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It’s the nature of the Internet , but it’s been very discouraging to see a lot of our art lately on Instagram that has “heavily” inspired other artists to the point of copying exact backgrounds, colors , concept , AND characters in the name of “practice”. A credit wouldn’t be too much to ask for and wouldn’t make your efforts of practice any less substantial . It’s flattering if you admire the technique and specifics about someone’s art , BUT to the extent of passing it off as original isn’t very flattering , even if there were no bad intentions . It kind of makes you afraid of putting any of your ideas out there when they could be easily taken as well. :( ugh. And this has been happening sooo much lately , especially on Instagram . It’s okay to learn and be inspired . We try to give credit if we were inspired by someone’s work for sure , but we usually try to stay original .But just give credit where credit is due , especially if you’re going to include the exact same subjects in a piece … no harm done . In fact , that’s a whole lot more flattering than passing work as your own . And it hasn’t just been our art . We have brains that can recognize the original content in a second , even the most obscure of images that others take from other artists. So no one should think that someone doesn’t secretly recognize your reference , because there are some who do . We all try to learn , but that isn’t the best way to do it , and all so publicly too . Guess that happens when you post things on the web (even though it still doesn’t make it okay ) :( Gahhh. But we really appreciate those who have given credit . That’s awesome !

q1ieg98n  asked:

You know those voltron icons that you made with pride flags behind them? I was just wondering if you could do either a Pidge as Biromantic Demisexual, or just add the biromantic heart to Shiro's. Whichever is more convenient for you.

I actually lost the base file… it’s why I never finished that series… Aaaah I’m so so so sorry. I would have done that for you 100% otherwise.

I feel super bummed out about it…

jeffkingtv: Through the magic of scheduling, this scene from tonight’s episode was the last scene we shot, at the end of filming, on the final day of shooting of the series. Just Matt and Tim and the crew and I, sharing a simple, intimate yet iconic moment. Little scenes like this one will always represent the heart and soul of #WhiteCollarUSA and it was my honor and privilege to direct it.