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The Cantonese Shiny I was talking about!

The translation isn’t 100% but it still has that Tamatoa aesthetic & adds like 7770 layers of “holy FRICK” to the song

Most notably, more gay, more food & vore references

~ Moana Ink Fanart with personal CharaDesign • OK so when I went to see #Moana I just fell in love with #Tamatoa ’s character and his fucking epic Shiny song ✨ Sooo I made this human form just for fun and I kinda love it~ You know in my mind Tamatoa can be absolutely androgynous (He’s kind of God after all) and I like the fact we can see a male or female character in my drawing~ I feel the character as he can potentially have a transgender kind of mind, as far as he was just a sad little guy and found highness in discovering shiny stuff… And maybe becoming a woman in my human version ? Maybe. Maybe not. ❤ Who knows. ✨💕 BLING BLING ✨


Ok, So I finally bought some WaterBeads to try stimming with and I absolutely love them. 

They are first super cheap I bought to bags clear and red from Micheals for less then $5 and I still have a ton of un-soaked beads left over to make later.

It takes about 4 to 6 hours for them to enlarge and it depends on how big you want them to get. I let mine soak for about 4 hours before draining.

They are so squishy and they feel so nice and cool on your hands. Also, they are sooo shiny so they make a nice visual stim as well as a tactile stim.  I highly recommend them for anyone who is a tactile or visual stimmer. 

So, I’ve been working on a fic off and on for years.

It’s oh so cleverly and originally called “Seduction of Mairon”, heh.

And I hate it and love it just so much!

It was originally a piece of cliche ridden dreck, Mairon was a weepy damsel in distress, Melkor a cheesy moustache twirling villain.

why is it a WIP?

I am dissatisfied at how I’ve written it, they don’t seem to come out right.

Rough summary: Melkor sees a shiny(Mairon)! Melkor pokes the shiny! The squeaky shiny is cute! Melkor must keep poking it!

Melkor starts talking to the shiny! The shiny is the shiniest shiny ever! The shiny is sooo pretty and smart and funny and sassy!

Shiny likes Melkor! Melkor likes shiny! Off they ride into the sunset! And began a new age of terror upon all of middle earth.


~sooo shiny, sooo pretty!🔮

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Steter prompt - stiles gets drunk/concussion and ends up proclaiming his love for peterXD

oh this one~~ :>

„Duuude…” Stiles’ hand shot out and grabbed Peter’s arm. Everyone froze around them; Scott’s eyes were widening in fear and worry while Derek shot a warning glare at his uncle. “Duude… look at this fucker…” Stiles continued and squeezed Peter’s arm.

“Stiles, Stiles you got really hurt and I think you should maybe uh—“ Scott started and gently tried to push Stiles back on the ground.

“No, no no, I wanna know your name, dreamy!” Stiles whimpered, keeping a surprisingly strong grip on Peter’s arm and Scott didn’t want to cause him more pain by trying to pry him off that too amused werewolf. Stiles had a huge wound in the back of his head and god knows how deep it went. At least they weren’t in danger now, but Stiles could get worse and they had to wait for Melissa before they dared to move him.

“My name is Peter.” Peter answered with an all too pleased smirk, ignoring all the glares around him.

“Peter…” Stiles repeated as if it was a name out of this world. “Your name is so pretty. Like… your face.” he muttered, his eyes falling half closed, but he didn’t look away.

“Jesus Christ…” Scott whispered, rubbing his forehead just to look away from Peter’s grin.

“Thank you. You also look dashing, Stiles. Bleeding from the head.” Peter chatted, ignoring the glares and silent death threats around him.

“You…” Stiles muttered, licking his lips. His fingers started to tremble as his strength slowly started to leave him. “I… I think I love you… You with the eyes and the face and the name of Peter…”

That certainly wasn’t something any of them expected and even Peter’s grin wavered a little. Derek sighed, rubbing his face, and looked around, expecting Melissa and Lydia to arrive already, but they were nowhere near. Scott just eyed his friend, more worried as Stiles’ gaze grew cloudy and his hand slipped from Peter’s arm.

“Oh, no no no.” It was Peter who reached for Stiles head, gently cupping his nape to not hurt him more and turned the boy’s face toward him. “You’re not finished, Stiles. Tell me more about my face.”

“Your face…” Stiles started, frowning and trying to focus on Peter, but he was at the edge of losing his consciousness. “I… like it. I think I wanna kiss you.”

“Mmhm and what else?” the wolf spoke quietly moving closer. Scott frowned at him, but he actually realized what Peter was doing. Melissa told them to keep Stiles conscious until she arrives and… that was what Peter was doing, keeping Stiles awake.

“What else…” Stiles muttered, his gaze resting on Peter’s lips. “I wanna date you… and make pancakes for you. I make good pancakes.” he rambled a little, his words getting jumbled.

“Such a nice offer.” Peter chuckled and Stiles gasped as he was looking at him.

“Dude, your smile is sooo shiny, man…” he whispered and turned his head toward Scott who was kneeling by his other side. “Scott… I love this man and I wanna ask you to be my best man at our wedding…”

“Sure, buddy.” Scott smiled a little forced and it just made Peter even more amused.

“Wait, wait I didn’t ask him yet, uh, Peter, will you marry me?” Stiles suddenly turned his head back to Peter and winced as he felt the wound.

“Buy me dinner first and we’ll talk about it.” the wolf started and Stiles just nodded, but his face twisted into an aching grimace. He groaned in pain, closing his eyes tightly. He didn’t lose consciousness, but didn’t answer any of them anymore.

Help soon arrived and they quickly took Stiles to the hospital. He had to stay for a few days, but he recovered soon. Stiles claimed he didn’t remember anything from that night in the woods, but Peter could hear the slight flutter of the boy’s heartbeat every time they met at a pack meeting and that was enough. For now.

It’s on AO3 too~


Coolest girl you’ll ever meet… #StanaKatic #castle #808owned #Hana #Maui #Hanabay #firstTimeToHana #awesome #Aloha (x)

How can someone look gorgeous without a shred of makeup? Well, Stana can. She’s unicorn ASFGHIJ and her smile THO