soon we open the etsy shop!

Etsy is open for business!

Hey! after some difficulties, I finally got our etsy shop open!

We currently have a small amount of slimes just to see how it goes and if it goes well we’ll restock!

Stock (some have kind of weird names lol)

  • 3x Blue Berry Butter slime
  • 3x Strawberry Butter slime
  • 3x Lemon Butter slime (lemon scented!)
  • 2x Blue Cloud fluffy slime 
  • 1x Cucumber Melon fluffy slime (cucumber melon scented)

and I might be stocking another type of scented butter slime later!

Shop here!

All slimes are $4 and comes in 4 oz containers.

Also I apologize for the low quality pictures I’m gonna try to take better ones soon!!

Feel free to ask any questions I’d be happy to answer!! -Mod Max     

Edit: I forgot to add that orders come with a little borax that you can mix with some hot water if the slime arrives a little sticky

We Will Be Heard

This is a little project I’ve done for the women’s march postcard which I’m sending in pretty soon. Keep a look out for my Etsy shop which I will hopefully be opening soon. This print will be on sale with proceeds going towards the women’s march and women’s Healthcare.

Etsy shop

Hey kitties, my best friend and I are opening an Etsy shop really soon ( I am gonna link it in my bio on Tumblr and Instagram) with kitten collars and some gear, some cute otaku/nerd/geek jewlery and goodies. Shop should be up tonight but we might start selling starting through out this month ( I will post everything about opening and when and how we are going to sell stuff week before)

- Lot´s of love <3


Ever since my sister finished highschool we didn’t have time for our Etsy shop ChibiChain. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-open it soon and continue selling plushies. ^^

We welcome custom orders where you can order either a custom plushie or a plushie that has already been made by us. So far we made Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, Amethyst (from Steven Universe. Connie and Steven are in the works) Sans (from Undertale. Frisk and Chara are in the works), a Renamon pillow (from Digimon), normal Squids, Callie, Marie (from Splatoon), Mabel, Dipper, Wendy, Bill (from Gravity Falls), Zuko, Toph, Aang, Sokka (from ATLA), Jake (from Adventure Time)

We’ve also been learning how to make onesies and will start selling them ^^

Here are a few pictures of our plushie products:

If you’re interested in anything please contact us HERE and we can take your custom order ^^ We reply within a day and have very good reviews. We always ship with registered shipping so you can keep track of the package.


we’ve hit 250+ followers!

since we’ve hit this important milestone, we have an exciting announcement to share: our very own etsy shop, Blue Mermaid Slime, will be opened to the public by the time we reach 500 followers! we hope to be open within the next month or so, so please spread the word until we hit our goal!

all proceeds from Blue Mermaid Slime will go towards the two mods being able to move in together (more information can be found here!) and support us both with day-to-day expenses.

thank you so much to everyone who’s liked, reblogged, and followed us! we hope to have our shop up and running soon, so stay tuned 💚


Tomorrow we’ll be opening up pre orders for our body pillows, including some new designs we’ll be bringing to Sakuracon/ECCC! There are a few more almost done I haven’t included here.

These won’t be available via our old Etsy shop; as soon as I hear back from the last few people who ordered customs it’s closing down for good. Etsy was nice we were starting out, but the fees upon fees upon fees influenced our decision to part ways rather then come back from vacation!

More information will be available once the shop goes live!


Hey everyone! I’m selling felts and taking commissions! 

I’m worried that my current job won’t provide me with enough funds to pay for rent and food this upcoming school year, so I’ve opened my Etsy shop back up and I’m also going to open three custom felt commission spots! This is my first time doing commissions, so please bear with me as I figure out the best way to do this!

I’m looking to make smaller plant or fungi-based felts around 3-4 inches tall, but depending on what you are willing to pay and/or what materials I have available, I can make ones of other types (animal, etc.) and sizes as well. 

My starting price for custom commissions will be around USD $30.00, with price increasing depending on design complexity, size, and materials.

Here’s how to request a commission from me!:

  • Use this link to go to my  Etsy shop and click the Request Custom Order button (not sure if the button shows up on mobile, so use the desktop version just to be safe!)
  • We’ll discuss your commission details like the design, price, etc.
  • After we confirm all the details, I will make your commission and then notify you with a private etsy listing that your order is ready for purchase.
  • After you complete your order I’ll ship it to you as soon as possible! (usually within 3-4 days after you confirm the purchase)

Slot 1: [OPEN]
Slot 2: [OPEN]
Slot 3: [OPEN]


Soon, this is our new home. It needs plates and a title and an inspection and a battery. An AC in the Texas heat would be nice too.

We really need help. We have a roof over our heads but no where to put it safely. We’re out of money and out of ideas.

My System is scared, my Partner is scared. We are in an RV with no power to it, so bigger than the car we used to live in.

This time we have two cats, who seem to be okay for now, but the issue of food will arise soon. We cannot lose our pets again, that would be reopening old trauma that we do not need on top of this already stressful situation.

We don’t have the money to get a battery or an AC, or any of the papers we need too.

To be honest, boosting this would help us out tons.

Our PayPal is
Our Google Wallet(US only) is

People who donate will receive a coupon for equal amount to our Etsy Shop opening soon.


So it’s getting close to opening day for my etsy store I’ve been working really hard over the last 6 months in collab with some people in LA to open a plus size thrift shop

We will also be doing pop ups!

I guess what’s different about this is that we have partnered with a few local charities so when you buy something either from the store or pop up 75% of the proceeds will go directly to Them and you the buyer will get to chose between 2-3 charities depending on location of the pop up !!!

THICK & THRIFTY will be opening soon

Look at all the lovely fabric that FINALLY is done printing! ❤️

And some little things that are getting made already. :D More to come!

We’ll be opening the etsy shop soon!
We weren’t sure whether some of the material would arrive in time for Christmas, but it seems it might be possible to get some items done in time for it perhaps, if you are in the US and pick priority shipping (at least for the 221B scarves and some Trek ones, and perhaps some other items that we can finish making in time. For international I don’t think it would arrive in time for Christmas, sadly).
And, of course, the rest will be available after Christmas as well! :D


Hello there friends!

Just a friendly reminder that we do have an etsy shop open. Currently we have various jewellery pieces and full colour candles for sale but we are looking to put more in there soon such as hand carved decorative altar pieces and handmade wands (none of which will be identical). These are just ideas, of course but we shall see what we can do, if people are interested.

All put together by hand, the necklaces are £2 each and the earrings are £2.50 for a pair as they take two charms. There is an English one pence for size reference.

The full colour taper candles (5 inches) are either sold individually for £0.80 each, allowing you to choose how many you want of each colour or as a whole set of 16 (all of the colours we offer) for £12.

None of these prices include postage, as that varies based on location. We are UK based.

With luck and blessed be, thefriendlywitch and Magpie.

fading fast apparel official sneak peek!

Teresa and I did our very first photo shoot for Fading Fast today! This is just a sneak peek of what will be in our shop opening this sunday! 

We are very excited and can’t wait until our launch! 

See you all soon!

Much love, Alli Xx :)

Please read.

I don’t know how to really word this so I’ll just come out and say it: I need money.

We’re late on payments and if we don’t come up with 1400 bucks soon we’ll lose the house and the truck. Mom lost her job, step dad’s job doesn’t pay very well and I babysit Monday to Friday but it’s not enough to pay for groceries, let alone bills.

I opened up an Etsy shop where Mom and I make crafty things, I would appreciate any of you checking that out. If you have any suggestions or things you want to have made I’d be happy to make them for you!

I can also write fics if anyone’s interested in that.

Also my friend is offering sketch commissions, click here for more information on that.

I also have a paypal where you can donate linked in my description.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Big Announcement on the Shelf

“Guys, we need to talk to all of you”

“What’s going on Dean? Are we getting a new figure? Another shelf maybe?””

“That’s what we need to talk about guys: It’s getting a little bit crowded in here and… we’re going to need to let some of you go.”

“You don’t mean…?”
“Yup, some of you guys are going up for sale.”


Yes, it’s true. I’m selling some of my figures.
Etsy Shop now open! More figures coming soon


So, here’s a condensed version of my experience at the ATLA/LOK Show last night:

I ended up going to the show alone around 3pm, but as soon as I got to the end of the line, I became instant friends with this fine group of people who, a couple hours later, dubbed me as “the most awesome person ever.” 

Later, met a cool Korrasami fan in line behind me, so we flailed about the cannon-ness of it all for like another hour or so. 

Finally got into the gallery after 4 and a half hours of waiting.

The whole thing was gorgeous and amazing, and I met a ton of cool people that liked my leather bracelets or recognized them from Tumblr, which was awesome and made me feel excited to be opening up my Etsy shop soon! Still debating on a name. :P

I think talking with all the other fans, artists, and people that worked on the show was what really made my night. I even posed with one of my new buddies in the Nuktuk cut out. 

By the end I had almost forgotten about how sad I was that I didn’t get my hands on that amazing Korrasami print that Bryan Konietzko did for the show. 

While I was there, I purchased a print of Avatar Yangchen and the Art of Book 3, which I found a ton of awesome people to sign, including Dee Bradley Baker (voice of Momo and Appa) and his daughter Cora Baker (voice of young Korra), artist/director for ATLA Giancarlo Volpe, Will Ruzicka (storyboard artist for LOK), Jeremy Zuckerman who wrote some music notes above his name (from the finale song, I think?), and Seychelle Gabriel (voice of Asami) who also asked ME for a photo because of my Korrasarmy hoodie! 

Definitely one of the best Korra/ATLA events I’ve been to. And while I didn’t actually get the chance to shake Mike and Bryan’s hand and thank them for everything, I’m sure it’s understood. But just in case: