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Alone - Part 18

Warnings; talking about violence

Words; 1,441

A/N; Thank you to the people still reading!! Feedback is always appreciated ♡

Your feet touched the soft ground as you made your way through a large field. The grass was up to your waist and you trailed your hand along the tops as you walked. You felt at peace, the sun shone through the clouds and you spun around happily. Something black caught your eye as you spun. You paused and looked at the person standing in the distance. Without thinking you ran full force at him and he spread his arms in anticipation.

You jumped and flung your body around him, holding him as tightly as possible as you inhaled his musky scent.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and nuzzled into your neck. “I missed you so fucking much doll.”

You pulled back to look into his stormy blue eyes. “What do you mean? I haven’t went anywhere.”

He set you back on the ground and paused before speaking. “Of course not, but anytime that we’re apart I miss you.” He kissed your cheek and you blushed.

He laced his fingers through yours and pulled you through the field. Something nagged at the back of your mind but you ignored it against your better judgement.

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Don't need your lavish

Dimitri Mitropoulos

Fluff, lavishing, cuteness

Fandom: The Riot Club

Request:“Uhmmm, maybe something where you are a girl from a more normal background and Dimitri takes you shopping. He buys you all these expensive gifts like it’s nothing. Which makes you feel really conflicted because you absolutely love all the things he buys for you, but at the same time you are NOT a ‘golddigger’ or some sort. You decide to speak up about it and he is suprised to say at least, because all the girls he dated before are always after his money. Something like that? Hope it helps! x”

Word count : 774

gif is not mine.

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Maybe just once

Request: Can you write a smut where Scott McCall walks into your room while you are getting off ? ( if you know what i mean ;) ) and it’s just a whole lot of smut. 

Warning: Smut. yeap. whole lot of smut. 

You were at lunch break with Scott and Stiles.

‘’ I mean what if she just stops needing me ?’’ Stiles asked his face full of concern.

‘’ no man ! it doesn’t work like that!’’ Scott hit his forehead hopping to get shake his brain.

‘’ I get it if she does it to herself when I’m like..not there. But what if she does it better than I do ? I mean it’s Malia. I don’t know what to expect..’’ Stiles placed his head in his hands sighing.

‘’I doubt it’s the same. Like when I do it to m-‘’ Scott was about to say but then he remembered your presence in the table and shut his mouth.

‘’ Y/N what do you think ? ‘’ Stiles asked you. He knew Scott had a crush on you and he knew how awkward this would make him feel. He also knew Scott would probably thank him when he would grow wiser and older.

You felt your cheeks turning red as you looked at Stiles and then Scott , then back at Stiles and Scott again.

‘’ I don’t know… I mean ..i’ve never actually.. tried it…um.. yeah I mean..yeah.’’ you said awkwardly and both of the boys pulled their chairs closer to the table at the same time leaning forward to stare at you.

‘’never ? not even once ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’ I’m pretty sure never stands for not even once…’’

An tray was added to the table and you all looked up to see Liam.

‘’Hey guys ! what topic got you so focused ?’ he asked noticing how close you had all gotten to each other.

‘’Sports’’ Scott Blurred out

‘’The weather’’ you said at the same time.

‘’Female masturbation’’ Stiles said honestly causing Liam to slowly pick up his tray. Look at all three of you and run away.

———————————LATER THAT DAY—————————

You were in your room trying to decide what to wear for tonight. Scott and Stiles had promised to come over for a movie night. Well what you did not know was that Scott made Stiles suggest the movie night and then convinced him to pretend being  too sick to tag along so that the two of you would get some time to yourselves.

You had about an hour prior to their arrival. You wanted to look good but not like you had actually tried to look good.

You decided to try on a white tank top with a floral high waist comfy shorts , making it seem as if you were hanging in this around your house.

You took off your current clothes and stared at yourself in the mirror.

It was not very common for your underwear to match so the fact that today they were both black lace made you feel complete.

You let your hair out of your messy bun and started pointing out the flaws you could see on your body.

‘’If Scott doesn’t like me maybe Deucalion will’’ you said out loud .

And that’s all it took to start thinking about Scott. You wanted to trace every inch of his skin with your hands, feel his sweaty body against yours, his lips, his eyes everything on you. It didn’t take long for you to feel horny. Your lady parts were practically screaming at you.

When a thought crossed your mind. Could you do it ? I mean it wasn’t that bad was it ? For a girl to do it to herself …Malia did it. Maybe just once. But how?  You were not even sure where to begin.

‘’ Fuck it’’ you were doing this.  You caressed your neck once and stopped at your chest. You touched it softly and rubbed your nipples through the lace to get them hard. Your right hand ran down your stomach causing you to shiver from the different temperature and then you stopped at your panties.

You sighed and slowly caressed your core above your fabric, the thickness of the lace making you craving it even more. And then you lifted the fabric and

Froze. You could already feel the wetness. How where you supposed to go about with it ?

You shut your eyes, and thought of Scott. You thought of his uneven jawline down at your centre, you thought of his face as he would cum and suddenly your fingers were caressing your core in circles making you gasp and moan. You held your eyes shut pretending this was Scott’s hand and you started getting into it. You other hand made its way to your tit ,pulling the strap down, massaging it softly.

‘’ugh’’ you cried out biting your lip and sucking the inner of your cheeks. Your legs had now fully spread giving you better access but you did not yet dare to enter your fingers.

Meanwhile as Scott arrived earlier than expected  , your mother informed him you were in your room and he made his way upstairs. But he stopped as soon as noticed the door was closed.

He was about to knock and ask if he could enter when a sound prevented him from it. The sound of your heart beat rising

‘’Y/N ?’’ he questioned lightly to himself trying to think of what was happening. And then the heartbeat was accompanied with a moan. His head fell on the door and he shut his eyes.

Every cell of his body was yelling him to open the god damn door and see you. He pictured you there with flushed cheeks, naked on your bed, pleasing yourself. He felt himself getting hard at the thought and your sounds.

‘’Stiles is never gonna believe this’’ he mumbled to himself removing his head from the door and sucking a deep breath. Then he opened the door, making his presence obvious to you.

You froze. Your lips were red from all the biting, your right hand was inbetween your widely open legs, the left cup of your bra had fallen exposing one of your tits with a hard nipple, and your left hand was pressed against the headboard of your bed for support. Your hair messy from the pillows they had been previously resting on.

‘’SCOTT !’’ you exclaimed getting conscious and pulling the covers to hide yourself. You started cursing Malia and Stiles under your breath and felt the bed shifting.

‘’who were you thinking of ?’’ Scott asked swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. The picture of you not leaving his head. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen and there was no point in even trying to hide his erection.

You lowered the covers revealing your face and your shoulders, one strap of your bra still on.

‘’Scott, I was just. Oh god. It’s just that Stiles mentioned it and I thought why not try it? and you weren’t supposed to be here so soon and don’t you have like werewolf hearing ? or good manners? To like knock ? I swear I did not mean to-you were cut off by his actions.

He moved both his hands placing them at your sides, pulling the covers away revealing your body.

‘’Y/N who were you thinking of?’’ he asked again. He wished with all his might you would say his name.

‘’I was thinking of-‘’

‘’no wait’’ he stopped you. He looked at you and shut his eyes trying to memorize the image for later.

‘’Lie to me ‘’ he said.

‘’what ?’’ you asked.

‘’say my name or lie to me , because I swear if the thought of me did not do that to you then I will hate myself forever’’ he said like a needy kid and you widened your eyes in surprise.

‘’I was’’

‘’was what ?’’

‘’thinking about you’’ you answered honestly seeing no point of return. Scott grabbed your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss., Your lips collided and readjusted against each other as he squeezed your breast. You gasped at the contact and he took the chance to slide his tongue in your mouth. The kiss made you dizzy and Scott noticed, leaning you back on the bed for balance until you were lying down and he was above you.

He pulled away.

‘’Did you get to finish ?’’ he asked. It took you a minute to realize what he meant and as soon as you did you  nodded no.

He smiled genuinely a wide happy smile.

His hand caressed your body applying a small amount of pressure until it reached your underwear. He did not bother to take it off, he just pushed them aside and you felt his hand on you. His fingers were warmer and bigger. His caressed the skin feeling it . It was pink and swallen and he took so much pride to the fact that you were thinking of him. He looked like a kid opening Christmas presents. His eyes crinkling.

Then instead of circles he started tracing patterns of 8 causing you to moan out his name. He stopped to take off his shirt and you already missed the contact.

He kissed you again and this time you could feel the warmth of his naked chest against yours. It felt safe and fullfiling, You thought your heart would break from all the beating. And as his lips moved to your neck he slided one finger into you. You arched your back at the feeing and his hand made its way beneath it, pulling you even closer. He thrusted it a few times and once he felt you were getting comfortable , he added another one repeating the actions until he had three fingers in you. Pleasure was vibrating throughout your whole body. He was fucking you with his hand and you could not take it anymore, Your head turned to one side where his muscular arm was supporting his weight.

You placed your mouth on the skin of his arm and as you felt yourself getting closer and closer you bit the skin, so as to prevent the loud moans that threatened to come. You were probably biting too hard and messing him with saliva but he did not seem to care.

He was observing your every expression increasing the speed of his fingers until he felt you clench beneath him., You came undone on  his fingers and he kept slowly thrusting them until you relaxed into him. He pressed a wet kiss on your forehead.  As you lied there staring into each other. He smiled at you and you smiled at him , leaning in to kiss one more time. Once you pulled back you chuckled.

‘’Stiles is never gonna believe this’’ You said and he smiled even wider thinking how perfect you were for him.