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Been a while since I’ve had time to do any artwork prints for owners, last round was a couple months ago. I miss it! Nothing better than putting in work for fellow enthusiasts. Here’s a few of my personal faves but so many faves it’s impossible to fit em all in! More soon hopefully. Prints available at
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when are you releasing your music video?

i had to order a cable  online since i used an old cassette tape video recorder and had no way  to transfer it to my computer…but the cable is here and i’ve been trying to figure out how to upload the footage for the better part of two hours now…so hopefully soon 


So… I was going to link a series of quick interviews that included Ben Milsom (the Production Designers of TAG!) letting spill and confirm a spoiler we’ve heard rumours of for S2… WELL. Switched which video I was main posting, cause I struck some hidden gold.

This video tour of the Amazon tent… Bless Ben Milsom, because when they were speaking to HIM about Season 1 and Season 2… he thinks of them as they actually are, not Amazon’s split seasons. (Someone must have not told him that. lmao) SO. He has spilled some beans.

Season 2 is done filming, he says, and should start up “October… September-October” (Which is an improvement over last year’s October-November, I suppose.) And then noting Amazon would probably get them next year some time.

Hopefully soon ThunderbirdsHQ will spill a more specific date, but there we go! Truthfully, its about as suspected, given we heard ‘4th quarter’ for TAG!’s return and October-December is 4th quarter of a year, so.

MEANWHILE… the video I was going to main post:

Largely the same stuff we’ve heard in other interviews but, SPOILERS, small thing confirmed by Ben about the rumours we’ve heard coming outta the Weta Tour in regards to S2. See below cut for what it is if don’t wanna bother with video. XD

Also on Youtube… there were also 5 other short interviews posted…  But very tiny and not really much interesting.

But yeah. The very small spoiler meanwhile is beneath the cut. :)

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My binder has a few loose stitches on the seams is there a way I can fix this myself either hand or with a sewing machine that is not a serger? I do plan on buying a new one hopefully soon from you ;_;

Hi, please email us at to discuss sewing techniques, thanks.


Alright, just thought I tell ya’ll I got my testing done, and they said they found inflammation in my stomach which makes sense, and the biopsy I have to wait for but yeah. I’m okay overall, just still dealing with stomach/chest pains as usual, but no biggie. The medicine will take a bit to heal it you know♥ I really hope I am not sounding like I’m complaining I’m just trying to justify why I haven’t been here a lot, hopefully soon I can get to drafts and such♥

we are one now

i want to write a thing but instead i just draw what i basically wanna write, YVONNE getting into Victor’s system, which is very possible since Victor is kinda an older and more vulnerable android. 

hopefully soon i’ll be able to write this. 

I got tagged by @skipzophreniic and now I will do the thing

What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

Japanese and..that’s about it. Probably Russian..and hopefully English soon

How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Three. I guess I need some new pair of shoes soon

Last compliment you got?

My art is nice…I guess

What does your name mean?

pledged to God LOL

Music taste?

Mostly alternative and indie I guess? 

Do you have any other social media sites?


Favorite food?

Anything with cheese tbh


6th of October

What is your favorite drink?

Water with any fruity taste. =w= usually blackberry

Current drama?


Do you have freckles?


Favorite scent?

Fresh laundry, cotton, cherry blossoms(yes I have shower foam of it), white peaches

Best thing about each season?

Winter: Snow, I can sleep longer, it gets dark earlier !

Spring: it gets warmer, stylish clothes I can wear, blooming season

Summer:…??? Liza sometimes visits me during summer?, fireworks, nice festivals!

Autumn: MY BIRTHDAY, MY BIRTHDAY,MY BIRTHDAY,I can sleep longer 

Do you still watch cartoons?


Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

nothing please?!

Favorite clothing stores?

I just buy whatever I like… I have no real preference

Favorite ice cream flavor?



Lepidopterophobia(Its really bad bruh),  Acrophobia

Wardrobe color scheme?

Mostly cold colors, jewel tones

Tea or coffee?


Favorite clothing item?

Leggings, I would wear them ALL fucking DAY

Dream bedroom?

One with a big bed

Favorite childhood TV shows?

Digimon,Sailor Moon,Ojamajo Doremi, Full House(YES I LOVED IT OKAY),Prince of Bel Air and idk what else

What do you always have on you?

My phone, my powerbank and my pass

Current temperature?

19°c but it feels like 25°c

idk do whatever XD


A month already??

I wish I had some heartfelt message to say like Ophelia but yet I’ve never really had much to say about my personal life I guess? Jk I do but anywaysss, Valentine my little baby girl is a month old now (well a little bit over actually) and she warms my heart every morning when she wakes me up at 3am because she’s hungry lol.

That’s all I have to say really, I got new tattoos that I’ll be hopefully posting soon, one is for her and I cannot wait to show you all. Ladybug is doing well and she’s getting bigger everyday but not quite as big as Puck but he’s a lil chub so.

xoxo Steph

Sometimes I feel like it was a mistake coming out of my shell. Before I was a depressed people pleaser and I did a pretty damn good job making everyone but myself happy. But now I’m told it should be the opposite. I should do what it takes to make me happy and fuck everyone else. This is a lot harder than I imagined. I’m facing actual opposition from strangers needing me to define myself for them. I’m finding my friends not understanding how sometimes I can be so real and genuine and at other times I’m completely disassociated and at a loss. I’m in a transition and I don’t know how else to define it. Not sure when I will be whole. Hopefully soon


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Today I have a nail look for you that was inspired by the ocean. For the sand I used Butter London “Shop Girl” and for the water and the sky I used colors from the Nyx “Love is in the air” set. We are in the new house since Monday and I am kinda living in a chaotic mess and I can´t believe myself that I had the nerve to play around with my nail polishes. I don´t know but it somehow relaxes me. Hopefully soon everything here will be sorted and until then I just look at my nails and dream about the ocean! :-)

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hi im tj! im a black and trans nb wlw who recently had to stop working my job bc i keep passing out in this 90+ heat!! bc of that i now have to find a new job that doesnt involve physical labor and hopefully soon. unfortunately since i dont have a car i have to rely on public transportation, which means i have to have a bus pass if i want to have a consistent and reliable mode of transportation. ideally i would like to get a monthly bus pass that will last me all thru august, BUT that also costs abt $100 and i dont have that at all! and its hard to eat rn too with the whole no money/no job thing! it sucks asking for money on the internet, but if anyone has a couple of dollars i would really appreciate it! my current pass expires at the end of july and w/o it im essentially grounded in my house.

SO if u can hmu @ my $TJFunds id really appreciate it! feel free to check out my commission info too if thats more exciting for u!

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Some people think that centipeetle's commander is citrine because of how thin and long the her gem is o: What do you think?

That would be really cool! I can see that as a possibility. Hopefully we’ll find out soon though. Hopefully it was foreshadowing like this Bismuth in that Same old world episode!!