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Humans are weird

Again, I had a thought.

So, Human protectiveness. Sure, we can be aggressive when protecting our friends but not always. We can have different levels of it.

If some nasty Alien is disrespecting your crew member Nala by telling bad jokes and stabbing at her species you just grab Nala’s slim form and turn her around.
“Ignore that idiot, you and I are having Ice Cream with Netflix. Did I tell you your tentacles look sooo shiny today?”
Like, we make them forget the bad and remind them they have nice friends anyways.

Then we have verbal abuse. Very clever and mean ways to break spirit.
“What did you say to our Captain? You with your [insert word] and your [insert word] are so awful you should never have left home you [bleeep] [bleep]! Don’t even get me started on that tail.”
Our crew is silent because they never thought we had that vocabulary. That we could nail down another creatures faults and flaws and ultimately break someone’s spirit. The other Aliens leave with their tail behind their legs, devastated.

But don’t threaten us. Because there is no turning back from a human who has been disrespected and threatened.

War'lac had known it was a bad idea to bring two humans along to the negotiation. But the Pleets had insisted, wanting to see what the humans were like up close. The Pleets, fat and gross beings with four black eyes and bio blades along their forearms, enjoyed war and pillage. The humans had declined working with their kind and for good reason.
Human Jenna had been calm the entire meeting but Human Becca had silently been fuming as the Pleets stated their requests.
“You have entered a zone that we conquered 6 clicks ago. Comply or perish.” The Pleet leader said and Wer'lac shrunk back.
“We won’t last to the next solar system without our rations! And we only have a defensive weapon to use against stray asteroids. To pick it apart and hand it over…”
They laughed and Wer'lac knew it was useless. Their own crew were not species of fighting or war. They were explorers and scientists.
“And also, if you do not comply quickly, we will start by taking your humans.” Their leader said and pointed at Jenna with a green finger. Human Jenna looked genuinely surprised and Human Becca… she had that infamous stare in her eyes.
“What?” Human Becca asked, her voice ice cold. Wer'lac flinched and tried to calm their human.
“We’ll grab the cute one, and destroy her before your very eyes. Skin her alive and tie her up agains the cockpit glass. ”
The Pleets laughed and Wer'lac looked at them with horror. He glanced at Human Jenna, who was barely breathing. No, she was staring just as Human Becca was. Human Becca stood slowly and leaned across the table on her hands. Her voice lowered without breaking the stare.
“What did you say?” She asked, a calm wrath in her voice. Wer'lac looked between them, helplessly.
“Don’t worry, we can do the same to you too.” The Pleets leader said, showing teeth. That was the last thing he said.
Human Jenna and Human Becca never shared at word or look but still sprung at the same time. Across the table they jumped one Pleet each and then chaos broke loose.
Bones were broken. Skin was torn open by scratching. It was a dance of legs and arms inflicting damage with every hit. Eyes were dug out of their skulls with clawed fingers.

Wer'lac had assumed that Human Jenna had sharpened her finger nails that morning for aesthetic purposes. That’s what she had told him. Now he felt uncertain of it.

Human Becca had dislocated an arm and torn it from its owners body. She inspected it closely and then dumped it on the floor. Three were dead, two moaned in pain and the last one limped away. Human Jenna looked after him but shrugged.
“Let him tell the others. They’ll learn to not cross us again.” She said. Human Becca looked at her stained clothes and sniffed the blood.
“It smells spicy. You think we can eat them?” She asked. Jenna shrugged.
“Only one way to find out.”

Wer'lac sat frozen in his seat. He had forgotten the tales of human encounters and the warnings they came with. The humans in his crew had been so nice and docile and protective he had forgotten their true nature.
Apex omnivorous predators. Stalkers and killers. Intelligent and creative.
He was happy to have them on his side and not the other way around.


The Cantonese Shiny I was talking about!

The translation isn’t 100% but it still has that Tamatoa aesthetic & adds like 7770 layers of “holy FRICK” to the song

Most notably, more gay, more food & vore references



I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I had regents. In case you didn’t know what regents are regents are basically tests that are kind of like a final but mandatory in order to graduate High School and are generally easier than what you expect except for a few curve ball questions So yeah I didn’t have time to make these yesterday so I decided to make them today instead. Also there aren’t many Aqours cards so these look a bit different than the μ’s ones so I hope you like them!

Mari is tied for my best Aqours girl with Ruby she is just sooo SHINY. Her initial SSR was my first one and her angel UR is too beautiful for words. Mari has so many cute mannerism save for the groping which I adore. I love her voice it’s so cute.Her design in general is so cute. She is just too cute for words.

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Duma rolled in something awful, I pulled off her collar and smell it because there was a brown smear on it? I gagged ofc because it wasn’t nice

Washed it, then I go back to the room, in front of my parents I sniff Duma, stand up straight and vomit into my mouth and my dad looks at me like “are you ok?????” 

I had to give Duma an emergency bath because ewwwww

~ Moana Ink Fanart with personal CharaDesign • OK so when I went to see #Moana I just fell in love with #Tamatoa ’s character and his fucking epic Shiny song ✨ Sooo I made this human form just for fun and I kinda love it~ You know in my mind Tamatoa can be absolutely androgynous (He’s kind of God after all) and I like the fact we can see a male or female character in my drawing~ I feel the character as he can potentially have a transgender kind of mind, as far as he was just a sad little guy and found highness in discovering shiny stuff… And maybe becoming a woman in my human version ? Maybe. Maybe not. ❤ Who knows. ✨💕 BLING BLING ✨


Ok, So I finally bought some WaterBeads to try stimming with and I absolutely love them. 

They are first super cheap I bought to bags clear and red from Micheals for less then $5 and I still have a ton of un-soaked beads left over to make later.

It takes about 4 to 6 hours for them to enlarge and it depends on how big you want them to get. I let mine soak for about 4 hours before draining.

They are so squishy and they feel so nice and cool on your hands. Also, they are sooo shiny so they make a nice visual stim as well as a tactile stim.  I highly recommend them for anyone who is a tactile or visual stimmer. 


~sooo shiny, sooo pretty!🔮

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Steter prompt - stiles gets drunk/concussion and ends up proclaiming his love for peterXD

oh this one~~ :>

„Duuude…” Stiles’ hand shot out and grabbed Peter’s arm. Everyone froze around them; Scott’s eyes were widening in fear and worry while Derek shot a warning glare at his uncle. “Duude… look at this fucker…” Stiles continued and squeezed Peter’s arm.

“Stiles, Stiles you got really hurt and I think you should maybe uh—“ Scott started and gently tried to push Stiles back on the ground.

“No, no no, I wanna know your name, dreamy!” Stiles whimpered, keeping a surprisingly strong grip on Peter’s arm and Scott didn’t want to cause him more pain by trying to pry him off that too amused werewolf. Stiles had a huge wound in the back of his head and god knows how deep it went. At least they weren’t in danger now, but Stiles could get worse and they had to wait for Melissa before they dared to move him.

“My name is Peter.” Peter answered with an all too pleased smirk, ignoring all the glares around him.

“Peter…” Stiles repeated as if it was a name out of this world. “Your name is so pretty. Like… your face.” he muttered, his eyes falling half closed, but he didn’t look away.

“Jesus Christ…” Scott whispered, rubbing his forehead just to look away from Peter’s grin.

“Thank you. You also look dashing, Stiles. Bleeding from the head.” Peter chatted, ignoring the glares and silent death threats around him.

“You…” Stiles muttered, licking his lips. His fingers started to tremble as his strength slowly started to leave him. “I… I think I love you… You with the eyes and the face and the name of Peter…”

That certainly wasn’t something any of them expected and even Peter’s grin wavered a little. Derek sighed, rubbing his face, and looked around, expecting Melissa and Lydia to arrive already, but they were nowhere near. Scott just eyed his friend, more worried as Stiles’ gaze grew cloudy and his hand slipped from Peter’s arm.

“Oh, no no no.” It was Peter who reached for Stiles head, gently cupping his nape to not hurt him more and turned the boy’s face toward him. “You’re not finished, Stiles. Tell me more about my face.”

“Your face…” Stiles started, frowning and trying to focus on Peter, but he was at the edge of losing his consciousness. “I… like it. I think I wanna kiss you.”

“Mmhm and what else?” the wolf spoke quietly moving closer. Scott frowned at him, but he actually realized what Peter was doing. Melissa told them to keep Stiles conscious until she arrives and… that was what Peter was doing, keeping Stiles awake.

“What else…” Stiles muttered, his gaze resting on Peter’s lips. “I wanna date you… and make pancakes for you. I make good pancakes.” he rambled a little, his words getting jumbled.

“Such a nice offer.” Peter chuckled and Stiles gasped as he was looking at him.

“Dude, your smile is sooo shiny, man…” he whispered and turned his head toward Scott who was kneeling by his other side. “Scott… I love this man and I wanna ask you to be my best man at our wedding…”

“Sure, buddy.” Scott smiled a little forced and it just made Peter even more amused.

“Wait, wait I didn’t ask him yet, uh, Peter, will you marry me?” Stiles suddenly turned his head back to Peter and winced as he felt the wound.

“Buy me dinner first and we’ll talk about it.” the wolf started and Stiles just nodded, but his face twisted into an aching grimace. He groaned in pain, closing his eyes tightly. He didn’t lose consciousness, but didn’t answer any of them anymore.

Help soon arrived and they quickly took Stiles to the hospital. He had to stay for a few days, but he recovered soon. Stiles claimed he didn’t remember anything from that night in the woods, but Peter could hear the slight flutter of the boy’s heartbeat every time they met at a pack meeting and that was enough. For now.

It’s on AO3 too~