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Imagine Viktor as the Kalos Pokemon champion and Yuuri as a hardworking Pokemon trainer from Kanto who traveled to Kalos, cleared all the gyms and Victory Road, and made it to the Kalos Pokemon League only to blank out and lose at the first elite four member. And he gets super wasted at the Battle Chateau (he’s training and thinking of challenging the league again–plus they offer good prize money) and Viktor happens to be visiting (as the Grand Duke) and falls in love? Yuuri goes back to Kanto to recuperate and decides to challenge a different region’s league but Viktor finds him first and gives up everything to travel and train with Yuuri and then Yurio tags along too and it’s like the original Pokemon anime trio but Viktor Yuuri and Yurio traveling around the Pokemon world challenging gyms and doing contents and stuff.

Rebound girl // Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: ~5000

Warnings: Anti Danneel (for the purpose of this fiction she had to be a b*tch, but she is not his wife and they don’t have children for this fiction!), language and maybe it’s a bit angsty-ish? but I guess this is it If I’m missing something please let me know!

A/N: This is my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou ‘s 1k follower challenge, my prompt was “Wait… You think I’m pretty?” (it’ll be bold in the text) and it’s also my first piece of fiction I’m posting here on tumblr! 

A/N 2: Part 2 (and other stories of mine) can soon be found on @not-moose-squad

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Jensen’s POV

Being with Danneel was tiring. She wasn’t the woman I fell in love with two years ago. 

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Being best friends with John Wick would include:

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It’s my first imagine\headcanon in English, it was pretty interesting and cool :D (english isn’t my native language)
Thank you @my-dear-watson and @queenselana for the support! It’s important to me!
So, enjoy and please leave some feedback!

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THIS IS THE TRUEFORM I GOT DONE LAST NIGHT! every time i think, “i’m almost done with the trueform series!! SO CLOSE!" i end up doing one completely unplanned–

the one that i get asked to tackle REGULARLY is Michael!!! so here he is, in all his douchey glory

(here’s the rest so far:  deancascrowleyalastair, meg, and abaddon!)

i didn’t really have a solid direction to take him in, except i wanted to combine elements of the lucifer and gabriel to create the "perfect” warrior, while still being fearsome and somewhat difficult to comprehend. turned out alright i think!

2 of his appendages are shields, 2 others are blades, and the other 2 are my “regular” angel extensions for quick blade draw/wielding. he has a lot more wings than i’m showing here, but the smallest bottom set that i have revealed are also weaponized. wherein gabriel is laid-back, i wanted michael to look a bit more like he was peacocking! (speaking of, size-wise he’s probably a good halfway point between luci and gabe)