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i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him

Weathering the Storm - chpt 2

Pairing: Bucky x OFC
Warnings: graphic sexual content, anxiety, mention of suicidal thoughts, language

Words: 2868 
Summary: A continuation of Chpt 1. official briefings, awkward boners, and the eternal struggle of boy-meets-girl.   

or: Bucky gets off in the bathoom because sexual frustratiooonnnn (✿◕ᴗ◕)・:*:・。.

While Bucky wished with every aching cell of his body to stay in Lacey’s bed, let his hands roam over the peaks and dips of her form and worship her from head to toe, he knew it would be walking a very fine and dangerously sexual line. One side dull and safe, made for applying pressure. The other, a razor that bites deep and draws blood. Painful. Attractive. Addicting. The sort of knife’s edge that he didn’t want to test …yet.

She stretched beneath his weight, freeing him from the grasp of her legs. He didn’t want to sit up. He didn’t want to move at all except closer to her. Lacey sighed when he left a final peck on the bridge of her nose, a soft grunt of frustration punctuating the act of righting himself on the bed. He offered a hand to pull her up as well.

“Thank you for the haircut,” he said, chancing a wink at the rosy cheeked woman.

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anonymous asked:

Why are sports anime fixated with the idea of having an "ace"? Does a team need an "ace"?

What an interesting question, anon. 

The facetious answer is that “aces” are a real concept in sports and an actual baseball term for a starting pitcher, hence why Diamond no Ace’s pitchers are constantly going on about being or wanting to be the ace. (A funny thing: on the eve of the rather disastrous Tim Hudson vs. Barry Zito pitch-off, an article jokingly suggested that Tim Hudson’s biography be called “The ACE of Diamonds.”) Now, I think the term is less standardized in other sports, but I don’t think anyone would argue that, say, Michael Jordan was the ace of the Chicago Bulls in the early 90s, Lionel Messi is the ace of Barcelona, Sidney Crosby the ace of the Pittsburgh Penguins, etc. It’s a much lauded and much discussed feature of sports, so it isn’t that surprising that a sports anime or manga would go the same route. 

Non-facetious answer under the cut. TL;DR: no, a team in a sports anime doesn’t need an “ace”, but it becomes harder to write an engaging sports anime if you don’t have one.

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