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Honest to god just asking cause I'm interested in your opinion and I'm a bit confused. Do you now think that harry and louis are no longer together and louis is a father? What do you mean with larry was fanservice?

I /never/ said Larry was fan service. I think a very real Larry has been used and exploited over the years by various people (management, thirsty journalists, assorted hangers-on) to manipulate the people who love, support, and defend Larry.

As far as the current state of things, I have no clue what’s going on. As soon as that baby photo came out, I was done with speculating. I cannot sit here and guarantee you a paternity denial is coming. I cannot guarantee you that Louis and Harry are engaged or that Harry isn’t going to do a solo album. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m not going to pretend like I do. I’m just watching and waiting. And if that makes me a bad Larrie, then fine. I’d rather be a bad Larrie and still be able to face myself in the mirror when all this is said and done.

Dan’s Livestream // 1.26.16

He said soz for being late but he has a reason

He just got a haircut

He properly mounted the picture behind his bed because they clearly won’t get their security deposit back

Him and Phil watched Mad Max 

He was late because he was editing Undertale part 2 (it’s 50 minutes)

New Undertale video will be up tonight

Baby video soon???

Talked about how Manchester Uni never checked his maths grades

Dil and Tabitha

“Being truthful to your happiness is what’s important”

He cleaned his room today

Intense butter discussion 

He likes Alt J

“I’ll just take off my Donald Trump toupee and put my hobbit one on”

He finally mailed the Supernote trophy

He had Curiously Cinnamon cereal for breakfast

He hasn’t played Fallout 4 but he’s watched Phil played it for 40 billion hours

No liveshow next Tuesday because his gaming documentary airs on BBC3 at 9pm 

Phil didn’t want to do the documentary when someone asked why he didn’t do it

His audiowave of his origin story for the audio book is on a poster 

His is red and black and Phil’s is green and blue

His going on holiday with his grandma in a couple weeks

He had to get shots to go abroad so his arms are sore

Someone’s coming to fix the piano next Monday

Him and Phil went to hang out with PJ, Sophie, Felix, and Marzia in Brighton

Discussed The Room

Him and Phil keep quoting The Room

Radio show next Monday

He may play 2 Kanye songs


Conchobar discussion

“Not gonna mess with the Dark Larries”

He thinks the One Direction fandom is pretty dank 

He likes the traditional Irish name

Dicsussed his favorite horror movies

Spirited Away is probably his favorite Studio Ghibili movie

Talked about World Chef

He’s level 47 in his Star Wars games

He hasn’t watched the history music video yet

They’re doing something fun with some pals for Phil’s birthday

Discussed the Dorito v Popcorn dilemma

They made actual pros and cons and flipped a coin

“Domestic. You’re welcome.”

Discussed domestic updates

They played a really fun game called Camel Up with PJ

Phil doesn’t know how he feels about Haikyuu because it’s straight sports

They just started watching Magi

He would love to do a video with Ian and Anthony 

“Blessed by Phil’s presence”

Phil ran past and said hello

Dr. Greg said he loved TABINOF

Reality v fiction discussion

“Time is precious and you chose to spend an hour of it with me.”

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Hello! I’m very sorry for coming so so late, but I’m having incredibly full days and I’m not sure if it’s a disgrace or a blessing that I’m missing on most of these lovely happenings.

Anyway, I’ll be quick! I have really no idea what they’re doing right now, I’m not even trying anymore. I can’t decide who’s doing what, I keep changing my mind on what parts of the whole mess are being handled by NT or OT.  I honestly believe we can only wait and see, as painful as it is. It is too much, in my opinion, and taking a step back might be the wisest idea. I will personally stick around as much as I can, because leaving now with no answers would just make it worse for me. Fact is, I would really like to give up and say “Oh, ok, this baby was his all along” or “Yeah, he’s just another celebrity wishing to be closeted”, but I would force myself into believing in what I know are lies. I’m not ready to protect myself by hiding behind excuses, as much as it’d make things easier for me! Sometimes you just know things, right? In so many ways. So, for everyone asking for my opinion, I DESPISE this situation and I honestly never thought it’d come to this (I was expecting a huge level of bad, but of a different kind), but I still have some firm points. I think Harry and Louis have always been together, I think they absolutely are and will be and I think there was no cheating involved here. I still think Briana was never pregnant and therefore Louis can’t be the father of that beautiful and tender baby we’ve recently seen. I think this stunt was never meant to end like this and that something went very very wrong along the way. I think Modest has been out for a while and Syco will join soon, but will definitely take advantage of their residual power as much as they can. I think the breaking ties will be shown quite soon and quite noticeably. I think the press is behaving too oddly not to know something else is coming from this momentarily very boring story (yes, TMZ in particular).  I think Harry is cuddling Louis some extra sweet and long these days. I think Larries are the most amazingly smart and open minded and open hearted people I have ever met and every day spent with you has been a pleasure and an honor for me. Don’t let anyone and certainly these awful people make you doubt yourself. 

Stay strong and safe and wonderful, whatever you decide to do xx
Louis Tomlinson Demanding DNA Test After Birth Of Son — Report
Whoa! Now that Briana Jungwirth has given birth, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has demanded that the baby get a paternity test, claims a new report. Louis Tomlinson, 24, is not taking any ch...
By Lauren Cox

Whoa! Now that Briana Jungwirth has given birth, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has demanded that the baby get a paternity test, claims a new report.

Louis Tomlinson, 24, is not taking any chances when it comes to the future of his newborn son. A new report claims that he requested the bouncing baby boy get a DNA test the moment Briana Jungwirth gave birth.

“Louis had the test done as soon as the baby was born,” a source told InTouch Weekly inside their Feb. 8 issue. Louis and Briana’s son was born on Jan. 23 in Los Angeles, California, and it’s not surprising that he would want a DNA test. After all, very little is known about how Louis and Briana met, how long they were together, or, better yet, if they ever really were a couple.

“He wanted proof the baby was his,” the source explained. The report also claims that Briana was dating someone else at the time she got pregnant, which could have been another reason Louis

However, a source close to the new parents told EXCLUSIVELY that the baby boy looks just like Louis! “Louis’ son looks just like him. He is a spitting image of his dad,” the source shared. “Louis is beyond excited about being a dad and wants to spend as much time as possible with Briana and his son.”

On Jan. 27 the first photos of Louis and Briana with their son surfaced but sadly we weren’t given a glimpse at the surely adorable little guy. Fingers crossed we see him soon!

imcalledconnor: Had such an awesome show tonight! Unfortunately this leg of the world tour has been cut short and I have to go home :( but thank you so much for the shows so far they’ve been some of my favourite shows ever and I’m super sorry Tokyo that I won’t make it to you but we will be back soon, you’re the best. See you guys for the UK tour!!