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Another video of Neymar and Rafinha attending the game against Deportivo [12/12/’15]

Neymar and Rafinha are having great time in the stand of Camp Nou. They make photos ‘Barça match with my bro’.

Rafinha discuss the match and even make bets. Ney is safe about who is going to win and takes a piece of gum.

Neymar is yawning while Rafinha’s talking gets interrupted by Barça’s first goal.

The second half Neymar arrives with his coffee and Rafinha brings the sugar.

A photo? Why not? But what is this? What a weird telephone… Here you go sir, your phone! You’re going to freak/flip out Instagram (with it).

The second of Barça and it seems done. More laughter and applause from the two. (…)

La p*ta… Ok, what do you have here? But Ney does not want one more (goal) and the Brazilian starts to get nervous and even starts to protest the referees decisions. (much to Rafa’s amusement)

Translated a great part of the video, but some things I couldn’t understand.

Modern Robb

Imagine talking to Robb Stark on the phone ALL THE TIME….and Ned Stark being a sassy Father and teasing Robb about it.

“No you hang up,” - Robb

You giggle “No you hang up!”

*Ned on the other line of the house land line* “Oh my GODS! You two are SOOO cute!”

“DAD!” Robb screams and you just blush and hurriedly hangs up. Robb walks into the living room where Ned and Cat are sipping glasses of wine and laughing their asses off. Robb shakes his head “Not cool, Dad, not cool at all.”

Cat Chariot Cafe

Pairing: Lie Ren x Reader

Fandom: RWBY

Author’s Note: Okay so, I did promised that I would post some of my stories from my Grab Bag collection over on AO3. I wasn’t that confident about it, but I started to appreciate this one which was based off a prompt on imagine-rwby. The gender of the reader is never mentioned, so interpret it as you want.

PromptImagine not having a good day so Ren drags you to a newly opened cat cafe, he smiles and sips his tea as several kittens demanded your attention.

Warning(s): Fluff and like 1 swear word. Nothing else. Enjoy~

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Hey, so I was wondering how the 2k12 guys would react to their brothers making shippy comments whenever (turt) and his crush were in the same area? ("Aww, you two are sooo cute!" "Are those wedding bells?" "JUST KISS ALREADY, GOD")

Leo would be super embarrassed and probably scold his brothers for it later. But when his crush says that she thinks its cute that they do that, he’ll probably thank his brothers later. 

Raph would be pissed. His brother were going to pay in training! But, his crush thinks its cute, so he’s gonna passive aggressive thank them later. 

Donnie would blush, and remember when they did that with him and April. He’d probably smack Mikey, considering he’s the one that would do it the most, but thank them after he found out his crush thought it was cute. 

Mikey would straight up say thank you. Like, no joke. He’d be sooooo confident and everything,his brothers stopped doing it to piss him off. 

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you are your gf are sooo cute💕 tbh i lost all faith in love but after seeing you two, i believe in it again (sorry that sounded cheesy lol) but you guys are actually goals💯 and i wish you both the best!❤

awwww thankyou 😭💘💘


  • Beca and Chloe: *finish singing Titanium*
  • Me: OMG!!! That was amazing! You guys are sooo cute. *claps hands* You two are perfect for each other.
  • Beca: *looks down then hastily looks to the ceiling* *clears her throat*
  • Chloe: *looks down* Oh, yeah, I'm pretty confident about all this. *waving her hands over her body*
  • Beca: Yeah, you should be. *small smile*
  • Me: *smiling so widely that it doesn't even look human* *with wide eyes*
  • Tommy: *walks in*
  • Me: You son of a $@!!#!$. GO AWAY!! go, shoo. *throws pillow at tv* You ruined it!!! *glares at tv*

Noctis + camera for @nathandraeke! Happy birthday ♥

(Screenshot credits to @bonanobanana)

I Want Her To Be Mine - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Some Teen Wolf imagines today, because I just watched the 2 first episodes of season 5 and I can’t stop thinking about them…. And Liam was super cute in the first two eps, sooo…. HERE YOU GO!

«Who are you?» Malia stood by the door of Stiles’ room, looking angrily at the girl currently laying on Stiles’ bed, looking at one of the many papers littered around Stile’s bedroom floor. 

The rest of the pack came bursting into the room straight after Malia, looking equally as confused as her. All but one. 

 «Grace?! What the hell are you doing here?» Stiles said surprised as he took one step into the room, so he stood halfway in front of Malia, in case she decided to leap at the girl. Which was a possibility considering she was already in defense position. 

 «Stiles! Finally! Someone is actually still living here!» Grace said as she turned fully to the group of very confused teenagers. «Oh! And by the way, your fridge is empty. So I went to the store for you, which explains why I have this candy right here-« She pointed to the candy in her hand. «so now there is actually something eatable in this house, beside the water, which I am really not sure is a good idea to drink either.» She rambled on. 

 «scuse me, but who are you?» Malia tried once again, taking one step forward, so she now stood beside Stiles. 

 «Grace. Stiles’ cousin on his mother’s side. The cousin which he isn’t very good in keeping in touch with!» She directed the last part at Stiles. «Neither you, nor Uncle Stilinski is very good with taking your phone.» She looked accusingly over at her cousin. 

 «I’ve been kind of busy.» Stiles defended, walking a bit closer to her. 

 «I can see that. And honestly it’s a shock for me that you’re not dead yet.» 

«What?» Stiles squinted his eyes at his cousin, not really knowing, but still knowing what she was talking about. Grace just gestured to the papers around the room, not bothering to answer her stupid cousin. 

 «How do you-?» Stiles trailed off. 

 «Know this? I swear, this side of the family is so unknowing.» She muttered the last part more to herself, as Scott walked into the room. 

 «Hi, Scott!» She waved at him, smiling widely. 

 «Have I met you before? You seem familiar.» 

 «Yeah, when we were about 8.» She answered simply. 

 «Wait a bit now, Gracie.» Stiles still stood there pretty confused as he came to sit beside her on the bed. «You know about all of this?» He gestured to all his research hanging on his walls about the supernatural world. 

 «Yeah, know most of it by memory actually.» She said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. 

 «Why?» Stiles pushed on. 

 «I’m a w-« Grace was cut of by Liam stumbling into the room. 

 «Sorry, I’m late guys-« He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Grace sitting on the bed together with Stiles. It was as if the world stopped around him as he looked at her. Scott furrowed his eyebrows at his beta’s reaction, listening to his heartbeat, which was racing in his chest. For a split second Liam’s eyes glowed, but they were quickly back to normal again. 

 «As I was saying-« Grace looked away from Liam again, her heart going in the same pace as his, but she ignored it for the time being. «I’m a warlock.»


Liam was quickly filled in on what he had missed by Scott, who watched his beta attentively, as Liam continued to stare at Grace. At the moment she sat engrossed in a conversation with Malia, while the others was scattered around. 

«What’s the matter, Liam?» Scott asked, even though he knew Liam was just acting like a love sick puppy, the shifting color of Liam’s eyes hadn’t gone unnoticed by Scott. Liam looked up at his Alpha, knowing he couldn’t lie. 

 «I don’t know. It’s like anything else I have ever felt. It’s like I want her. I want her to be mine. Only mine. I’m feeling protective just by Malia being close to her.» The beta looked helplessly over at Grace again, like he couldn’t stand being so far away from her. That far away being 4 meters. 

 «I want her to be mine.» He whispered again, before going to lean against the wall, listening to Grace and Malia’s conversation.


Part 2

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Many ponies were still arriving…

And each Unicornian Guards were keeping a keen eye on every one of them.

(Those two pictures were the only pictures that survived that crash my computer had…)

Some traveled there from beyond Equestria’s boarders.

Some were even from new countries.

America: So you finally split up with England? Congradulations!

Canada: Oh yeah, eh. He was such a snob, eh.

(I can’t be the only one who pictures a England pone to be a gentle-colt looking stallion, but really is a stuck up snob XP)

A few fillies could be spotted here and there as well, nothing unusual about that…

Miss Romancedy: Aaaaww, well aren’t you two the cutest.

Minty: Sooo cute, I could just eat you up!

Sockz: *intense blushing*

though some guests were a bit unusual…

Banana Pie: Would you like a banan?

Fezzy: You mean banana?

Banana Pie: Banan!

Fezzy: No, banana…

Banana Pie: Banan!

Fezzy: Ugggh…

Rainbow Melody: *snickers*

Some, to be perfectly honest were a bit slow…

*Group laughter*

Safari and Explorer: Hahaha - *suddenly freeze in place*

Shroud: Uuuuum…?

Chrome: It’s alright, this happens alot…


Sorry it’s on paper again. I’m laziez and I’m starting to learn how to drive and getting ready for my senior year of high schoolz :D

So to make up for it, here are the full outfit art for the cameos in another post.




















Music Video

Request: F.O.B. ask you and Mikey to be a couple in their music video

a/n: Fall Out Boy asks Michael to be in their music video but the girl doesn’t show up so they ask you to play the part. request request request!

(part two)

Originally posted by xhemmohugsx

“y/n i’m so nervous, what if i fuck up and they never want to talk to me again, oh god!” Michael has been a nervous wreck ever since Pete from Fall Out Boy asked him to be in one of their music videos they were shooting, and today was the day his part was being shot and he couldn’t be anymore nervous, you’d known Michael for about five years now and he usually wouldn’t get nervous about anything so you knew it was a really big deal for him.

“relax Michael here have a beer” you smile handing him a beer. You and Michael shared in apartment since he wasn’t home enough to get his own place, but you weren’t complaining, you love having him here..actually you loved him in general, you had the biggest crush on him but you were to scared to get rejected so you kept it to yourself, you two were more like friends with benefits, you gave each other sexual favors and it’s been going well to say the least.

“thanks kitten” he chugs the beer down immediately and goes to look in the fridge for another.

woah there cowboy, you don’t want to show up drunk, then you’ll definitely fuck up!”

“shut up y/n you’re gonna jinx it!” he says rubbing his face, you push him towards the counter and inch as close as possible to him playing with the button of his jeans.

“i think i know what will help you relax baby..i mean only if you’re up for it?” you teasingly start to move away and he immediately pulls you into him and backs you up against the counter.

“yes, y/n i’m up for it, i need you.” you smirk at how easily you were able to have Michael in the palm of your hand.

“tell me what you want baby?”

“your mouth..i need your mouth baby please!” he groaned as you palmed him through your jeans, you got on your knees and pulled his jeans down to his ankles followed by his boxers. His member was already hard so you gave him a few pumps and took as much as you could into your mouth pumping the rest with your hands.

‘mmm, fuck y/n, your mouth feels so good, i’m not going to last long, let me fuck your mouth baby.” you rested your hands on his thighs allowing him to thrust into you.  

‘fuck, fuck, fuck!” you knew he was close so you bobbed your head faster making him cum

oh god. that..was fucking amazing and also quite embarrassing cause i came so quickly, i swear you can make me cum just by looking y/n it’s unfair”

“ oh boo hoo, cry me a river Clifford, hurry up an put your pants back on, we’ve got 30 mins to get to their house!”

we finally arrived to where the video was being shot, it was a nice condo, the theme was a summer party so they had gone all out with decorations and the people that’d be in the background. Michael was one of the main guys on the video. He was basically suppose to be a couple with some hot model chick which made you feel quite uneasy, what if Michael liked her and they date in real life it’d break your heart.

“Hey y/n!” the 5sos and fob boys were all there and you went around saying hello exchanging a few words.

“hey y/n so are you and Michael official now or what?” he says wiggling his eyebrows to you and Michael, jesus christ pete always asked this and it got more awkward every time! you didn’t even know what to respond so you turned to Michael nervously fixing his snapback.

“no man, we’re just really good friends.” you nod as his words hit you like a ton of bricks, you knew he didn’t want anything serious but you still had hope he liked you too even though he denied anything to do with you which broke your heart every time but you still loved him.

“Hey guys, the chick who’s suppose to play Mike’s gf called and she can’t make it..” their director says

“She has the flu so now we have no gf for the video unless you guys know someone who’s down to come do it on such short notice.”

“Fuck, are you serious? i don’t think i know anyone who can come down here asap, do you guys?” they all slowly shake their head and look at each other and then turn to you, fuck me.

“no, no, no don’t look at me! I don’t do videos! i’ve never acted in my life? I’m not even a model!”

“y/n c’mon! this is the only day we’re able to shoot the scene..pleeeeease!” Pete and Patrick are now pouting and giving you puppy dog eyes.

“okay but if i say yes what makes you think Michael will be willing to do it with me?” they all turn to Michael shrugging his shoulders.

“yeah, i don’t see why not?” he winks at you and you roll your eyes back at him.

“okay i’ll do it, wait! am i going to have to get naked?”

“you’ll just have to wait and find out!” Patrick yells as he makes his way to the party setup.

The acting was fairly easy, they made you two hold hands and give each other kisses on the cheek, typical bf/gf things. It was all fine and dandy until things started heating up once you had to dance with Michael and you took this chance to get him as flustered as possible. You swayed your hips to the beat of the music occasionally brushing your bum against Michael that was behind you holding you by your waist. You lifted your hands in the air and pulled Michael’s head into your neck, you could hear his breathing was getting uneasy.

“Okay guys! That was great, let’s get ready for the bedroom scene!” great, now you were really about to tease Michael.

“dang y/n, you two really looked like you were getting into that dancing!” Calum says laughing.

“yeah, i guess i’m just a good actress” you look to Michael slightly blushing in embarrassment and furrowing his eyebrows, he mouthed ‘what the fuck’ and you just smiled.

The bedroom scene was you two making out and grinding on each other to make it seem like you two were having sex. You were both only in your under wear and Michael was on top of you grinding on you and kissing up and down your neck. He did it so passionately that when you closed your eyes, it seemed as if he were really making love to you, how much you wished it was true but you brushed that to the back of your mind and focused on trying to make Michael painfully horny and flustered. You kissed him passionately and felt his torso feeling the goosebumps you gave him with your touch and scraped your nails on his back. He rested his head in the crook of you’re neck lightly grazing his teeth against your skin.

“i fucking love you y/n, i really fucking do..” you’re mind went blank, was he being serious or was that just part of the acting, a thousand thoughts rushed into your head all at once, you couldn’t say a word, you stared into his eyes as he stared back into yours confused at your silence..he really did mean it.

“And cut! that was fantastic guys! That’s a wrap!” you immediately pushed Michael off of you and put on the robe. You went into the bathroom to change into your clothes and to get your mind back to normal. What were you suppose to say to Michael? Was he going to avoid you? Or ask you how you felt? Or should you just act like if it was nothing? You fixed your hair and went into the back where the boys were having a few beers talking about guy stuff.

“Hey there’s the actress!” Pete yelled. You smiled shyly and got a beer for yourself. Michael came next to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“y/n you two were great, you acted like a real couple.. i totally ship you two in real life, you’d be sooo cute!” pete laughs and everyone follows after wiggling their eyebrows

“oh c’mon guys it was just acting!” you feel Michael stiffen.

“besides we’re JUST friends right mike?” you glare up at him as he removes his arm from around you and he stares down at his feet.

“yeah, just friends man..” he mumbles.

idk if i want to make a part two of this, let ya girl know! also i’m working on the other requests so stay tuned & stay rad! x


This is me and my cute new boyfriend @xxskylerwolfxx !!!

His name is Skyler, and his blue hair is amazing and he’s a huge nerd! We were hanging out at the mall today, and he and I ended up getting complementary three-piece sets!

Eventually, while in a Delia’s looking for jeans for him, I was sitting on a bench outside a changing room while he was trying on jeans. Then, an employee asked me, “Are you two dating? Because you’re sooo cute!” And I quietly responded, “No, but I’m planning to pop the question today!” to which she showed great amounts of joy.

While he was waiting for a purchase to go through, he asked, “Did she ask if we were dating?” and I said “Yes, and I told her that we’re not.” After a few seconds, I added, “I did tell her, however, of my plans for today.” This made Skyler blush so hard that he looked like a rose even with his purplish-blue hair. I then asked him if he’d like to go out with me, and his response was “Of course!”

We ended up buying complementary sets of a shirt/vest/tie combination, and we ended up kissing twice and hugging many times today, and I am very much into him. :)