soon to be richard speight jr

A 7 year old Sam learning about guardian angels from someone at his school-of-the-week and how they help people

Sam going to look at the Bible in the hotel room they’re staying at as soon as he can have a moment of privacy 

Sam thinking that you pick your own guardian angel and opening the book, pointing to a random verse, and if there’s an angel named then he’s going with that one

Sam landing on Gabriel’s name 

People went in and changed the wiki page for both Rob and Rich, adding “another spouse”. Saying Richard was married to Jaci Hays AND Rob Benedict. I assume because of episode 1.09 of Kings of Con. A joke, I’m sure. People also tweeted about it and tagged Richard in several of the tweets.
In reply to one of those tweets, Richard tweeted “That’s asinine.” I saw it, as I get notified when he tweets. He deleted it soon after. But knowing that he is very protective about certain things in his personal life, namely his family, I took that mean he didn’t like that very much. Or at least did not find the “joke” funny.

I went to check out his wiki page then; honestly, I was considering editing it to remove that. I found out quickly it was now blocked from any editing. (not sure if that is still the case) The line about Rob was soon deleted after. I was curious if a fan had deleted it or Richard himself. So I checked out the revision history. Richard deleted the line about Rob, and gave the reason of “Someone added an additional and false spouse to my profile” (that is verbatim, check it out yourself if you don’t believe it. I also have screenshots of both his tweet and the wiki revision)

So … again, maybe “upset” is doing a little assuming here. But to me, it’s pretty obvious Richard did not really care for the joke. Or did not want it out there on his wiki page. And took it upon himself to delete it.

Things I would stress here …
The wiki page is supposed to give factual information. It is not for jokes.

Richard is pretty private and protective of his family and his personal life. Making a joke at a con that he and Rob are like an old married couple is one thing. Someone changing a page about him and making a joke about his marriage and personal life … obviously he’s not super comfortable with that. Who knows if his kids get online and try to google things about their dad. And then see something weird about him and his good friend, their “Uncle Robbie”. Are you starting to understand why we’re maybe a little “protective” here?

This page has always been to support and show love and admiration for Richard as an actor, director, and man. And, at all times, to be RESPECTFUL of him. We’ve been fans of his for awhile, and we take our cues from him … what he says, does, what he *doesn’t* say and do. I can say the wiki thing rubbed me the wrong way from the start, but I just ignored it as a joke from some fans as well. I could have cared less about it and was content to ignore it – until Richard himself tweeted and did what he did. So now, once again … we are taking our cues from him.

The Mate

Prompt- imagine being Gabriel’s one and only mate
Author- allabouthebands
Word Count-1,638
Warnings- the reader gets hurt minor head injury if that counts, restraints
Authors note- This is only the first part, I’ll be finishing the second soon! I do write fanfiction of a lot of kinds, shoot me a message if you would like! I’m new to writing, constructive criticism is welcome (:

What would you do if you found you were an archangels one and only, mate?

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Night and Day

5 Minute Drabble 

Summary: The reader works at a bar in New York City after recently moving across the country form her family. Leaving work late she is discovered and threatened. Soon saved by a mysterious man named Gabriel.  

You walked out of the back of the bar and into the alley way. It was dark and damp, but the sky was lit with the towering lights of skyscrapers. Your shift had just ended. Every fiber in you hated the god awful job you had. Drunk men hitting on you or first timers throwing up in the bathroom every night. It was 10 times more busy than any other bar considering you lived in the city that never sleeps , New York, The big Apple. whatever you wanted to call it. It was still full of danger and had no appealing features to you. Noisy, Busy and almost impossible to get a cab. You stopped walking down the alley to check your phone that had gone off.

It was a call from your mom. Probably to check up on how you were doing. It worried her a lot. The fact that it was your first move to such a big city and the truth was you weren’t doing so hot.

You ignored the call and placed the phone back in your pocket. Throwing your head back in frustration. You knew the whole move was a terrible idea, being so far from your family, and having a low salary. Your world was ready to start tumbling down around you. 

“Hey there baby! where do you think your going?” you heard a older voice call out along with a wolf whistle. You knew exactly who it was, Daryl and the rest of the obnoxious guys he hung out with. They were “regulars” at the bar, the most memorable, and unwanted. 

“My shift is over and I’m going home, you should do the same Daryl.” you said without hesitating. You had quickly grown tired of these men within the past 2 months. 

Daryl pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and let out smoke “Your not going anywhere.” He said pointing his lit cigarette at you. Daryl started to smile as he walked toward you but it wasn’t a pure smile with joy. It was filled with evil and had you trembling with fear. 

“Now.. Princess..” he began. He was an inch away. You could smell the thousands of beers he had drank as he spoke. Struggling to pull away. He grabbed your chin in a tight in a lock, forcing you to face him as he towered over you like a giant. “what are you gonna do?.. run?” He asked sarcastically. There was a sound almost like wind, or birds flying in the sky. This sound had startled you, causing you to kick Daryl in the crotch. Sending him straight to the cold,hard and , dirty pavement of the ally. 

“The B*tch kicked me!” he repeated struggling to stand, but he had no backup anymore. The men he had entered the alley with were now gone and replaced with a single man. He had long dirty blonde hair and eyes that reminded you of whiskey. For a split second you could have sworn you saw wings behind him, but you felt crazy for even thinking it. 

The man had approached Daryl, who had finally made his way to his feet limping as he stood.

“what the h-”  

“Don’t you call her a b*tch.” The man cut Daryl off and, threw a punch so hard it knocked him out cold. Trying to clam yourself to took a step back as the man approached you. 

“dont worry im not gonna hurt you.” He said reaching his hand out to you.He began to approach you slower, aware that he may have scared you. You grabbed his. still nervous but you felt like you could trust him. His hands were warm and soft. You slowly looked back up into his eyes, which you could get lost in forever, almost forgetting what you were about to say you snapped yourself back to reality. 

“who are you?”

“Gabriel, They call me Gabriel.” He said with a smile.

The culmination of our hard work. I’m tearin’ up over here. T_T

Also, this means that I’ll finally be able to share the book pages (minus the sensitive letters) with you all soon, so you can see the wonderful wonderfulness in it’s wonder-entierty. :P 

PS: I showed this photo to my middle school students during class and the first thing they said was “WHY IS HE HOLDING A PIZZA?” *facepalm* (I love my job)


The Mate - Part TWO!

Prompt- imagine being Gabriel’s one and only mate PART 2
Author- allabouthebands
Word Count- 1,344
Warnings- wing!kink, and some SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!
Authors note- I do write fanfiction of a lot of kinds, shoot me a message if you would like! I’m new to writing, constructive criticism is welcome (:

Part 1 is here

What would you do if you found you were an archangels one and only, mate?

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