CEO Lee Jungyeop, Vice-president Lee Jiyoung, Chairman Lee Youngjoon, Chairman Lee Hoonseok, and the Woollim family who always works hard for INFINITE. The composers who filled this album with great songs. Chief Soonam, and the stylists, our Soonsoo family members, Director Hong Sooah and Chief Kim Hyuk, who captured a cool side of us, the many staff members who endure the hardships with us from out of the spotlight, the families of the seven INFINITE members, and INFINITE’s everlasting Inspirit. We love you and thank you. For as long as you have waited, we will show another more improved INFINITE through [INFINITE ONLY].

God, the Woollim family, including CEO Lee Jungyeop, Jiyoung-noona, Youngjoonie-hyung, Hoonseokie-hyung, Geonamie-hyung, Sunho-hyung, the manager-nims, our families, the members that I love, my friends, everyone who has waited for our album, everyone who has given us strength, Inspirit, who I hope will always be happy. Thank you. Please be happy!!

I would like to thank my father who will always be in my heart. Thank you to my mother who’s top priority is always her son’s work. The big one [eldest sister] who’s always carried the family on her back, you’ve worked hard! The little one [second sister] who has to care for two families, watch the shop and gives me strength, thank you! Thank you to the INFINITE members who let me go to the end [dad’s funeral]. To the Woollim family who are always on my side and protected my place, thank you so much. Inspirits who unwaveringly waited and let me lean on them! You’re the best! This time, there are so many people who have done so much with us, relatives, the CEO, sun-hoobae-nims, schoolmates, and friends, thank you all so much for helping out! I won’t forget your consideration. Let’s work hard!!!

This is Woohyun. This is already the 6th mini album that has released under INFINITE. As much as the fans have waited, I think this album is just as awesome. As I say when every album is released, I’ll become INFINITE’s Woohyun who works as hard as he is loved, so please anticipate it. If I ever have a hard time, please let me lean on you all in order to rest. While singing for the rest of my life, I’ll also become a singer whom you can lean on and rest. I love you and I love you again.

Inspirit who have always constantly loved us. In the future, even if something happens, please trust us and go with us. I love you.

The Woollim family, including our father, CEO Lee Jungyeop, thank you so so much. To my family who is my strength, I love you. And Inspirit, whom I love. I seriously seriously love you times 100. Let’s always be happy.

To all the people who always love and support me, thank you. I dedicate this album to those people.

Thank you God for always watching over me. To my parents and dongsaeng, thank you for always being by my side. Our Inspirit, who have always loved us unwaveringly, thank you so much and I love you. I will try my best to continue to stand on stage. Please look after me. I hope everyone will be happy.

translated by: togetherinspirit7