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Agh I watched old vids of bts and I'm in that time where I think every fan experience, the time where we wish that they could stay young and precious forever. ;; it makes me sad looking at the old vids but at the same time I'm proud for how much they've grown.

i know what you mean tbh young bangtan were so precious and adorable i miss the days a lot but looking at how far they’ve come juST MAKES MY HEART ALL WARM I LOVE THEM SM I’M SO PROUD 

what did i do in the past to deserve to know bts like???

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Jimin+mommy kink?

Your precious little baby boy stood besides your desk, waiting for you to finish the work you had left, Jimin needed his playtime, especially since you hadn’t made him cum for a week now.

“Mommy please!” He whined out and kneeled down to get to your level. “Please what my little prince?” You cooed at him, oh how he loved his nicknames, probably way too much since the strain in his boxers just got worse. “Play with me mommy! It’s really really hard..” He trailed off into a silent moan and laid his head on your thigh. “Soon baby” you smirked and started to pet his hair, another thing he couldn’t resist moaning for. “Okay mommy” he said and turned his head so he could look up at you.

“Why don’t you-” you poked his nose , “go get the cockring while mommy finishes up, okay baby?” You asked and grinned as his face lighted up in excitement. “YES MOMMY!!” He shot up and ran into your room, you heard him tumble around before he ran out with it again, sliding on the floor the last bit back.

“Good boy” you congratulated him, tugging down his sweatpants and boxers. “Thank you m-mommy” he breathed out heavily and stared at your hands as they got closer. You wrapped a hand around his cock and slowly started pumping him, making him almost cry out. “The ring baby~” you held out your other hand and he hesitantly put it on your finger tips. You smiled and put the “Vibrating Couple Ring” around the bottom and looked up.

“Are you ready, Prince?” you smiled comfortingly and slightly rubbed his tip with your index finger, making him whimper and flex his thighs. “Yes mommy” he whined out and reached down to turn it on. “HEY” you slapped his hand gently and glared, “I turn it on and off, got it?” You said in an annoyed voice. He moaned, his tip started to leak precum just from your mere words. “Yes mommy” he whimpered out and retracted his hand. “Such a good boy” you cooed at him and kissed his hipbone before turning it on the lowest setting.

“aaaaAAh” he gasped and moaned, you loved him like this, sensitive and already close to cumming before you had even started.



Inspired by and directly referenced from Mina Myoung of 1MILLION Dance Studio and her choreography for “Good Kisser” by Usher.

Dedicated to @thesearchingastronaut, whose many Voltron and Klance drawings brighten my LIFE, to my friends who cheered me on, and to @klancebabes for their very encouraging tag on the WIP.

VIXX , injury, promotions, streaming

Starlights, Vixx are halting the promotions of fantasy, due to ISAC injury (leo got an injury).JELPI ARE LETTING THE BOYS REST!!!!!
So they won’t be nominated in music shows (like the show) for the rest of the week. But WE STARLIGHTS SHOULD NOT LET THIS AMAZING SONG FALL OF THE CHARTS. Since we don’t have to focus on voting we CAN FOCUS ON STREAMING, we still need that drama version.

We don’t want the boys feeling guilty for resting (THEY REALLY NEED IT, Ravi apparently has a cold too 🙁).
So please Starlights, let’s show the boys our support and love, let’s show them that we keep thinking about them. Let’s make sure people don’t forget about Vixx and fantasy promotions even if it’s a halt of a week. Vixx are resting for the first time during promotions. Let’s make sure that our boys can see our hard work just as jelpi is working to keep them safe and healthy.

Starlights power is the best 💪🏽. I will now logout to stream this mv incognito, at 720 p, with the volume at like 70 %.

Coming here was a good decision, since I can’t be in London without getting chased by the paparazzi. I feel like I’m being watched my every move. Hopefully Hideaway will give me some time to relax and be at peace with myself. Anyway, I’m Emma, I think I like it here already. If there are any signs of paparazzi’s, then please tell them Emily Jean Stone isn’t here, thank you.


V on Hope on the street #teaservideo 😁

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Luke holding his newborn kid for the first time? x

Luke couldn’t believe what he was seeing. You, sweat beading down your forehead, breathing heavily with your newborn wrapped in a perfectly warm cotton blanket in the safe embrace of your arms. His eyes had never seen something so pure, so beautiful. His whole world was right in front of him.

“Do you want to hold her?” You asked your husband, cheeks pulling as a proud grin broke out across your face. This was your baby.

Hesitating for a moment, Luke nods, but not before voicing his concerns, “What if I break her?” In a soft, genuine whisper.

“Baby.” You coo out, laughing slightly, “I promise you won’t.”

Gulping slowly, Luke reaches out for his bundled up baby girl. His arms immediately securing her safely as one hand rests under her head and the other on her tiny bottom. “Hi.” He whispers, looking at the features of his baby girl’s face. She looked just like you, his heart breaking in a million pieces all over again.

“I’ve waited so long to meet you.” He continued, a tiny tear escaping the corner of his eye. He was so in love.

“You’re my baby girl y/d/n, nothing and no one will ever hurt you.” He promises, rocking her slowly in his much larger arms.

A few seconds later, Luke is surprised to see his daughter staring right back up at him, baby blues opened just like her father.