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  • ZEN [giving a speech in the RFA party]: Ah yes, I love all the members of the RFA.
  • ZEN: MC, Kim Yoosung, Choi Luciel, Kang Jaehee and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Jumanji!

“There were so many things that I wanted to tell you but didn’t know how. Like how, when you would smile, your eyes would light up. When you laughed, it was music to my ears. When you were upset about something, you wouldn’t speak, eat, or sleep; but I knew how to cheer you up. I always did.

I loved you more than anything, Sherlock. I understand why you did it. Really, I do. It’s okay.

Eventually, I’ll move on, but for now you are still my everything. You will always have my heart; even if you don’t know it.

When I was a kid, my mom always told me that I would know when I found the love of my life.

She was right.

I found you. Now I just wish that I had told you sooner.

There’s a quote I once heard, that I didn’t understand until now: “Ever has it been that love knows not its depth until the hour of separation.” It was said by Kahlil Gibran. I don’t know who he is, but he’s right.

It hurts, you know - not having you here. I know you’re okay now, but I’m not, and I know that I said I understand, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder why.

Why you couldn’t have come to me. Why you couldn’t have gone for help.

I know you liked to do things your own way, but I just wish that you would have let me be there for you. I would have done anything you asked of me.

Well, almost anything. Had you asked me to let you do this on your own, I would have tried to slap some sense into you.

I have to go now. Please know that, no matter what, you will always be my number one. You will always be my person. Always. I love you, Sherlock, and I always will. Goodbye.”

With that, John turned and made his way back to the taxi that brought him to Sherlock’s grave.

Sherlock, who stood hidden behind a nearby tree, let his tears fall freely.

He had to do this. He had to. For John. Because he loves him, too.

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“It’s your pride” She looked at me straight in the eyes.

“My what?”

“It’s your pride. It’s your pride that keeps you from doing what you’re supposed to do. It’s your pride that keeps you from talking to him. It’s your pride that makes you think you don’t have a chance with him. It’s your pride that changed your perspective of love. It’s your pride that keeps you from moving on. It’s your pride that changed you.”

—  Things I wish I knew sooner // S.F.A
I hope you don’t get ruined by a heartbreak. Find someone who will get out of his car just to open the door for you. Find someone who knows your order. Find someone who still takes you home and walks you to your door. Find someone who genuinely wants to know your past and love every single bit of it. Maybe he did this, but someone else will do this for you too. And I promise they won’t leave you. Find someone who puts the stars in the skies when you aren’t looking.

SCORPION 3x18 DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE advance preview in quotes

Random lines in random (AZ) order:

Guess whose line it is (who says this to whom):


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I won’t pretend that you do not have the capacity to break my heart. The fact that I would trust you enough to risk the breaking of it is a compliment, and I believe in telling people when they have earned such trust from me. Would I sulk for a time, years perhaps? Yes. I am only a man. But I would return to you with my hat in my hands and ask that my friend take me back, even if my lover had journeyed forever into that strange and distant country known as ‘Memory,’ where never a living soul may go.
—  Tybalt to Toby, “No Sooner Met”
Artbook’s quote #3
  • Peggy: Did you dye your hair?
  • Alexy: No, it is naturally blue, like that. Armin is the one who had to dye his hair because he had trouble to deal with it.
  • Peggy: Wh-What? You're joking?
  • Alexy: Yup. Of course that is a joke.
  • Peggy: ... You really do start to annoy me with your jokes!!