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What would their first times be like? (excluding Bambam and Yugyeom of course)

Mark: It’ll be full of blushing and giggling, that’s for sure. When it comes to undressing, either him or his partner would be shy and they would probably have to help each other undress. For foreplay, his hands would roam but he wouldn’t know what he’d be doing, so he’d have to be lead for a bit. When it comes down to business, he’ll most likely get the hang of it and take over from there.

JB: He probably has done some “research” on the topic, but may not be able to apply it into the real life situation. The intimacy at the start may be very good as he just has a go at the kissing and touching and maybe even biting. After that, he’d explore, but he may be surprised as his “resources” didn’t tell him what to expect during this time. Once he figures out what him and his partner are into though, it’ll probably be less stressful and more fun.

Jackson: I feel like he’d try too hard to make it the best for him and his partner. In the beginning, he may seem like he’s in a rush and his partner would need to tell him to slow down because he seems to eager. Foreplay may be a bit slower and he may have no clue as to how he should pleasure his partner, so he’ll need a guide. After that, he’ll probably start slow at first, but his speed will increase as soon as pleasure begins.

Jr: The main focus for him wouldn’t be to pleasure himself, but rather his partner. At first, he’ll let their mouths connect as his hands roam and reach every curve and inch of her body, exploring what he can do when it comes to foreplay. Afterwards, he’d probably ask what his partner wants and would do as she says, just wanting to get her prepared for the final part. At this point, he’d go slow and steady and would only increase his speed when his partner wants him to.

Youngjae: There would be a ton of laughing, half because he has no clue what he’s doing and half because the advice he’s been given seems to not be helping him at all. When he starts being intimate with his partner, the interaction may be awkward as he seems very awkward with his actions, but he may get comfortable as he progresses. Foreplay and the actual event may seem a bit better, but him and his partner would keep laughing as he tries to find his position and everything.