sooner i wish

When I think back on how my life used to be, I realize how much time I’ve wasted when I could have spent my time finding you instead.
—  Poets Love Her

alright something that needs addressing:
being abused by a man and later realizing you are a lesbian does in no way, shape, or form mean that one caused the other.
your love of women did not cause him to hurt you.
him hurting you did not cause you to love women and not men.
and if anyone tells you otherwise, that’s toxic to both abuse victims and lgbtq+


dragon age: inquisition  josephine montilyet/ayla lavellan

she says that people stare, cause we look so good together

To everyone who’s father isn’t in their life anymore for whatever reason or who maybe doesn’t have a positive relationship with their father, I am so proud for making it through today. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you and I’m so sorry if today caused you any pain or grief. I was thinking about you all day today and sending you my best wishes.


Sometimes something can seem really obvious to some people, but not obvious to others. I’m going to start sharing various art tips I’ve picked up or been told over the years that I really REALLY wish someone had told me sooner. You may already know this, but in the event that you didn’t - now you do.