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If you’ve ever been confused on how to utilise AO3 to the best of your ability - from profiles, to the search function, to filters - then check out FYEF’s [AO3 GUIDE] tag. I’m about to give you the best guide to AO3 you’ll ever see. This guide has been created to assist you all in making the most of your account, and has been HIGHLY requested by our followers, and even people from other fandoms. Enjoy!

MY ACCOUNT : Today, we’re going to be focusing on two sections of the Account page - your personal information, and your statistics, viewing history and subscriptions.

Most people don’t realise that AO3 has a very useful profile option. You can add your tumblr or any other social media accounts that you’d like to promote, and you can tell people a bit about yourself. You can even use it to make announcements in case you haven’t had time to update ANY of your fics (easier than editing the summary of each, right?!)

If you’d like to add a link to your account, here is an example of the HTML required.

AO3 requires HTML in profiles (and I believe in fanfiction summaries). Does HTML confuse you? If so, there’s a handy pop-up when you click “Edit My Profile” that explains how AO3 formats HTML and what HTML you can use. Here’s how to find it.

The HTML you will be using most is <i></i> and <b></b>. Pretty easy to remember, especially if you’ve ever dabbled around in your own tumblr theme.

TIP: There is a subscribe option when you visit anyone’s account. This lets you subscribe to your favourite authors and receive notifications. It works identically to series and work subscriptions. It’s a useful option so you don’t lose an author, or a fic. Use it!

You know what else you can edit on your AO3 profile? Your pen name! On AO3, you can have as many pseuds (short for pseudonyms) as you like. These pseuds can be anything, for anyone. This can be particularly useful if you write for multiple fandoms and you want to separate them somehow (maybe you have different tumblr URLs you want to name them after). This is also useful for people who SHARE AO3 accounts. You can post works under whichever pseud you like, have separate icons, and separate your bookmarks this way. Here is an example of what multiple pen names looks like on AO3.

If you want to add a work on a different pseud, after you’ve created one (in the Edit My Profile section), you simply click the drop down menu - your username - and it will display each of your pen names. Click the one you’d like to post from, and “Post New” works from there.

If you want to add a bookmark under a specific pen name, this is pretty simple too. You simply choose the drop down option when you bookmark normally.

I think pseudonyms are the one thing that people overlook on AO3. Even I didn’t notice until too long ago. But it’s crazily useful!

Of course, on your account there are the necessary privacy options under “Preferences”. You can choose to get email notifications for your works, turn off/on viewing history, etc. There’s not too much to say about that - it’s pretty straight forward! The sections under Preferences include PRIVACY, DISPLAY, STATISTICS, COMMENTS, COLLECTIONS CHALLENGES & GIFTS, and MISC. I would recommend having a look through your own settings. You can also edit your timezone here.

I know what you’re probably thinking now.

We’ve done Profiles, Preferences and now… what the hell are SKINS? No, it’s not something weird. It’s basically just a customisation of your AO3 account or works, to either yourself or to others. Think of it like a tumblr theme. You can choose one and edit it as much as you like, but they still have all the core features (ask, submit, links, sidebar, etc.) AO3 skins are pretty much that. You can just change the aesthetics of your account. If you want to change how you see your AO3, click on “Public Site Skins” for those other people have created (unless you’d like to make your own!) If you’d like to change how your works appear to other people, click “Public Work Skins”. Again, AO3 has its handy little ? pop up to help you out.

Here is an example of what a Public Site Skin can look like:

I’m going to be skipping the WORKS, DRAFTS, SERIES, BOOKMARKS and COLLECTIONS section, as that will be an entirely different post. Let’s hop straight ahead to STATISTICS. 

Statistics shows you everything you need to know about your accounts and your fanfictions - your hits, kudos, comments, user subscriptions, etc. I’ve provided an example from a separate fandom account. 

Your History… well, it’s just your viewing History. There is also a “Marked For Later” option. If you ever find a fic that you want to read, but don’t want to bookmark incase you don’t like it, mark it for later! You can simply go into your History and find it again. The Viewing History is also particularly useful for fics you’ve lost. If you’ve lost it recently (within the last few weeks) you might be able to find it in a few minutes by having a browse. I guess that depends on if you’re an extreme reader though. If not, there’s a tip for you! Here’s an example of what it can look like.

We have already briefly covered Subscriptions - you can subscribe to an author by viewing their profile, to a series by viewing the series, and to a work by viewing the work! Many people overlook the idea of a work subscription, and assume a bookmark is supposed to do the job for you. Bookmark a fic if you love it, it’s completed, and you want to leave that feedback. If you have SO many bookmarks and the fic is currently being updated, SUBSCRIBE! You will get a notification when it updates, and it will be another form of feedback for the author. It’s a really awesome feature provided by AO3 and I urge you all to use it. I couldn’t live without it.

There are some more categories on your ACCOUNT page, but these will be touched upon in a separate guide, in an attempt to provide as much detail and not make it excruciatingly long. By styling the AO3 guides like this, we are able to give you all the option to choose which one you need the most help with. Next up will be the next ACCOUNT Guide, so remember to check FYEF’s [AO3 GUIDE] tag for future explanation and tips!

| The Guy Next Door |

Agron had just returned from his charge, relieved to be home for the next little while until he was called to duty again. He had already made phone calls to the regular people he had to notify that he had arrived home and safe. Being in the military, he of course had family and friends who held concern for him, but he returned in one piece. Rather than a body bag. With that said, he was looking forward to a quiet evening at home, far too tired to go out or enjoy any excitement over returning. Mira had picked him up from the airport and after thanking her, he made his way inside. 

On his way in, he was informed of a party to welcome a new resident in the building, but Agron politely declined the invitation. Eventually, he made it to his apartment. He was greeted by his two cats, ones who had been recently dropped off by Mira. Agron smiled at the way his home had been prepared for his return. Especially the food in the fridge. He quickly showered and changed into comfortable clothing and found his way outside on his balcony. 

A beer in hand, he sat down on a chair, one of his cats already making comfortable on his lap. He looked at the apartment next to him, the party clearly going strong, but Agron continued to have a lacking desire to go. Or perhaps it was a lacking energy. He instead enjoyed the nicely weathered evening. Though, he found himself quickly distracted when he heard the balcony door open from the source of the party and out stepped a young man that Agron found his eyes locking onto. 


carriebella  asked:

Can i get a laxus as the ceo of a company and the character is like his assistant or vice president of the company and they tease each other in the office.During the anniversary party shit goes down when they are dancing and then sexy time happens😁

This is dedicated to my tumblr bestie who wrote this request :)) I really hope you like it and thanks for everything <3 you’re the best :**

Warning!! NSFW!! Lemon!! Teasing and a lot of hot stuff!!

Reader P.O.V.
When I signed the contract to be the new assistant of the CEO of the company, I did not know I signed up for so many other things too. Let me explain what I mean; the CEO of the company I now work for is Laxus Dreyar, first I thought that he’s probably a very old and grumpy man, leading such a big and successful company but I probably have never been so wrong in my entire life…he’s easily one of the hottest man I’ve ever seen in person. The type you think only exist in books but this guy is my boss and I’m enjoying it.

The first few weeks were nothing special, I did what I had to do, fangirled a little over my hot boss and tried not to stare to much. After a month things started to get more interesting, he sometimes didn’t do his hair which made him even sexier, loosened his cravat and leaned back while stretching so I could see all the muscles and to top that he once even open the first few bottoms of his shirt. I had to watch out not to drool over his sexy appearance. And the best thing was I noticed that he did it on purpose, the hot look he gave me and his motions, I knew he did it on purpose. But I know how to play along. I have some features to show off too and I did show them of…ohh how I showed them off. I started wearing tighter jeans at first, then shirts which made my boobs look as good as they are, short skirts and one time even some hot stockings. That time I put on these sexy black stockings together with a black short skirt and a blouse with a reeeaally deep neckline, Laxus choked on his coffee when I entered the room. He didn’t say anything just tried to steady his breath and not to undress me with his eyes and I acted as innocent as possible. But I felt the stares he gave me and the best part was, when I wanted me to get something from the drawer. I had to bend over to get the papers he ordered me to get so I bended over so he had a perfect view of my nice ass. I got the papers and when I turned around he had a deep red on his cheeks and I could see the temptation in his eyes….and god I enjoyed teasing him so much. I handed him the papers and he looked at me, it was hard to hide that vicious smile of mine. Then he suddenly asks if I’d like to come to the anniversary party, my work time here is pretty short and normally only the employees who work for the company for a very long time are invited, so I was a little surprised but of course I agreed to come…at the back of my head I saw that one specific dress in my closet ooh poor Laxus, hopefully his jeans aren’t to tight.

The day of the anniversary came and without sounding conceited I looked hot as hell. My dress is all black with one slice on the left up to my tight till you could nearly see my underwear…if I’d wear any. It has short sleeves which don’t over my shoulders but my arms (like that for any confusion <- link) and you can see my whole back. My hair is up in a messy but fabulous looking bun and I wear makeup but not too much, just to underline my natural features. I enter the building where the anniversary is set and a nice guy leads me to the ballroom. The room is not to bright which gives everything an elegant aura. There’s a bar and a band which is playing some soft music. I look around, greet some of my coworkers and go to the bar. On my way there I found Laxus and sweet jesus on an airplane he looks fire! He wears a black shirt with a loose wine red cravat, together with some black jeans, his hair is kinda messy but still looking professional. I think ovaries explode every second. He caught me while I was staring because when I looked into his handsome face he had that vicious smile of knowing on. But I knew exactly what to do now, I walk up to him and greet him with a nice smile, he then offers me to buy a drink and I agree with a thank you. i follow him to the bar and sit down on one of those bar stools, then I cross my legs so the slice of my dress does its job and shows my perfectly shaped legs nearly up to my non existing underwear. When the bartender hands Laxus the drink he’s so focused on my legs that he spills the drink all over his black shirt. What a shame. I grin and he knows that I know. Still acting innocent I offer him to help him wash the stain out. He hesitates for a second but then agrees with one of this smiles again…what is now going on?

We head to the mens bathroom because there’s less action well actually non because we took the bathroom at the second floor. I can wash out the stain without Laxus taking of his shirt…but with the opportunity? I ask him to take the shirt of because it’s easier for me that way…I’m such a lying bitch. He grins again but takes of his shirt. He really is the hottest looking male I’ve ever seen and he has a tattoo…I’m so sold! I take the shirt and a little bit of soap to get the stain out when I notice Laxus standing right behind me, he leans forward to whisper in my ear “I know what you’re up to and I think you know what I’m up to as well, you really know how to tease a man and I’m very hard to seduce… but you are something really special, my love” I look at him threw the mirror and I grin “ Well, seems like you got me…what are you gonna do now?” Letting out a short laugh he says “What happens normally when someone misbehaves?… They get punished.” My eyes open and he turns me around into a forceful kiss, he picks me up so I can sit on the edge of the sink. We start to heavily make out and he touches everything he can get. Then suddenly he stops and looks at me, I’m a little bit confused but then “I can’t wait.” he locks the door to the bathroom and takes his cravat off while I kick of my shoes and greet him again with open arms. We start to make out again when he asks how much that dress was, I couldn’t think straight anymore so I said that it was about 100, he stops for a second “ah, I’ll buy you a new one” and rips my dress apart. Now I sit there completely naked because I don’t wear any underwear and it seems like Laxus is surprised too. “ Since it’s you I dare to think you planed this…and I don’t mind at all” he continues touching my whole body with his strong and rough hands, he grabs my boobs and squishes them while he places kisses on my neck which slowly turn into hickeys. Continuing kissing down my cleavage he lifts my leg and caresses it with his fingertips. Kissing my breasts he gets closer and closer to my core with his fingers. My head feels dizzy already and I’m probably not even able to stand straight anymore. As he reaches my core he starts kissing me again to oppress my moans, he’s so perfect with his fingers oh my god. I’m a mess in his hands and he knows it. When he though he’s driven me crazy enough he turns me around again so I’m facing the mirror…oh gosh I know what he has in mind. He leans forward again whispering “ Look at that pretty face of yours while I fuck you senseless.” oh. my. god. He really isn’t a man of empty words. I can barely breath while he literally fucks my senses out, his low moans, his hot body on mine and seeing mine and his face in the mirror is what I hope heaven looks and feels like. His strong hand grab my waist hard, so there’re going to be bruises the next day but I don’t care! He kisses my neck and sometimes bites into it when he feels like a louder moan is coming from him. I don’t mind if he hears my moans and screaming, I think that’s actually exactly what he wants me to do. I feel that I’m reacting my limits as this is probably the best sex I’ve ever had. At one point I just can’t hold it anymore and grab the sink hard while I try not to scream to loud. I hear Laxus cursing something behind me “Shit you’re so damn perfect!” as he comes too. Not being able to stand on my own yet, Laxus steadies me a bit while trying to catch breath again. I can’t believe I just got fucked in a bathroom…by my boss…at the anniversary of the company. As Laxus is able to talk normally again he mentions something I haven’t thought about yet “ Ahm…sorry for ripping your dress apart…you maybe ahmm….have nothing to wear now…ups” my mind goes blank for a second…how am I supposed to get home now?

I feel sooo dirty right now xD hopefully you like it because I owe you so much and this is my way to give at least a little bit back <33 

askmyocsandrpwiththem  asked:

🍊 ((maybe decorations being prepared for their wedding finally?))

🎃 - carving pumpkins. //I am assuming that you didn’t have the actual emoji so that was the closest anyway

Gardner had never before carved pumpkins or anything with Halloween intentions involved as on Mars they didn’t really celebrate the Holidays like they obviously did on Earth, but Lizzy promised she’d show him how it was done and they’d get ready for the upcoming wedding as well as Lizzy and Ana had gone out and en mass bought a whole lot of Halloween related decorations.

“So you do what again?” a confused Gardner questions again frowning at his as yet untouched pumpkin that Lizzy had handed him.



I had a bunch of white spaces in the walls that I couldn’t erase sooOO I thought “HEY! WHY NOT SHADINGGG??” Sooo this happened ppftt-

Hopefully you like it bROOOO *hUGSS*

“The Back 40” Harry Styles AU mature one shot

The next upload (hopefully Saturday or Sunday ) will be from a AU one shot series. ( it was suppose to have 3 parts but I only did the first one ) called “The Back 40”

( short breakdown / summary)

The One shot takes place during “Electric Forest” (Google it if your not from the Midwest/never heard of it)
In the story friends Stassie and Nick decide to rent out “the back 40” for the festival weekend. Which holds 10 people, she brings 4 of her girls and he brings his boys. One who happens to be Harry, a 20 yr old frat boy at U of M (yessss lol he’s still British btw )

The two know of each other through social media and The occasional frat party but now that Stass, is finally single …. She wouldn’t mind realllly getting to know him! Which shouldn’t be hard to do considering they’ll be at a festival together all weekend with a ton of alcohol, music , and will be living together!

Each part in the series was suppose to span the 3 day festival weekend ( hints why there was suppose to be 3 parts) but as of now there’s just part one… Which dose include smut !!!

Sooo hopefully you guys enjoy it when it’s up!! :)
Like? Then like/ hit up the ask… I may try and upload tomorrow IF I can!

Also I’m posting pics from electric forest last yr if your curious