sooo not hungry


GOD, I’M.. …. . HUNGRY. sooo hungry, pass me the lucky charms hahAHA?”
courf spends the night at combeferre and enjolras’s place very often, but by the time he usually gets up ferre is already up and about. then one day for whatever reason courf has to get up early and sees ferre all sleepy and unshaven and all that jazz and it kind of breaks his poor morning brain.

Anonymous asked:  more courferre, please!!! they are adorable

Anonymous asked:  do you think you could do combeferre with tattoo sleeves or something because i feel like your art would totally make that happen

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Roasted red pepper hummus veggie wraps for LUNCH 👅👅👅 Everything from Trader Joe’s of course! I’m sooo hungry after a fun busy day today. I finally have a laptop you guys! Shiny and new ☺️ So guess what that means?? NEW STUFF for y'all! I’m working on a website, YouTube videos, and the best thing: an e-book FULL of my favorite vegan recipes!! 🎉🎊💥 I will also include shopping lists, meal plans, lots of tips on how to save money, and helpful advice on how to start a vegan lifestyle! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in the book, or any suggestions, let me know because this e-book is for ✨you✨ so I want it to be perfect!! Launch date for the book is no later than Nov. 25th. AHHH I’m too excited!! 😘😘

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The signs when hangry (angry because hungry)


(Check Mars as well)

Aries: complains a LOT

Taurus: the Worst™

Gemini: Convinces their friends to buy food for them

Cancer: Won’t complain but will eat every single edible thing when they get home

Leo: Says “I’m sooo hungry” a lot

Virgo: makes a list of what they wanna eat later and is also grumpy

Libra: imagines all sort of stuff they wanna eat ahhh


Sagittarius: Will do EVERYTHING to get food

Capricorn: is angry at themselves for not bringing money/food to school

Aquarius: Same as Cancer

Pisces: Don’t talk loud to them or else they’ll cry

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I always feel sooo hungry. I know you say on a wholefood vegan diet you can eat until satiated and won’t gain weight, but i feel like i could eat mountains of food. Like over 3000 calories. I’m short and i just exercise moderately, so it’s not like my body needs that much food, i just have this insatiable hunger. What do you suggest?

Make sure you are hydrated, well rested, eating enough plant fats, eating enough greens – if you still feel this way after a month of consistency then see a doctor for some blood work to check for deficiencies or other problems!

I know the sleep regression will come, but hopefully not as rough as I imagine it. And besides a hiccup or two, Olivia sleeps through the night and has for about a month now.
I love when she wakes up in the mornings now though. She’s super happy and sooo hungry. She’ll eat everything I have.

I’m having to wake up in the middle of the night to pump though. I noticed last week since I stopped doing that, my overnight milk production has decreased to half of what it was, if that.

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Zoro rubbed his forehead looking around. ‘Kitchen?’ he thought suprised. At least he was in human’s home that was sure… He sighed loud and started going around the home to find a human. He was sooo hungry. He was too lazy to get into human’s world and he didn’t eat for the week. Zoro thought he’ll be okay but it was stupid idea. He didn’t excatly know why he took a brake. Propably it was something with what the last victim said but now he was okay. And Zoro was really hungry. A hungry incubus didn’t mean anything good. It means that he’ll fuck his victim until he won’t be done. So it’ll took a really long time. Especially that because he’s demon he don’t feel tired after sex. Nope. Not at all. 

When he was going around the home he walked into the bathroom bored a little. Did the house was empty?

  • Me-everyday before dinner like clockwork: "Why? Do I!? Feel? Sooo! Tired???!!!! And HUNGRY? And like I'm dying????? Maybe I'm getting sick?? Is this the flu?! Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night??? Please no loud noises. WHY IS MY BODY BETRAYING ME??!?!?!???"
  • My Adderall- as it leaves my blood stream: "it's been swell!!!!🖕😘😘😌👋"

I’m going through my old notebook that I used in high school for English class and relearn the words I don’t remember.
(Btw. I am sooo hungry.)