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Aaron had a rough time of it this year, sorting out a birthday present for his husband…

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Reasons that Makise Kurisu is a precious sweet raisin muffin and deserves to be protected

Number One: Her adherence to the girl code. I mean, when she heard that Mayuri was a “hostage?” Hell no. She’s calling the cops. Okabe does that moronic thing where he grabs Rukako’s crotch (which is totally uncool even if the person is the same gender as you?)- Kurisu whacks him with a book, making it emphatically clear that she will not put up with this shit. And in the movie, when she suspects that Daru may be misleading or otherwise bamboozling Amane Yuki? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE DARU. She makes it a point to defend other chicks from gross dudes and I wholeheartedly applaud.

Number Two: How generally kind she is in general. I mean, she gives what she gets when Okabe teases her or Daru cracks a dirty joke, and she doesn’t take any crap, and she’s a hopeless tsundere, but her interactions with Mayuri are liquid gold. She never looks down on Mayuri for her more simple-minded nature (not that I am implying that Mayuri is stupid, because she is not), and always takes the time to calmly and patiently explain things in Mayushii’s terms. Also, every “sweetie” that passes between those two makes me glow ok

Number Three: When it all goes south and Moeka raids the lab for the first time, in the VN Makise is stated to be wearing the Time Leap Headset before Okabe even gets to the machine. He then takes it off of her head and places it on his own. Makise barely knows Mayuri, and she is still willing to take on the responsibility of leaping to save her life. Just. Just.

Number Four: During this same scene, Kurisu asks Okabe several times if he is sure about this decision. Now, at the time when I was reading the VN, I was screaming at her to just “push the goddamned button already,” but in hindsight, I realize- Makise doesn’t know what’s going to happen when she presses that button. Okabe is emotionally distraught. He may not be thinking clearly. (In the VN, when Mayuri is first shot, he goes into this brief sort of shock where he just goes blank, and then goes into this blind rage- he has already exhibited signs of being extremely unbalanced, and I don’t blame him.) Therefore, Kurisu stands there and asks, again and again, until she is shot.

Number Five: How supportive in general she is during this expedition to save Mayuri? Again, Makise just met these people a few weeks ago, and she is still a pillar of strength and support to Okabe during this ordeal. She helps in any way she can, and can we just talk about that impression of Okabe’s Hououin act? She acts like she completely despises this whole mad scientist act, and yet she does it in an attempt to cheer him up. She’s just. My girl.

Number Six: When she goes with Mayuri to Comima knowing that she is going to have to watch her die, so Okabe can have more time to look for Moeka? It kills me. Especially since you can actually hear the pain in that woman’s voice in both the VN and the anime. She cares. So much. Just. I cry. Help.

Number Seven: I know I’m giving a lot of reasons from the VN, but goddamnit, the Visual Novel is so good, and gives us such great character expansion, 10/10 recommend. Anyhow, when Okabe is about to throw down with Moeka in her apartment, Makise advises Okabe to kill Moeka if he needs to. Now, this would not seem like something that one should love her for- but the way she handles it is sublime. She tells Okabe that he can’t be afraid to kill her if he needs to- but that he is always going to have to carry the guilt and burden of his actions along with him. It is not okay, and she’s not saying that it is- but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and that’s exactly what he needed to hear right then. (Of course, ultimately, Okabe couldn’t find it in him to kill her, but that’s beside the point.)

Number Eight: Ok, I don’t even know how to touch that scene where they kiss. Basically, Kurisu now knows that in order for Mayuri to live, she is going to have to die- and she accepts this. She tells Okarin to do this. Because she has figured out that Okabe pretty much can’t live without Mayuri, and she wants them both to be happy- so she decides that this is the right thing to do. She even attempts to comfort Okabe afterward, saying things such as “think of me as alive in another worldline, like I am in America-”. This girl is literally about to give her life, and she is comforting the man who will essentially be her murderer.

Number Nine: Oh, God, when her father is trying to kill her, she doesn’t even look angry, just scared and confused and hurt- and please can my ot3 be canon so this woman can have twice the love? She needs it? Help her??


Number Eleven: After Okabe actually saves her this time, and is standing there with a stab wound, she is immediately concerned and trying to help. And yeah, he saved her life, but I also seem to recall him threatening her piece-of-shit father with disembowelment and that is a bit scary ok

Number Twelve: How in the OVA she runs off into the desert after Okabe without even pausing to fill her gas tank because she was worried that she had hurt him so badly that he ran off into the wild blue yonder? Help?

Number Thirteen: the movie fucked my Kurisu feels all up, ya’ll. Just, how she’s so distraught and upset by Okabe’s disappearance (despite all this bullshit about hating him and him being annoying- which he is, but girl you so gone, please), that she time leaps- and then ends up attempting to respect his final wishes by not doing it again or changing the past. But then she realizes that LOL NOPE everyone is pretty much miserable and feeling that something is missing, so she brings him back- with flair, and after a beastmode impression of his Hououin Act- again.

Number Thirteen: The movie, ya’ll, that part in the movie where Mayuri starts crying because she can’t really remember Okarin but she knows that something she loves is missing, and Kurisu just, like, gently embraces her and says she’ll make it right? Help? These? Girls?

Wow, this ended up even longer than Okabe’s- someone help me my children are making my eyes water who is cutting onions in here

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do you think double b had a fight and that's why they were kinda dead for a while recently? or do we just not see everything off camera haha

hahahahahahaah i think that maybe during the radio show they fighting with each other. But when you are living with people and seeing them 24/7 you can get annoyed at little things, it’s normal.But i am 100% they have patched things up now. 

Look at them…

I can’t be physically there for my friend Marissa (the-samhain-sister) (and I can’t tag her because I’m on mobile) sooo I resort to things like this. Marissa, I made this with pictures of nature I thought you would like to make you feel grounded. I added amethyst for all of its powers and because purple is your favorite color. And it’s got a Carrie Fisher quote because, just like her, you’re strong and smart and capable and you can fight your mental illness. I love you

People claiming that Samurai Jack was ruined by forced heterosexuality have clearly forgotten that bi/pan/ace people still exist and just because Jack is with a female doesn’t automatically mean he has to be straight

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)

and the sun is so bright that i’m squinting by  LauraHollis / @bisexualbuffy

“Buffy Anne Summers, you budding lesbian, you can’t just send me a measly text and expect me to be satisfied! I need all the juicy details! Faith’s lips always looked soft– are they soft? Don’t hold out on me.” 

          /hand on shoulder / okay so there was this trend in my state last year where people would freeze their pants outside and having them “walking” or “standing” or just generally “hanging ( chilling ) about”, /hand on shoulder / and if you don’t think that prom wouldn’t do that in a heartbeat given the chance, / hand on shoulder/ friend  /hand on shoulder /