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D: tumblr deleted this. my first work for bts. jimin from mama 2016 :>
[shown is jimin from the boy meets evil duet performance. hes surrounded on all sides by red, and his clothing appears shiny and glittery. he is undoing his blindfold.]

La Vie en Rose

Request: For the Drabble list thing , can you do 5&3 <3333

3. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”
5. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Word Count: 1819

A/N: Reader is 17 here~Starts off 16, but is 17 cause woo time skips. But wow I just realized I slightly changed things a bit. So basically. May doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman. But it also doesn’t take place during the movie. But Peter is 16. So, after the movie, but May doesn’t know. YIKES! (Im really only explaining this like this because I’m splitting this into different parts. The next part will go more into the title).

Summary: the reader grew up with Peter and when the reader’s mom dies, May takes her in.

Warnings: None.


You and Peter grew up together. Kind of. Peter’s aunt May was your mom’s best friend. When Peter’s parents died when he was young he went to live with his Aunt, and May would often invite you and you mom over so Peter would have a friend to play with.

The only thing is, you and your mom moved away when you were 10 and you only saw Peter and May about once a year.

So, when your mom died, you found out she had put May as next of kin, and you were shipped off to Queens to live with Peter and May.

It was odd moving back to the city you had called home for so long. After living in a small town in Maine for six years, it was odd being back in a big city.

Of course it was a difficult transition when your mom died, trying to get used to May and Peter again. May treated you like you were her own daughter, and Peter was so nice to you.

You had had a crush on Peter for as long as you can remember. Probably eight or nine years. It was always something small where it would always sit in the back of your mind, but wouldn’t really hit you unless you and your mom went to visit.

By the time you were 15, you and Peter had exchanged phone numbers when you stayed with them for a week with your mom. You had kept in touch after that. You would text at least once a week, mostly telling each other about your days.

Moving to Queens really wasn’t easy. May tried her best to help you, but Peter was really the one who go through to you.

One night, shortly after you had moved in he had heard you crying in your room. He had let himself in and sat down on your bed with you.

He began to tell you about his adjustment to Queens when he was really little and how hard it was for him to make friends, to get used to staring a new school at such a young age, and get used to May and the city.

“I remember that on my second day here in Queens, May told me that someone was coming to see me, and that they were my age. And a few hours later, you walked through that front door. As soon as you saw me you ran over and shoved two toy cars in my face asking if I wanted to play. I was six, Y/N, but I knew that I had made a friend and I would be okay,”

After he had told you this, he pulled you into a hug and held you for a while. But before you knew it, your lips were on his and you were pulling his shirt off. The next morning when you woke up naked next to Peter, you both agreed that it would be best if nothing like that were to happen again. It would be too complicated given your situation.

After that night you and Peter remained close. One could argue that you were even better friends than you were when you were little. And your crush had grown. Living with him only helped it grow into something more than a crush. You couldn’t help but admire Peter.

May was amazing support to you and helped you adjust to living in an apartment in Queens.

When the new Semester at school began you joined Peter at Midtown High School. When Peter introduced you to Ned, you clicked instantly.

Your Friday nights soon turned into a time when you, Peter, and Ned would hang out. The three of your would study or watch movies or go out and wander the city.

One night, almost a year after you had moved in with May and Peter, you were helping May with dinner.

“I have to say, Y/N, since you’ve moved in, we’ve had go out for take out a lot less,”

You laughed, “well, in your defence, you just never set the timer on the oven and leave the food in for too long,”

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say, but why don’t you go get Peter from his room while I change and then we can eat,” May said, heading towards her bedroom.

You walked over to Peter’s bedroom door and knocked twice.

“Peter?” You asked

Suddenly there was a loud bang at the front door, it swung open and Peter fell through.

“Peter? Oh my god, are you alright?” You said

You rushed over to where Peter had fallen on the floor.

Peter quickly hopped up, held a hand over his face and tried to make a run to his room.

You stood in front of him, not letting him pass you.

“Peter Parker, what’s going on?”


“Then take your hand off your face,”

Peter slowly removed his hand from his face, revealing a giant bruise below his left eye.

“Oh my god,” you said

“Please don’t tell May,”

“I’m not going to have to tell her, I think she’ll notice,”

“Can you please just help me cover it up,” Peter begged.

You hesitated for a moment, May had welcomed you into her home and took you in as her own, you didn’t like lying to her.

“Fine,” you agreed.

You allowed Peter to pass you and head into his room. You went into your room and picked up you makeup bag and headed back into the hallway where you ran into May.

“Y/N, did you get Peter?”

“Uh, yes… he’s just - uh he’ll be out in a second. He just needs my help with something,” you said and quickly moved past May and entered Peter’s room.

Peter was sitting on his bed when you walked in.

“So, I have to use makeup to cover that up,”

You pulled Peter’s desk chair close to his bed so you could sit and fix up his face.

“So are you going to tell me what happened?” You asked, rummaging though your makeup bag for your concealer.

Peter remained silent.

“Peter i’m not going to help you unless you explain this to me,”

Peter sighed “Look, I got into a fight,”

“You’re lying,” you said, applying the concealer to Peter’s face.

“Yeah, okay well then if i’m lying you’re an idiot,” Peter said, (knowing that you are extremely smart and not at all an idiot).

“In that case, I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. Tell me the truth Peter,”

As Peter went to open his mouth Peter’s bedroom door opened and May walked in.

“Guys it’s dinner,” May paused and looked at what was happening, “Y/N, are you putting makeup on Peter?”

You and Peter exchanged a look.

“No?” You said

May eyed you both suspiciously.

“What’s for dinner?” Peter said, standing up and walking out to the table.

“Y/N and I made a lasagna,” May answered as the two of you followed Peter to the table.

“It was my grandma’s recipe,” you said, taking a seat.

You stared Peter down the entire meal, hoping he would get the message that you weren’t finished with the conversation from earlier.

“Y/N, you haven’t touched your food. What’s going on?” May said

“Nothing, May. Sorry. It’s just been a long day at school and I could really use Peter’s help with my calculus homework,” you lied

“Well, why don’t you eat something and then you two can go study,” May suggested.

After dinner, Peter helped May clean up while you waited in your bedroom for Peter.

Eventually he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I need answers, Peter. You can’t just walk in here all bruised and ask me to help you hide it from may without an explanation,”

“I wasn’t lying before. I really did get into a fight. Someone tried to steal my backpack and they punched me, and they stole my backpack,”

You were hesitant to believe him.

“You’re really not lying to me?”

“C’mon Y/N, I would never lie to you. You know that,“ Peter said.

“Actually, I clearly remember this one time when we were eight that you lied straight to my face,”

“No, Y/N, please don’t bring up the barbie incident again,”

“Peter, you cut off my barbie’s hair. I will never get over that,”

“How many times do I have to apologize for that? It’s been eight years,”

You shrugged, knowing every time you brought this up you got Peter all worked up.

“Peter let me ask you something,”


“Who is she?” You asked.

“What?” Peter said, confused.

“Ive deduced that you must have a girlfriend. You sneak out almost every night, you claim to be at your Stark internship every day after school, but I don’t buy it,”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,”

“Again, I still don’t buy it,”

"Well, what about you, Y/N, do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?” Peter questioned.

“Oh yeah, great job turning the tables on me there, Peter. But you know there hasn’t been anyone since Gwen,”

“Shame, you guys were cute together,” Peter said.

You and Peter stayed silent for a while before Peter spoke up again.

“Y/N, remember not long after you moved in with me and May and how I told you about the first time we met and what I remembered,”

You nodded, remembering what else had happened that night.

“I know we agreed that nothing should happen after that night, but I just always thought something would,” Peter admitted.

He sat and stared at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You know what, I think i’m gonna go. All this sneaking out has left me extremely tired,” Peter said.

Peter placed a light kiss to your forehead and got up to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?” You said, stopping him at your door.

“I’m actually kind of waiting to see if anything will happen with this one girl,”

Peter gave you a small smile, said goodnight, and closed the door behind him.

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For everyone who cannot attend Harry’s shows because they cannot afford to or any other reasons, it’s alriiiight. He’s just beginning.

There’s going to be plenty more opportunities to see him, I assure you. His fanbase is just gonna get broader, and he’s gonna find more ways to make sure he connects with his fans everywhere, soon.

This is just the beginning of Solo Harry, a whole new era for him and us, and as you can see how much he missed touring and how fast he’s back on, he’ll definitely do more of it.

For now, let’s focus on all the wonderful content (stage harry, amazing outfits, live songs, probably song covers!!) we’re gonna get from him, and how happy he’d be!! He’s finally doing it, and all of us are here to experience it ❤

Hey so!!! @amber-acrylic is a very talented artist with great art style and character designs, and definitely needs more love and support, so please check them out if you haven’t!!! They also have a ko-fi account for donation!! Look at their blog for more details!!

Anyways, back to the pic. This is their Soul!Sans, what a cute tomato right?? :33

Hope you like it!!

Soul!Sans belongs to them~


In all this, I was never concerned about Amber leaving f(x) or f(x) disbanding (not *before* their 2017 comeback, that is). I didn’t get that that was what was happening. I think f(x)’s treatment is just one thing Amber may be fed up with.

I think primarily she’s tired of how she’s been getting treated as an artist and as a person. SM didn’t give her a comeback or another album. Those few singles she released last year, that was clearly a compromise between her and the company after they refused to put an official comeback on the schedule for her. And then, that project (‘Crossing’) was never competed or released.

They won’t give her the time of day, but keep her under contract, prohibiting her from releasing music on her own or through another label. It’s stifling. They give her no work outside of f(x) and force her to fend for herself, yet any success she’s had with her business(es), I’m sure they still expect a cut (especially from the video production company). They don’t respect her. They keep breaking promises to her and tossing her aside and neglecting her (yes, all apply to the group as a whole).

And a major point of frustration was of course f(x)’s treatment. But it certainly didn’t sound like she wanted to leave, quite the opposite to me, she seemed angry because she wants to stay (for now, or HAS to). She wants a comeback -the one they were promised, the one fans were promised.

The biggest thing I’m taking away from all this is that Amber isn’t feeling defeated. She’s about to fight. I’m nervous as hell. But that’s what she’s been saying (“2016 was the year I learned I could fight, 2017 I’m coming”, “no more”). She’s a very intelligent woman, she seems to have figured some things out.

It’s not over. Something is just getting started, I think. I hope. Not saying we shouldn’t be concerned about her mental and emotional state, but I think that’s what’s going to fuel her to demand change. She’s had enough. She’s tired of feeling this way.

Llama got tricks up her sleeves y'all. Her first move was sharing this publicly, because she knows what fans are gonna do: rain hell down on SM. So it begins. Luna said they’d get a comeback sooner if fans mentioned f(x) to the company? Well…


So…there’s a scenario that’s been keeping me awake and giggly every night just thinking about it. I just wish there’s a fanfic with this sort of prompt

Here it goes:

Jungkook and Taehyung have been dating each other for almost as long as BTS’ debut. The members and the whole company are aware of this and warned them to keep it a secret. They were pretty good at doing so, considering how many years they’ve been dating behind their fans’ back. But they were still pretty affectionate to each other that some of the fans took notice and started the ship TaeKook/ VKook.

At first, they felt alarmed and scared but later on, they learned to love it. Well, mostly it was Taehyung since he enjoyed seeing fanarts of the two of them and finds everything cute about how ARMYs ship them. Jungkook, however, was not very fond of the fans noticing them as couple because he’s scared of what might happen to them and the group.
It’s not like the fans would hate them if they found out but rather its for the sake of their privacy and the fear of unwanted paparazzi attention.

However, due to Taehyung’s warmhearted and sometimes over-friendly personality, Jungkook’s learned to be a possessive and jealous type of boyfriend (but he’ll never admit that out loud). He can’t help it, Taehyung is a beautiful man who has thousands of women, and men, swooning over him.

Every time Taehyung interacts with another male or female, Jungkook automatically turns sour and annoyed. He doesn’t even try to hide it, in hopes of Taehyung noticing him and his jealousy. Of course, Taehyung always sees it but decides to deal with Jungkook later (which usually results in heavy make outs and extreme cuddling in Jungkook’s room).

Fans are also aware of Jungkook’ jealousy whenever Taehyung acts lovingly to someone that’s is not him. Some even compiled clips of his jealous reactions making the fans ecstatic and curious as to what really is happening between TaeKook. Jungkook felt proud whenever he (not so) secretly reads tweets and other posts of ARMYs about TaeKook.

Taehyung’s interaction with other male idols or friends has never crossed the line that Jungkook likes to call ‘too close of a platonic relationship, whatsoever’. So he’s not too worried about Taehyung being taken away from him.

That is, until he had created a fan-account (of TaeKook, of course) and stalked a few TaeKook and BTS fan-accounts. Okay, maybe he stalked a lot more than he intended to, but anyhow, he had came across a ‘twitter drama/fight’. How he knew it was a fight despite having a hard time understanding it, is also a mystery to him. But he noticed that it was a TaeKook fan account and a VMin account fighting over which ship is more real than the other.

Jungkook became curious as to why the fans would think Jimin and Taehyung might be dating in real life that he decided to look at some VMin accounts which also meant seeing moments that are focused and Jimin and Taehyung. Taehyung, HIS boyfriend. HIS Taehyung not Jimin’s but HIS.

Jungkook was irritated to say at least.

The next day, the group attended a fan-sign event in which Jungkook noticed all the loving fan-service Taehyung and Jimin are giving to the fans. They look like a real couple. Which made Jungkook really upset and annoyed since he is technically not allowed to be as sweet as Jimin is to Taehyung in front of he fans. In order to keep their privacy as a couple.

Taehyung noticed Jungkook’s solemn expression during the event. So, as soon as it ended, Taehyung was clinging to his boyfriend and showering him with kisses and engulfing him in a hug making the younger one blush and flustered.

Taehyung’s action seemed to brighten up Jungkook and therefore they talked about what was wrong during the moment. Taehyung, once again, assured Jungkook that he was the only one he loves and if he ever wants to go public with their relationship he will be fine.
Jungkook can only nod at those words as he felt too tired, too sleepy and too comfortable in Taehyung’s heartwarming embrace.

Once they reached their dorms, Taehyung decided to sleep and cuddle with Jungkook for the rest of the nights So here they are, tangled in heaps of blanket with a comfortable silence taking over while they are both on their phones scrolling away. Taehyung was playing a game while Jungkook was busy on twitter.
No, he wasn’t on Bangtan’s twitter account, he was on his not so secret fan-account looking at his latest feed with furrowed eyebrows.

It’s filled with the latest VMin moment that happened hours ago during the fan-sign event. Even his trusted TaeKook fan-accounts were tweeting about it. About how cute they were and how they are obviously so in love with each other.

One of the biggest TaeKook account he’s come across said that they look like a married couple.

And that triggered Jungkook to the edge.

He is extremely jealous and frustrated at the moment. The line has been crossed and there is no way, NO WAY, that Jungkook will allow this to ever happen again. NEVER. As he says on his mind.
Fortunately, Taehyung, who is beside him, is too focused on his game to notice Jungkook fuming and to stop him for what he’s about to do next.

방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

I AM Taehyung’s boyfriend.
NOT Jimin.
#Me and Taehyung.

<img src=>

“Jungkook, What did you just do?”

“End fanwars between our ARMYs”

Needless to say, #ME&TAEHYUNG, #IAmTaehyung'sBoyfriend and #TaeKookIsReal were the hottest topic of the week between the netizens.

Moving on, Jungkook and Taehyung realizes they should’ve just come out to their fans sooner as they have been nothing but supportive and respectful of their relationship and privacy. Now all they have to do is go out and have their first ever proper date. A date with no disguise, no curfew and definitely yes to holding hands and quick pecks.

Yeah. That’s it.
Sorry, I’m not a writer but that’s all I imagined (probably more but idk how to word it out).
PLEASE, if anyone knows a fanfic or wants to write a fanfic of Jungkook accidentally admitting his relationship with Taehyung on Twitter!AU send me a message. I really want to read it.

I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #2

Alrighty…here’s another little segment/companion piece from Bucky’s POV.  It WOULD NOT leave me alone until I wrote it.  

This takes place during WEMtbB Part 7.   It probably won’t make any sense if you haven’t read the other story - it’s here if you want to read it.

Word count - 868

Warnings - idk…self loathing I guess?

Tagging: @learisa @musichowler @shifutheshihtzu

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Oh look! A digital Painting I finally was able to finish xD

I tried a new style!

this is the only website I posted two versions of the digi art I made :D

Another side of Jasper

What is Japer Blushing about?

Tune in to see who or what she’s looking at xD but seriously this is only half of the full picture :)

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did i do good? this took me 6 hours to make xD and my back began to hurt Q u Q

but I enjoyed making this none the less