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Different story kinds of fruit in Korean

The ones with * is pronounced that same as in English

Strawberries: 딸기 (ddal-gea)
Pear: 배 (bae)
Apple: 사과 (sa-gwa)
Watermelon: 수박 (Soo-bak)
Pineapple: 파인애플 (pa-een-apple)
Kiwi: 키위 *
Orange: 오렌지 (oh-ren-gee)
Cherry: 체리 *
Honeydew: 멜론 (melon) they just call a honydew ‘melon’
Mango: 망고 (mang-go)
Grapes: 포도 (po-do)
Green grapes: 청포도 (Chung-po-do)
Banana: 바나나 (ba-na-na)
Blueberry: 블루베리 *
Black berry: 블랙베리 *
Coconut: 코코넛 *
Grapefruit: 자몽 (ja-mong)
Yellow peach: 황도 (hwang-do)
Peach: 복숭아 (bok-soong-ah)
White peach: 백도 (baek-do)
Plum: 자두 (ja-doo)
Raspberry: 산딸기 (San-ddal-gea)
Pomegranate: 석류 (suk-ryu)
Tangerine: 귤 (gyul)

Ask more fruits in Korean you can think of! This is how many I could think of for now…

Oh no, we won’t go
‘Cause we don’t know how to quit, no, no
We only plugged in to save Sci and Fi.

Based on this post by @inquisitorpsyduck, original post by @mbleagle


John Boyega and John Cho saved Sci-Fi pass it on


need them photoshopped into the “Save Rock and Roll” album cover (renamed “Save Sci and Fi”)

suggested by my wife @soong-leela