Reading time with Apple! She has an amazing library, honestly it is huge and she has so many different books! This one is an old Fairytale book, she said that and two others are new to her collection!

I’m the first person to read them!


I finally finished Alellya’s blushing and faceup.

I tried to use a mix of blue and pink blushing this time, I also put back the mint coloured eyes rather then the lime ones, even if they are smaller then I would like. I guess not having completely blank eyes can be another feature of her human heritage.

Alellya is a MiniFee Soony on a Soom Rosette body

Winnie got a new face up… first time doing eyeshadow besides brown. I”m not sure i’m bonded to her though…. i’m tempted to just sell her… /shrug. i might try one more time with it. her blush is a little strong for me. 


So I briefly got access to some of the restricted area’s of the John Rylands Library. Honestly while we were their we all have grins on our faces like children who had just been let loose in a sweet shop.

I love this place, I love this place so much! Gods being able to get into the restricted area just makes me gush with joy so much. It really is a beautiful place!

I know Myfi looks Photoshoped on the pictures, but no she was just closer to the light source. I am not sure if I could make it look less like that? But legit, this was actually taken as is.   


Intruducing Amaranthe…

I repainted Ruby and now she is another character, Amaranthe.

Ruby will be reshelled in another doll in the future.

From the start I thought that this sculpt had some kind of relationship with Ingrid.
When she was Ruby I thought that they were lovers but now I can clearly see that she is her sister!

Ingrid’s little sister in my story died at the age of eleven in a very tragic event in a bank robbery.
Their mother was a bank clerk and the girls were visiting her.
The situation got out of control easily…
When the criminal tried to kill her mother little Amaranthe took the bullet for her and saved her…
When the robber tried to kill Ingrid too, since she was screaming because her sister was dyeing, another little girl shoot him in the heart.
That girl was Ruby. How she got the gun well that’s another story.
But in my story Amaranthe died.
In current time, when Ingrid is nineteen years old, Amaranthe is alive but Ingrid doesn’t have an idea.
Amaranthe was brought back to life by a secret organization that plays a big role in my story. The reason they resurrected her and how will be revealed in the future.


So my first actual photo shoot with Myfi. I thought some of the graffiti in the Northern Quarter, in Manchester, UK would make some cool back drops. I nearly had a horrible accident though, one of her hands fell of right in front of a grid. 

One of her bracelets fell in, but that is no big deal. I make those. However loosing one of her hands down a grid would have been so different! I would have been serious gutted! So I am so happy that her hand didn’t go down there.

Any way, I hope you like the pictures.