sooner or later it all comes down

dear //the signs//,

dear //aries//: why do you move so fast? you’re so caught up in yourself you’re missing what’s around you, slow down and look around. one day you’re going to be old and on your death bed unable to breathe, not because your lungs are failing, but because you regret taking everything for granted. stop thinking about yourself and being so impatient. things don’t grow under stress, they die. 

dear //taurus//: you cant buy your own happiness. sure, it makes you feel better but it doesn’t fill the emptiness in your chest. stop expecting everything to happen for you, being lazy isn’t going to get you anywhere and sure isn’t going to help the situation. fixing the problem isn’t losing the fight, it’s putting everything else beside and showing you have a heart of gold you didn’t need your money to buy. 

dear //gemini//: using people’s weaknesses against them and using your underhand tactics isn’t winning. you’re so superficial you come off shallow, you need to let people in, just like how they let you in. but doing what you’re doing isn’t going to get you there. you cant expect everything and give nothing in return. telling someone your favourite colour isn’t going to kill you, let them in even in the smallest ways. if you don’t you’re gonna end up alone, and no one is going to care. not everyone is going to hurt you.

dear //cancer//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make it better. not everything is intended to hurt you and making it a big deal is going to cause unnecessary problems. you can be oversensitive but that doesn’t mean your feelings are invalid, it’s just that person didn’t mean to insult you, it was only a joke so instead of pouting, laugh along and maybe everything will stop being so hurtful and you can see the world isn’t revolving around you, you can hopefully see how beautiful it all is.

dear //leo//: not everything about you has to be a grand gesture or so goddamn pretentious. we already know how much you’re worth and so many people already want a piece of you. you’re giving it to them so much, you’re changing yourself to be the most known person in the room. you’re better as your true self. if you show too much, people are gonna see the gold in you and try to steal it. being the talk of everyone comes with just as many insults as it does compliments. you don’t need to do all that shit to be noticed.

dear //virgo//: being fussy over what you want and then being cold once it’s been given to you isn’t okay. people try hard to please you and its so hard for them. they’re just trying, why cant you see that? why does everything have to be so perfect for you? people don’t try forever, and i know you’re inflexible from changing your opinion, but you cant keep this going. being so cold. people are going to leave and not even your bed is going to be warm anymore.

dear //libra//: changing your mind at the last minute all the time is going to get you left out of plans and events. you’re unreliable and indecisive. the weight on your back from the foundations you built are going to crack if you cant keep your mind on one thing and you keep going along with different ideas. i know you just wanna follow all the paths your mind makes, but if you do that, your towers are going crumble and you’re going to be sitting on the rocks alone rather than in skyscrapers with your friends. you can’t keep rebuilding forever, make up your mind.

dear //scorpio//: why couldn’t you see they loved you and only you? why did you have to trick them into something they already were doing? they weren’t going anywhere, they didn’t want to. keeping them locked up like a possession is only going to make them want to be further away. you have to start trusting them. they only ever wanted you to do that, why couldn’t you? the saying “if you love them let them go” doesn’t always mean break it off with them, it can mean don’t watch their every move and let them have some freedom. trust. them. before you lose them completely.

dear //sagittarius//: people can’t assume what you’re feeling. being unemotional is only going to make people leave. warmth is physical love and if you’re cold everyone isn’t going to give you the love you need, you need to give it back. it isn’t philosophical to be so unresponsive to emotions. you cant keep this up forever, your walls will break and no one is going to be around to pick up the pieces because you would’ve made them all leave. they just wanted to know how you were doing.

dear //capricorn//:  talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, you’re living in a black and white world with your lacking of imagination. people wanna live in colour, it isn’t the 1970′s anymore. bossing people around isn’t going to get them to listen. don’t be proud of making everyone listen to you. that’s how uprisings happen. listen to what people have to say, let them inspire the ideas i know you have in your mind somewhere. if you don’t change, your empire is going to fall and all your friends are going to be the one’s knocking down the door.

dear //aquarius//:  being so far away from everyone on earth isn’t going to get you any closer to the aliens that might not even be out there. you don’t need to hide your emotions to come off cool and distant, if anything they’re just making you seem unwilling to show affection or establish connections with anybody. i know you like to be alone, but sooner or later you’re just going to be lonely. and when you come back down from the atmosphere, no one’s going to be around for you to call home.

dear //pisces//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make everyone else around you do the same. you cant escape all your problems by hiding the truth or playing innocent. you need to face what you’ve done and stop acting like everyone else is in the wrong. people aren’t gonna feel sorry for you anymore if you’re so self-pitying, you already do that enough and people are going to grow tired.

**check your moon as well**

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ahh your kang daniel au was so cute, i absolutely adore all of your university au's anxiwmxomw 😭 if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe do one for ong seongwoo as well? thank you so much, angel, have a great day!! 💖

like ten people asked for ong,,,so here’s his mini college au~~ 
find kang daniel (here) ^^ 

  • major: interior design 
  • sports: did football team with daniel for like a week,,,,dropped it and picked up swimming instead LOL
  • when people first meet him they all think he’s a serious like physics major who wants to be an engineer or a doctor,,,,,like he’s handsome and smart,,,,straight from a webcomic kinda boy
  • bUT jokes on them he’s into interior design and likes looking at textiles and getting excited over his new ikea catalogue coming in the mail
  • actually despises the fact that you need to take college algebra for the major because like ugh maTH 
  • tried to bribe daehwi into doing his homework for him but daehwi was like 50 bucks or i suddenly cant do simple addition and seongwoo was like im bROKE
  • and daehwi was like hmmm too bad ask daniel or something
  • is bestfriends and roommates with daniel which is really funny because one side of the room is covered in drawings and designs with messy canvas bags full of fabric samples and sketchbooks ,,,,,, while the other side is strung up with posters on medical safety procedures and daniels leaning tower of paramedic course books 
  • but their friendship is super cute seongwoo keeps going like “bro if we’re both sad and alone at 40 lets just adopt a dog together or something-” and daniel is like “that sounds good but no dog. 12 cats.”
  • but again they’re both like heartthrobs on campus,,,,there’s a fanclub dedicated to gushing over seongwoo when he’s in the library studying just because everyone wants to see that handsome side profile tbh
  • little do they know that virtually every close friend of his has like 3943 photos of seongwoo doing the ugLIEST faces on snapchat and shit for the Memes
  • jisung and him are in an ongoing rivalry for who has the superior shocked face they have contests like every time they meet up LOL
  • you’re actually friends with seongwoo through a class you take together,,,that dreaded college algebra,,,, and one day seongwoo tells you that he likes to drum
  • which is ,,,,,,like a dream of yours,,,,,you’ve always wanted to learn how to play and you practically beG him to teach you
  • and seongwoo being seongwoo is like ,,,,,,,, give me the answers to this weeks homework and i will
  • and ur like FINE but ,,,,idk if the answers will be write and seongwoo shrugs like it doesn’t matter as long as i don’t need to look @ numbers,,,,im good
  • so you agree to meet up in the music department later like at 8 and when you get there thankfully the drum set for the college band is free
  • and you sit down eagerly,,,,trying to do a flip of the sticks before seongwoo takes them away and you’re like HEY and he’s like “first things first - cool drummers dont flip their sticks in the air like fools”
  • and ur like -____- fine whatever where do we start then
  • and for a couple of weeks you and seongwoo meet up in the evenings so he can teach you
  • and at first it’s super casual and fun,,,you guys talk about how much you hate college algebra,,,how you keep seeing minki’s face on flyers for student government elections,,,,,how the lights in all the dorms flicker for like a good three minutes before actually turning off
  • like the usual,,,and then one day you’re sitting,,,,trying out a technique seongwoo showed you but you keep skipping a part
  • so he comes over,,,,,putting his arms around you from behind and settling them on your wrists so e can guide your hands
  • and for the first time,,,,,you’re hyper aware of how,,,,,close seongwoo is
  • how he smells like fresh laundry,,,,how the vein running up his arm looks,,,,and when you make the mistake of turning your face to see him 
  • ,,,,,,you highlight the sharp curve of his jaw,,,his dark and alluring eyes,,,,the perfect slope of his nose,,,,and his neck,,,,,
  • the warmth of his body makes you suddenly freeze up and when seongwoo notices how tense your arm has gotten he lets go,,,,
  • and for a second neither of you say anything 
  • seongwoo opens his mouth but you just shake your head before he can speak 
  • and you’re like “no, i know. don’t say it,,,i know you,,,,aren’t interested,,,,and i made it awkward,,,,,im sorry- im going to go-”
  • and seongwoo seems like he wants to grab you before you can go but you escape his outstretched arm just in time to run out
  • seongwoo left standing in the room,,,,,,confused and hurt as you make your way toward the dorms telling yourself over and over
  • that you ruined it,,,,a good friendship,,,,,with the sudden realization that you didn’t want just friendship at all did you,,,,
  • and it’s not like you skip college algebra because of seongwoo noooo haha you totally got sick and had to not come
  • but,,,,,,you know sooner or later you’re going to have to see him but you really r e a l l y dont want too
  • unfortunately,,,, it comes even sooner because someone knocks on your dorm and you think it’s your roommate,,,but when you open it 
  • seongwoo is there,,,,
  • and you’re like “w-what is it?” and he’s like looking down but when he meets your eyes he gives you that smile,,,,the one with the dimple and it makes your heart hurt but he waves the textbook he brought with him and he’s like “since you were sick,,,,i thought i should come and help you catch up?”
  • and you know seongwoo hates that class,,,that he’d never tutor someone else in it,,,,,let alone you so you want to shut the door and tell him you’re still sick
  • but seongwoo pulls a mask out of his pocket and is like ‘i can wear this so you don’t cough on me!!’ and you cant tell if he’s being silly or if he really just wants to talk to you
  • so you end up sitting beside each other on your bed and it’s,,,,,awkward until seongwoo finally takes a deep breath and turns to you
  • “you said you knew i wasn’t interested,,,,,but how could you say that?”
  • you kind of frown and you’re like,,,because we ,,,,,are just friends? you’ve never made any moves and you’re swarmed by people liking you all the time what is there-”
  • but seongwoo puts up his hand and is like “ok, but do i devote my time to those people? to teach them to play drums? to laugh with them in class? outside of class? do you know i blew of daniel for you,,,,,that’s a lot coming from me that dudes my soulmate”
  • and ur like ?????? wait so is it daniel or - and seongwoo is like nO like my bro soulmate but you,,,,,,it’s different i,,,,
  • he seems to suddenly get shy,,,,scratching at his cheek and you’re like ??? and he’s like “when i was,,,,,teaching you,,,with my hands on yours,,,,,,,i wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard to say this but i wanted to pull you closer,,,,,,,,god this is embarrassing,,,,,”
  • and you’ve never seen seongwoo blush until now and like,,,,,it’s so fREAKING cute that you just need to scoot closer
  • and seongwoo is like ! 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,wanted you to hold me closer too.” 
  • with a small smile he turns his body toward you,,,opening his arms and he’s like “well,,,,i can still do that. come here.”
  • and you can’t believe it but you and seongwoo fall back onto your bed,,,,you in his arms laughing at how silly this is
  • and seongwoo leans down,,,,brushing your hair from your face and he’s about to kiss you when the doorknob turns and you’re like mY ROOMMATE
  • and you throw him a bit and soengwoo ends up on the floor,,,hair a mess and eyes wide and you’re like sitting on the bed and ur roommate is just like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill come back in twenty bye
  • and with that you and seongwoo let out a sigh but he climbs back up on the bed and starts tickling you because oW thrOWING HIM OFF WAS thaT NECESSARY 
  • dating college!seongwoo: he totally misplaces everything like he cant even find his own notebook so you’d probably have to be the one to be like seongwoo no no your laptop is under the desk drawer and your sketch book is on the shelf no no not the bottom shelf babe listen to me-, he looks extra fluffy in the mornings when he’s still got his hair uncombed and his eyes are sleepy but he’s also super soft because his voice gets lower and he just wants to cuddle, like seriously seongwoo just always wants to cuddle and hold hands, you could both be sweltering out in the sun on the quad and no matter how sweaty your palms get he’ll be like no we need to hold onto each other i need everyone to know you’re with me, pretends to not know that he’s being sexy when he’s laying down and his shirt is pulled up a little and he keeps pocking his tongue out to run across his lips and ur like seongwoo dont do that i need to study and he’s like do what~ and ur like oh my god,,,,,sends you random close ups of parts of his face and is like am i handsome~ do u still love me~, is a lil jealous that you and daniel get along so well but also is really happy because whenever you guys hangout together it’s a blast, does the occasional corny thing like buys you a big teddy bear that he names after himself or does a dance to try get you to give him extra kisses but it’s all worth it because he’s adorable, wants matching sweaters soooo bad and keeps dropping hints, likes when you sit in his lap and he plays with your hair while you read outloud to him, whenever you’re a little upset or scared he sings gently against your ear and it calms you down, when you can you take baths together and he keeps trying to get you to make him a bubble beard LOL 
devastated- h.s imagine

Harry let out a puff as he stared at the ceiling above him. Lately he hasn’t been able to get a good night rest. He looked over at his bedside table and saw a picture frame of you he couldn’t bare to take down. With a sigh, he reached over and picked up the picture. His fingers slowly traced your smiling face. He knew exactly why he couldn’t fall asleep. It was because of guilt. He felt so guilty and so disgusted with himself, it was like his body was purposely keeping him awake. Every time he closed his eyes, he only saw you. Every time he was with his friends, his mind drifted to thoughts of you. You consumed what was left of his sanity.

Harry put the picture frame down and decided to make himself a cup of tea in hopes it’ll settle his thoughts. He threw the covers off of him and walked downstairs into the kitchen. He opened the cabinet and pulled out the kettle. While waiting for the water to boil, Harry began staring at the kitchen table in front of him.

You let out a sigh as you stared at the dinner you prepared for you and Harry. Earlier that day while you were at work, Harry called you on the verge of tears. He was working on his first solo album. He wanted everything to be perfect because not only will it showcase him as an artist, it was a gift to his fans. He had to have everything perfect and he called you in fears of it not being enough. You managed to calm him down and assure him that everything he did was near perfect in your eyes. You told him that his fans will be incredibly happy with anything he does. You also told him that once he was done at the studio, you guys will have a nice night at home. You wanted him to have a little break from all this worrying.

You glanced at your phone resting on the table and noticed the time. 10pm. After your suggestion of a quiet night in, Harry was ecstatic. He promised he would be home as soon as he could.

You debated whether or not you should just eat without him, after all, dinner was supposed to be three hours ago. Just as you were about to take a bite of the cold food, you heard keys jingling at the door. Harry’s head turned the corner where he saw you at the dinning room table. “There she is!” he smiled. He walked over and gave you a quick kiss to the cheek. You ignored the slight alcohol smell and smiled softly at him, “Hey. Where were you?”

Harry sat in the chair across from you and slightly pushed the plate of food away from him, “I was complaining to the boys how stressed I was. They suggested a little night out” he answered. You nodded your head slowly, “Well are you hungry? I can heat this up really quick.” You stood up and grabbed the plates before Harry interrupted, “Actually, I had a quick bite already. But I’m sure we can eat this tomorrow?” You slowly sank back into your seat, “Oh…Yeah. I guess so…”

Harry smiled and walked back over to you. He pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Come on. I’m exhausted. Let’s go to bed.” Before you had the chance, Harry was already walking out of the room.

The sound of the kettle whistling interrupted Harry’s reminiscing. He quickly shook his head to get the guilty feeling out of his head. He should’ve rushed home to you. He should’ve turn down the boys and a promise to hang out another time but instead he took advantage of your love. He poured the liquid into his mug and made his way to the living room. He placed the mug on the the coffee table in front of him. Just as he was about to reach for the blanket that is usually kept on the couch, he paused.

You were sitting on the couch with the blanket thrown across your lap. The movie playing on the tv was paused as you were watching Harry pacing back and forth with his phone pressed against his ear. “What do you mean it leaked?” Harry muttered into the phone, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. You noticed how tense his shoulders were and how his eyes were closed out of frustration. You felt heartbroken about the situation. For the past couple of days, you knew how excited Harry was to finally release his first single. You knew him and his team were very stern about who could and couldn’t listen to it. Hell, you were almost on the list of people who couldn’t get a preview but eventually Harry let you listen. You honestly didn’t know how this could have happened.

Harry groaned loudly as he hung up. He plopped next to you. You tried to wrap your arms around him but Harry quickly shrugged you off. “Please, Y/N. Not now.” Your arms immediately  went to your side as you nodded your head. Harry was fuming. You could tell by the way his breathing got heavier as he tried to calm himself down.

You bit your bottom lip softly and wrapped the blanket around you tighter. “Is there anything I can do for you?” you quietly whispered. Harry looked over at you with the most vicious look he could give. “Can you un-leak my song? Can you find the bloody bastard that leaked it?” You opened your mouth to speak before Harry continued, “Cause if not, just leave me alone.” And with that, Harry stormed away from you and into the bedroom where he slammed the door.

Harry remembered the next morning after he yelled at you, you were sleeping on the couch with the blanket wrapped around you and a tear stained face but he never apologized. Instead, the two of you pretended that night never happened. He should’ve apologized. To take out his anger on you was terrible and wrong. Harry scolded at himself. Out of all the things he’s done in his life, that night will always be his biggest regret.

Wanting to forget about that night, Harry made his way back into the bedroom. He leaned on the doorframe as he took in his surroundings. While this room held so much precious memories of you and Harry, it also held one of the worst.

“Why are you being so selfish?” Harry yelled out as he stood in front of you. You quickly sniffed as you sat on the bed. “This is my dream! And instead of supporting me, you decide that your job is more important!” Harry shouted.

You finally managed to look up at Harry. Through your crying you managed to get out, “I can’t leave work for that long, Harry.”

Harry rolled his eyes and let out a scoff, “Then quit for christ’s sake!”

“I can’t quit!” you tried reasoning with him, “Plus let’s say I do come along with you on tour? What am I supposed to do while you’re off doing interviews and your shows? Do you expect me to stay locked up in the hotel room?”

“I expect you to be there, supporting me!” Harry yelled. All he could see was red. Even though he knew you were right with every single word you were saying, he couldn’t bare the thought of being without you for so long. He loved you and you not wanting to go with him made him believe you didn’t care for him as much as he did for you. And that made him furious.

“I’m so sor-” you said before Harry interrupted you. “Get out.”

You quickly stood up and tried reaching out to him but he was just as quick to move away, “Harry, please.”

Harry turned his back to you. “Let’s just make things easier. With me going on tour and you not coming, this is going to happen sooner or later. Why waste time? We’re done.”

Harry wiped the tear that managed to escape his eye. He sat down on the bed and began sobbing softly. You were the best thing that has happened to him. You were kind, you were understanding, you deserved everything good in the world. Harry took advantage of your love, he took you for granted, and now he had to live with the biggest regret he’s ever made. He had to live in a house where all he saw when he looked around was how much he treated you like dirt. He felt absolutely disgusted. “I’m so sorry” Harry cried out to no one but himself. Without you, he was devastated.

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request: “Could you do one with Julian where s/o is pregnant and he’s over the moon about being a father” — by anon

a/n: finally, a julian albert request lolololol kinda feel guilty for finishing this first than the other requests (sorry) but i’m kinda happy about how this imagine came to be? idk, hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist Request here!

“He’ll freak out, I’m sure of it. He might even start being a jerk again and break up with me. Hell, he might actually disown the baby and my child would have to grow without a father and then I’m going to be that kind of single mom who who grows old alone in home for the ages or something and -”

“Y/N, stop. Just stop.” Iris didn’t let you finish what you were saying for you were far deep into your own head, digging up ridiculous reasons and thoughts that has been running on your mind for the past few days. “We all know Julian can be difficult sometimes but he wouldn’t be that kind of boyfriend, would he?” she raised an eyebrow.

You sighed. “Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t.” you frowned. “But still, a baby? Would he be ready to commit himself into something like that? I don’t know, Iris. I love him with all my heart and I trust him but I’m afraid that he might find this a little bit too much.”

Suddenly, the door to your apartment opened and Julian Albert entered the room, immediately removing his coat and hanging it on by the hanger before noticing that both Iris and you were sharing a cup of coffee at the dining area.

“Ms. West, what a pleasant surprise.” he walked closer and gave your forehead a sweet kiss, turning to your friend and smiling.

“Hello, Julian, I was just about to leave actually.” she returned the warm smile. “I’ll see you two around.” she gave you a meaningful look as she heads to the door, knowing it was best that you have some privacy with him.

You stood up and grabbed Iris’ mug to place it in the sink, Julian following you softly behind.

“So, what were you talking about before I came home?” he asked casually, your cheeks heating up at the moment he did so.

You shrugged, washing the said cups. “Nothing much, just … relationships and stuff.” you murmured the last part but Julian was able to hear.

“Relationships and stuff? Really?” he quirked an eyebrow. “What about it?”

“Why do you want to know?” you questioned back rather quickly.

He pursed his lips, “Because I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, darling, but I heard you say something about a baby and another someone who I assume happens to be me.”

You felt your heart drop at his words.

“H-How much did you hear?” you stuttered just as he steps closer, locking you by the counter with two of his hands on each of your side.

“Enough.” he frowned. “Is it true then? Are you really pregnant, Y/N?”

You rush your hands on your face to cover your embarrassed expression. “Julian, I swear, I was going to tell you but I was trying to measure the chances that you wouldn’t break up with me.” you admitted.

There was a short pause between the two of you and you abruptly heard his amused laugh, your eyes opening the second the sound entered your ear drums.

“I’m panicking here and you’re laughing at me, how can you be so cruel?” you exclaimed which made him laugh even more and pull you in for a tight hug.

Julian kissed your forehead again, “Y/N, as you should know, the idea of having children and most especially a family with you makes me ecstatic as ever. So instead of breaking up with you, I probably would have proposed to you instead if you’ve told me sooner.” he told you.

You found yourself grinning at what he claimed, “R-Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he said instead.

You grabbed his chin and pulled him down, so that you could reach his lips. Julian smiled at the kiss and deepened it for a minute before letting go, though not exactly moving his face away from yours.

“Am I really going to be a father?” his hand went down to your belly, even though there was no bump or indication that a fetus was already in there yet.

You nodded, “Yeah. I found out last week. It surprised me but I’m happy that our love bloomed into something so wonderful.”

Julian lets out a breath of happiness. “Darling, this is amazing.” he kissed you again, longer this time and a lot deeper. You could feel how truly happy he was through the kiss, and you couldn’t be relieved enough because of it.

“I’m glad that I’m going to go through this with you.” you stated while staring at his blue eyes, “I feel rather foolish right now for ever thinking that you would leave me.”

He understood where you were coming from. “It’s alright. All that matters now is that you know I will never do it, and I’ll be here with you with every step of the way. I love you, Y/N. I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

Before he can lean down to plant a soft kiss on your lips once again, you stopped him.

“You do know you’re supposed to propose to me sooner or later because of this, right? I need to be wed to the man responsible for my pregnancy.” you teased which made his eyes roll, giving you a kiss anyway.

“I told you I would, right?” Julian smirked and straightened his posture, confidence dripping on his tone. “And besides, I’m just surprised you haven’t found the ring yet.”

“Wait, what?”

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I need more headcanons about the fahc ryan and meg being bffs thing! please!

You want more? I’ll give you more!

Meg starts to hang around the penthouse after the guys meet her.

She shows up at the weirdest times looking peculiar. Sometimes she’ll buzz the intercom at 3am, dressed as a videogame character and saying she brought food for everybody. Sometimes she shows up at 2pm, dressed in all black, only to pass out on their sofa for 5 hours.

One night Geoff comes back from dinner to find Meg sleeping face down on the sofa again, so he wakes her up and tells her to use one of the guest rooms. She kinda sticks to the place after that. Someone (Geoff heavily suspects Ryan) gives her the keycode so she can let herself in, and sooner rather than later she has her own section of the fridge and somehow the best bathroom is now known as “Meg’s bathroom”. Geoff is angry at himself for picking up another stray.

The more she hangs out at the penthouse, the more the others see Ryan change. At first he’s quiet and reserved, but slowly, oh so slowly, he starts to come out of his shell.

It starts with him not wearing the mask all the time, because Meg keeps taking it off because “Ryan stop being ridiculous.”. Then Meg drags him from his room on pizza, beer, and Netflix night. He doesn’t speak a lot, but he does eat a lot of pizza and a he laughs the loudest at the terrible movie.

The small everyday things change the most. Geoff walks in to the kitchen to find Meg and Ryan cooking them dinner one evening, and Ryan smiles when he greets them. Michael watches as Meg very patiently teaches Ryan how to use the Xbox in the living room to watch YouTube. Gavin is half horrified half amused to find Meg painting Ryan’s nails because she needs to see all the shades on a nail to find the right one. Jeremy feels warm fuzzy feelings when he runs into Ryan at the door at 2am, the other on his way out to buy Meg Tylenol because she can’t sleep due to a headache. Jack wanders around the shops for 3 hours with him trying to find a good birthday gift for her.

On Meg’s birthday, after the presents have been opened and the rest of the crew is mingling with Meg’s other friends, Geoff can’t help himself and reads the card attached to the silver necklace Ryan gave Meg.

“Thank you for showing me that people can be kind.”

If Geoff tears up it’s definitely just the booze. 

All yours

Request: I like your writing so much! Could you write something where the reader and Peter Parker fight, but he apologises and they end up together or something like that?

Note: I love working on your requests, so don’t be afraid to send me more. I also appreciate every single like or reblog my posts get, it makes me so happy that people actually read my stuff . Enjoy !


,,How long are you planning to ignore him?“ MJ asks you while hiding her face behind one of her many books. You just shrug your shoulders and continue picking on your food, not feeling hungry at all. Normally you would sit with Ned and Peter, talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Sometimes each of you would just enjoy their food in a comfortable silence, on other days you would joke around so much that your whole stomach hurts from laughing too much. Those are your favourite days, because it made you forget how distant Peter has been lately and how many times he denied your offer for watching a movie or to study together.
Since Peter and you got into a huge fight two weeks ago, none of you talked to each other and you started to spent your lunchtime with MJ, who is also a nice company. She doesn’t talk much but she’s always listening and probably gives the most honest answers you’ve ever heard.
,,I don’t know, I have to get over him and I know exactly that I can’t do that if I talk to him everyday.” You finally answer while thinking about his smile, and how much you miss to see it. Even Ned noticed the tension between Peter and you, giving you confused glances but you’d always shrug it off. Ned is more a best friend and loyal to Peter than to you, which is totally okay but you don’t want to tell him anything cause otherwise Peter is going to know it too.
You still remember how everything started, how stressed and grumpy Peter was. He came to school, big backs under his eyes from sleepless nights. He didn’t say Hi to you, treating you like air. You thought he just had a bad day and let it pass, but when he started to ignore you more often you confronted him. He said he was tired and wanted to be alone, something your best friend never said before. He never pushed you away like that, and seeing him in school laughing with Ned made you so mad.
So you tried to talk to him again, and this time he used his internship as an excuse and that he is sorry but has no time to hang out.
That was two weeks ago, and since that day none of you have spoken a word.
It brakes your heart to not hear his voice anymore or to laugh with him about some stupid comment Ned made.
When you see him in school, you always try to walk past him without making eye contact, deciding he can come to you this time. But nothing happens, and day after day you feel your heart breaking more. You thought that Peter liked you too, at least like a friend.
You started to make new friends at school, something you never considered as an option before. It has always been Peter and you.
You even hang out with Flash a few times during lunch, but you hated it.
,,You two are friends, don’t be so stubborn and ruin your friendship with him just because he’s treating you like shit. He will come and apologise sooner or later, can’t you see how he looks at you?“ MJ looks up from her chemistry Book and turns to the next page, eyes already glued on the paper.
,,There’s the point, he’s not looking at me at all.” You mumble frustrated before getting up and leaving an eye rolling MJ behind. You decide to spend the rest of your break on your locker, to make it more organised and nice.
You order your books in silence when you suddenly hear someone walking down the hall, turning your head into the direction.
Standing there is no one else than Peter Parker himself, with his hands next to his side and a clenched Jaw.
,,Y/N we have to talk.“ He sounds so confident and serious, something Peter normally struggles with. He always sounded shy but smart, choosing his words carefully.
,,I don’t think so.” You shut your locker and start to walk into the other direction, not feeling ready to face and forgive Peter yet. It kills you to leave him behind, but you felt so sad and lonely the last weeks, all because of him.
,,You can’t just ignore me !“ He shouts and you freeze, taking a deep breath.
,,Oh I can’t? And what about you? What gave you the right to ignore me !” You shout back, getting angrier the more you think about it.
Peter doesn’t move as well but his eyes never leave yours.
,,I had my reasons and you know that! You’re acting like a child, it’s ridiculous.“ He shakes his head and you start to walk towards him, your knuckles white from digging your nails into your palm.
,,I can’t believe you’re really saying that. No reason can be good enough to hurt his best friend like that! Do you know how lonely I felt? I don’t think anyone ever hurt me that much, and I expected someone else to do that but not you!” You are no longer shouting, but the disappointment and anger lingers in your voice and clearly can not be overheard.
,,I already apologised and explained to you that I can’t hang out because of the internship, you don’t understand how-“
,,No.” You interrupt him coldly.
,,I truly don’t understand. I don’t understand how you can ignore me, but laugh with Ned as if nothing happened. And I can’t understand why an internship is stopping you from talking to me in school, or even looking at me. If you don’t want to hang out with me, have the guts and say it straight away instead of making such a lame excuse.“ You swallowed hard and bite your lip, finger pointing to his chest. you don’t like the way this conversation is going but Peter sounds so egoistic and ignorant. You feel like he doesn’t like you anymore.
,,Why don’t you go to Flash and hang out with him then? Looks like I’m not longer enough for you anyway. ” Peters veins start to grow with every minute you’re arguing and his head turns a light shade of red.
,,What?“ You stumble in disbelieve.
,,Do you really think I don’t see how you two look at each other? You ditched me to show him something ! And than you’re mad at me for ignoring you? I have better stuff to do than watching the girl I love smiling for a guy who doesn’t deserve her! ” Peters whole body is tensed and you’re taken back by his words, mouth slightly open but no words come out. You have never seen Peter like that before, he never shouted at you or gave you the fault for something. His harsh tone makes you completely forget that he said that he loves you, something you’ve been dying to hear.
,,That was weeks ago! and I’m not hanging out with Flash, well at least I wasn’t before you cut me out of your life.“ Your hands gesture wild between the two of you and your voice cracks at the end, you are tired of fighting and are close to crying.
,,I ignored you because I had to! You don’t understand. Do you think it’s easy for me to not look at you, listen to your voice and laugh at your stupid jokes? You are all I think about, I can never get you out of my mind. But I can’t risk loosing you as friend, I had to get away from you to clear my mind. How am I supposed to get over you when we are always together?” He sinks his head and runs a hand threw his messy curls.
,,You never lost me until now.“
Your answer makes his head pop up again and he narrows his eyes, this time he is the one to question your words.
,,You heard right. I want you, I want you so bad. I want us to be more than friends, more than this.” You show between the two of you before continuing.
,,but I am so hurt. I still can’t understand how you could do that to me. Even when you were all over Liz I stood by your side, supporting you with all my heart even tho it was killing me! How can you be so selfish, the Peter I know would have never done that.“ A single tear slips out of your eye and you rub it away, but it doesn’t goes unnoticed by the boy in front of you. His face softens instantly and the bad feeling in his stomach increases by ten. He hates to see you cry, and knowing that he is the reason for it makes him feel like the baddest person alive.
,,I’m sorry Y/N. But Stark told me to get over you so I could concentrate on my work again. I messed everything up that I touched because my mind was always stuck on you. I know it’s no excuse to end the contact with you, but I had to get away from you. I never planned for it to go that way, but I, I just didn’t know how I should concentrate on anything else when I’m hanging out with you. When I saw you with Flash I felt so jealous and hurt that I said some things I didn’t meant that way, but I was too stubborn to apologise. And that was so, so wrong of me. Even now, I never wanted to shout at you but you drive me insane. I can’t have you as my friend any longer, it’s killing me to be close to you without being able to kiss, less touching you. I know I screwed up, but I hope you feel the same and forgive me someday. I just want you to know that I am truly sorry and realised I was wrong.” He looks you in the eyes one last time before turning around to make his way into his next class, and the chaos in your head is getting the best out of you. Your mind is racing and processing everything Peter just said. Peter Parker, your crush since primary school confessed his feelings to you. Your head feels dizzy from all the arguing, but before Peter complete disappeared from your view you made up your mind.
,,Parker.“ Is all you say. He stops in his tracks, eyes looking at you from over his hanging shoulders.
,,I forgive you.” The words slip out of your mouth and all your anger is gone, remembering MJ’s words to not be stubborn. Peter apologised and opened up to you. He might made a mistake, but your heart craves for him too much to not forgive him.
,,Are you s-sure?“ Suddenly the shy Peter is back and his eyes widen in shock, face all pale.
,,Yeah. I can understand how you feel, but it’s still no apology for how you treated me. But you apologised and try to make up for your mistake, and we’ve gone threw too much to end things like that. Plus you can be extremely lucky that I fell for you as well, otherwise I would still be mad. ” you cross your arms over your chest and observe the boy in front of you.
,,I will never do that again.“ He whispers while slowly walking towards you, every step taken with care.
,,so you really want to be mine?” He asks insecure while taking your hand. His hands feel a bit sweaty and warm, but you still take it with excitement in your stomach, yours not feeling any better.
,,If you claim me as an object, yes.“ You joke to brake the tensed atmosphere and Peter lets out a shaky laugh while giving you his prettiest smile you’ve ever seen, because it is only for you.
Your eyes wander from his lovely brown eyes to his lips who are slightly chapped.
His eyes do the same, and before you two have any time to adore the others faces more you feel his lips on yours.
He kisses you so carefully that your lips barely touch, more stroking each other. Both of your eyes are closed and you enjoy the feeling of Peter being this close, taking his scent in.
Your one hand grabs the fabric of his sweater while your other hand wanders up to his neck, finding the right place to rest on.
His hands do the same by cupping your face and feeling your hot skin.
Peter tastes like peppermint gum and you welcome his attempt to kiss you by deepening it. Peter gets your signal and takes all his courage by fighting for dominance, wanting the kiss to feel as perfect for you as it does to him.
After some time you two pull away to catch your breaths, your noses touching while your lips are only inches apart.
,,Miss Y/L/N and Mister Parker aren’t you two supposed to be somewhere else than kissing here?” One of your teachers approaches you two and you instantly blush, hiding yourself behind Peter.
He is embarrassed as well, but just nods.
,,Yes we are, and I am sorry for that. We will go to our lessons now.“ Peter grabs your hand and gently intertwines your fingers with his before walking the long corridor down.
,,By the way I am not sorry.” He makes a corny remark that makes you laugh and you just kiss his lips once more, not getting enough of them like an addict.
Luckily you two have physics together and your teacher is always late, so there is a light chance of staying out of trouble.
But even if you’d get caught, you don’t mind.
You’re finally with the boy you love, being able to call Peter Parker all yours.

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Hi! Could you 50 for Mafia au! Kai please? Thank you so much!!❤️✨

50. “I need you to forgive me.”

Kim Jongin (Kai) x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word Count: 506

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You were woken up by someone shifting at the end of your bed. You opened your eyes and looked up.

“Jongin! What are you doing here? When did you come back?”

He didn’t say anything just gave you a faint smile which you could barely see in this darkness. You checked out the clock. It was 4 am.

“Did something happen?” you asked him.

“No,” he replied. You stared at each other in silence for a bit longer then you lay back down on the pillow and rolled to one side.

“I’m going to sleep, are you?” he continued to sit there but after a while you felt him getting closer. He pulled you to him.

“Y/N?” he asked you when you were almost asleep again. “I need you to forgive me. I know I promised it wouldn’t happen again.”

You immediately turned to him, threw the covers off and turned the light on. You noticed that his shirt was stained and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. You literally ripped the shirt off him to reveal a badly bandaged wound.

“Why didn’t the others help you?” you said standing up and running to the bathroom to get the med kit.

“Y/N that’s not it. The wound will be fine.”

“No it won’t. Sit up,” you ordered.

“Y/N…” he said when you came back. “I… I killed someone.

You froze there in the doorway, the way he looked at you, you knew you had to brace yourself for bad news but you didn’t expect this.

“It was your brother,” it seemed like you were suddenly hit in the stomach, you felt sick, you needed air. You dropped the med kit on the floor, went to the window and opened it fully. You couldn’t believe it.

“Y/N, please. It was me or him. We weren’t prepared for their attack.”

Me or him. He always said that when he killed someone. As much as you hated your brother he was still family. You knew something like this will happen sooner or later but why did it had to be Jongin out of all people. You slumped down by the window. He groaned out in pain and slowly came up and sat behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Y/N, say something,” but only a few tears dropped.

“Did he suffer?” you finally asked.

“No,” he answered quickly and somehow you knew he wasn’t lying.

“Thank you,” you said and finally let your emotions take over. He listened to your quite sobs for a while when you turned around and pressed your hand to his wound.

“Come I need to patch you up,” but he stopped you before you stood up and gave you a tight hug.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be,” you said. “But I will be even happier if you don’t die on me.”

He chuckled and sat down on the bed with you still in his arms. He stroked your cheek gently.

“I promise I will never make you cry again.”

Dealing with ART BLOCK


Path of art is a path of struggle. A path that one time can be easy and appealing, quickly leading you to its destination, but the other time it can be full of obstacles or even blocks… art blocks.

What is an art block? Various artists from around the world seem to refer to ‘art blocks’ every time they have troubles producing new works. The cause and process of typical art block will differ from one person to another, but generally speaking: everything that prevents you from creating art, despite all the opportunities, can be called an art block. Although very common, art blocks can lead to some serious issues like loss of confidence, no motivation to improve or even fear of drawing (to avoid disappointing oneself).

In this little article I’ll do my best to tell you how to deal with this biggest artistic illness!

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Imagine: Tyler Seguin - Anything But Cute

Requested: Yes | No

  • hptc22 asked: Can u do a cute one with Tyler seguin where u confront him Bc he said he only wanted to date older girls and u are younger then him and ur insecure Bc u want him to think ur like hot not adorable and he’s sweet and blah blah <33

Word Count: 1,165

Summary: You watch Tyler’s “Barstool The Life” video and notice the part where he says he’d only date older girls… It preys on your insecurity a little bit so you decide to find out what Tyler really thinks about your age. 

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Originally posted by nitratediva

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: You work at the Shelby office as a secretary and all of the brothers ogle at you during meetings in tommys office through the windows and always talk about how hot/pretty you are. One day, John asks you out and you turn him down and when Finn makes fun of him John bets that Finn won’t ask you out. Finn nervously asks you out and you accept bc he is super sweet and closer in age. The brothers give john a hard time that finns got more game than him.

“She’s just playing hard to get. She’ll come ‘round sooner or later,”

“Yeah, more like never,” Finn cackled.

“Yeah, keep it in your trousers, John, and let the poor girl work,” Arthur laughed. All of the brothers were in Tommy’s office, just finishing up a meeting.

“I don’t need you harassing the only good secretary I’ve got,” Tommy said without looking up from his paperwork.

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Messy Troubles (FP x Jughead x Reader)

A/N: This imagine is really a mess as I didn’t really know what to do. I had way to many ideas and try to work it but it really didn’t work. Sorry hope you still like it.

Request:  Can you do a FP Jones x reader x Jughead Jones oneshot where the reader is FP’s gf for awhile & Jug has never liked the reader(you can make up why he don’t like her). When she gets prego w/ FP’s baby, Jug gets distant towards FP&everyone? When the reader is 9 mo, she goes into labor but FP isn’t there to be w/ her bc he’s in jail or something, so she begs for Jug to be there bc she doesn’t want to be alone. he gives in & he’s happy to meet his new baby sibling & calls reader mom? Fluff plz!💖

Word Count:

You didn’t how or why it started but it did ever since you started to date FP, Jughead had some kind of hated towards you. It’s not as if you have been trying to replace his mom for the past two years because that definitely wasn’t true. You wanted Jughead to still have a relationship with his mother even if she left him but Jughead just didn’t see it. You had try and try to get him to like you but it was no use. It hurt constantly that man you loved child didn’t like you and it was always a reminder now that Jughead was having a close relationship with his dad.

“How are we going to tell him?” You whispers as you laid in FP arms. Tears were brimming your eyes from the thought of telling Jughead. He didn’t like you as it was and now this would make it even worse.

“Baby it will be fine” FP spoke slowly running his hand through your hair trying to get you to calm down. It wasn’t good for you or the baby. He needed you to stop stressing and he knew that this would help.

“No it won’t” You said as you pulled away from FP, tears now falling down yours cheeks. “He hates me FP. Always have”

“He doesn’t hate you”

“Really? Explain to me then why he refuses to be alone with me. He always leave if he has too. Every time he’s around and I try to talk, he always butts in to change the topic to one I don’t know anything about plus let’s not also forgot about all of the glares he gives me”

“You are overreacting baby, sit down” FP told you while putting out his hand. Hoping that you would come back over to him on the couch but FP didn’t get wanted he wanted as you just paced the room.

“I’m not overreacting” You huffed as you crossed your arms over your chest. The hormones were already starting to make you have mood swings. “He just doesn’t like me FP and you know it. Sooner or later you are going to have to face that reality. He doesn’t accept me and probably won’t accept this baby either” With that you turned on your heel and left the trailer to go get a breath of fresh air. All FP did was sit back into the couch, running his hands over face. He didn’t know what to do anymore when it came to the women he loved and his son. He didn’t know how to make it work.

 "Have you talk to him today?“ You asked FP as you walked into the kitchen. You had been gone all day trying to get some clothes to fit over your growing bump. At four months you were still growing and needed new outfits constantly. FP shook his head.

"You know that talk is going to have to happen sooner or later right?”

“Later is right”



“You can’t put this off anymore, I’m warning you. For god sakes don’t you care what Jughead thinks! He ran out after you told him FP and he haven’t spoke to you since. You need to fix this with your son before your other child comes”

“I will I will”

“Don’t give me this bullshit go do it. Fix it with Jughead FP, he was your first kid that have to mean something” FP refused to might your eyes not wanting to give you the satisfaction of knowing you had prove him right. He had to fix this with Jughead, it was either now or never. But the thing was FP didn’t know that time was running out on all of the things he could do.

 When the phone rang you never expected the call that came. FP was getting locked up once again. It wasn’t new to him but FP hasn’t been on the inside in so long. It didn’t feel right that the father to your child was getting arrested for murder. An murder for another child. You didn’t know what to think about any of this and it didn’t help that you could be popping out a baby moment now. Your thoughts were cut short as you felt something run down you leg.

“NO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING NOT NOW” You yelled, your water broke and that meant that this baby was going to come now whether their dad was in jail or not. The only thing that you could really think of in this moment was who was going to be with you?. You rushed and got your stuff to take but it looked like you were going to be driving yourself. You were at the conclusion that you were going to give birth all alone. There was one person that you could call but would they answer?

 “Okay on the count of three you will push” The nurse said as she look at you in the eye. You nodded your head as the sweat was running down your forehead. You you were surprised that the bed handles didn’t break from how hard you were holding them. You never thought that labor hurt this much.

“1..2.-” But before the nurse could say three the hospital door slammed opened. You and the nurses looked up, taking away your attention from the life that was about to be born.

“Jughead” You said softly as you looked at the young tired boy. He rushed over to you grabbing your hand and giving you a small smile.

“He can’t be in here”

“He’s family, please” You begged. They couldn’t get rid of him he was all you had left. The nurse didn’t argue after your words but you knew it was because there wasn’t time this baby was about to come.

“Again, 1..2..3” Jughead didn’t even flinch at the pressure you were putting on his hand, just kept helping you get through one of the hardest moments in your life.

 “I’m sorry” You looked up from staring at the baby in your lap. You smiled at the young boy knowing he truly meant his words.

“You don’t need to do this Jughead” He look confused for a moment but you started to talk again “I understand it was a lot to take in, you know. I was a teenager at one point too.”

“I was an ass to you and my dad”

“What matters is you are here Jug. I was so happy when you walked into that door. I never thought you would come but I still had to leave that voicemail I still had to give you a chance to be in your little brother life” You motioned for him to sit on your bed. Jughead happily made his way over and looked down at his sleeping little brother. Man did he ever wish for sister and his dad to be here too.

“He will be happy that you were here for this” You said knowing that these were the words that Jughead had to hear to help his guilt over his actions over the last few months.

“You think”

“I know so. Your dad is just like you Jughead, stubborn. There’s nothing more that your dad wanted before he went in. He wanted to make this right.”

“I’m glad I did”

You two sat there for a while looking at the baby and enjoying this new found peace. Not only did you gain one son today but two maybe Jughead wasn’t yours but he felt like it. He was going to be around and you couldn’t wait to see FP face when you told him. FP. He was the mysterious now, you didn’t know what was going to happened to him but you knew as long as you had Jughead by your side you would get through this. Jughead needed you as much as you needed him as FP was going to be the missing piece for a while.


Reader: 17

Making coffee for your brothers was nothing new. You knew what they liked and disliked and knew how and when to make it. Dean likes his black, While Sam likes his with a little bit of honey or sugar. In the mornings, You will serve both of them black so they can wake up and go through the day. You woke up an hour early everyday to make them coffee and breakfast and even though you dreaded every second of it, You wanted to do something for your heroic brothers.

You laid the newspaper on the table in Dean’s usual spot, and put Sam’s coffee in the counter. Wanting to mess with you eldest brother, You put a bunch of salt in his coffee. You knew he was going to be too drowsy to even look at his coffee, So it was the perfect chance. Right when you put the salt away, Dean strides into the kitchen, Hair sticking out at all directions. He wore his usual blue robe and brown slippers, Rubbing his face sleepily.

“Morning De” 

“Hmm. Morning” he slurs, Sitting in his chair. He picked up the newspaper and began reading, Absently reaching for his coffee. 

Ready to make a run for it,  You make your way to the door.

“W-What the hell!?” Dean spits his coffee, Spilling some on himself. The scorching hot coffee fell on his crotch, Burning his mouth, tongue and chin.

You bolted.

“(Y/N)!!!” He yells his chair screeching and falling onto the floor. “When I get my hands on you- You’re dead!!”

You bumped into Sam in the hallway, Who got woken up from all the yelling and shouting.


You ran into your room, Slamming and locking the door. 

“You’re going to come out sooner or later (Y/N)!” Dean’s voice echoed through the bunker, And you can’t help but break down laughing.

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Andre Burakovsky #1 - Meet the Team

Originally posted by temipanarin

A/N- hiya! sorry its been a lot longer wait between imagines but I’m trying my best. I am currently only able to do some writing while watching hockey games or on my commute home from school so its not the best writing conditions… Anyways…

for the anon request: Love ur writing! Can you write a Andre burakovsky one where you meet his team and you’re kinda shy? Thanks! Lots of love<3

(thanks for the love! these little messages make my day)


You were not going to freak out. You were determined to keep your cool. They were just people, probably feeling some kind of awkwardness like you were feeling. Except they were more mature, adult hockey players who spend half of their lives talking to media and people they don’t know. So yeah, maybe you were freaking out.

Look, you love your boyfriend, Andre Burakovsky, with your whole heart. Even though you have been dating for just under six months you know that he’s it for you. It’s just that you are naturally a very shy and introverted person. Sometimes you experience mild social anxiety and large crowds with loud people really don’t make you feel good. In fact, you met Andre at a house party that your best friend had dragged you to. Instead of spending the night downstairs playing drinking games with the rest of the party-goers, Andre found you sitting in the living room, sipping your solo cup of beer and cuddling with the house cat. He immediately sat down next to you and started stroking the cat as well. After sitting there in silence for over five minutes he finally looked up at you, smiled warmly, and said, “He’s cute, but I still like dogs better.” you giggled and 2 hours later you were still sitting in that couch with a purring cat half in both of your laps when your friend came stumbling up the stairs meaning that you had to take her home.

Since then Andre has been the best thing in your life. But now your breathing is getting all out of whack and you are trying to reason with your stress-riddled brain to no avail. After six months you still haven’t met Burky’s team and tonight is the night. The Caps were playing at home and, like usual you were going to be in your usual seat in front of the glass. The exception however comes after the game where instead of texting him a congrats and meeting him at his apartment after the game, you were going to go down to the locker room and meet him and all his friends. So yeah, you were freaking out.

You steeled yourself and gave yourself a pep talk driving into the arena but once you stepped inside and saw some of the familiar faces of the arena staff, you relaxed right away. By the time you were sitting down in your seat the alarm bells going off in your head about meeting the team were significantly quieter. When the Caps took the ice for warm up Andre did his customary two laps around before circling to you, blowing a kiss, then jumping against the boards in a fake shoulder bump that always made you giggle and you focused on watching the boys warm up. Shortly after that, the game started and you were whisked away to your happy-place which is being totally immersed in the game you love so much.


The final horn sounded and you got up with the rest of the Verizon Center to give your team a resounding cheer for their 5-2 victory. Andre had scored twice and you were grinning ear to ear despite the growing panic in your chest. You decided that you were just going to have to suck it up and you really didn’t want let Andre down because you knew how much this meant to him. You flashed your pass at the man who Andre had told you about and turned left down the hallways that you were instructed to follow and sure enough you found yourself leaning against the wall facing two very large doors with the huge logo painted on. You nervously fiddled through your phone and got a text from Burky much sooner than you were expecting.

Andre: You here? I’ll try to be out asap so you don’t have to meet the boys all by yourself

You smiled at his consideration and texted him back a single thumbs up before continuing to fiddle around on your phone. 15 minutes later a very dishevelled and slightly wet Andre comes bursting through the doors and sweeps you off your feet. You giggled loudly as he spun you around and peppered kisses all over your face and neck.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” he beamed at you when he set you down.

“I noticed.” you giggled, “great game.”

Andre continued to smile at you like an idiot, “the boys are so excited to meet you. They say that it’s because that means that I will finally shut up about how awesome you are, but secretly it’s because they’ve seen you at games and really want to meet you.”

You gulped slightly and Andre immediately recognized your shyness creeping back in so he wrapped you up in a hug again. “I promise this dinner is super low key and all the boys are really nice.” you exhaled shakily and nuzzled into Andre’s chest for support.

“Aw, baby Burky and his girlfriend are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.” you turned around and spotted Holtby, Ovi, and Backstrom all clean and changed from their showers emerge from the dressing room and make their way over to you with warm smiles on their face.

“You must be (Y/N).” Niklas grinned at you, “happy to finally meet you.”

“We hearing so much from Burky, it feels like we already met.” Ovi said with a matching expression.

“Oh shut up, I do not gush about my girlfriend every second of every day.” Andre protested

“Ahh puppy love.” Ovi pretended to sigh wistfully

Niklas bent down to whisper to you as Andre started to pick a bit of a fight with Alex making you laugh nervously, “Don’t worry. He loves you very much. I’ll try to contain Ovi at dinner. He doesn’t understand volume control.” he winked at you helping untangle the mess of knots in your stomach before grabbing Ovi by the shoulders and pushing him towards the exit with Braden trailing behind.

“We’ll see you at dinner!” he called behind him before disappearing down the hall


“No really! Every part of that story is true!” Andre assured the group of Caps laughing at the dinner table.

“You forgot the best part though,” you corrected, “ in Andre’s haste to put his number in my phone before my friend started puking everywhere, he mistyped and I thought he had given me a wrong number. It took two weeks of apparently him moping around before my friend managed to connect the dots and gave us the right numbers. Ever since then it’s been history.” you smiled at Andre who kissed you on the forehead which made you blush a startling shade of red.

Now that dinner has been served and you have spent the past hour and a half with Andre and almost half of his team you feel significantly better. You had a brief episode at the beginning of dinner when you sat down where you felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb and was wishing that a manhole would open up from under you and suck you sway from all these people. But then Tom Wilson sat down on your other side and proceeded to tell you embarassing stories of Andre that you had never heard before. Before you knew it you were giggling while all of the boys were trading locker room stories about everyone and then you took a risk and started to tell stories of ANdre from home. All the boys turned to you and were listening almost enraptured as you recounted the tales of Andre failing as an adult with your signature sarcastic humour. Within seconds you had the team hollering with laughter and you felt all of your nerves completely dissipate. When you finished your story as the meal had arrived you looked over at Andre who had a conflicted look of happiness that you were blending with his best friends and embarrassed that all of his not-so-finest moments were being shared.

You leaned back into Burky’s shoulder as the conversation moved to something about Ovi and Russia that you had stopped paying attention to awhile ago, “I love you.” you murmured up at him.

“I love you too.” he smiled, “but maybe next time we just stay in by ourselves?”

“Oh yeah? What caused this sudden change of heart” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“I discovered that I don’t like to share”


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No Privacy

Prompt (originally sent to @cait-writes-stuff​, but she passed it on to me) : Can you do one like voices where the reader likes Shiro and the lions are telling her advice and the black like knows that Shiro likes the reader so it’s like telling her to go for it or something?? by anon 

The paladins had won another victory against the galra. It wasn’t a huge earth shattering development, just liberating one of the millions of tiny planets that Zarkon’s armies had enslaved, but the natives had insisted upon throwing a celebration and the paladins decided to join in.

Even Shiro felt like this one day off was a good idea and seemed to be enjoying himself.

Y/N would probably enjoy it to if the five sentient space cats weren’t constantly speaking in her head.

“So have you told him?” Green’s voice broke through Y/N’s train of thought. Of course she would be the first to ask, the most inquisitive of the bunch. Y/N subtly shook her head a bit.

“Why not? It isn’t like the feeling isn’t mutual.” Red grumbled. Y/N just rolled her eyes and took a sip of her eyes.

“Don’t give us that look. You know we aren’t lying. The man is totally in love with you.” Blue cooed. It was odd to hear the two not fighting, but I guess when they had a common goal they could be bothered to get along.

“Stop bothering the Orator. She will discuss her emotions with my paladin when she sees fit.” Black rumbled in her head. Black’s deep voice was both comforting and very intimidating at the same time, at least they were on her side right now. “I would prefer she do so sooner rather than later, however.”

Y/N sighed and maneuvered away from the crowed. The chatter in her head was loud enough, the conversations going on around her as well were giving her a headache. She found a quiet spot and sat down. She closed her eyes and tried to block out all the excess noise for a minute.

“Y/N? Are you okay?”

Y/N opened her eyes to find Shiro standing there. Of course he saw her walk away and decided to come check up on her.

“At last my love has come along.” Blue belted in her head. Y/N winced at the sudden intrusive noise in her head. “I’m fine. The lions are just being particularly loud right now.” She explained, moving to get up. She stopped when Shiro held up a hand.

“What are they saying now?” He asked as he came to sit down beside her.

“Kiss him. Do it. Just leaned forward and kiss him.” Blue said excitedly

“Nothing much.” Y/N lied, her face turning bright red.

“Whatever it is must be pretty interesting considering how red your face just turned.” He teased gently.

“They want us to get together.” Y/N said quickly and quietly. She couldn’t make eye contact, but from she could see that Shiro’s face was a bright red color now.

“Oh.” He said quietly.

“Do not fear, Y/N. My paladin is just embarrassed. He is actually quite pleased with the idea.” Black’s voice rumbled again.

“Black is trying to be a wingman right now. Or is it wing lion?” Y/N said in a tired voice. No point in holding back now that it was out there. She shyly made eye contact with Shiro. The looked at each other for several moments before breaking down into giggles.

“I actually wouldn’t mind ‘getting together’ with you, Y/N” Shiro said once their laughter subsided.

“I told you so.” Blue squealed. Red grumbled something indistinguishable in the background about how it was about time.

“Can you guys not even let me have one moment.” Y/N groaned, casting a glance over to where the lions were parked.

Shiro’s hand gently took hold of her chin and next thing she knew, his lips were on hers and everything else melted away.

Missing You

Imagine ever since your group arrived in Alexandria you have been non-stop working and haven’t had any time to spend with your boyfriend Daryl.

It was an early morning and you had no idea why you were awake. Daryl was asleep beside you and you smiled knowing he was getting a much needed rest.

You had a lot to do today, first you had a shift at the guard post then Olivia had asked your help with inventory.

You got out of bed and changed into some jeans and a plain white shirt. You slipped your boots on and pulled your hair into a pony tail.

“Y/N?” Daryl mumbled facing you.

“Sorry babe, I’ve got to go.” You said sadly going over and kissing his cheek.

Daryl was still half asleep so you covered him up some more then went to do your first job of the day.

Standing guard was uneventful to say the least. Only a few walkers made their way close to the gates but you shot them down easily.

Now you were helping Olivia take inventory on the food supply here in Alexandria. “Okay so only three cans of green beans, a can of chicken noodle soup and some deer meat my lovely boyfriend brought back are the only things that were brought in this week?” You asked writing everything down on a notepad.

“Yeah, Deanna hasn’t sent out anyone on runs after the incident with Glenn and Aiden. We are a little short this week but still in good shape for the next two months.” Olivia explained organizing the soups on the top shelf.

You didn’t notice the extra presence in the room until you heard someone clear their throat.

You turned around and saw Daryl standing up against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey.” You smiled at him.

“Can I talk to ya for a sec?” Daryl asked biting on his bottom lip, a nervous habit I’ve noticed he has.

I looked to Olivia and she nodded sweetly at me. I handed her the pen and notepad and took Daryl’s hand leading him out onto the porch.

“You not goin on a run with Glenn and Tara today?” Daryl asked.

“No not since the altercation with Aiden. Deanna hasn’t let anyone go scavenging, that’s why we are low on the food supply this week.”

Daryl nodded and looked down the street, “You wanna like go somewhere or-”

The door opened behind us and Olivia had a box full of fresh vegetables. “Sorry to interrupt, but Alexis I need your help.”

“Sure no problem, I’ll be right there.” You smiled to her and she went back inside leaving you and Daryl alone again.

“Daryl I would love to spend time with you but I’m just really busy right now.”

Daryl nodded and started to walk down the porch steps. You grabbed his hand and pulled him toward you kissing his cheek. “I’ll see you later okay?”

Daryl gave you a side smile nodding. He walked away and you went back inside to help Olivia.

As the day went on you hadn’t seen Daryl at all. After helping Olivia you watched Judith for a while then went back to the guard post.

Night came and you were exhausted. You trudged into your house hoping to see your boyfriend.

“Daryl? You home?” You called. Daryl was no where to be seen. You felt bad about earlier today. Was he that mad he just left?

Too tired to think you just walked up to your room and laid on your bed drifting off to sleep.

The next morning you felt the other side of the bed empty. Did Daryl not come home at all last night?

You got up and walked into the kitchen poring a glass of orange juice. You heard a familiar rumble of a motorcycle and smiled putting your glass into the sink.

You walked outside and saw Daryl fixing up his motorcycle. You went up behind him wrapping your arms around his waist. “Hey stranger.”

Daryl looked back at you then shut his motorcycle off. “Thought you were gonna sleep all day.” He turned around and you let go of him.

“I almost did. I was super tired.”

“Got home last night and yer ass was takin up the whole bed. Slept on the couch cause of it.” Daryl smirked at you.

You rolled your eyes, “well let me make it up to you. I can make some amazing pancakes, then we can eat together. Feels like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

Daryl cupped the side of your face, “sounds good to me.” You smiled and leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips when you heard Aaron calling his name.

Daryl groaned and lowered his head turning around. “M’ busy.”

“Sorry, just wanted to tell you we need to get going. I mapped out the area pretty well.” Aaron said offering Daryl the map.

“Oh are you guys going on a run?” I asked looking between the two.

“Actually I gave Daryl the job of helping me recruit other groups for Alexandria, just like I did for yours.”

You were a little surprised. Daryl hadn’t told you anything about this, but you were very happy for him.

“I was gonna tell ya. Last night actually but you were already asleep.”

“No it’s fine. I’m happy for you.” You smiled giving Daryl a playful punch.

“I’ll be by the car. See you later Y/N.” Aaron waved walking away.

“I might be gone for a few days.” Daryl said quietly. “I don’t wanna bail on ya b-”

“No Daryl it’s fine. Really I understand.” You reassured him. “Stay safe alright?”

He nodded and kissed your cheek. Daryl got on his motorcycle and drove up behind Aaron and they both drove out the gates and down the road.

“Miss you already.” You muttered walking back inside.


A few days have passed and Daryl still wasn’t back. You didn’t like to be all alone in your house, so you were eating dinner with Maggie, Glenn, Tara and Eugene.

“No Eugene that’s too much salt!” Tara yelled to Eugene slapping his hand away.

You laughed and looked out the window, a habit you’ve gotten from waiting on Daryl. You didn’t even notice Maggie sit down next to you.

“Y/N, he will come home.” She smiled placing a hand on your shoulder.

“I know. Just wish it was sooner then later.” You signed and Maggie gave you a side hug. “Come on, dinner is ready.”

Glenn handed you a plate and you filled it with the homemade pasta Maggie and Eugene had made. Everyone got their food and sat down, we all bowed our heads while Maggie said a little prayer.

You took a bite of your pasta and threw your head back. “That is amazing.” You hummed.

“I knew with the amount of salt I applied, it would give it that monumental taste.” Eugene said monotone taking a bite of his salad.

Everyone laughed and continued to eat our dinner. We all had some mini conversations and even learned Eugene is a chef in the making.

Tara helped you with the dishes and shortly after Glenn and Maggie had left. The front door opened and in walked Daryl, who was very sweaty and covered in some dirt.

“Daryl!” You squealed dropping a plate in the water making the soap splash on Tara.

“Don’t worry Y/N. I got this.” She said sarcastically and smiling toward us, finishing up the dishes.

You ran to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. Some water and soap got on him but neither of you cared.

“I missed you.” You smiled. Daryl dropped his crossbow and embraced you in his arms.

“Well that’s our que. Come on Eugene, see you two later.” Tara smiled dragging Eugene out the door.

Once they were gone Daryl picked you up and carried you over to the kitchen island sitting you down. His hands were on your thighs and you had your arms wrapped around his neck.

“It’s good to finally spend time with you.” You said moving some hair out of his eyes. Daryl is such a big softie when it comes to being around you. He always gets lost in your eyes or is watching you talk. Daryl loved your lips and he would always stare at them making you nervous.

Daryl leaned in kissing your lips softly. Your mouths moved in sync, his tongue grazing your bottom lip slowly.

You smiled and pulled him closer to you. His hand moved to the small of your back and the other one tracing circles on your exposed skin from where your tank top had ridden up.

The two of you pulled away panting. “That’s a hell of a welcome home.” Daryl smirked moving his hands slowly toward the bottom of your shirt.

You stopped him and playfully pushed him back, getting off the counter. “You need a shower Daryl.”

Daryl groaned, “don’t do this to me.”

You giggled walking away from him. “Not my fault you came home all sweaty! I missed you though, glad your home babe!”

You ran upstairs and laid on your bed. Daryl came in shortly and frowned at you. “I’m gonna get ya back for that one.”

You laughed and helped your boyfriend get the shower ready. “Okay I’ll be o-”

Before you could finish Daryl picked you up carried you into the shower with him, fully clothed.

“Ugh Daryl! Our clothes are all wet now!” You yelled only making Daryl smile wider.

He kissed your cheek and laid his head on your shoulder, “it’s good to be home.” He mumbled.

Daryl was right, it was great to be home, our home.

What Will My Brother Think

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: 1185
Requested by @cherieann-2001:  I have a request! How about reader is Jensens little sister and she and Jared are dating behind his back because she is afraid of how he will react to it 

Jared’s Point Of View 

           I walked into my apartment and couldn’t help but smile. Y/N was already there, lounging on the couch watching TV.

           “Welcome home,” she smiled up at me.

           “I like coming home to you,” I sat down, pulling her into my lap to kiss her, “I think I could get used to this.”

           She giggled, “I’m sure you could.”

           “What about you?”

           She smiled, “I could get used to it.”

           I looked at her and was about to say something when my phone rang. I got it out of my pocket and sighed, “It’s your brother.”

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shadowjack12345  asked:

“you come to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” But Raven is the visitor.

Anything for senpai~

Originally posted by windwaver

One would think that entering a relationship of a romantic nature with Raven would come with a few alterations. For example, perhaps becoming more privy to an intimate side of the empath that she would rarely, if ever, display to any other individual. Or maybe, some subtle affection, terms of endearment, a discreet touching of hands, fingers entwining under the table. Hopefully, a chaste kiss or two, or, if Garfield could be so lucky, something more…

At the end of the day, all Beast Boy wanted was any opportunity to get to know his girlfriend better, physically, or otherwise. He wanted to spend time with her, as much as possible. He wanted to talk to her, to listen, to go on adventures and share various experiences with her right beside him. All the cliché things that happened in the movies, or the sappy love stories that filled the romance section in the bookstore; he wanted to build those memories with her, regardless of how cheesy or lame they normally seemed.

Suddenly, every romantic notion had an appeal, like a pink, hazy border clouding his vision and his mind, whenever he thought about Raven. He often pondered what they’d be like with her. Something as ludicrous as a trip to the mall, or a date at a bar, maybe a lazy trip to the beach, just the two of them. Long walks in the park in the summer time, where her feet would get sore, so he’d carry her shoes while she walked in the grass barefoot. Perhaps they’d venture out late at night, so that way, it would be just the two of them, and she’d loosen up a bit without the social stresses she faced every day among the crowds.

Unfortunately, it was often that Beast Boy felt like he was riding the train of love all alone, as Raven remained rather indifferent to him even though they were dating.  

Although most of the romantic excursions did occur, it was about the only change Raven implemented once their relationship had taken on a new meaning. She’d never turn him down whenever he’d request they hang out, and he did manage to get her to open up to him bit by bit the more time that passed, however, much to Beast Boy’s great disappointment, Raven took no other initiatives.

At first, it hardly seemed a big deal; he figured she’d come around sooner than later, and he’d rather not force anything that she might not be ready for. After all, she had been the one who had pursued him back when all this had started. So, when they’d gone on their first, second, third date, and he had really, really wanted to hold her hand, he’d clench his jaw instead, and tell himself that if she wanted to make contact, she would do so of her own volition. His hand was always very evidently right there, perfectly ready to be held if she so desired. He’d even purposely brush his arm against hers, or make sure their shoulders touched, as a hint.

Either Raven was entirely dense, a very unlikely reason, or she simply refused to touch him. Of the two, the latter hurt far more, and it was only a matter of time before Beast Boy was burdened with insecurities in what was supposed to be his new, thrilling relationship.

Eventually, he stopped trying altogether, and it embittered him.

He wanted to tell her, knew he should have voiced his concerns, but he remained fearful of overstepping a boundary, as he had often done with her in the past. The last thing he wanted was to take two steps back for every step forward he’d taken in their new, blooming romance.

So, instead, he procrastinated, choosing to wallow in his own miserable thoughts, and self-imposed exile.

Until the one night that an emboldened Raven had decided to show up on his doorstep, unannounced.

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Thank You Heroin

I once again lay on the grass at Wortman Park, dope sick to the point of puking, pocket full of meth, cash in my wallet, and unable to locate any heroin to alleviate the grime that consumes me. What a tormenting predicament I constantly find myself in, having a cure for the itch just beyond my reach. My skin crawls, my spine feels as if it is about to break, and all of the light is drowned out by my dark thoughts. Thoughts of untried ideas, thoughts of loves lost, thoughts of suicide. No light at the end of my tunnel, only more running. Running and running, delaying the inevitable, delaying the impending doom that is always right behind me no matter how hard I run. What goes up must come down, it’s a constant source of my nightmares. This is going to end at some point. My savior will sooner or later abandon me, leave me to face the demons unarmed and alone. But it has been one hell of a ride, feeling invincible with a comforting coldness in my heart. That coldness has come to feel like home over the years. When it’s gone, there will be pain that will break me to pieces. Losing it will be like losing someone close to my heart. Thank you heroin, for showing me both heaven and hell on the unforgettable journey you led me through. I hope I die at the end, because life without you will be meaningless.