sooo i'm gonna make a couple things with them

Everyone else in the room can see it...

SOOO! About the Fantástico interview. I’m Brazillian and the interview aired in here, and so my mom consequently ended up watching. She called me right after.

She’s so fucking skeptical about things, I swear. But as soon as she called me because “Julia the boys of One Direction were on TV! They are beautiful!” so she wanted to make sure I watched it as well.

She instantly referred to Harry and Louis as “the couple” because the were sat close and kept sharing these little glances. She said that she found weird their answers to the superpower question because they both answered “time travel” and Louis said something like “going back in time and taking a break”, something like it, and I asked why she found it weird, she said “well, not weird, but like. They answers were very similar, so I think they were talking about each other. And also, the one with the fringe (Louis) kept looking at Harry (she knows Harry, lol) and they look very much in love. They are a cute couple”. 

What’s the point about me posting this? 

Their interactions are increasing much more each day, each interview. They both are more free to interact and we are very happy about it, but we already know about Larry. This is someone who’s not into 1D and who’s got eyes and who’s seen an interview and referred to them as a couple because everyone can see it. They are not being subtle at all and I think this is amazing! We’ve come so far, they’ve come so far and I’m proud! 

This is about people outside this fandom recongnizing that there’s something going on between them both, and I think that we are not seeing how fucking huge this is because we’re already here, so we just “add another moment to the next to you collection”, but outside people can fucking see it! This is wonderful. 

So yeah, the temperature of the water guys… It’s working. And honestly, people who can’t see it are not even blind, they’re merely living in denial, seriously. Just pay a little attention and you’ll see it. And it’s beautiful.

I’m tagging @zenlikejen and @lhrry because I may have freaked out with them and yeah, that’s it.