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The Confusing Timeline of Legion of Super-Heroes.

Okay, if you think about it, there had been around eight incarnations of the Legion.

Pre-Zero Hour
Post Zero Hour
Fourboot/Superman and the Legion/John’s Legion/New 52 Legion (Also considered a continuation of the Pre-Zero Hour Legion but I don’t agree. There are enough differences for me to consider them something new.)
Rebirth (Not in existence yet… Expect for Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl whom both exist in some way.)
The Cartoon Legion (my babies)
The two Legions in Convergence (Legionnaires and Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes).
Oh yeah… Also the Legion that was in Superman the Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited.

So nine.

Ugh… being a Legion fan is hard.

(Also a tenth one for me considering my Legion World project.)

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WAIT why are the Karasuno dudes switching up their outfit colors?? I'm sooo confused -_-

Yes, since they are the “away” team and since Inarizaki is wearing an all black uniform, Karasuno is going with an all orange jersey (the one usually Noya wears) and Noya is wearing the “regular” one.

It’s a common practice, almost all the main teams already did it. 

We saw Aoba Johsai



It was about time we were getting to see our crows too :’)

I Like You A Latte (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Summary: You work at a coffee shop, and Connor visits every day during your shift.

Words: 1564

Warnings: none

(A/N: Thank you for all the positive feedback on Pastels, my first oneshot! Here’s another for you guys!)



The little bell attached to the door rang so many times that Saturday morning, it was enough to make you sick. You took a deep breath, plastering on a fake smile for the abundance of cranky and rude customers waiting for their various coffee orders. You didn’t hate working there. You just hated all the people that worked there, and all the people you served, and…yeah, you hated working there.

Even so, sometimes the world would surprise you a little bit at work. It would bring in a cute customer, or a big tip, or a light day. Today was one of those days.


Sighing, you straightened your posture and smiled. “Hi! Welcome to Affogato, what can I-” you looked up at the customer stopping in your tracks. He was a gorgeous boy, with an aura that screamed mystery. Looking a little closer as he approached the counter, you recognized him as a boy from your homeroom.

Shit, did you just think Connor Murphy was cute?!? Well, I mean, he is, but god, chill!

“Connor Murphy?” You raised an eyebrow, smiling a genuine smile as you eyed him up and down. His long, chestnut brown hair was covered by a beanie, and his button nose was pink from the cold. You could tell he wasn’t in the mood for society today, but from what you’d heard about Connor, that was a constant thing for him. People talked about what a monster Connor Murphy was every single day at school. Of course they did, and it spread like wildfire because it was high school. You heard the stories, but you never really listened. You wanted to discover this kid on your own terms, unbiased. Connor tapped his chipped black painted nails on the counter with a curt nod.

“[Name]?” He made a noise somewhere in between a chuckle and a scoff. “Didn’t expect to see a face like you here.” He shrugged, not thinking anything else of it. “Black, two sugars,” Connor paused for a moment. “…please.” He muttered. Had you been a stranger, he probably wouldn’t have had the courtesy, or maybe he was just in a decent mood, but the gesture was an appreciated one no matter the reason.

You picked up a cup, getting to work. He made small talk as you poured.

“Whatcha up to this weekend?” Connor asked nonchalantly with a sigh. “Partying? Maybe running away to join the circus?” He asked sarcastically as you handed him his coffee. You rolled your eyes with a smile.

“As if I’m capable of doing extraordinary.” You joked. “Nope, just work. Saving up for something cool, like a camera or lava lamp or whatever people spend money on these days.” You straightened your apron. “You?” Connor bounced from one foot to another, finally deciding to take a seat on one of the counter stools.

“Oh, you know, the usual. It’s a toss up between doing nothing and being called a nuisance or doing something and being called a nuisance anyway” He looked into his abyss of a coffee cup. His lips curved into a sad smile. “Sorry, that was….satire.” Connor took out his wallet, fishing out two crisp dollar bills. “Keep the change” He instructed as he stood. Sipping his coffee, he left, and you stood there, lost in thought. No one, in your months of working there, had stopped to have a conversation with the exception of your best friends. You really didn’t know what to think. Who would?



“No, Jared, it was so weird! But like, in a good way…” You trailed off, putting your phone on speaker and placing it on your desk. You were
pacing around your room, talking to your problematic fave- the “insanely cool Jared Kleinman”, as he referred to himself.

“What, [name], it’s weird that he came into the coffee shop and ordered a coffee?” Jared pointed out, and you groaned.

“No, it’s weird that he was…I dunno! Everything about him just seems….like…I don’t even know what to think, dude.” You ran a hand through your hair. “It was like, he’s bitter, but chill, but kind and empathetic, but also sarcastic, but also genuine as hell?!?!? I’m sooo confused” You buried your face in your hands. Jared laughed.

“Has the stone cold heart found wuvvvvvv?” He teased. “I gotta say, dude, I didn’t think you were the angsty murderer type!” His laughter grew into hysterics, and you were quick to defend him. You weren’t sure why, though.

“Would you stop, Kleinman? He isn’t gonna shoot up the school or whatever. I bet you Connor’s really sweet.” You challenged. This got his attention.

“What have you even got to bet? Nothing I’d want” Jared sneered

“Lush visit with my credit card..” You smirked, and he audibly gasped into the phone.

“Holy shit, for serious? Don’t play with me like that, man” He said in disbelief.

“I’m 100 percent for serious.” You countered.

“Deal. And…if you win?” He asked, almost frightened. The stakes seemed high.

When I win,” you think for a minute, “you have to become an apprentice park ranger with Evan for the summer.” You grinned.

“No fair, [name]!” he sighs. “You know what? Fine. But only because of the bathbombs. And you’re gonna lose.” Jared says as-a-matter-of-factly.


Connor came in for the next week, ordering the same thing every single day. Even when you weren’t working mornings, Connor managed to come in during your shift. It was as if he knew your schedule, and he always came in later in your shift, when you were thoroughly tired and annoyed. It kind of cheered you up.

Sometimes, he stayed for a while and talk. He’d sit on his same stool, drinking his same coffee, with his name written on his cup in the same handwriting.    

“Hey, doll,” He’d smile his toothy smile. You found his dorky platonic pet names funny. “I brought you a muffin. Maybe…spend your break with me?” Connor would suggest.

Other times, he’d sit in the corner at a table, long legs crossed as he read for hours. You’d keep the coffee coming, and you’d watch him read, and it was, in a way, blissful.

“You know, the man bun really completes the whole ‘hipster teen reading in a coffee shop aesthetic’. It looks good on you, Murphy.” You’d nudge his shoulder, and he’d be too focused to even bat an eye.

Sunday, Sunday was different though. You kept busy during your shift, serving customers with your usual fake smile. The authentic one was reserved for Connor Murphy.

Hours passed, and your giddiness faded into fatigue.Glancing up at the clock, time seemed to pause. You evaluated your surroundings.The smell of coffee grinds, the bustling people, the soft jazz melodically jingling in the background. It seemed hazy and surreal, and you wanted to stop thinking.

You wanted to start being. Being with him. Connor Murphy liked spending time with you. He made you feel special. He made this melancholy, dreadful job something you looked forward to dragging yourself to.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

The clock loomed over you, the noises echoing through your skull. You just wanted it all to be over,

And suddenly, it was. A hand on your shoulder was your signal to leave.

“[Name]? Your shift is over. You’re free to go!” She was excited on your behalf, but your heart sank at the news.

Connor hadn’t come today.

The question was, why? Was he, like, busy? You couldn’t imagine having Connor Murphy having actual plans. All he did was get high and drink coffee. Maybe he didn’t want coffee today. You were upset, and wished it wasn’t such a big deal to you, but you felt as if it was.

You sat at a table, lacking the energy to walk home. Inhaling slowly, more memories of Connor flooded into your mind.

“Hey, how was the circus?” Connor asked, yawning. He usually made comments like this with a straight face. It was as if his smile was implied.

“Not as glamorous as I thought, so I came back.” You shrug with a small smile.

“Who comes back after running away from home?” Connor met your eyes with his own blue and brown ones, and you practically melted.

“I dunno, Murphy. People who are homesick, I guess.” You sigh, sliding him his usual.

You focused on reality again, looking out the window. You were so amused by the normality of the scene, you almost didn’t notice the coffee place in front of you.

“Excuse me?” You looked at the paper cup curiously. It was black with two sugars, making you all the more distressed. “What kind of weird ass joke-” You looked up to find Connor in an Affogato uniform with a goofy grin.

“Hi there, [name]. You want anything?” He smirked. You stood up, wrapping your arms around his neck and getting on your tippy toes.

“Just this” You pressed your lips to his, and Connor reciprocated without hesitation. He pulled you closer by your waist, and after a few seconds, he pulled away breathlessly.

“Check the cup again” Connor whispered in your ear. Curious, you picked it up and turned it over. He had scribbled something on the cup in his mediocre handwriting:

I like you a latte. My number is ***-***-****. Use it ;)

Jared was gonna look great in his apprentice park ranger uniform.

Why the Jet Twins are great

So the jet twins are my favorite characters in all of Transformers, I love them a lot and I wanted to make a appreciation post saying why they are so great and i wish they would stop being ignored so much. 

So lets get started~

  • Jetstorm and Jetfire are the very first flying autobots. They are also the only onscreen combiners. It should also be noted Devastator was planned and Metalhawk was also a possibility to join Safeguard so Safeguard vs Devastator anyone? I would LOVE that.
  • Before becoming jets they were cute lil cars (ill post ref under a cut at the end)
  • Additionally their existence begs many questions about the ‘nameless’ class and if bots are made and just sent out to do a job. Seeing as how the twins are quite athletic and immature and it can be presumed they didn’t choose to be oil refinery bots. Speaking of which…
  • Despite their natural skills, its more shown then told, they are pretty insecure although more on Jetstorms part. Because of their presumed status Jetstorm doesn’t believe they can ever be anything and Jetfire is a little more optimistic. 
  • After they fought (about practically nothing) the pipe they were on broke, however only Jetfire fell. Jetstorm was fine but still was injured in Perceptors lab, I headcannon he jumped after his brother, but you can interpret what you want here.
  • The jet twins are super learners, in the arrival “Survival Skills” Optimus gets his butt kicked by Megatron but that was the highest score, The jet twins learned to fly instantly and defeated everything in their path. The Autobots literally had to throw Starscream’s code at them and they learned how to beat him too. Making them the most powerful Autobots physically in the show.
  • They are very curious, in Metalhawk’s Allspark Almanac entry they mention how they want to learn about organic stuff, also they wanted to play bumblebee’s video game, so they don’t completely agree/listen to Sentinel 
  • I don’t think that it was just grunt work to have the twins fix that generator, they are very smart, however Jetstorm yelling at it was priceless. 
  • “Communications are Okie for Dokie” - Jetfire
  • The Selfie with Blitzwing
  • “Please Sentinel Prime sir do tell us how you make capture of this badness bot” -Jetfire and Jetstorm
  • They really like the circus
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm often (mainly in body language and slight comments) detach themselves from others in stressful situations. Usually with Sentinel being rude to them for example in the comic Jetfire griped his head and shuts his eyes when sentinel tries to get in his face.
  • However they still are genuinely curious and like meeting people.
  • They don’t understand slang and its adorable.
  • Look at them their designs are precious! Complementary colors! Jetfire’s got a aviators helmet for a head its adorable…look at em!!
  • Probably literally read each others minds. Being Split Spark twins and all.
  • Safeguard is their true form, they were one protoform split in half (according to Perceptor)

To wrap it up here basically i think, there’s TONS to work from here, I didn’t even list all the things I’ve noticed but i wanna keep this not too long. Thank you for reading the ramblings of a fangirl with too much time on her hands. I’m considering making one for MTMTE Rodmius too. Reference for twins pre-upgrade below cut.

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ALRIGHT! Sooo I'm confused on Remington's relationship status. Is there a thing with him and Anna? Liiikkkkkke what's the story, fam.

xD This is what happens:

So we have Remington and Emilia, they are from the ‘50s, and they are a married couple. Remington dies and after some time he meets Anna. He’s a ghost, Anna can see and hear him (under certain conditions.) Is there a thing between them? Well, not really? They wouldn’t even be able to hold hands because he doesn’t feel anything he touches and no one can feel his touch either… I’m not sure anything would be possible x)

There’s a little summary of my story here [x] and more info about my ocs under my oc tag, so if you’re interested you can check it :)


  Rouge yawned widely as she and her friend walked along the path, the first light of dawn allowing them sight as they left behind the last night’s camp.

* 🌕 。.:*:・'゜

  ᗯᕮ ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ᗷᕮᕮᑎ TᖇᗩᐯᕮᒪIᑎG
    ᖴOᖇ ᑫᑌITᕮ ᔕOᗰᕮ TIᗰᕮ,
    ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ᗯᕮ?

* 🌕 。.:*:・'゜

  Shadow silently nodded as they continued on their way. This was day thirty-two. Quite a long time to be wandering, especially considering they left their world specifically in search of ways to resolve the precarious situation of their home zone. So far, though they had met many people and learned a great deal from them, none of that worked towards their original goal. Hopefully they could find something that would help them soon…

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hi there, I was just wondering if you could post a list of the lovechild names and their 'parents'? bc i get sooo confused without confirmations or visuals and i just love all of ur stuff so much i want to smother myself with it. thanks so much!

Here it is!! Wow I should really stop

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omg i learned to write in russian and english at the same fucking time and always got latin and cryllic letters mixed up so my 1st-3rd grade teachers were sooo confused when i kept spelling words like "potato" as "nomamo" or "interesting" as fucking "NHmepecmNHs"

NHmepecmNHs is the name of my autobiography

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Hello I was just wondering if you could please explain the whole yousef x mikael situation. Like who is mikael? Who is yousef? Are they the same person? Are they a couple? Is yousef a person who is playing mikael and if so what episode was he in and what does he have to do with sana? Also who is that other guy with that he is cuddleing with in the fb pictures? Like I am just SOOO CONFUSED!!! Please help.

strap in, pumpkin.

let’s start with the character mikael øverlie boukhal, who is played by yousef hjelde elmofty. the first time we see him is in season three, episode two, when isak is watching mikael’s video of his interview with even. he was even’s “best buddy” at bakka, and you can watch the actual video here.

isak texts even about mikael during the week of episode eight.

even responds that he’s just kidding about mikael being “the previous man of my dreams” but the jury is still out on whether he actually was.

going to put the rest under a cut because from here on out the information is unconfirmed (though highly likely) / spoilers!

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I really do love the way you bring the characters an extra, I don't know, pizzazz, when you draw them. It's hard to explain but you're just really amazing at what you do and inspiring.

wow! this is such a kind message, i’m really honoured you feel that way. thank you so much!!!!!

(funny story: I’m not fluent in english and didnt know what pizzazz meant and i was SOOO confused with this until I asked a friend about it. I thought my characters felt like pizza…. so thank you for teaching me a word!!)