as much as Alec is fucked because of how amazing Magnus is (and let’s face it that hustle shit was probably the single sexiest thing he’s ever done) Magnus is fucked as well. No one is going to love Magnus as surely, honestly or as completely as pure, straight-forward, all or nothing Alexander Lightwood. It’s going to take Magnus’s breath away. Just you wait. In time, Alec is going to walk through fire to keep that pout off of Magnus Bane’s face.

And as for them flirting… I just- they are both so equally matched in intellect and ambition. And their flirting is just on ANOTHER LEVEL. They are going to destroy each other. Their sexual tension cuts through that room like nothing else. Their love is going to change the world.

Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Universe: Cop/Criminal AU

Rating: T

a/n: Until now I always thought of police chief!Freed and criminal!Laxus and I love it but a ramble of one particular amazeballs nerd (this>> @damasath-art nerd’s rambling on >this< art piece to be precise) inspired me to write something for them in the reversed roles sooo I whipped this up real quick :3 I love them both as a cop and I love them both as criminal so whatever it is it’s a win-win situation anyway.

When Laxus grabbed his coffee and took a sip he ended up grimacing. Cold. Again. He promptly set the cup back down and brushed his mouth with the back of his hand. In the end cold coffee had the same effect as hot one but the latter had a far better taste.

Orange eyes drifted back to all the sprawled out papers on his desk. Information and more information about one single damn man. For how long had they been trying to get him now? A few years. They had managed to throw him in jail one time though that was a while back after his last kill. Nowadays his business had changed a little and that wasn’t only a relief for society but also for Laxus himself. For more reasons than one.

“Don’t overwork yourself, Laxus,” came the familiar voice of Makarov. He was the wise head of the company and they all could consider themselves lucky to still have him around.

“Oh shut up, old man.” Sometimes the blond was just bad at expressing his gratitude, or different emotions in general. “I can take care of myself.”

“I know that.” The short old man retorted after he had slipped into his jacket. “But you should get some sleep soon. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya.” The blond merely waved as he was absent-mindedly scanning a picture. How often had he been staring at this? Sometimes it had driven him angry as fuck and at other times it had exasperated him because he felt something different than anger. Lots of exasperation, yep. The company had appointed Laxus to be the main man for this particular case long ago and by now it felt like he had a shadow besides his own that followed his every step. “You’re mine.”

“Oh how flattering.”

The voice almost startled him and immediately his head shot up. Talking about shadow. Freed  was like one and Laxus truly hated it sometimes. No, who was he kidding – he always hated it. “Fuck, how often have I told you not to come here?!”

“The one or other time.” Freed’s mouth curved upwards on one side and it made Laxus growl. This damn smug smirk. The greenet’s fingers trailed along an object on one of the shelves and the cop narrowed his eyes. “How did you get in here this time?”

But Freed just chuckled at this question and turned back around to face the other man. “Just because I’m technically your captive doesn’t mean that I will reveal every single one of my tricks.”

Laxus growled. “It means that exactly.” In truth he was kind of happy to see him though he wouldn’t admit it just like that. Something very weird had begun to blossom between them, something Laxus was not opposed to and he could feel that Freed was not either. After all this had been going on since… quite some time now and the fact that he had not just imprisoned this man was enough to tell that something was not how it was supposed to be.

“So I’m assuming our make out sessions are part of me being your ‘captive’ as well?”

The blond hadn’t expected such a bold response but then again he should be perfectly aware of the male’s incalculability. Ignoring it he watched how Freed walked up to the desk he was sitting at. “Why didn’t you wait where I told you to wait for me?”

But Freed gave him the same treatment, not granting this question with an answer. His glinting eyes were enough for Laxus anway and he leaned back in his chair with his broad arms crossed before his chest.

“I see that you’re still doing your homework,” the green-haired man noted as he regarded all the papers and then the picture that showed himself, his green hair a little messier than usual and an almost challenging expression settled on his face. “Did you miss me?”

“Tchz, as if.” Unbelievable.

“You know that you did.”


“Such denial,” Freed teased.

“You should be lucky that I didn’t hand you over.”

“If I had been certain that you are seriously planning to do so then I would have escaped already. But you trust me, and I trust you.”

Trusting a criminal… How ironic. What was he even doing? It sounded ridiculous again. He was a damn cop! Averting his orange eyes he heaved a groan in frustration. This man should be toxic and yet he liked his company. He was addictive and Freed thought the same about him. Oh screw it, they were in too deep already anyway.

Without giving himself the chance to curse further Laxus suddenly raised from his seat and pulled Freed in by his hips. Now that he was standing he was almost one head taller than the man of average height and looked down, meeting his turquoise gaze with his own orange one before he growled almost possessively and leaned down to capture the other man’s lips for a kiss. He heard how Freed emitted a deep purr just as if he’d already known that he was going to kiss him and felt how the greenet’s fingers reached up to tug at the collar of his attire.

“I knew that you missed me…,” Freed stated triumphantly, an airy groan following. They saw each other frequently and yet the need for each other seemed to grow further with every hour they were apart. It was risky business, it was dangerous but they wanted to be with each other so obviously that none of Laxus’ complaints could cover up this fact.

“Maybe a little…” The blond grabbed a hand full of Freed’s long mane to keep his head where it was.

“The understatement of the year…”

This time Laxus gave a gruff chuckle before his tongue traced along the shorter man’s bottom lip. Freed gave in to this tiny sensual gesture immediately as he parted his lips to deepen the kiss and a moan crawled up his throat, a sound that just encouraged the cop further.

They kept kissing for a few long moments, hands roaming mindlessly needing to touch and feel, and by the time they pulled apart they were both trembling and out of breath.

Freed briefly leaned his head against the taller man’s shoulder, his arms wrapped around Laxus’ broad form. Something about this made him feel so strangely comfortable that he wanted to avoid thinking about it. All he did was to slip his fingers beneath the greenet’s shirt so he could trail his fingers along his back and when Freed withdrew just far enough so they could look at each other this strange feeling of comfort increased immensely. Almost as if this was right while it should be so very wrong…

Before that anew hint of a smirk that promised another remark made Laxus want to punch him again.

With his mouth, mainly. Maybe.


Okay guys, I saw Hedwig on tour on Saturday and it was everything. Shannon Conley was on for Yitzhak and Sean Liljequist as Krzyhtoff. And just a reminder that I’ve seen Hedwig once before with Darren Criss on Broadway, so when I make comparisons, I’m referring to that production. So I noticed one of the songs they play before the show is Wasted by Lena Hall’s band the Deafening, so I thought that was really cool how they did that. I believe the set was different, but just with the car and stuff, and Hedwig does not come down like in the Broadway production, she simply appears from the back. 

Okay so Tear Me Down is so gritty and just opens up this show perfectly. Hedwig flashes the middle finger, he spits off stage, he licks Skszp’s guitar. I mean, what more could you really ask for out of a rock show? It’s the ultimate jam that defies the odds and the haters out there and that’s why I love it. By the way, Hedwig has pink tips now and I really dug it. I’m pretty sure that’s new for the tour. Also during the opening, my mom told me Euan does a joke about Darren, but I missed it so if anyone knows, please tell me, I’d love to know! And when Hedwig listens to the radio, Yitzhak sings the songs on the radio and Shannon’s voice is beautiful!! Especially, when she sings I Will Always Love You. I legit need my own version of it. Origin of Love is so pretty, yet so powerful. I always think it’s a soft song when I listen to it at home, but it’s a beast hearing it live. And the video they show that goes along with it, it’s so beautiful. There’s just so much beauty to take away from that moment. 

I LOVE when Yitzhak opens the door to hear Tommy’s concert. The sound and the lights is so realistic. Like, I genuinely believe that a Tommy Gnosis concert is going on right there. And how Yitzhak only opens the door to get back at Hedwig. Every time, he opens the door it’s right after Hedwig makes fun of him for something. It’s his revenge against her and I think it’s really cool how Yitzhak shows it. He knows it’s gonna piss Hedwig off. Another part I really love is when Tommy feels Hedwig’s angry inch and asks “what’s that” and he goes “that is what I have to work with.” And Tommy goes “You know I love you.” And Hedwig goes, “then love the FRONT OF ME!” And it gets me so hard. Hedwig just seems so crushed when he says it, especially after thinking Tommy was the one. Euan was a very emotional, yet funny Hedwig. He does a lot of improv and the line (one of my favs), “I laugh because I will cry if I don’t” described his performance. Some of his funniest moments was when he walked down into the aisle to give someone his towel and when he walked back up the stairs, he goes “I only walk up and down the stairs so you can look at my ass.” And one time, the microphone wire got caught on the chair and he yelled “get off”, and was like “oh no Yitzhak never said get off.” He joked about his hair being a telephone that he uses for emergencies. He talked about going to McDonald’s and only getting unhappy meals, he said he had appointments in his agenda, but more disappointments. He joked about getting kicked out of a gender neutral bathroom , and when the audience agreed with a question he asked, he said, “Well, the popular vote doesn’t always win.” 

Euan’s Tommy and Luther voices were superb. His voice is actually really gorgeous. When he just sang naturally and un Hedwig-like, he had a lovely tone. He played Boy George in Taboo, so I got some Boy George vibes, but really beautiful voice. Sugar Daddy is an exuberance of fun, and he picked an older guy to give a car wash to, and a girl’s boyfriend to kiss. When Angry Inch started I just frickin died and was like slay my life, Hedwig, slay it. And she did. Wig in a Box is the ultimate get your mojo back song and I just get super happy for Hedwig when she’s like “I’m never turning back!” Um okay, Wicked Little Town was a highlight for me along with Midnight Radio. I think Euan really felt the song and he just killed the second part of the show. I think he really dug some of the songs and stuff. So WLT gets me emotional anyway, but the fact that Hedwig is singing to a young Tommy, you can just tell, it’s written on his face. And then he blows the kiss to Tommy and afterwards you can tell the audience is just like hmm wow. And then Wicked Little Town reprise just gives me the feeling like it’s just me, that song, and the universe is perfectly aligned. That’s legit how it makes me feel. And then Tommy blows a kiss and it just comes full circle and gives me feelings. I believe the platform he stands on was shorter and did not twist around like the one on Broadway. 

Shannon slays The Long Grift, especially at the end. The lyrics in Hedwig’s Lament kill me and how it goes right into Exquisite Corpse is crazy and is just like RIP me. So much happens in Exquisite Corpse. It’s a work of art. I know, the lights are difficult for people to see, but it’s what makes this number sooo good. Hedwig whips her wig off, yells at Yitzhak, takes out two tomatoes from her bra and throws them somewhere, and stumbles off. Yitzhak grabs Hedwig’s wig, falls to the ground and holds her wig up to the sky. He then proceeds to run around, crashing into band members until there is a black out and we are at Tommy’s concert. And damn is it good. After Tommy’s concert, we’re back at Hedwig’s show and it’s just complete silence and the change in lights is stunning and then those first strums of Midnight Radio come on (which could revive me) and Hedwig feels complete and I feel complete and I feel so happy and understood and I, like, love life. And it’s crazy and it’s just a celebration and I lose my shit and it’s just like LIFT UP YOUR HANDS. 

I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to the band!!! They’re absolutely incredible. They play live every show and have to be prepared for anything. And of course, Euan, the hard work each actor puts into Hedwig is absolutely amazing and he is no exception. I did stage door (was after a matinee, though), but I met Justin Craig (Skszp) and Shannon Conley (Yitzhak u/s). Shannon was super nice and just sat and talked for as long as you wanted. She was the sweetest. And she’s so cool and bad ass as everyone knows. And if you stage door, bring a silver sharpie. It’s a black playbill. 

If you want to know anything about the show, actors, stage door, the Hurt Locker playbill, or just anything about Hedwig, please tell me! I. LOVE. This. Show. 

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Hello! Did you do top 5 Mimoments? (If not, do a long post, kekekekekeekkeekekkeekkeekekekkeekekekekekekekekekekekke!) I think I know what no1 is... (Never been this weird....)

I haven’t done one yet, but I’ve already used most of the gifs I have for them so many times already… Lol, I don’t think my no. 1 is that predictable but we’ll see~  

1 and 2. all of HTS tied with whenever they perform together

(Mina’s face is like ‘that’s right, y’all other ppl better step off’. And keep in mind Momo could’ve picked anyone for her ‘This Love’ couple dance, but she only wanted Mina and she was the only one that picked someone of the same gender, too. Oh, and Momo also refused to wear a wig to act as ‘the guy role’ y’all~)

(there’s more cute actual Twice choreo they do together but y’all get the point~)

3. their many subtle and natural moments, especially the behind the scenes ones or when they think no one is watching (I considered making this #1 but I kept changing my mind about it so I’ll just leave it here~)

(they were giving each other air kisses :3)

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4/4 mornings

okay I’m sooo whipped for anything “morning blurbs/imagines” especially if they’re super fluffy omfg. so here’s my take on writing one since I enjoy reading them…


You’d wake up to Ashton wrapping his big warm arms around you and pulling you closer to him. and like he’d murmur “morning baby” in a super raspy and sleepy voice!!!! and then he’d like kiss your head, and then he’ll drag you out of bed and you’d have a cute little breakfast together with toast and coffee and a lot of “i love you"s. holy crap k

You’d wake up waaaay before him, and just kinda watch him sleep for a little. and admire his features and his soft but deep breathing and how his chest rises and falls with every breathe. and eventually you’d poke him awake and he’d be super grumpy but happy to see you, so he buries his head in your chest, and begs for 5 more minutes. and his hair is super messy and tangled and he’s constantly rubbing his eyes omfg

I feel like Luke is a morning person, so you’d still be asleep when he wakes up. And you’d wake up naturally and see him walking in, shirtless in sweats (freshly out of the shower omfg). And he’d smile down at you!! then like crawl back into bed with you and spoon you for awhile, before letting you go to make breakfast. but you’d groan and whine and tell him to stay a little longer, but he just laughs and gives yOU NOSE KISSES OH MY

I think you would both sleep in until like 11am-noon, and you’d wake up to Michael’s legs and arms all over you. And his mouth would be open a little and he’d look so cute and peaceful, so you’d start laughing a little and he’d wake up from your body shaking so much. And he’d see you laughing and he’d laugh too although he has no idea why. And you guys would just lay there for awhile laughing about nothing (to the point where you’re both crying). And you guys would finally get the motivation to get up and start your day omfg aw I


okay that was probably not great, but I tried my best and this was actually my first time writing anything like this aha… (minus my little grumpy! calum blurb thingy)

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” Sooo…whipped cream or chocolate? ” Tabitha smirked, leaning against the back of the couch beside her. She had always enjoyed toying around with Kurt, and asking him a question like this to get him flustered was an opportunity she just couldn't pass up.

Kurt’s cheeks flushed brightly at the question. “Um, can I pick both?” He asked, his face flushing even darker.