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i'm so sorry your probably gonna get a million and one of these asks but will you still be updating on tapas? the new site is gorgeous and I'm sooo excited for chapter 15! <3

Oh no, you’re fine :)

I’m thinking I will update one page per week there for now, but I’d like to eventually scale it back to less often. I keep thinking it over and I really want to ween people off of it and encourage it to be read on my site where I have control over everything. Even though most comments have been fine lately, I still feel uncomfortable that there’s not a block/report user option and that I can’t disable comments on certain pages. It makes me feel really vulnerable to the possibility of people acting like jerk farts, and y’all I don’t have time to worry about that and deal with toxicity…I just wanna draw my comic and have a good time LOL.

So to help incentivize y’all…I am uploading the entire interlude there this Wednesday and Chapter 15 will start next Sunday. Tapas will get the first page of the interlude next Sunday (and an announcement for the site on Wednesday).

Why the signs are excited

Aries: Dunkirk
Taurus: Dunkirk
Gemini: Dunkirk
Cancer: Dunkirk
Leo: Dunkirk
Virgo: Dunkirk
Libra: Dunkirk
Scorpio: Dunkirk
Sagittarius: Dunkirk
Capricorn: Dunkirk
Aquarius: Dunkirk
Pisces: Dunkirk

I literally almost scream every single time the Atomic Blonde trailer/commercial comes on screen bc I’m so excited for the movie, but then I remember that I have to hold it in otherwise my family will notice it… and it’s a pretty gay movie, so like I don’t wanna out myself ya feel


Can we have them back, please? Also HOW THE HECK? What does the Galra do to make their prisoners turn so pretty???

Return his glasses Pidge he is pouting and blind.