soon to be richard speight jr

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jared padalecki is such a talented actor and i think we forget that sometimes due to his intensely good looks. i personally have found myself watching him to watch him rather than to watch him act and this is the biggest mistake one can make. he is so physically beautiful that he could probably get away with not being so good an actor yet he still continues to amaze me with his talent. his micro-expressions and ability to adapt to many different roles makes him possibly one of the greatest actors of our time and i hope we don't forget that any time soon
  • what she also means: literally all of this can be said for jensen and misha too. we're so blessed to be in a fandom that focuses on - not just one insanely attractive and equally talented man - but three physically beautiful and incredibly talented men (more than three, in fact, but i won't go in to naming them all), who are not only beautiful and talented, but are also amazing, compassionate, caring, humble human beings who deserve their success and so much more

A 7 year old Sam learning about guardian angels from someone at his school-of-the-week and how they help people

Sam going to look at the Bible in the hotel room they’re staying at as soon as he can have a moment of privacy 

Sam thinking that you pick your own guardian angel and opening the book, pointing to a random verse, and if there’s an angel named then he’s going with that one

Sam landing on Gabriel’s name 

What  I liked about 12x12

(first notes after watching)

Holy hell, what a ride! I loved every second of this.

—————————I LOVE YOU!!!!! But I’m getting ahead of myself …—————————-

Tarantino: As a kid of the 90s, these movies were the benchmark for great cinema for me. So I enjoyed this a great deal. From the camera angles to the music cues to that awesome slomo of Dean, Sam, Mary, Wally and Cas to the small details like the glowing box Crowley gave to Ramiel (as a throwback to the suitcase in Pulp Fiction). At no point did it feel like a cheap copy but always like a love letter and an homage. Well done, Davy Perez and Richard Speight jr.

Cinematography: Which brings me to my next point – that camera work! I mean we know the attention to detail is out of the park with this show, but the shots in the diner and the fight scenes in Ramiel’s house were fantastic even by those standards. Great editing, too! The first hard cut from the diner to Ramiel’s house stands out, and the cuts to the music for Crowley’s first meeting with the prince of hell.

Mythology: Speaking of that. It’s always a gamble to bring new adversaries into play, but I think Davy Perez did a very good job with this. The background for the princes fit well into canon as far as I can see (I’ll have to consult the verdict of the specialists later) and sounded coherent. Ramiel was a three-dimensional villain and the actor did an amazing job! Favorite line: “Three humans with one good liver between them and a busted up angel” – new catchphrase!!! And there are two more princes – so much new material!

Mary: Even if I don’t like her working behind the boys’ backs, I appreciate that she’s getting her own storyline and the way she held her ground against Mr. Ketch. Her just driving over Ramiel was awesome, too.

Crowley ex machina: That was a great twist imo and the throwback to his history with Ramiel was well done, too. I always like to see characters get fleshed out through good storytelling. Just as we saw with Rowena last week, Crowley showed a massive development with this is my book, because the wise thing to do would have been to vanish and hide from Ramiel. Also: “What’s up with feathers?”

CAAAAAAAASSS: Wow, that hurt. “You’ve changed me.” *Gross sobbing* Seriously, that was the best kind of heart-wrenching angst. The line about how this was the best part of his life … I don’t think he stated it that clear before. Misha was amazing and all that gore looked positively disgusting – kudos to the make-up department!

Cas and Dean: (Cas looks at Sam, then Mary) YOU’RE MY FAMILY. (looks down, cut to Dean, who doesn’t meet his eye). I LOVE YOU. (still Dean, still not looking at Cas, lips moving as if he wants to say something) I LOVE ALL OF YOU. (Dean again, then Sam). AAHHHH, the feels. I’m gonna need every slow motion analysis of this scene as soon as I post this and can go through my dash. And: “No.” - “Yes.” And: “Let’s go home!!!!!!!!!”

Bonus points: I liked Wally as a character and he gave a good outside view on the chaos that is the Winchesters’ life+++Lucifer manipulating Crowley – great ending scene+++”Urination. I understand. “ Cas knowing about human things…+++”When do you get off?”- “Whenever I can.” The one good line in that whole mess with Mandy. +++ THE MUSIC+++I LOVE YOU!


Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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Our Girl

Request: I’ve a request for you. There’s a few fics of Richard Speight/reader and of Rob Benedict/reader. I’ve got one for us girls that just can’t choose between the two of them. Rob/Rich/Reader I’ve yet to see one of those. The smuttier the better but if you’re not comfortable doing smut that involves two guys a clean one is better than nothing

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Classes start tomorrow, so I’ll work on the remaining requests when I can :) I saw that quite a few people got this same request, so if you write one of these tag me! Writing this just really made me realize how much I actually want to read it. Hope you guys like it!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader x Richard Speight Jr.

Warnings: Unprotected sex, double penetration, threesome, explicit language, multiple orgasms

Word Count: 8769 (yeah you read that shit right)

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“Lay your weary head to rest! Don’t you cry no more!” The crowd’s enthusiastic singing filled the theater with a booming frequency, one that sent chills down your spine. It was Friday night, which meant it was party time, and your best friends, Rob and Rich, took that very seriously.

“Thank you, Friday people! You’ve made the first day of this convention incredible! Keep the energy up!” Richard shouted into the microphone, crossing the stage with an energized bounce in his step, his Game of Thrones costume hardly slowing him down.

As the rock music continued to blare, you felt someone step beside you, soft material brushing against your arm. You turned to look at Rob, who donned a full Khaleesi costume, dragon and all. Even though you had helped him into the costume quite a few times, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight.

Rob immediately threw his arms around you, lifting you and swinging you with a laugh, drawing cheers from the crowd.

“Oh, I want in on this!” Rich’s voice sounded a moment later as he came to Rob’s aid, immediately throwing himself at you to sandwich you between him and Rob. He wrapped his arms around Rob, grasping his friend’s back as the other followed suit, crushing you between their bodies.

“Really, guys?” You managed to breathe out, your hands trapped against Rich’s chest, which was rumbling with uncontrollable laughter. You could hear the crowd getting a kick out of your misfortune too.

“Whose hat is that? I know that isn’t yours,” Rich pointed out, eyes flashing down to the black baseball cap you wore backwards.

You smiled innocently, hearing a soft laugh from Rob. Maybe you had stole it off of Rich’s bed while he was finishing getting dressed in the bathroom. The three of you shared things all of the time. It was just a natural part of your friendship.

“Gee, Rich, someone’s been acting up lately,” Rob commented, the microphone catching his words and displaying them for all to hear. There were definitely a few whistles and catcalls within the responding screams and cheers.

“Uh oh. What are we going to do about that?” Rich replied, glancing over your shoulder to share an amused smirk with Rob.

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Rutino (Michael X Reader)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Prompt: You’re a special part of Michael’s plan to trap Lucifer back in the cage but you don’t know it yet.

Word Count: 784

Warnings: None…that I know of?!?!

A/N: Let’s just give Matt some love because I think that he doesn’t get that many love from our imagines! GIF NOT MINE.

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It was late at night and you were alone in the motel while channel surfing. Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, but as you were tired from the last one you decided to pass it. Your legs were sore and so were your back which explained the really awkward yet really comfortable starfish position you adopted in your bed. Arms on both sides of your body, legs stretched, not a care in the world. Except for the sore muscles. 

 "Comfortable?“  You seat up scared looking in the direction of the sound, and in the corner of the room you found the silhouette of a man sitting on a chair, his features hidden due to the shadows. 

 "Who are you?” you questioned adjusting yourself in your spot looking at where your shotgun was - right on the bed on your left. The mysterious man finally stood up and walked out of the shadows revealing his appearance: a tall and muscular figure with a defined jawline and hazel eyes, those who radiated power.

You immediately recognized him.

 "Michael…“ you spoke as you tried to reach your shotgun in less than a second but he swooped it to the other side of the room, causing you to fall flat on the ground between the two beds, you muscles aching at the rhythm of your heartbeat. Michael quickly popped in front of you. Kneeling down he placed two fingers on your forehead relaxing your whole body and relieving your ache.

 "My time is already committed. Let’s just not waste it even faster” he states, sitting on the bed on your left gesturing for you to sit back on your own bed, which you did, facing him.

“May I know what the hell is this about?!” you ask staring at him with your state-of-the-art bitch face. “I think you may know about the whole apocalypse talk, as you may also know that Dean and I need to have a conversation about the subject in order to stop it.” you nod, indicating that your following his reasoning. 

“Well, I just need to know his exact location. That’s all I ask of you.” “You,” you say as you stand up looking at him “the all-powerful, compelling,  «who is like God», prime archangel Michael can’t locate one miserable hunter?” you ask in disbelief. 

 "You might have noticed my lack of credibility with this. And you are right. Dean’s location isn’t why I appeared here.“ he stated looking up to you. 

"Then what is it?” you ask looking down and meeting his gaze. “You Y/N.” he informs you standing up being a few inches taller than you. “Me?” “Y/N, you are the human incarnation of the spirit of Rutino, the place where the first battle between me and Lucifer occurred. You provided me the strength needed to lock Lucifer in the cage and I need your power again. Sure, I still need Dean as my vessel but you’re even more an essential part to this than him”

 "What? No, that’s just…stupid! And besides–“ you ramble wondering around the room, but you were soon cut off by Michael 

  "I know what you’re thinking but,” he says stepping closer to you “You’re stronger than you think, we basically almost have the same of amount power. You can blast half of the earth’s surface with a snap of your fingers. You just don’t know how yet.”

 "Okay…But I don’t know how to–“ 

 "That’s why I’m here. I can guide your abilities in order to stop this madness that your brothers caused. And I can show you and teach you things you never imagined." 

 "Michael I–" 

 "Y/N, it’s not just a random act that you were born this way, besides you’re a female. Which will make things a lot easier.” “What is that supposed to mean?” you ask 

 "We need to mate so we can bound our powers.“ he says looking you dead in the eye

 "Oh.” you let out  a little shocked with your eyes daring to pop out of your face. 

“But I will only take things further with your permission.” he assures you grabbing your hands in his. 

“My time is up. I must go.” he states walking in your opposite direction. 

“Michael…” you silently call him in hope that he would stay. Explaining you the meaning of your life and all your potencial. Michael turns back to face you and slowly walks close enough so your chests are touching.  Your eyes lock with his intense gaze as his hands wonder up your body to the side of your face, his fingers resting on your cheek. He slowly leans in and, surprising yourself, you do to, and in that moment your lips meet his’ soft ones in a delicate and slow kiss. Just lips touching, connecting you both. As soon as he pulls away, forehead pressed to yours and eyes closed, he whispers silently enough so you can hear. 

 "See you soon, my lover" and with that, a flap of wings is heard and he is gone for that night.


Pairing: non-specified-relationship Rob Benedict x gender-neutral!Reader x Richard Speight Jr

Summary: Just a little something I whipped up for @your-not-invisible-to-me in a KoC group chat…

Warnings: very unspecific story, super friggin’ short

A/N: God!Chuck smut coming soon later so stick around for that!

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(Y/N) was crying. They were crying very very silently, to the point where neither Rob nor Rich, who just came back from filming an episode of Kings of Con together, would notice had they not realized the silence that ensued when they both announced their arrival to their shared home.

Both men knocked on the door before entering (Y/N)’s room, where it was dark and both men shared a worried glance at each other, a wordless conversation. Rob sat on the foot of the bed while Richard approached their side, placing a comforting hand on their arm. “Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, Rich, I’m-I’m okay.” Clearly, they were not, and it broke Richard’s heart to see them like this; so in despair and him unable to help them with whatever they were going through.

“(Y/N), you know you can tell us anything, right?” Rob voiced out from where he was. “We’re here for you, whether you like it or not.”

“What if you both leave me one day?”

“Now, now, (Y/N), you can’t seriously think you can get rid of us that easily, do you?” This evoked a small laugh from them, making Rob exhaled a sigh of relief.

“I suppose not.” They replied with a bashful smile, as if unsure why would two great guys such as Rob and Rich would ever spend time with a person like them.

“You’re our brightest little star, (Y/N), and we’ll make sure you never burn out.” Rich said reassuringly, grabbing for Rob’s now-outstretched hand, extending his free one for them to hold.

“We love you very much, okay?” Rob squeezed their hand, a genuine smile spreading across their face.

“I love you guys too.” They said softly, realizing that you found a family, a home, in the two men.

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I’m the one in the plaid with Richard. So story time: I was confident enough to ask Mark Sheppard and Osric Chau both for our poses. But as soon as I walked up to Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr I freaked out, but tried to hide my tears for the photo(my big sister is the one with Matt and she asked). As soon as we were done I began crying hysterically at this point, and Richard consoled me and thanked me(because my sister told him I love him and that’s why I was crying). If you can’t tell, I was rather entranced with his eyes because boy they are beautiful!


Part 2 to my Mark Pellegrino x Reader series! Read part 1 here!

A/N: I apologize it took so long to publish part 2, but I didn’t know I was going to run into some issues. Anyway, here’s part 2! Enjoy! <3

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,626

Characters: Mark P x Reader (in a way), reader’s best friend Valary, and a few other actors from Supernatural.

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader (I’m adding this into my stories when multiple people are in them from now on.)

Warnings: mention of abuse and near death, angst

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: Reader is in a coma and whilst in it, Mark tells her something that completely shocks her. (I’m going to start writing my summaries like this. I usually write them with you/your/etc.)

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So, I’ve seen a few people reply on my posts regarding the recent episode, and they were mostly focused on how the writers decided to portray God. Now, I have nothing to say about that, only that I am quite a fan of the idea of God being a small nerd who knows jack squat about how to write a damn story.

That’s why you go to school, Chuck.

But I can totally understand where you’re coming from with this. This was slightly unexpected. God is the mightiest, most powerful being in the universe that no other creation can possibly beat in strength. And while we all expected a cold ass Chuck to show up with 0 emotions, they showed us a little dude bro nerd who likes to play guitar and has a kitten positive blog – but if you think about it, it’s not bad.

It’s actually fucking great. It’s so original that it grabs your audience in a surprise. Chuck is such a comical  and charming guy in contrast to what we used to believe was going to be fully unsensitive.

The character itself doesn’t have to look strong, he just has to be strong. And Chuck is. Behind that sweet and nerdy personality, we have BAMF!God who will launch you through five solid brick walls for calling him a coward. And that’s great because we’re not losing a part of what we expected him to really be.

Though what I am disappointed over, is Chuck’s reaction to everything Metatron lectured him about concerning his four children; the archangels.

Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael.

Rank #3 in the Top 10 most powerful beings in existance. His children that believed in him more than anyone else, trusted him, loved him, prayed to him, worked for him even in his absence and on top of all that - never gave up.

As you may can remember, Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel were the three that we got the most on screen - and they explained that they truly did love their father.

You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything.

Shut your cake hole. You don’t know anything about my family. I love my Father, my brothers. Love them. But watching them turn on each other? Tear at each other’s throats? I couldn’t bear it!

You know, you haven’t changed a bit, little brother. Always blaming everybody but yourself. We were together. We were happy. But you betrayed me – all of us – and you made our father leave.

Raphael is the one who had lost faith sooner than his other three brothers, even thought that God was dead or that he was somehow erased from existance.

How horrible is that? And how horrible is it to know that Chuck knew from the very beginning that his archangels missed him deeply and were desperately seeking for him all along with myriads of lower-ranked angels behind their backs. All of his children he put down in the first place.

And there’s no shame in admitting it; Chuck is even more of a terrible father than John.

When Gabriel and Lucifer were in the middle of a free-for-all, he never stepped in to stop them like a father should. Never scolded them for both doing something so remarkably stupid.

When Lucifer and Michael were standing in the cemetary, and Michael shouted at Lucifer for how blemished and unreliable he was, that he was a monster, Chuck never stepped in between their conversation to tell him to tone it down and make peace. Chuck could have ended it. All of it.

He never once thought that the so called “failures” that occured down on earth were initially his fault. Instead he puts the blame on his creations. And fuck, I’d be sad if I got to know that my father (who I don’t have but oh well) had been alive the whole time but just decided that he didn’t want to see me for whatever reason. And Gabriel, Raphael, Michael? They would be too. Because they did all the dirty work for him while he was out, and even despite that, they loved his everything without an end.

Castiel had never seen his Father either - but he believed, just like a majority of the other angels in Heaven. But he sought because God was the first person he ever showed affection to.

“Tell me why you abandoned me – us ?”

“Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.”

I could have hit Chuck in the face for saying something like that. Disappointed in what? In the archangels?

In Lucifer? The one YOU transferred the mark to that corrupted him afterwards? Are you telling me that you did not have anything to do with that?

Are you disappointed in Gabriel who skipped out of Heaven because you didn’t do anything about the constant fighting between his two beloved brothers? Lucifer became Satan because of you, and Michael turned his back on the brother he partially raised because you commanded it.

And Michael, are you disappointed over his everlasting devotion towards you even when you weren’t even remotely there?

And about Castiel, who killed his brothers and sisters, rebelled against Heaven and got exiled just to find you. To rescue two humans who could save the world whilst you were idling god knows what place and watching that shit show happen, sipping on a cocktail and sing-songing about how life fucking sucks?


I love Chuck, I really do - but he absolutely needs to step up his game, get the band back together and fight. I hope Gabriel comes back soon, even Michael perhaps - and I have no clue if there’s a possibility for Raphael but I don’t care because this season, each of their names are written in big letters on the cardboard. This is about them, their past and Chuck’s irresponsible decisions. It’s time to redeem yourself, bud. Seriously.

Gabriel Fluff

So I got bored and decided to write something and this is what it turned out to be and omg I killed myself just writing it wow

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: huge amounts of fluff, Gabriel being a cutie, lots of turning around idk


You were currently laying in your bed trying to sleep, but you felt restless. Sam and Dean were asleep so you couldn’t bug them. You decided you would just deal with it and force yourself to sleep.

“Hey there, cupcake.” Gabe said, appearing behind you. You jump and turn around to see his stupid face smirking at you.

“I’m trying to sleep, Gabe.” You said turning back around and closing your eyes. You felt the bed dip and Gabriel throw an arm around your waist.

“I can see that. But you can’t, can you?” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he settled behind you.

“No. I just feel so restless and hyper.” You said twisting in his arms.

“I could help.” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

“Ew, Gabe, really?” You said pushing him off of you and turning around once again. You hear him laugh and his wings flutter. Not five seconds later, you hear them again and spin around to see him holding a cup of what you assume to be warm milk. He always brought you warm milk when you couldn’t sleep. He brought it over to you and you took a sip. “Thanks Gabe.”  You offered him a smile.

“You’re welcome, cupcake.” He smiled back and laid back down on the bed next to you. You continued sipping the milk and felt yourself relaxing. You set the cup down on the table next to your bed and snuggled up to your blankets. Gabe whinned, clearly wanting something from you.

“What?” You said looking at him with one eye.

“Love me.” He said with a pout on his beautiful lips. You rolled your eyes and threw an arm and leg around him, snuggling up to his chest instead of your blankets. You heard him sigh in contentment and you giggled.

“Gabe, you’re a big baby, you know that?” You said running your hands through his golden hair. 

“Yeah, I know.” He said holding you tighter and hiding his face in your neck. Soon, you felt yourself drifting off to sleep. The last thing you heard Gabriel say before you fell asleep was, “I love you.” And you could only hope that he would be there in the morning so you could say it back to him.

How Unexpected Pt.3

Characters - SPN Cast x Reader (Single!Richard x Reader)

Word Count - 1756

Warnings - Angst, language, fluff, smut

A/N - This probably is my favourite part of the series so far tbh and probably the most fun to write. I hope you beautiful dumplings enjoy! ❤ Part 1 Part 2 | Part 4

~Chels ◕‿◕

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat in the middle of the floor with a sobbing Richard in your arms, not knowing what you should even say, for about ten minutes before his body finally relaxed. He lifted his head and pressed his forehead to yours, his cheeks flushed and eyes shut tight as his breathing began to regulate once again. Your thoughts were bouncing all over the place at this point and your heart was breaking for him.

‘What should i even say… Why would they even be getting a divorce?’

You swallowed hard as your heart began pounding against your heaving chest, parting your lips to speak although completely unsure about what about to come out. “R-Rich.. I’m so… so sorry honey…” It came out as a raspy whisper, your throat tightened trying to stop the burning tears you had welling up for his pain. He didn’t answer, just stared into your eyes with his bloodshot whiskey ones. The two of you stayed that way again for about ten minutes without a word, both of you unsure of what to do at all. “We’ve.. already signed the papers so it’s official. Y/N… I shouldn’t have pushed you away like i have been. You’re.. You’re my best friend you know. Always.. there for me…” His voice was strained and shaky, his hands gripping your waist and yours gripping his broad shoulders tightly while you tried to hold back your ever growing tears. “Richard..” Just you speaking his name was enough to cause the hot tears to flow down your red cheeks. “I will Always be here for you and—” Your sentence was interrupted by the sudden crashing of his lips into yours. 

The kiss was needy, desperate, and his arms were snaking around your waist. Without you noticing he’d pulled you onto his lap so you were straddling him, his lips hot on your neck. Any bad thought was gone out of your head as he kissed and sucked at the sensitive skin, nibbling it and leaving a darkened bruise.His lips snuck around to the other side of your neck and bit down again. A squeaky moan slipping through your lips that seemed to earn a deep groan from his throat, his fingers gripping into your waist roughly. He pushed his hips up against yours, the feeling of his cock hardening under the fabric of his jeans against your thinly clothed core sent a shiver up your spine. It was enough to make you grip his long dirty blond hair, tugging at it and grinding painfully slow onto his growing bulge. You felt his lips against your ear followed by ragged breathing and a low inviting growl. Suddenly the two of you were laying down in front of the tv, his hand sliding down the front of your leggings and finding your swollen clit as you palmed his twitching member desperately through his pants. Flipping you onto your back he hovered over you while your fingers fumbled to undo his jeans. Your breathing was staggered and your hands were shaking uncontrollably. It hadn’t even crossed your mind that what you were doing could be an extremely bad idea. Instead he was now naked above you and the only thing on your mind was wanting to make him feel good, your hand immediately reaching for the exposed flesh and your hand wrapped around it with a tight grip. An ungodly groan left him, his arms on either side of your head shaking as he struggled to hold himself up the rough groping of your hand. “Y/N..” The sound of your name slipping through his perfect lips sent a shock through you directly to your center causing another moan to bubble out of your pouted lips. 

Another moment and you’d rolled him onto his back, your face slipping down his body to his throbbing cock. The back of his head was leaned up against the tv stand, watching your every move with darkened eyes. The head of his cock slipped inside the heat of your mouth and you sucked gently at first, swirling your tongue around his most sensitive spot. His hands found your hair and bucked his hips up against you trying for more. It wasn’t but another second before you’d taken almost his entire length, stroking with your hand what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. You bobbed your head, hollowing your cheeks and taking him even deeper. Tears filled your eyes yet you continued, only making it sloppier as it went on. Soon he was a writhing mess underneath you and you could tell he was almost at his limit. Without any warning he pulled you up by your hair staring at your as he panted, sweat gathered on his brow.

Silently picking you up bridal style he carried you to your bedroom and you looked up at him with hungry eyes, running your fingernail over his chest to get some sort of reaction from him. Just as you’d expected his mouth fell open and he took in a sharp breath, eyes shooting down to yours revealing the lust behind them and a smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth. The intensity struck you making it hard for you to look away as your cheeks flushed heavily. After laying you down on the bed he stared at you for a moment, seeming to be undressing you with his eyes. Before you knew it his hands were on the hem of your shirt, pulling it over your head letting your breasts hang free. You face was hot as you watched him lick his lips, not even blinking as his eyes roamed over the newly exposed skin. The bed creaked as you slid further onto it, Richard following suit as you did. He loomed over your a moment and then his lips found your chest, tongue swirling over one nipple and then finding the other not long after. You writhed under the heat of his tongue so rough against you, your thumbs hooking into the top of your pants and shimmying them down as he worked your breasts over one after the other. The slowness of his hands sliding down your thighs was relentless, your dripping center begging to be filled. Lining himself up with you he gave you a look, arching a brow and you knew he was asking for permission. You just nodded with a whiny whimper leaving your throat as you bucked your hips up against him, pushing his tip past your entrance just slightly. His neck twitched his head tilting to the side and slammed fully into you, a loud groan ripping through him and echoing in the otherwise silent room. The force of his thrust and him filling you completely with his thick throbbing cock made your walls tighten around him instinctively, your fingers digging into the sheets on either side of the bed a scream sounding from you.

 It felt so right to you, being with him that way yet you felt guilt in the back of your mind. The thought of guilt left as quick as it came once Richard reared his hips back, slamming back into you. He picked up the pace a fair bit but repositioned himself, slipping his arms under your legs and setting them on his shoulders. His thrusts seemed never ending and repeated hit your sweet spot with the new angle he’d taken, you were practically seeing stars. Each second he was pounding your g spot you came closer to tipping over the edge and he seemed to notice, his thumb quickly finding your clit  then you were there. Arching your back pleasure washed over you as you bucked your hips into his hand, your hand releasing their grip on the sheets and latched onto his hair. You rode out your orgasm while Richard’s grip tightened around your legs, his hips faltering and you knew he was at his limit too. With almost a roar he reached his orgasm, hot cum coating deep within your walls and dripping out onto the sheets. You were both a panting, sweaty, sticky mess as you collapsed next to each other on the bed. A long silence fell over the both of you stared into one another’s eyes, and he seemed to be searching for something behind yours. A smile flashed over his face, but it was only temporary and quickly replaced by a look of worry. His brows furrowed as he looked around the room. “Rich…” Your hand found his chest, caressing it gently as if he were made of glass and trying to get him to look at you. His eyes met yours again, but this time there was no happiness in them. The beautiful moment he’d just given you, was gone and you knew he was about to be as well. He stood up and headed to the other room to search for his clothes. “Rich please.. Talk to me, where are you going?” You practically ran after him after throwing on a robe and once you caught up grabbed his hand. He yanked it away, putting on his clothes in a rush. “I gotta go Y/N.”

‘Gotta go?… He’s gotta?..’

“I see. This was a mistake, is that it?” That got his attention, he looked at you over his shoulder as tears welled up in your eyes. He stayed silent yet his eyes filled with sorrow. You weren’t going to let him leave without explaining. “You said.. You said you already.. signed..” The hot tears streamed down your face. “I knew.. I shouldn’t have done this.. You don’t..” You couldn’t even put your words together properly, but you knew it wouldn’t matter. He was leaving and you could have just possibly ruined this friendship as you knew it. Without another word you just nodded and sat down on the couch. His eyes seemed to be shining with tears as well and as soon as he finished dressing he tried to speak, walking over to you. “Goodbye. Richard.” You spoke in a whisper but that didn’t make it any less aggressive. Taking the not so subtle hint, he slowly turned and made his way to the door. His hand touched the knob. “Y/N. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt—” “Please.. Just go okay?” You whispered, nothing but hurt in your strained sad voice. You watched him walk out the door and as soon as it clicked shut you slumped over on the couch, tears flowing freely now as you sobbed into the cushions.

Gabriel’s present for Lucifer’s birthday

A/N: Out of every angel, Gabriel would be the one who’d never forget his brethrens birthdays, especially Lucifer’s. (One last contribution to Mark Pellegrino’s birthday)


Lucifer paused what he was doing, just for that small voice that called his name from behind his back. A voice so fragile, and shy as if it were afraid to approach. He did not have to turn around, for he knew who that voice belonged to.

“Gabriel.” he said with a smile, his eyes playing over the small ripples of the lake he was standing over, “Join me.”

It took quite some time for the younger archangel to react, but soon enough, he did at what was being asked. Gabriel looked at Lucifer whilst he joined his side, eyeing him like he always did. His brother was always so eye-catching, intriguing in every way to the point where he’d sometimes feel his stomach twist in jealousy and envy.

“Isn’t it nice to know that Father created these peaceful zones in Heaven?” the elder one questioned, turning to Gabriel with a smile, “It always makes me feel…calm, liberated and surprisingly puts me in a joyous temper.”

“You come here more often than you should.”

“Perhaps because I enjoy it here more than our war zone. Being put under Michael’s command is stressful, for all of us. We should all be here during our free time to escape worries.”

“I don’t think that putting us under stress is Michael’s goal, Luci.” Gabriel said, reaching out to grab at his older brother’s arm in sympathy, “He’s just doing what he’s made for. Ordering, arranging, putting everyone in their position. Father is proud of him.”

Lucifer’s smile stretched wider across his face, but his eyes soon landed back on the view of the lake. The endless soothing music of the waterfall, the two phoenixes that flew in the distance trying to mate each other, the beauty that Heaven was, it was all so unbelievably real and underappreciated by many. Some of the angels never took a moment to observe and value their surroundings.

“I know.” Lucifer nodded, “They all do their work.” he added to extend the sentences and make the tensity in the air disappear for Gabriel, “Now pray tell, little brother, why come and visit me?”

Gabriel’s relaxed expression changed to confusion, and he suddenly went off in an alarm, “I just…I came to see how…you were uh—doing, and all, I suppose…?”

“In other words, you have something to share with me?”

The lightbringer turned to fully face his brother with a look so soft it could transform a pack of wolves into a bunch of fluffy sheep, and gazed over his features in respect and praise. Gabriel felt honored.

“I do.” he confirmed, and took a few silent seconds to let himself be dragged away by Lucifer’s undying beauty again before grabbing the small pouch that hung by his waist and let his hand search for something in it. “I was counting the stars the other day, and found one that reminded me of you,” he explained, voice wobbling a bit in nervosity when he thought that he might had lost it as he couldn’t quite feel it in there anymore, “So I went to get it for you, and—ah, here…here it is.”

Gabriel retrieved something out of the small pouch, his hand closed and brimmed with eternal light that sligtly peaked from the small gaps until he fully opened it and showed the tiny star he put all his effort in to get. Lucifer stared in awe when his eyes brightenend with the light, and Gabriel smiled at his reaction.

“Are you gonna take it or what?” he jested playfully.

Lucifer blinked and responded at last, carefully picked it out of Gabriel’s hand. The star started giggling and instantly felt like home, its light intensifying when Lucifer looked at it with caring eyes.

“You gave me a gift.” he said in disbelief, squinting his eyes just a little to keep track of the star itself and not be blinded by the fluorescent yellow light that flashed in his face.

“Yes, it is your birthday after all.”

Lucifer looked up this time, a questioning look washing over his face, “Birthday…?”

“You sound so surprised.”

“Well, I…” Lucifer’s gaze descended back to his hand, “…no one ever handed me a gift for my Birthday. This is the first time.”

Gabriel’s sudden silence made him realize he shouldn’t have sounded so bewildered as it clearly only made him more nervous and timid.

“Approach.” Lucifer ordered sweetly, and watched Gabriel hesitate before he did what was being told and stepped closer in his vicinity. He placed his unbusied hand on his little warrior’s cheek, gratefully smiling down at him. “Thank you, Gabriel.” he whispered, “It is truly the most beautiful star I have ever seen.”

Gabriel beamed in joy, soon being pulled into an embrace and leaned into the warmth. Huge, white, luminous wings famous for their essential perfection being then wrapped over his smaller frame to show affection, a small kiss pressed into his hair afterwards.


TOAM Tantalizing Tuesday: Laughing, smiling and having a great fucking sense of humor

Hi again everyone! Time for the last Tantalizing Tysday of this month (heeehheeeeheheee ok sorry). Now, it would have been easy to just have kept on talking about physical features about this hunk of a man, but alas, we love Ty for more than just his stunning looks. One of the things we enjoy very much about Ty is his humor, his laughs and smiles. So that is what we wish to focus on today.

If you haven’t heard a Ty laugh, you’re missing out. If you can’t tell by the gifs, they’re fucking great. I’ll link you to some con videos in the end of the post with Ty laughs so you can smile. Because seriously, that’s what it does to you. Ty’s laugh, his real, belly laugh is booming and you can’t help but at least smile along. Even watching this short little clip from JIB ‘13 made Mod Mel’s cheeks hurt from smiling like an idiot so much. 

Humor seems like something Ty values highly in his life and with himself and he doesn’t take himself too serious either. If you haven’t followed him on Twitter before, you should, if only for the chances of shenanigans, like the recent dildo-tweets and his impromptu trip to the ER because of a chicken-bone getting caught in his throat. Seriously. Check it out. I linked them for ya.

We love Ty’s humor and his laugh, and his happy, booming personality seems to make both co-hosts/actors, friends and fans laugh along with him easily. To some he might seem like he’s too much, but honestly, those people are naysayers. Who doesn’t wanna have fun? Seriously? We sure do, and we both hope to catch a booming Ty laugh sometime soon in the physical world. For now, enjoy some examples of fantastic Ty humor moments;

Here (Rob & Rich panel, JIBcon 2013, funny cute doofs), here (Jensen and Ty panel, JIBcon 2013, great panel), here (Talking about the Ord voice - really this whole panel is cute and fun, watch it) and here (Ty being a dick and throwing paper planes at Rick Worthy - again great full panel, worth a watch).