sooo married

Something impossible has happened

I now love Lapidot even more than I already did.

Just when you think your ultimate OTP can’t possibly get any better, along comes The New Crystal Gems.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get over this.

Lapis and Peridot are so perfect together - still behaving like an old married couple - and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Drunken Draco !!!๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป
  • Draco: hey you! Granger!
  • Hermione: Draco, are you drunk?
  • Draco: You are soo beautiful, Granger...
  • Draco: Go out with me, Granger...
  • Draco: kiss me, Granger...
  • Draco: Are you dating that redhead Weasley, Granger?
  • Draco: Your eyes are the color of molten chocolate...
  • Draco: Your face... I just wanna kiss that face...
  • Draco: and that ass...๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Draco: Why won't you love me back, Granger...
  • Draco: is it because I am more beautiful than you?
  • Draco: Granger...? Granger...?
  • Draco: But you are sooo pretty... Granger...
  • Draco: MARRY ME, Granger.!!!

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I love the idea of both Mace and Obi being thrown back in time to Obi's padawan days and just acting sooo married and fixing shit while everyone just looks on like *he's a padawan mace, you hardly knew him a couple days ago, would you and your underage (but not really - Obi's really like 60 and after all those years on Tattooine (without Mace?) all he really wants to do is cuddle with his loving husband pls) husband please stop disappearing to blow things up and reappearing with random strays*

Going through time is a bit like drowning if Mace is honest.

Also breaking your nose is painful and he’d rather not do that again if he’s honest as he wakes up to staring at the ceiling of the council chamber and up into Jocasta furrowed face as she keeps her hands on his shoulders. “…You with us again Mace?” She questioned gently as he felt other hands leaving other parts of his body.

“… What happened?” He rasped out.

“You had a fit. You fell out of your chair.” Slowly she also removed her hands, staring down at him still as Mace just laid there with blood pouring in a steady little stream down his left cheek from his nose. “You trashed around until we could pin you and you seem to have broken your nose in your struggle.”

Giving a steady blink, Mace let out a low hum of understanding before slowly sitting up, reaching up to gingerly touch his nose before channeling healing energy into it and fixing it with a loud crack that had the rest of the council wincing where they were.

Well, no one said time travel was easy.’ A soft voice whispered into his mind and Mace almost forgot to breath as he reached back towards the amused voice who greeted him in turn. ‘Hello husband dear.

Hello my Obi-dear.’ Mace greeted as he carefully got up with Jocasta’s hand on his arm for aid.

It had worked.

They were back in time.


Getting Obi-Wan alone is not easy, not when the boy is seventeen in body and there is no reason why Mace Windu, Master of the Order, should spend time alone with said padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn.

So with a good amount of stealth and quite a bit of lying, Obi-Wan manages to sneak his way to Mace quarters and slips in as Mace has already cued him to the door controls.

“I missed you.” Obi-Wan whispered the moment he’s in the others arms, not taking any time to take in the rooms as he just leans into the strong chest. “Force I missed you so much.”

“How long did you go on without me?” Mace rumbled, nuzzling into the others spiky hair.

Four years into their stay on Tatooine, Mace had contracted a wasting illness that was common but had no cure on the outer Rim planet, he lived two agonizing years past it out of pure stubbornness as they concocted their plans to travel back.

“Fifteen.” Obi-Wan whispered thickly into the others chest. “Fifteen years until… Oh Force its so good to have you back.” He hiccuped.

Stroking the others back, Mace made a low soothing noise, inwardly horrified. “Oh my Obi-dear, how lonely you must have been.” He whispered quietly, holding him tightly.

“I was. And Owen Lars was no help.”

“I have never meet a more stubborn bantha then that man and that includes Yoda.” Mace offered dryly and smiled when Obi-Wan instantly gave a wet laugh into his chest. “My poor Obi-dear. Its going to be alright now. We’ll make sure it will be alright.” He murmured, pressing soft kisses to the others temple as tears darken the front of his tunic from the other.

Mace will make sure it all goes right this time.

For Obi-Wan.

“We’ve done nothing wrong.” Was the first thing out of Obi-Wan’s mouth as he stood there with Anakin in his arms, the bubbly six month old squirming happily as Shmi looked curiously at the Jedi council from the doors with a stunned Qui-Gon.

Yoda pinched his nose and Jocasta shook her head before both looked around at the rest of the stunned council.

“The only reason you haven’t done anything wrong is that Mace Windu used special dispensation. Something we will be speaking about Mace.” She offered to the calm Korun master standing beside Obi-Wan.

Mace gave a low hum and then opened his mouth. “We have done nothing wrong.” He said calmly before turning to Anakin and gently tickling the babes stomach. “Nothing at all right Anakin?”

The baby gave a squeal of glee and drooled. “He agrees with us.”

Shmi covered her mouth at that, smiling into her hand as the rest of the Jedi council seemed to do their version of face palming.

“This is the fourth Force sensitive you two have brought to the temple.” Shaak pointed out. “How do you two…I mean this one is fine, finding a Force sensitive infant so strong but the eleven year old Dathomirian and Master Narec that you two rescued and bought to the temple… I still have no idea what you two were DOING out there.” She shook his her head, her impressive monterals catching the light.

Mace and Obi-Wan traded glances. “…Honeymoon?” The younger part suggested.

“You’re underage.” Mace snorted.

“Could still be a honeymoon.” Obi-Wan shrugged. They hadn’t gotten one while on Tatooine, had done a Tatooine ceremony for a marriage but it had been enough for the officials there at least.

“It is certainly not a honey moon. Force Obi-Wan you are seventeen.” Mace huffed then turned his attention back to Anakin. “Did you hear him?”

Anakin bubbled up at him, staring with wide eyes.

“I know! That’s what I’m telling him.” Mace shook his head with a grumble.

“Killjoy.” Obi-Wan muttered quietly while the rest of the Jedi stared at the two in quiet despair.

What in Sith’s rear hinds names were going on?

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If Yamato heard TK say he wants to be tais borhter he could be like. I can make that happen *slides up to tai* Hey babe


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Could we have reactions / headcanons on how Ace, Sabo, Zoro and Shanks upon hearing their s.o accidentaly call them 'anatta' / dear after being a while in the relationship? Bcs 'anatta' is usually used wirh married couples sooo . I could see the friends/crewmates teasing them endlessly tbh XD


  • Would choke on his own oxygen
  • Blush like hellfire!
  • But he would totally love it!
  • Might consider proposing in the future after this
  • But then he’d get really scared because of what the Marines would do to them if they found out
  • Would finally be really really confused


  • Would also blush like hellfire
  • Probably splutter
  • If they’re do it to tease him, he’d chide them about it
  • I think he’s very traditional about marriage with regards to how special it is
  • Would blush every time he thought about it


  • Much blush also
  • Would either tease them about it
  • or he’d splutter and tell them not to be so dozy as to accidentally say that
  • Would freak out whenever someone brought it up
  • But would also question if it meant his s/o wanted to marry him


  • Freezes
  • Is he actually married?
  • Was he so drunk that he actually got married?
  • Would act like he was married to them until he was called out on it
  • Might try to ease the tension by jokingly offer to marry them
  • Would laugh so much when people mention it

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"You spent how much?"

Evelyn waves her hand like the amount she just said was nothing short of pocket change, as she winds around the kitchen like it were her own.

Ginny shakes her head at her friend, glancing at Mike to see if he’d heard, but he’s completely engrossed with the baby he has bouncing on his knee.  Her chubby hands reach out to grab his beard, triumphant squeals of glee echoing throughout the house.

A soft smile comes to Ginny’s lips as she takes in the scene.

“Is Kaia flying?” He asks, and she gives a loud squawk in response, her limbs flailing about.  Her daughter’s eyes alight with excitement and complete adoration for the man in front of her.

Evelyn startles her from behind, coming to lean her head on Ginny’s shoulder, staring at the sight she can’t help but tear herself away from.

“I don’t know how you get anything done around here,” she teases, but as Mike lifts the baby girl over him, the complete trust she has that he won’t drop her, Ginny’s not really sure how she manages to function anymore either.

At her lack of response, Evelyn laughs.

“Well, at least I know how he managed to worm his way into your pants,” and Ginny turns to look at her aghast, with a swat of her hand.


“You didn’t let me finish, I was going to say, ‘and your heart.’”

“You’re awful, you know that, right?” She says with a slight heat traveling up her neck, as she glances down to mess with the string of her hoodie.  The flush of knowing full well that it was indeed the same man, with his endless encouragement, admiration, and trust in her, along with some liquid courage that had resulted in him not only landing her in bed, but a permanent member of the family, plus one.

“Mmhmm,” Evelyn sarcastically hums to herself.  “I’m not the one living in sin,” she says with a wink.

Ginny narrows her eyes at Evelyn, the subject of making things official having come up once with Mike when she first got pregnant, and never again upon her insistence.  And now, it seemed she had scared him off for good, almost a year having passed since Kaia was born, and Ginny’s having successfully transitioned back into the game.

Things were good.  Perfect even.  She didn’t necessarily need a ring, a document to prove anything to her.  But she couldn’t help the prickle of doubt whenever someone would bring up the subject.

Plopping onto the stool at the counter, she rests her elbows on the cool surface, her face supported by her naked fingers, a fact no one would allow her to forget.

“Gin, look, I know you don’t need to get married.  I only bring it up because you two are so sickeningly cute together with your little family that I just want you to have everything…big expensive diamond and everything.”

Ginny rolls her eyes at the mention of a big expensive ring, but the idea of a marriage, though tainted by the example she had been presented with as a child, slowly sounding more and more appealing as she realizes what that would actually mean, a life spent with Mike.

“I guess it wouldn’t be sooo terrible to be married to Mike,” she admits to Evelyn, and the squeal she lets out is one akin to her baby.

“That’s all I’m saying,” she gets out after taking a breath.  A knowing, bright smile taking over her face, as she motions with her chin to look behind her.

Two matching smiles meet her’s one hindered by a beard, the other one almost identical to her own, shared dimples on full display.

“There’s my baby girl,” she coos at Kaia, and she makes for grabby hands towards her, as she lunges into her arms, quickly snuggling into her chest.

Mike places a quick kiss on Ginny’s forehead before heading around towards Evelyn, grabbing a water.

“So what have you girls been talking about in here?” He asks, guzzling from the bottle.

Ginny runs a hand over Kaia’s little curls, lightly rocking her.

“How much Evelyn spent on a pair of shoes,” she offers.  “Your Aunt Evy, looooves shoes,” she says in a raspy voice that has the baby smiling.

Lowering the water bottle, Mike smiles at the two of them, snuggled in the hoodie, the same look of contentment and wonder Evelyn had witnessed on Ginny’s face just minutes before.

“You both are idiots,” she says with an exasperated gesture.

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