sooo shiny

~ Moana Ink Fanart with personal CharaDesign • OK so when I went to see #Moana I just fell in love with #Tamatoa ’s character and his fucking epic Shiny song ✨ Sooo I made this human form just for fun and I kinda love it~ You know in my mind Tamatoa can be absolutely androgynous (He’s kind of God after all) and I like the fact we can see a male or female character in my drawing~ I feel the character as he can potentially have a transgender kind of mind, as far as he was just a sad little guy and found highness in discovering shiny stuff… And maybe becoming a woman in my human version ? Maybe. Maybe not. ❤ Who knows. ✨💕 BLING BLING ✨


~sooo shiny, sooo pretty!🔮