sooo adorable!!

anonymous asked:

Every single picture I've seen of Elsie, she's smiling. Such a happy kid!

She is SOOO cute. Like, actually adorable. Especially when she smiles! Cute happy kid. 🤗

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Girl... I'm on the floor, i can't breathe... I didn't know you were going to see him, AGAIN! ... CHILD call 911 and say a prayer for me, the photo is adorable and sooo hot... and i need to know what did he say.... DAAAAAAAAAAAARK LAWD HELP ME!... ♥♥♥ Question thou... what does he smell like? LOL! M-

Ksksksjssj im on no sleep, still in denial with what happened. I posted the little story earlier. I’ll reblog now, still crying. He smelled good the last time I saw him, like cologne with a bit of cigarettes though lol. This time I didn’t really smell him just stood there having an attack