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The Night After - One Shot

Requested? Yes: can you don one where you’re waiting till marriage and the wedding night comes and fluff smut and fluff and with simon thanks - Anonymous

Word Count: 892

Requests: I’ve got 6 more to do, so requests are closed for the moment.

Warnings: contains nudity

Today was the day. Simon and I were finally husband and wife. Since the moment we got home, I just had this strange feeling. It felt weird because for once, I was actually completely happy with what life was like at the moment.

One of my best friends gave me a ‘wedding gift’ which was basically just a huge basket with loads of Lush cosmetics. So as soon as I got home, I stripped down and decided to treat myself to a nice relaxing bath with one of my favourite Lush bath comets.

Simon was in the room right next to the bathroom in our flat, watching TV, but my eyes shot open as soon as I heard him call my name

'In here,’ I said as I heard him make his way to the bathroom.

'Oh hey,’ he said, appearing in the doorframe, his dimples appearing in both cheeks. I was very much naked under a thin sheet of bubbles, and it was still a rare occasion that he got to see me fully comfortably naked in front of him.

'Hi,’ I giggled at him.

'How long have you been in there?’ He asked as he stripped off formal tie and started to unbutton his nice white button-down shirt. I admired him as he did so.

'Since we came home, pretty much.’ I giggled, not at all ashamed of the hour I spent bathing in my own dirt.

'Hey, I saw you looking at me like that. I caught you!’ He said, winking and pointing at me. I giggled at him again and covered my face with my hands to hide my blushed cheeks.

'Come on, get out of there, your fingers are going to look like prunes.’ He said, disappearing back down the hall again.

'You don’t like me with prune fingers?’ I asked loudly so that he would still hear me.

'I like you with anything,’ he said and I smiled to myself. I had the sweetest husband in the world.

I eventually dragged myself out of the bath because he was probably wanting to 'celebrate’, and wrapped myself in a big white towel. I walked back in our room, having completely forgotten to bring any clothes with me into the bathroom.

Simon was laying down on our bed, one hand tucked behind his head and the other flicking through TV channels. 'No, come here,’ he said, patting the spot beside him as I walked towards the wardrobe.

I smiled and walked over, collapsing next to him, and then shuffling so I could see the TV screen, too. He took the arm that was underneath his head and wrapped it around my body, his fingers gripping my hip, his forearm and wrist resting lightly on my bum.

We finally decided on a TV show we both liked, and I snuggled up to him, getting comfortable. I couldn’t focus on the show though, because Simon was rubbing his fingers along my hip, pulling me closer into him. He then trailed up my back and hooked his fingers on the inside of my towel which I was still wrapped in.

'Si?’ I asked.

'Hm?’ He hummed.

'Stop it, you’re giving me goose bumps,’ I said honestly and he giggled.

'How can I resist? You smell good, look good, and your skin is super soft.’

I giggled and snuggled closer to him, moving up so I could rest my head in the crook of his neck. To be fair, he smelled good, too.

But Simon had other plans as his fingers trailed further down my back, loosening my towel around me.

'Simon!’ I said as he reached the lowest point of my lower back. He flicked the TV off and turned to look at me, putting a hand underneath my chin gently and looking at me lovingly with his blue eyes before delicately shutting them and leaning in to press his lips to mine. His kisses were soft and tender, but slowly grew more passionate and needy.

I felt his teeth gently tug at my bottom lip, begging for an entrance so I slowly opened my jaw and allowed him to explore my mouth. I noticed his hands reach inside my towel and hugging my curves. His hands were warm but gentle on my skin.

Before things became too messy, we both stopped the kiss and he leaned back, smiling at me warmly.

'I can’t believe you’re my wife,’ He said, slightly out of breath. His hair as messy and tangled. I reached up to unbutton the last two buttons of his fancy shirt and tugged at his sleeves, leaving him shirtless. I admired his toned upper body, placed a finger between his pecs and slid it down to his toned stomach.

'See this?’ I asked, pointing at him. 'I love all of this,’ I said, knowing how insecure he was about his body, but I also knew he knew I wasn’t lying when I complimented him. I watched as his crater-deep dimples appeared in his cheeks.

He leaned in, pressing his hands on the mattress just above my shoulders, making him hover above me.

'See this?’ He trailed his finger down to my bare stomach and pressed his palm against it. 'I hope we’ll have a miniminiminter growing in there soon,’ He leaned down and pressed another loving kiss to my lips.

Okay so you said fluff smut and fluff and i didn’t know what to do with that so I hope this is ok

Rainy Day PT5

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Here is he next part of the story and I am just going with the flow as I write. I swear the AOMG guys are going to kill me with so many feels. Hope you guys also like this part and if not I hope the next part convinces hehe. I need to include the rain soon so that the name fits the story.

On another note, I was writing last night which I think caused me to go to sleep thinking about gray. The point is that he showed up in my dream where apparently he was sitting on some bleachers in an auditorium with Loco. I was siting with my best friend and I was telling her how I had a huge crush on him. I woke up and started to laugh when I remembered the dream. AOMG is taking over my life hehe.

(Y/N’s Pov)

Hands taking hold of your hips made you turn around expecting Jooheon to have come back. Nothing could have prepared you for the shock you got when you were met with someone else looking down at you.

Seong Hwa was looking down at you with his hands still placed on your hips which felt like they were burning you.

“What are you doing oppa?” you asked your voice barely loud enough for him to hear.

“I wanted to dance with you but the idol never left you alone.” he responded to you. You didn’t know what to do let alone what to respond to him. This was something so strange having never danced with him. You had danced with all the other AOMG guys at one point being all close friends. Seong Hwa just never seemed to want to dance with you he was always either sitting at a table or he would dance with other girls.

“Uh why all of a sudden, why not dance with the girl who you were sitting with?” you asked not knowing what to do about the whole situation.

“Let’s just dance and have a good time.” he said with a smile appearing making you more nervous. Him being so close to you and his hands on your body was making everything so strange and awkward. There used to be times when you wished he would dance with you but after getting to know him you just came to the conclusion that he had zero interest in you.

He turned you so that you’re back was up against his chest. You felt your whole body feeling rigid like there was something compressing your chest unable to breath.

One of his hands moved from your hip to wrap around your waist. Your body was responding and dancing along with him but your mind was stalled on what this whole situation meant.

You were finally starting to relax and just enjoy the moment when he leaned down and you could feel his breath near your neck.

“I always wanted to dance with you” he said up against your ear. The action sending shivers down your back. What was he doing to you and was he aware of it. You had totally forgotten about Jooheon until you felt Seong Hwa’s hands leaving your body. You turned to the side to find Jooheon standing there looking at you and Seong Hwa.

“Can I talk to you?” he said to you.

“Oppa I’m going to go talk with him.” you told Seong Hwa before walking out of the dance floor with Jooheon. You honestly didn’t want to stop dancing with him. Having finally gotten the chance to dance with him was something that you didn’t know if it would ever come back.

Jooheon and you had walked to a less crowded area in the club.

“I wanted to stay longer and maybe even go on that ride again with you but I have to head back to the dorm. Do you think I could call you tomorrow?” he asked you showing eagerness in his eyes. If he had asked before he left you alone on the dance floor you would have said yes not even needing to think about it. Now after having danced with the guy that made you nervous recently you didn’t know what to say. There wasn’t anything necessarily waiting for you back with Seong Hwa but you couldn’t ignore how shaken he left you.

“Uh Jooheon I know that as an idol you can’t be open to a serious relationship and because of that I can only offer you a friendship and not anything else.” You were both young but you weren’t looking for a “Some” relationship. You wanted more and he couldn’t offer that to you.

“I still want to see you” he said before leaning in and giving you a kiss on your cheek. He headed out the club leaving you behind not knowing what to do now.

You decided on heading back to the main table hoping to see Sung Hwa there and maybe getting an explanation. You wanted to know if he always wanted to dance with you then why didn’t he ever do it

Back at the main table you were met with Kiseok, Hyuk Woo, and Hyun Jung who were drinking and laughing.

“Hey what happened to the idol?” Kiseok asked as you went ahead and sat next to Hyun Jung.

“He said he had to get back to his dorm besides there’s nothing going on between us.” you said not wanting to place much importance on the situation.

“Where’s Seong Hwa?” you asked not to anyone in particular just speaking calmly.

“He must still be out on the dance floor.” Hyuk Woo said.

Should you go find him was what you kept thinking but you weren’t sure what was the correct thing to do. I’ll go get a drink you said as you got up and headed towards the bar. On your way to the bar you looked through the crowd trying to find the guy that made you lose all sense of what everything meant. You got to the bar and asked for a drink, when you finally got it and turned around after looking at the people you found Seong Hwa. The girl that was sitting with him at the table was now dancing with him. His hands were in the same place they were on your body just awhile ago. You weren’t feeling jealous but instead you felt sadness. Your mind was creating impossible stories that you wished would be real as to why he danced with you.

“Why are you just standing here?” you turned to see Hyun Jung standing next to you.

“Oh I was thinking I should leave soon and head home.” you didn’t know what else you should do at the club now that you had lost motivation for still being there.

“Don’t leave yet come on let’s go to the dance floor.” she pulled you to follow her and soon you were both dancing just enjoying the music. You’re mind soon moved on from thoughts of Seong Hwa.

Soon enough both of you were surrounded by other guys who had intentions of wanting to dance with both of you. You didn’t want to think about other guys and just wanted to party with the music in the club.

“I found you again” you immediately recognized the voice by the way your body tensed up.

“How did you manage to leave the girl alone oppa?” you asked Seong Hwa as you turned to face him.

“I just wasn’t interested in her.” he said as he stared straight into your eyes causing you to look away.

“Can we dance again?” his hands reaching down to take hold of your own. His touch felt warm and it was a feeling that you so desperately craved for more.

The only thing you could think to do was to look back at him and nod yes. His hands let go of yours and they moved to your hips. Both your bodies moved with the music eventually him turning you once again your back against his chest. The feeling of his body next to yours felt like an anchor that you wanted to hold on to. Soon you began to relax and just enjoy the moment. His head once again lowered to your ear.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked surprising you as to why he was asking that. You moved your head to face him having your eyes meet his. You were always mesmerized by how sweet he looked and it only made you want him as more than a friend.

“You never danced with me, why now?” you asked wanting to know the reason.

He stared at you as you waited for his answer. The answer never came instead you were once again shocked. He leaned down his lips crashing onto yours sending you into panic.

The GazettE Dallas Live Report!

The concert last night was definitely something I’ll never forget, being their fan for 5+ years I have been waiting for this moment so long and their performance was incredible! It still seems so surreal that I actually got the chance to see them; watching them on a computer screen does not even compare to seeing them in real life.

Right before Nihil started, the lights suddenly turned off. Soon after a man’s voice asked us if we were ready for the show and reminded us that there would be no photos or videos. Then he said “Coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan, here is the GazettE!!!” and everybody lost it!

Dogma , Rage and Gabriel on the Gallows got the audience really pumped up, and it got hot really soon! Ruki had to roll his sleeves up because of the heat and we got a glimpse of some of his tattoos! He even lifted his hat off of his forehead a few times to wipe some of the sweat/get a better glimpse of the audience, is what I assumed. Uruha and Reita were sticking their tongues out a lot, as if they were teasing us.

Ruki did a short MC after the first four songs! He spoke some English and some Japanese, and told us to “go fucking crazy!!!” Vortex and Leech was a mess of jumping and some head banging, but so much fun. BIZARRE and DERACINE had some audios right before the songs started playing that I didn’t recognize, but they were still incredible. Ruki did a lot of bizarre (haha) hand gestures during BIZARRE.

Somewhere in-between these songs Ruki had another short MC, this time doing that thing where he screams in Japanese and Kai responds with the drums.

During a lot of the songs the members would move and switch places on the stage, sometimes Ruki would be standing on Uruha’s platform, and even Aoi moved all the way to Uruha’s side as well! Both of the guitarists and bassist were dancing, sticking their tongues out, and even pointing to some of the audience members! Uruha and Ruki occasionally blew some kisses. Kai liked to sing with Ruki during a lot of the songs as well!

Chizuru and The Suicide Circus got the audience screaming a lot! Ruki moved his hips during the main parts of the songs, but he basically moved his hips during every single song lol. UGLY was loud, and some people even did the fist pumping thing that the fans did in the PV!

Ruki spoke in English once more, this time to introduce the new song UNDYING. Nobody knew how to move along to the song, and when it was time for the quiet, piano parts, the audience was so still. It was amazing.

Hyena had its usual fan service, but when it was time for Ruki to put his hand on Uruha’s shoulder, it looked like Uruha wanted to move before Ruki wanted him to go! Reita and Aoi played towards each other at one point, and once they were done Aoi punched Reita in the chest,  playfully. Ruki also hip thrusted to the beat of the song, I’ve never seen him do that before. The main setlist came to an end with Filth in the Beauty; Ruki touched himself quite a lot during this song lol. But when it came for the audience to sing the “so long” part, I think we did a pretty good job!

The staff came to record us chanting for the encore from the balcony of the venue, and between the barriers for VIP and General Admission! It wasn’t too long before the band came back; only Ruki and Reita didn’t change, but Kai wore the MALUM shirt, Uruha wore the VIP limited shirt, and Aoi wore a BOMB FACTORY shirt. Ruki brought out the Texas flag that some of the fans gave him, it was really big and it looked like he had a little trouble putting it on his platform. Once he got it situated though he was like “Yeah, alright!!!” and the audience cheered. Soon after a staff member came and took the flag away from the stage, probably so that it wouldn’t get ruined.

Cockroach, Attitude, and TOMORROW NEVER DIES were incredible. Kai and Aoi were smiling a lot! Ruki told us to sing during the beginning of ATTITUDE, the “noise” part. Ruki drank a lot of water towards the end of the set list because it was REALLY hot in there, and he did his little whale thing. Kai looked really hot as well; he had his hair in a small bun and kept pouring water down the back of his neck.

Ruki probably said “Thank you Dallas!!!” a thousand times, but then when he said “I love you!” we all got so emotional. Right before they left the stage, Aoi accidentally (or purposefully, who knows) pushed Reita which resulted in Reita stumbling backwards and falling into Ruki’s arms. Ruki “back-hugged” Reita for like 10 seconds, it was adorable. Afterwards the whole band held hands, held their hands up in the air, and bowed. Lots of people were yelling things like “I love you!” and “Thank you Gazette!”

After Aoi, Reita, and Uruha left the stage, Ruki and Kai stayed behind to take some pictures!!!!! Ruki took some selfies with the audience with his phone (which it looks like he cut out his face from) and Kai took pictures with his iPad!

There weren’t any cameras out from what I could see the whole concert, but I did see some photos online. The venue recorded some of it and put it on their snapchat however. I’m so grateful that the Gazette had a good time with the live, and so happy that this was their very first American performance! Ruki even said that would like to come back to Dallas in the future! I’ve had such a whirlwind of emotions since last night, I miss them so much and so desperately want to see them again, but at the same time I’m content with the fact that I actually saw them!!! Hopefully they will have a wonderful rest of the tour!


Ok so I just got back from the free Boston show they were having and before they come onstage we all(meaning about 60-70 of us scattered throughout the pit) decided to scream a certain something while they were playing I Write Sins Not Tragedies…

So finally near the end of the concert they started playing that and here is how it went:

Brendon: “What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding says a bridesmaid to a waiter, yes but what a shame! what a shame the poor grooms bride is-”


This happened(video to come soon) and he paused for a slight second and gave us the most confused look